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  1. For Sale 25 Ton Nrc Fixed Boom Wrecker Body with Nrc Wheel lift. This unit was working fine before the cab caught on fire. Its still mounted on a freightliner chassis but we can remove it for shipping. Price for this complete unit is $24,500 Call 908-763-8439
  2. bearing buddies will be your best friend. Buy a set for $25 and check once a year.....
  3. Baltimore!! although I wish it was in Atlantic City again.... more stuff to do in the area and closer to me.
  4. I passed this towing an f150 july 20th in new York. I was coming back from conn. maybe on 87 I don't recall. truck looks awesome!!!
  5. not sure how it would work for us as police towing rates are regulated by the town or state. we tow for 3 local towns and state police, all the rates are different. we keep rate sheets for each town in the office and tow trucks and pass them out upon request.
  6. this was a repost from a&d towing on a highway in new jersey. the move over law is not enforced enough here.
  7. we had one on a GMC chassis. didn't use it enough to keep it. it went up to mass and I heard they were using it often
  8. Gerard went to People's united equipment finance. has been a few months since we last spoke.
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