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  1. Each year, Trucker Path compiles a list of the Top 100 Truck Stops in the United States and Canada as rated by truckers, for truckers. The multi-dimensional app utilizes crowd-sourcing technology to make it easy for users to not only view, but also report parking space availability and weigh station statuses throughout the United States and Canada. In addition to trip planning information, the app also gives users the ability to rate 50,000 points of interest found within the Trucker Path mobile app. Trucker Path members have three top criteria for rating truck stops: excellent customer service, overall cleanliness, and good food. Fuel prices, amenities and being listed on Trucker Path for at least 12 months also factor into the equation. Specifically, travel centers with showers, laundry facilities, repair services, and Wi-Fi were more likely to rank above their competitors. Drivers ranked stops on a scale of 0-5. Truckers’ ratings are averaged to determine each truck stop’s final ranking. By far the independent truck stops have the most popular overall ratings on Trucker Path and this year we have six locations that tied for the top prize with perfect 5-Star ratings. Congratulations to: • Big Horn Travel Center in Fort Worth TX • Highway 51 Truck Stop in Merrill WI • 19 AND 75 Filling Station in Ivanhoe MN • Coffee Cup Fuel Stop in Summit SD • Williston Truck Facility in Williston ND • Roady’s Carlisle Plaza in Carlisle PA • 115 Truck Stop-PTP Stop in Marshall MI Not far behind in the rankings is the Chevron Station in Vaimy NV, which earned a very respectable 4.96 rating from Trucker Path users. Back from last year’s independent truck stops top ratings is the Association of Christian Truckers in Brownstown IL, earning a solid 4.95 stars from the Trucker Path community. Rounding out the top 10 independent truck stops is Woody’s Smokehouse Shell station in Centerville TX. The major truck stop chains, KwikTrip, Truckstops of America, Petro, Pilot, and Flying J warrant a top 10 list of their own. This year, one major chain truck stop location earned a perfect 5-Star rating from Trucker Path users: KwikTrip #621 in Bonduel WI. KwikTrips in Wisconsin are reportedly the place to be, with KwikTrip #674 in Menomonie and KwikTrip #603 in Wilson rounding out the three most highly rated major chain truck stops. The fourth top spot goes to Loves #600 in Pendleton IN, fifth is Flying J Travel Center #760 in Cokeville WY, and sixth is Love’s Circleville #690 in Circleville OH. Two Florida locations tied for eighth, Love’s Moore Haven #683 in Moore Haven and Love’s Hawthorne #620 in Hawthorne. The ninth spot goes to another Kwik Trip, #202 in Plover WI, and wrapping up the top ten is a Canadian truck stop, Flying J Travel Center #839 in Ste Agathe MB. Although not all the following locations made Trucker Path’s top 100 Truck Stop list this year, their incredible food makes them worth a visit when truckers are in the area. Grab a bite to eat at one of these unique locations. Dinner Bell Dinner Bell, Sweet Water TN, is off I75 Exit 62 between Atlanta and Knoxville. Sweetwater is the home of the Craighead Caverns which contains the Lost Sea, the largest underground lake in the United States. A Trucker Path reviewer happily stated, “Hands down the best restaurant I ever ate at.” The Dinner Bell is known for their home cooked buffet and off the menu items and, of course, their Southern hospitality. The attached country store is a wonderful gift shop. Hand-crafted, home-made, and other one-of-a-kind items line the shelves of the store. The rocking chairs on the front porch make getting out of the truck and rocking for a bit worth the stop. The Dinner Bell has limited truck parking so be sure to plan ahead. Wayside Cafe If you are going through Idaho on I-84 the Wayside Café is reportedly a must stop. The Wayside Café is located in Rupert ID just off I-84 on Hwy 24 and is open 24/7. Wayside is famous for their made-from-scratch pies and large portions of fresh homemade food. The Wayside offers fewer than 20 truck parking spaces so get there early. Looking for a place for truck repair? In the fall of 2018 Trucker Path will publish a Trucker Path Top Rated Points of Interest, but for now, Trucker Path would like to congratulate a 5-Star truck dealership: Oklahoma City Freightliner and Western Star. Well done OKC Freightliner and Western Star and watch for a full list of other 5-Star rated points of interest in the fall of 2018. When you visit a few of the truck stop locations on your next trip, don’t forget to tell them you found them on Trucker Path. Article Courtesy of American Trucker Featured Article on East Coast's News & Press
  2. For the purchase of their new Jerr Dan Rotator. From the team at East Coast Truck & Trailer Sales. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Jim Kerr
  3. ECTTS

    Day 9 of the 12 Days of Christmas Drawing

    Attend and work at a church that has a live Facebook feed every Sunday, so I can catch the service when I need to if I am working on a Sunday. https://www.facebook.com/gracebible.church.va/
  4. ECTTS

    16 or 20 ton?

    What is your thought on what types of vehicles to tow. If you want to tow a small car like a Toyota or Nissan sedan, you need to get a 16 ton because the truck allows you to do this. If you are looking to tow Medium Duty trucks or larger and not cars than a 20 ton or larger is perfect. Always think about your application and book of business before purchasing a new wrecker.
  5. ECTTS

    Some of our Trucks in the 1990's

    Do I see a truck with a MKG Speed Crane?
  6. ALL NEW! – Be the First To Have This ECTTS Exclusive Wireless Tow Light Bar! Show Your Support for the Slow Down Move Over movement and be the first to show off this great looking new bar from our friends at TowMate! Supplies are limited so hurry! $210 with Free Shipping Call today 1-888-231-4316 or shop online by clicking the link below: https://parts.ectts.com/wireless-tow-light-bar-22-inches-wide-ectts-exclusive/
  7. Nice photo of your truck towing a exquisite classic Rolls Royce.
  8. ECTTS

    60 belairsleeper

    They are in the process of revamping the 16 ton wrecker. This body style has been in their stable since around the late 1990's or early 2000. All I have been told is that the new body should be coming in 2019, no info on any features. I wish that I had better information for you. East Coast Truck & Trailer Sales right now has a 2016 Peterbilt 389 with a Jerr Dan 25 ton wrecker available. $292,950 plus fees. https://ectts.com/listings/2017-jerr-dan-25-ton-wrecker-peterbilt-389/
  9. ECTTS

    ford 550 with a jd 1210d

    When you are remounting the body to a Ford F-650 or any 26K GVW chassis, make sure that if you go air brakes that the rear suspension is spring not air , because the air bags sit in the frame which will prevent the wheel lift from being able to mount. If you choose hydraulic brakes you should be fine with the remount. On your question about the F750 and having to trim the Cab to axle down I love the 108" CA which is your 2 24" tunnel boxes and the HPL-60 / 1210D. Also here is some info from Jerr Dan on their "Best Kept Secrets" of standard duty wreckers. https://www.jerrdan.com/wp-content/uploads/SD-Wrecker-Sales-Manual-Rev-A..pdf If you have questions or need parts give us a call at 1-888-231-4316
  10. ECTTS

    Bed vs. Frame mounted Rollback Pylons?

    Here is a disadvantage to using the stationary pylon, which is that you lose 12" of bed length due to the stationary pylon being mounted to the frame and taking up clear free space. An additional advantage to using a stationary headboard is if you want to be able to have a side puller added to your carrier at a later time, you have the clearance that you will need. I have given you a couple pages from Jerr Dan's website on their Best Kept Secrets on standard duty carriers.
  11. You do not have to wait for a free shipping deal to come along at East Coast Truck & Trailer Sales, Because any order over $50 shipped in the lower 48 states every day qualifies for free shipping. So please use this link to order everything that you need for your wrecker today. https://parts.ectts.com/winch-cable-tow-rope-winch-lines-wire-rope/