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  1. Calling for Action: AMA urges Alberta to improve roadside safety for tow truck drivers and other emergency crews Calgary, Alberta — The Alberta Motor Association (AMA) has said the lack of action regarding roadside safety in Alberta is putting lives at risk. The AMA has been lobbying the provincial government for a long time to make changes regarding safety for emergency crews such as police officers, paramedics, firefighters and tow truck drivers. Alberta is the only province where the ‘slow down, move over’ law only applies to the immediate lane of travel. This means people are legally going 110 km/h, next to people going dramatically slower. The AMA is also calling for the province to allow tow trucks to have flashing blue lights in combination with amber as they do a better job of getting people’s attention creating safety. Tow companies say that drivers don’t tend to slow down unless police are on scene, leaving many tow drivers at risk of being hit and killed. The Alberta government has given no indication as to when, or if the province will make changes to the law. Instead, government officials are simply saying they will look into ways to improve safety. RESOURCE LINK
  2. UPDATED at 11:45 a.m. with interview with an injured worker ST. LOUIS — A man identified by police as a protester has been charged in connection with last week's attack on two city employees who were trying to tow a car at City Hall, authorities said Monday. The St. Louis circuit attorney's office on Friday charged D'Aundre Fitzpatrick, 20, with third-degree assault and unlawful use of a weapon, both felonies. He also faces a third charge, a misdemeanor, of fourth-degree assault. No bond is allowed. Fitzpatrick lives in the 5200 block of Alabama Avenue. He was being held in the St. Louis City Jail on Monday. Online court records do not list an attorney representing him. His mother declined comment. Two city employees attempting to tow cars from a no-parking zone in front of City Hall were assaulted at 13th and Chestnut streets as protesters occupied the area, authorities said. Police said the attack happened about 3 a.m. Thursday. Charges say Fitzpatrick hit one of the workers in the back of the head with a firearm, and he punched the other worker, also in the head. Fitzpatrick is accused of displaying a Micro Draco 7.62 caliber weapon in an angry or threatening manner. The workers, men in their 40s, had gone to City Hall to tow the cars. Police said protesters surrounded them, climbed on top of the tow truck and laid down in the street in front of the truck. Punching one worker in the head is the offense for which Fitzpatrick faces the misdemeanor charge. The felony is for allegedly hitting the other worker in the head with the gun. "They surrounded us," one worker, 47, told the Post-Dispatch. "I wasn't expecting that. They were yelling a whole bunch of stuff." The worker said paramedics treated him at the scene for a head injury but he didn't need stitches. He is back at work now, he said. The worker did not want to be identified. Fitzpatrick is the only man police say has been charged. St. Louis police officer Michelle Woodling said a second suspect hasn't been arrested. According to court documents, a group of about 15 protesters swarmed the workers and began screaming at them. When some of the protesters climbed onto the flatbed of the truck, a worker urged them to get down and that's when he was struck, police said. The worker turned around and saw Fitzpatrick holding a black bag. Fitzpatrick pulled a small rifle from the bag and pointed it at the worker, according to the charges. Witnesses corroborated the worker's account, police said. The second worker, after being hit, saw Fitzpatrick run away, charges said. On Friday, police stopped a Nissan Altima near Cole and 11th streets. Fitzpatrick was driving. Police said the weapon on the floorboard of the car, according to authorities. Court records say Fitzpatrick works for a fast-food restaurant and a package delivery service. Charging documents spell his first name D'Aundre but a release from police spells it Daundre. A Facebook page called Occupy City Hall STL posted a statement Thursday that said the move to tow vehicles was a "weaponization of parking enforcement," as the city website says cars that are illegally parked during street cleaning times will be ticketed, not towed. The post also said the person who revealed a firearm "was not a representation of the way nearly 20 other people who intervened in an attempt to resolve this issue nonviolently." City Director of Public Safety Jimmie Edwards last week said that most of the protests held in the city have been nonviolent. But the men who attacked the workers "are not peaceful or non-violent." He said they would be arrested and held accountable. RESOURCE LINK
  3. Protester accused of attacking St. Louis City employees outside of City Hall charged, officials say ST. LOUIS (KMOV.com) – An arrest has been made after two St. Louis City employees were attacked outside of City Hall while attempting to tow vehicles parked illegally overnight. Daundre Fitzpatrick, 20, was arrested Monday in connection to the assault. He was charged with unlawful use of a weapon and two charges of assault. According to police, around 3:15 a.m. Thursday, two 47-year-old men were at 13th and Chestnut to tow vehicles parked in a no parking zone when they were overtaken by protesters who climbed onto the tow trucks and laid down in the street in front of them. One of the workers was hit twice in the face with an assault rifle and the other was punched in the back of the head allegedly by Fitzpatrick, said Public Safety Director Judge Jimmie Edwards. Fitzpatrick and another man ran from the area following the incident. A spokesperson for the protesters said she was there but never saw anyone get assaulted. Sarah Watkins said the situation had been de-escalated and the tow truck drivers were going to give protesters time to move their cars, until two other city workers arrived. "I did see city officials, the city employees getting aggressive with all the protesters, yelling at us, cursing at us. And really we were just trying to plead our case and explain to them why we were here," said Watkins. In a tweet Thursday morning, Mayor Lyda Krewson said those responsible for the attack will be arrested and held accountable. In a statement, Judge Edwards said he has had several amicable conversations with various protest group leaders recently. He also said the people responsible for the overnight attack must be held accountable and are not peaceful. The attack happened as protesters camped outside of City Hall overnight calling for the resignation of Mayor Krewson. The crowd gathered again Thursday afternoon with roughly 50 people sitting on the front steps of City Hall and camping out in tents on the lawn. They have chairs, tents, a couch and a cabinet. RESOURCE LINK
  4. https://dailyvoice.com/new-jersey/fortlee/police-fire/update-man-who-got-out-of-car-22-killed-in-gruesome-route-4-crash/790723/
  5. I never could understand why anyone would leave the tow truck hooked to the casualty as it burned to the ground. That fire didn't just get that bad in the time it would have taken to drop it. I carry two fire extinguishers these days as one often isn't enough. It's when you least expect it that something like this occurs.
  6. Almost looks as though they might have left it running. Nah, they wouldn't have done that... The explosion they heard was likely the windshield popping. Some are quite loud.
  7. Grumps, you do not know how many tow drivers I have seen stand or work in a narrow space between the vehicle and the Guardrail when the could have crossed the Guardrail and reached over... Common Sense Practices which could say anyone from death or injury. The primary thought on my my is escape plan I start that exit strategy as I arrive and step out of the truck. It's so easy that it just might make the difference, in fact I know it has, because there have been close calls. So many I can't recall them for long. If I did I likely wouldn't be effective or even do this type of work. It's truly Hazardous Duty!
  8. Randall, thank you for your effort and devotion to searching out both the numbers and details. I just could never find that devotion though it was not that I didn't want to put in the time. It came down to I work those roadways nightly only taking a few days a year off. I am often in the danger zone be it on the interstates, Highways, Byways or even the City Streets. I took off this weekend just to gather my thoughts and spend some time here on the message board. I've been looking out at the Ocean and reflecting on the first half of the year. The growth TowForce has seen as both the number old members and new members surge is quite extraordinary. I hope to see more participation as this form of social media is still the most time effective. I'll add a story about the last run I was sent on Friday Morning prior to heading out. I was set to be off at 0600. At 0530 a run came in a vehicle was stopped on one of the bridges. So, even though I was set to leave for the weekend I headed out. Four lanes of traffic and we're in the right Vehicles mostly Truckers Flying by 4 to 6 feet from me as I exit the truck and all I can think is just don't let this be the time I become a statistic. I hooked and booked, but because it was a rear wheel drive and i was a ways to the next exit I needed to put a strap on it just in case. Before anyone says you didn't put that on dollies, yeah right! Every additional second you spend in the Danger Zone is a second closer to the end of your life. You Are Not Invincible and if you haven't figured out with a tower down every 6 to 7 days then I can't help you. I do feel that those who watch these incidents do take their roadside safety far more serious then the 7 out of 10 that just don't know and yes the numbers of uniformed drivers is more than 50%. The majority work for companies that are either uniformed or simply do not hold safety meetings and stress safety. Even seat belts with nearly 40% of Tow Truck Operators that either do not wear their seat belt or do not regularly where it. Yes, there are instances where the seat belt has contributed to death. However, that number is less than 3 percent and possibly even under 1 percent. As for the White Line it should be in your head at all times to stay away from the roadway. However, I have noticed over the years nearly as many Tow Operators have been killed or injured entering or exiting the truck. Having eyes in the back of your head "Being aware of what is going on" is very important to ones safety. Focusing only on the task of removing the vehicle will get you killed. I often advise others of the dangers which increases my own awareness although still leaving me more vulnerable then they are for having advised them. Watch the Traffic not me is what I tell them YELL if there is a vehicle approaching I need to be made aware of. Some say put them in the truck, I want them where they can flee and also be an additional set of eyes. Some use Cones, Flags, Flashing Lights, etc. and that's fine when you're in the roadway for an extended about of time. When the time is a few minutes often less than 3 minutes, use of a WARNING DEVICE adds seconds to the time spent in the Danger Zone! Now. I know that there are many more here to contribute to this discussion, chime in add your thoughts. What was the last Danger Zone you entered and how did you deal with it?
  9. UPDATE: OHP releases info on deadly I-44 crash, identifies victims FLETCHER, Okla. (TNN) - Oklahoma Highway Patrol responded to a fatal incident Wednesday afternoon. The crash happened around noon on I-44, one mile east of Fletcher. In their report, OHP said that a pickup truck was being loaded onto a wrecker. Bernando Martinez, of Oklahoma City was standing alongside the pick up truck when a car hit him, sending him an unknown distance. OHP said that Martinez died at the scene due to the massive extent of his injuries. He was transported back to Oklahoma City. After striking Martinez, the car, driven by Karen Cole, from New Mexico, continued partially onto the wreckers rollback bed. RESOURCE LINK
  10. MadGaines Message to Viewers: Bring the beer! We need to unite today. The bottom feeders are brewing up a storm again. We need to show the industry that we don't play these games. Unreasonably high quotes for basic dry van FTL Lies about maintenance issues and illness because higher priced shipments were found. Relationships forgotten. Shippers suddenly remembering they have contracts. TowZone Asks, how can the Towing Industry Benefit from understanding the trucking industry. Is it even important for the Towing Industry to understand the Trucking Industry? Oh, be warned or advised this video is over two hours long so those who would like to view it may find that like me running it in the background instead of the TV or Radio Works. Also, is this something that members would like to do at some point. While we have kicked it around and procrastinated we are going to put in the effort to make it happen. If you're interested leave a reply below. Hint: That Reply will get you an an additional entry in the weekly drawings which start back next week with 10 T-Shirts being drawn along with an additional prize. Didn't jump in the Roll Call here's another hidden opportunity.
  11. I think it was a Repossession... Does that make it right no, however this type of towing has been done in this manner for many years. Snatch and Grab take them around the corner as this vehicle was transported. Then securing the vehicle properly for transport which may have likely happened off the roadway at the end of the video clip. I've done this 100's of times on repos over the years (I have not conducted a repo in 30 years). Recently I have been removing vehicles from dangerous locations prior to securing them properly in order to avoid confrontation. Each situation is different and as a tow truck operator we have to adjust for those situations. Again, I am not saying it's right as I fully support securing the vehicle properly for transport and often having someone to run block provides to the extra time to secure the vehicle. Although, that does place two individuals in harms way. The longer you spend in the danger zone the higher your chances for injury, be it on the street conducting a repo, parking violation or on the side of the interstate/highway. I watch far to many drivers spend additional time in the roadway securing vehicles with a 4 point tie down rather than moving them off the roadway first. It similar to changing a tire on such roadways. Each added second increases the odds of being struck and while it would be great to have a support unit on scene to assist. This industry has never progressed to that point. For what could have and should be done when conducting tows such as Repo's we need to seek answers from those who primarily conduct such tows. For police ordered tows in the vast majority of situations an officer is present.
  12. Can anyone explain why they even continue to manufacture 19 ft beds in the US. Doesn't seem like they sell as many as to 21 and 22 ft beds. Seems the options should be 20 or 22 foot beds. But, then what do I know...
  13. The image is that of a road service truck which could be owned by a towing company which could explain the wording. Regardless this is a road service tech and our thought's should be with all involved in this tragic incident.
  14. I don't see a 396 badge, so I assume either it wasn't put back on or it's not an SS...
  15. Thoughts and Prayers to both the Tow Truck Driver who has not been reported as located at this time. As well as the Police Officer who remains in Critical Condition without further updates to his status. Now, can someone advise me by either email or inbox if the REPLY Button on this topic is not working. In the past there would have been 4 dozen replies with the First 4 hours the Tower Down Topic was up. I Don't Get It.... Collective Thought is Important, we Pray they bring our fellow tow operator home one way or another. His family needs to know his fate as I can only imagine the pain they are going through at this point. God Bless
  16. NOTICE: there is only one day remaining to enter the weekly t-shirt drawing. Still working on some additional prizes and of course I am sure there will be at least a couple of more opportunities to add an additional entry before the drawings end this year. Remember we do these roll calls every 6 months and while the numbers in this roll call are not as high as we would have liked. The number of click thru in response to emails remains high. We just need to get those members to login. Thanks, perhaps we should post a list of members opening emails and members clicking thru. Have to think about if that would even be proper. Have a Great Week leading up to a Spectacular 4th of July Weekend. I know many are now well over 80% of their normal call volume and looking better even though some states are closing down again. Can't put this genie back in the bottle, just use caution when around those you do not know and it's going to be quite sometime before you can take risks with riders again. Take this opportunity to change the norm.
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