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  1. Honestly Richard, what do they do? They are worthless. Actually, they give worthless a bad name. You and I are both old enough to know that a card with our picture on the front, while it is a novelty, means nothing in the real world. the credential are backed up by absolutely nothing>
  2. So what was the final verdict? Did your tech back probe the connections for true voltage? Just because there is low resistance does not guarantee that the connector is feeding the required voltage. Personally, I would look at a pin connection to the PCM circuits.
  3. I know that company personally, they are good people. Geoff started that company from his home on a card table literally. He started with one truck. Luckily no one was hurt seriously.
  4. Maybe if the fee is raised to 500.00 people will have an opinion. It really is true, if you boil a frog by slowly increasing the temperature, they will not notice. Until it is to late.
  5. Was that driver chemically impaired? He or she is probably out and on paper by now. Hopefully he or she has gotten their life together.
  6. This is not going to stop until this industry looks at safety from a new perspective. You can not pass a law that will cause people to do the right thing such as pay attention. You can pass industry standards that require the most safe working environment possible. This is done by utilizing blocker vehicles when on the side of the road where the posted speed limit is anything over thirty miles an hour, refusing to change tires on the side of a highway, and requiring that a lane be surrendered temporarily when incident management is initiated on any roadway where the posted limit is above thirty miles per hour, or if a lane is not available for surrender, the temporary closure of all same directional flow of traffic towards the scene. People just do not care if their behavior hurts, maims, or kills another human being. It will only stop if you demand the same protections that are to be afforded to a professional as they do their job. People are just not pissed off and angry enough to demand changes at this time. We keep our head in the sand, shake our fist when upset and angry, and hope that the next fatality will not hit close to home. When fifty more people are dead, the same old song and dance are not going to dull the pain that the families, friends, and loved ones will be burdened with as they pick up the pieces. Do not just say that something has to be done, DO something about it. If you point out a problem, have a solution at hand as well. Demand that changes be implemented industry wide.
  7. The owners as well as operators who do the right thing pay the price for those who do not. State regulatory action is a joke. It is, or should I say, has been time for there to be a standardized safe operating procedure for all to follow. These operators should then be able to break away from the clueless, and I do not cares, and request bids for insurance as well as other benefits that would be at a substantially reduced cost. The group would then elect officers who would have the power to delegate enforcement powers to remove those who were not complying or following safe operating procedures. It would be a privilege, of achievement, not a right. I feel that the others would be priced out of the market, or do whatever. If you will not help yourself, I have little desire to help you either.
  8. I see this as another piece of equipment that will take up space, not be used, and with luck like mine, would get wrapped up under the wheel well of a lowere3d Honda Accord. If you want to slow people down, it would need to be bigger, in order to make them slow down, Twice the width, and three times the height.
  9. If you get a wiring diagram, trace the circuits for the lights that have the issues. You might alter the bed location to assist if you initially find nothing. Should be pretty easy fix with a diagram and a good multimeter.
  10. Yippee, the politicians are going to do their JOB Somebody give them a cookie.
  11. If it is a legal requirement, than yes, because you are probably going to receive a fine or some other sanction. This is another reason to be an active member of your state association. They generally will provide all information required to keep you legal. You do not make any money in a courtroom.
  12. Brian, the most prevalent issue is the difference between a leader compared to a manager. A manager counts pencils, pays bills, and is involved and consumed by the day to day struggles of running a company. A leader, while he or she may be tasked with these incidentals, also sees the big picture. He or she has a one, two, five, and ten year plan on where they want to take the business. A leader is also highly concerned with the health, safety, and welfare of their employees. A leader trusts his employees as well as their judgement to make decisions in the field. If a bad decision is made, the leader is willing to learn from the experience and become a better, stronger, faster entity as a result. Leaders are born, managers are developed. And a true leader wants their staff to be safe. When these discussions are brought up, there are generally very few responses. Many are willing to just keep trudging forward, head in the sand, hoping and believing that one of the fifty fatalities that WILL occur by New Years Day, will be somebody else, thus not my problem. I see OSHA becoming involved in this industry in the near future. As I have said before, if their becoming involved in this industry saves just one life, saves one family from having to bury a loved one, save one family from having an empty seat at their child's graduation, Christmas program, Thanksgiving dinner, it will be well worth the millions of dollars in fines that will be dispensed.
  13. Ford has a very low failure rate for their PCM components. If the harness has been disconnected, I would start from scratch as if you were just initially diagnosing the problem. Are you using a pin probe kit to check your resistance? Are the pins from the PCM connector all properly aligned? It is very easy to mash a pin, thus have a connectivity problem. Do not ask me how I know! Do you have a factory repair manual from Ford. Their workshop manuals are pretty good at providing tolerance ranges for checking harnesses.
  14. I look at Tesla going the way of the Yugo and the DeLorean. Elon Musk would be another nobody if the federal government under the Obama administration did not pour billions of dollars into his "bright ideas". I give them five years tops. Newsflash to Tesla: Made in China translates to this is crap.
  15. Brian, and Randy, Thank you for your support. You two are industry leaders with vision. If there are standards, there will be a higher level of profit as well.
  16. One can employ all of the resources that are available, and have all of the safety equipment in place and on board the responding unit, but it is up to the operator to be responsible for, and mitigate the risks, to allow for a safe workplace. Owners, in general have a poor attitude towards safe roadside operating procedures. Yes, people bitch and moan about the high cost of insurance, but they many times do very little to ensure that safe operating procedures are followed. Some even think it is a laughing matter at how lucky their employees are when there is a serious incident. This industry is unwilling to police itself and set general policies and procedures to ensure operator safety. Not incapable, unwilling. I attended a safety seminal for an electrical trades trade show last week. A field inspection team was present at the seminar who presented a seminar on workplace safety as well as the new rates that OSHA is fining business entities who do not provide a safe work environment. The fines are huge. Huge enough to put many people out of business. In attending the seminar, I have reinforced my belief that it will take OSHA stepping in to oversee this industry to stop the loss of life. It will take OSHA hitting people in the ass pocket for people to implement policies and procedures that allow for a safer workplace. And that is what it is going to take, because we will not do it ourselves. If we wanted to, it would already have been accomplished. As an industry, we need to stop putting the blame on distracted, impaired, and irresponsible drivers. We need to start putting the blame on our own work habits, policies, procedures, attitudes, and indifference towards a safe work environment. Take a set of dice and keep rolling them until you roll an eight. You generally will hit an eight within five rolls if not less. If is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when. As the numbers and trends show, fifty more people will die in this industry by the end of the year. Many more will be permanently injured, some to the point that they will never work again. This is a dangerous profession, but safe practices could possibly reduce that number to less than twenty.
  17. That is a strategy (programming) built into, encrypted into the PCM.
  18. No, we need to come to the realization that that is an unsafe workplace environment, and refuse to even put oneself at risk. Slow down and move over will protect me. Well, how well did that work out for you? I guess my questions for you are, 1. Do you have an updated last will? 2. Do you have at least a million dollars in life insurance to protect your family upon your death? and lastly Do you really think a law is going to provide you with a safety shield to protect you from becoming roadkill when a piece of pig iron and plastic hurling down the road at sixty five miles an hour is going to protect you? I would say that I do not mean to pick on you, but I would be telling a Pinocchio style lie. I am picking on you, because I do not want you to die on the side of the road, cold, wet, and alone. I want you to be there for your family and loved ones, see your children graduate from high school and college, marry, and allow you the opportunity to spoil your grandchildren rotten, fill them full of sugar and carbs and take them home and hear their parents ask what did you feed them as they bounce off the walls. None of this is possible if you get hit, and expire, cold, wet, and alone on the side of a highway. I want you to live. I want others to live. Instead of, "move over my ass" I strongly believe the proper response should be, "what the hell was I thinking." "I did not build it, break it, or make it, and at the end of the day, I will go home to my family and loved ones." Please be safe and reconsider what is important in life. It is far too short. Do not sip out of the pond of life with a spoon, drink from it with a bucket.
  19. It will take more towers refusing to service the public in situations that are deemed to dangerous, as well as a united front in doing so until any changes will occur. Right now this industry is considered disposable by the public at large. And truthfully, people in this industry are just not fed up enough to do something about it. Until enough people are willing to drastically change their operating policies, procedures, and attitudes, we will continue to offer ourselves up for sacrifice. Get one thing straight, people in this industry are dying due to failure to speak up and demand a safe work environment, failure to provide the safest possible work environment for your employees, failure to demand fair compensation for the skillset and equipment required to properly and safely provide the required procedures to accomplish the task at hand, and failure of people to have value for the lives that are endangered for just not showing reverence and compassion for the life of those endangered as well as their families, loved ones, and pets.
  20. I recently contacted TDLR for a renewal to my TDLR license. I have been doing more investigative and construction work recently as well as going to school over the last couple of years, and it has expired. TDLR wants 200.00 to renew the license. I have made it my conscious objective and desire to not hand over 200.00 to the state, who virtually and literally do absolutely zero in return for this money. I am currently taking classes in HVAC, and attempted to apply for an apprentice license. I am only required to pay 20.00 for an HVAC apprentice license. I do understand why people in the industry, in this state, continue to allow themselves to be bullied and extorted by the state. I can reapply for the TDLR towing operators license in June and will have to go through the process as a new applicant, but I still do not like the idea of paying a yearly extortion fee to the State of Texas.
  21. You really need to get a wiring schematic to be able to check the integrity of the circuits that feed that switch. You might try to get copies from a dealership, or try and see if a trade school has access to the schematics. Once you have the schematics, I would isolate the wires of that circuit and check them for resistance. You will need a decent multi meter for this. If you call me and get me a full VIN, production date, as well as any model numbers from the tag on the transmission, preferably a picture of both, from the transmission, I can se if that information is available in the diesel lab at school. Please text the info to me at 210-296-4823. Michael.
  22. Did you check the harness for resistance from the switch to the end of the circuit? If the wire is pinched somewhere and you are getting excessive resistance due to a short to ground, or the wire is compromised some other way, that could be the issue. Hopefully you have a good wiring diagram where you are able to isolate the circuit and check the wiring.
  23. Just as an electrician will not work outside in the rain, this industry needs to adopt practices that will ensure the safety of operators. It is up to the operator to put himself or herself in the safest possible situation and mitigate the risk of harm or death. The police will not do it, the move over law will not do it, and your employer will not do it. It is up to you to have a safe work environment. And ensure that you go home to your family.
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