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  1. The belief that I can make it or, should I say, "It will be all right" permeates this industry. It will take leadership in the motor club world, the automotive manufacturing and repair sector, and government, DOT as well as law enforcement to step into the arena and demand professional standards to effect change. As of now many shop from the right side of the menu. Safety and professionalism take a back seat to price.
  2. Until there is a set, agreeable, enforceable standard on operators insurance will continue to rise. An agent told me recently that the totality of the circumstances are looked at when rates are set. If one has a deck truck that will transport one on the bed, and one on a wheel lift, there is a potential for three environmental claims. Four if you consider a strucn by vehicle. Take a good look at who is being employed in this industry. There are some great, outstanding companies in this industry. There are many questionable ones, and there are som ed that are just unsafe. You as a reputab
  3. Just as maintenance on your fleet is only 7% the cost of repairs resulting from poor maintenance, PPE is cheap when compared to an injury. We need to do better at requiring PPE to prevent injuries, not because it is required by contractual agreement.
  4. EwwI have impounded a few for no insurance, dwi/DUI's, and no valid license. I have also repossessed two police cars from a municipality after they defaulted on an obligation. It was pretty awkward calling in the repossession to law enforcement when it was their fleet that was the unit captured. I recovered both units the same episode.
  5. Good for you. You are an innovator in this industry. The life you save may very well be a family member.
  6. I vividly recall having to drive a casualty to Fort Worth, Texas on a hot 100 plus degree Texas afternoon. I had been up multiple times the previous night for police rotation calls and was not at all well rested. The ac was out in the deck I drove. I had to stop multiple times to just gather my composure. I made it back, but it was a very dangerous and treacherous ride. Lack of ac is easily a contributing factor in exasperating driver fatigue. If I worked exclusively at night it would have been a different story. But here, not having ac, working in the heat of the day in 100 plus high humidit
  7. It is that suck it up mentality that gets people killed. Having worked and pushed myself past the point of fatigue and then having to complete a 100 mile tow in 100 degree heat I can tell you that the lack of ac is an extreme hazard. The lack of ac is also a huge turn off for a client. And what about your defroster aspect. Your defroster does not function without ac operating. If it breaks and needs to be scheduled for a repair that is one thing. But waiting with no target to get it fixed is unacceptable in my book. I am not going to suck it up and risk a crash. And have a black mark on my CDL
  8. Hot day, fatigued driver who worked two or three calls the previous night and further added to his sleep debt. Now it is 4pm on a hot day, the operator is fatigued. A hot cab here in South Texas could be the difference between an alert driver and a crash. Also a hot cab for a customer waiting on the side of the road on 35 Ssouth is not going to get you accolades from a client.
  9. Miller has all that stuff! If the local dealer can not accommodate you call Miller direct. I love old freedom iron. Free from debt!
  10. Do not run a call for less than your cost plus profit. You are in business to make a living, not to let motor clubs rob you of your profit. Start small. Wreckmaster is a great training venue. Recovery Billing Unlimited is a great training venue as well. I am a big Dave Ramsey fan. I would get a copy of Entree Leadership and read it as well. Banks are not your friend. Think they are? Get sick or hurt and miss a couple payments and you will see their true colors. A paid off truck rides different. Again start small. Do not mortgage your soul. A truck will cost you close to
  11. Let us know what you find. Have a safe Thursday.
  12. Check to ensure the switch is supplying power to the load. Also check that circuits have no kinks, chafed wires, or corrosion. Heat adds resistance to a circuit. Check for a good tight ground circuit as well.
  13. I could not have given you more sound of an advice platform. It will take new leadership such as yourself to elevate this industry into a profession. Never forget that family is first. Never forget this.
  14. I have an associate with a detroit dd50 that he ran out of fuel. Any suggestions to get him up and running. Michael 210-296-4823
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