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  1. Tuesday morning San Antonio Fire Department engineer Greg Garza was struck by a commercial vehicle as he stepped off the apparatus preparing to investigate the source of smoke at a local motel. He was a 17 year veteran of SAFD. The vehicle failed to slow down/move over.
  2. People, this includes many drivers as well as many owners, who do not care about what happens beyond the walls of their office, are the cause of so many negligence/ damage claims that are totally preventable. I do not believe in calling an incident an accident. The incident was caused by at least one person's failure to act.
  3. The key words on the last post were "could have been prevented." If the deck truck was not at its location this most likely would never have occurred. People panic when they are next to a big truck or lane that has little or no shoulder. Just observe people as they drive. Even a mini cooper will react to the lack of horizontal asphalt cushion. Many people do not grasp the concept of a nine foot minimum lane and, as a result of this panic, may make panic adjustments to their trajectory. We as professionals need to be forward thinkers and always consider what if. Or as I tell people, do not bring your mental checker set when the game is chess. Think outside the box.
  4. The general public needs to take more responsibility for the condition and maintenance of their vehicles. Tires, fluids, and general condition of vehicle checks would prevent many roadside breakdown situations, versus the oh well I have roadside assist mentality. Hitting the person in the wallet for a tow versus a service call not only keeps operators from the kill zone, if even for a few minutes (exposure on a transport versus a tire change) but it teaches a lesson via monetary loss. I do nothing roadside, over thirty mile per hour zones, but transport. Absolutely no service calls, EVER.
  5. It is the fault of the driver that hit the deck. We as an industry have to stop assuming that people are in line with the reasonable prudent person standard. If the casualty is on the shoulder why do you put yourself in harms way next to the kill zone. Pull in front of the marked pd unit and begin stategizing to clear the scene and get to a safe haven. There is no logical reason to be on the white line from what the scene presents.
  6. It really is a matter of preference. While the Cummins has been a powerhouse for a long time, the bodies of Dodge products have always been junky. Cab corners coming apart, cheap quality, personally I am a fan of none of the manufacturers. I do believe the new Ford diesel made by Ford and not Navistar, will compete with the Cummins.
  7. Really cool. The old Rivieras are an affordable classic. Fun to drive as well.
  8. I have never been a big fan of Dodge. There service support has always been horrible. That being said, I lost a great deal of respect for Ford after they put ouy the 6.0 and 6.4 trash engines. Os should I say Navistar did for them. The 6.7 seems to be a winner if it is properly maintained. If I had to chose I would chose a Ford product.
  9. Really no excuse. The driver is either lacking in training or just does not care. Either way it is a reflection on the owner of the business. That is a classic example of why insurance is so high. I have made many mistakes over the years. But I always try to never make the same mistakes twice, and follow all the required steps and procedures to mitigate the risk of an incident.
  10. goodmichael

    6.7L oil leak

    I understand completely. Take care.
  11. I was in a courtroom earlier this year and people were looking at their phones and texting. These were middle aged people, not younger people.
  12. Flares work best at night I believe as it seems people are afraid of burning their tires. Setting cones up to alternate between flares is a good auditory warning also if they are set far enough back.
  13. I do not think the truck, casualty, came loose. It looks like the impact crumpled the cab and chassis forcing it under the deck bed. The casualty looks secured at the tailboard.
  14. That is something that the political leaders in Chicago must address. I am of the opinion that the politicians are probably getting kickbacks to sit on their thumbs. You as a business owner are always going to pay for the grifters of an industry. Legitimate technicians working on cars do, wrecker companies do, carperters do, reposession adjusters do, and police officers do. I can holler at the top of my lungs, but nobody cares. Most people do not care until they get fleeced by the grifter faction. I trust my three dogs, my girlfriend, and about a handful of other in a catastrophic moment. I can not solve the problems of the world when people do not care and trust politicians to do the right thing. Get a dog, hug your family and enjoy life. You only spin around once!
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