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  1. Hot day, fatigued driver who worked two or three calls the previous night and further added to his sleep debt. Now it is 4pm on a hot day, the operator is fatigued. A hot cab here in South Texas could be the difference between an alert driver and a crash. Also a hot cab for a customer waiting on the side of the road on 35 Ssouth is not going to get you accolades from a client.
  2. Miller has all that stuff! If the local dealer can not accommodate you call Miller direct. I love old freedom iron. Free from debt!
  3. Do not run a call for less than your cost plus profit. You are in business to make a living, not to let motor clubs rob you of your profit. Start small. Wreckmaster is a great training venue. Recovery Billing Unlimited is a great training venue as well. I am a big Dave Ramsey fan. I would get a copy of Entree Leadership and read it as well. Banks are not your friend. Think they are? Get sick or hurt and miss a couple payments and you will see their true colors. A paid off truck rides different. Again start small. Do not mortgage your soul. A truck will cost you close to 10 grand a month to operate. Divide that by 30 and that is what you need to carve out of this marble we call earth. You can do it, but start small.
  4. Let us know what you find. Have a safe Thursday.
  5. Check to ensure the switch is supplying power to the load. Also check that circuits have no kinks, chafed wires, or corrosion. Heat adds resistance to a circuit. Check for a good tight ground circuit as well.
  6. I could not have given you more sound of an advice platform. It will take new leadership such as yourself to elevate this industry into a profession. Never forget that family is first. Never forget this.
  7. I have an associate with a detroit dd50 that he ran out of fuel. Any suggestions to get him up and running. Michael 210-296-4823
  8. That looks really good. No great. I love the old iron. Great, no, outstanding work!
  9. Is the controller ag fault? Grounds are a great starting point. But I have seen a few controllers fail as well. Always check your basics.
  10. That is just up the highway from me. My condolences to this young man's family, coworkers, and friends. Mission Wrecker Service here in San Antonio dodged a bullet just recently. It is very dangerous out there folks. You have to do everything you can to ensure your safety. If you do not feel safe, do not complete the call. Abort the mission, regroup and coquer in a safer, safest possible manner. Your family needs you to come home
  11. One is not going to PPE themselves away from a VIRUS. One can do all they can to boost their immune system. Unfortunately, everything that an individual can do to strengthen their immune system is the opposite of what many operators do. They are: Get the proper amount of rest. Most operators operate on a sleep deficit similar to government spending. We just geg an "F" in getting the proper amount of sleep. Stay h2o hydrated. A person is properly h2o hydrated if they drink one once of water per pound of body weight per day. This excludes coffee and pop. Energy drinks do not count towards your h2o count either. Refrain from eating processed foods. Eat more vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Avoid breads Avoid alcohol. It is the number one free radical.
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