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  1. Ford has a very low pcm failure rate.
  2. It is the responsibility of an employer to provide PPE to employees. The day will come when OSHA gets knee deep involved in this industry, and starts handing out deca thousand dollar fines like Skittles. Maybe then safety will become a priority.
  3. I feel that anytime you are completing a lift, or are underneath anything that has a potential to fall, you should have a hardhat. That being stated eye protection should be standard when you step out of the truck. OSHA classifies struck by as one of the "fatal four" causes of fatalities.
  4. Realistically, you look like you have your ducks in a row when you have a safety vest, eve protection, and a hard hat. You set up the perception that you are a professional, and instill confidence. I currently work for a dealership network transporting vehicles from various dealerships to their internal auction. I see people staged on the shoulder of the highway loading and unloading vehicles on almost a daily basis. They are an accident waiting to happen. Yesterday I was instructed to do the same by a member of a "leadership" team. I informed him that I do not unload on the shoulder of any road. He pointed to another operator who was unloading on the frontage road of IH 35, with traffic speeding by at 50mph. We had a very heated, ugly discussion.
  5. A hard hat should be worn whenever working a rollover incident, or incident where a "struck by" injury to the head may occur. "Struck by" I'd one of what OSHA calls "the fatal 4". Wearing a hard hat, eye protection, as well as hearing protection presents a professional image. Also, hard hats have an expectation date. They should be replaced every 2 years
  6. Funerals are for the living. That was an awesome piece of literature. You can never replace time lost. Never! I was really perturbed recently when someone was roasted for suggesting that they charge extra for working in inclement weather. What about holidays? Rates should be double and a half for working Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Father's day and Mother's Day! What are you afraid of? Police work at a holiday rate, as do plumbers and electricians. It should be written into your contract. Grow some balls and ovaries and demand fair compensation for the experience, education, training and education that you bring to the table. And after hours should be time and a half as well. Stop being meek, and demand your due.
  7. You can only suggest ideas, policies, and changes. If a company is not receptive, and the suggestions pertain to safety, you should seek another employer who cares. I recently started working with a company who talks the talk, but crawls when it comes to walking the walk. I delivered to a location recently and was instructed to load/unload in the street. I told them to grab their safety vest, flags, and hard had and come divert traffic for me. I told them that they would need to stand about 100' back so tha th when I heard the thud when they got hit I had some warning. You, and you only are ultimately responsible for your safety. As far as other ideas, I have had management and owners that were offended when I suggested new ideas. They thought I was trying to take over. I keep my mouth closed today, do not engage in conversation unless I have to, and pray for payday. If an owner or a manager wants my input they need to ask.
  8. There is always going to be somebody out there documenting something wrong. We always raise the hue and cry as to why insurance is so expensive. There is a blatant example as to why you pay tens of thousands of dollars a year for insrance. If you are a company who values safety, strives to do everything the right way, and has a desire to be looked upon as a professional, that video should really piss you off. Because when that operator crashes, that vehicle is damaged, or someone is hurt or killed due to excessive speed, that company merely calls their carrier and makes a claim. And that carrier, collectively passes those costs on to the companies who care. The companies who utilize 4 point tie downs, who follow speed limits, and are a professional representation of the industry.
  9. Municipalities generate billions of dollars nationwide on fines and fees related to dwi/DUI. The lobbyist groups that represent the adult beverage industry are huge. Here in Texas the political leadership refuses to allow sobriety checkpoints. How big of a slice of the towing and recovery pie do you believe is related to impounds that are dwi/DUI related? How many operator deaths are dwi/DUIrelated? The legal fees, incarceration costs, as well as fines and related fees related to alcohol far outweigh the monies generated by the beverage industry. The thousands who die in alcohol related events every year are acceptable to politicians. The monies generated outweigh the casualties.
  10. I keep 2 in the truck. Cheap insurance.
  11. Parole is generally granted by a board that votes on the case. I do not know how it works in Colorado, but that is how it works in Texas. Here a judge has little say in the decision.
  12. It is not the responsibility of the roadside company to ensure the safety of the motorist. This is strictly a courtesy. It is not included in the contract that passengers be transported to a safe haven. If customers want to effect change, they need to put pressure on their roadside service to pay for that accessory. Crew cab trucks, as well as extended cab trucks cost extra money. And there needs to be a ROI on the expense.
  13. Hopefully the driver did not suffer from a medical issue or meet foul play. I worked for companies who had a similar circumstance, and both drivers had done nothing wrong. I have also encountered operators who went mia due to drugs. Came back two weeks later like nothing ever happened. Hope the driver is okay.
  14. A good friend of mine is a mechanical engineer for Ford who worked on the research and development of that engine. He does initial CAD input.
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