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  1. People have the right to proclaim they are an athiest. They should be first on the list to work Christmas day as well as Easter Sunday.
  2. What a beautiful tribute to your mom! She is looking down smiling at what a good man you turned out to be. I have never met you, but I have to say that was a wonderful tribute to your mom you have presented. Your mom did a great job in her short time on earth. Michael
  3. There is no cookie cutter one size fits all answer. You really need to be familiar with the axle manufacturer recommendations for the axle setup. Following manufacturer recommendations to the letter will keep you out of small claims court.
  4. That is really cool. I love to see people give new life to old iron. You know the history of that unit. Love those bulldogs!
  5. Those es300's are really nice cars. Great job on the recovery!
  6. I would request that a district division representative become involved. That trans really should be replaced if triple checking the fluid levels does not rectify the issue. There are many things that can go wrong when a person who is less than competent takes apart a transmission. And you purchased a new unit. You should get a new transmission that has not been finger f'ed by a technician. They have already demonstrated an inability and or unwillingness to fix the issue. Time to get a factory representative involved. You should request an extension of the factory warranty if they do not exchange it for a new trans. You bought a new truck to work it, not for it to sit in a service bay as a dead turtle.
  7. It does give the powers that be a new, revolutionary baseline to observe how much further they can push the envelope. If the government put out a memo that you should wear a Huggies brand diaper over your face there would be a rush of people going out to do just that. May God have mercy on our souls if guns are ever taken away from the common man or woman. It will be the beginning of thd end.
  8. We live in a crazy world. Sometimes it is hard to grasp that 97% of people are good, and that it is the 3% that ruin things for everyone.
  9. There is no free to it. Personally, I believe that this crisis will teach many about the risk factor in borrowing money and being enslaved by banks. If you think that banks are your partner, and stand beside you, you now have a test. Ask for forbearance on a loan anf see what they say. I hope they will assist you.
  10. Another importany aspect is getting your body in tune to support a healthy immune system. Get plenty of rest. Sleep that is. Eat healthy. Berries such as blueberries are very high in antioxidants. Nuts such as Brazil nuts are as well. Drink plenty of water. You should drink one ounce of water for every pound of body weight to flush your system. Avoid free radicals such as alcoholic beverages, smoking, and processed sugar. This virus has been in the country since before Christmas. And has been ever so slowly been tightening it's grasp.
  11. Be very careful in reading all of the finr pring on thd forbearance aspect of these loans. The guidelines must be followed to the letter. If not you will be on the hook to pay the monies back. There is no such thing as a totally free lunch. There are always strings attached. And this is no exception.
  12. I know he was trying to help, but that is an unwritten rule just as is do not drive into water deeper than the deptb of your tires. Glad nobody got hurt.
  13. Great discussion. First and foremost I value integrity beyond anything else. If you steal from me, and stealing fron a client id stealing from me, or lie to me, I have to be able to have faith in you as an associate, we are done. Life happens. People get sick, deaths in the family occur, divorces, as well as the other d's as Davd Ramsey calls them. (Death, divorce, debt, drugs, disease, depression, he had a whole list of thd bad things that happen that are of a negative impact and start with a D.) I would have had the talk after the first incident. I think he handled it well.
  14. Caparelli's on Main offers great Italian food. Sea Island Shrimp House on Rector Street has excellent sea food. We also have a few Bayseas restaurants that have excellent sea food. For burgers and an ice tea we have Longhorn Cafe, Chesters, as well as Chris Madrid's. Rosarios is excellent for Mexican Food. We alsk have the original Blanco Cafe on Blanco Rd just south of downtown, Panchitos on McCullough. For breakfast you have got to try the Magnolia Pancake Haus. Damn, I hope there will be time for the show. Really looking forward to meeting you all, some for the very first time in person.
  15. If that were mine I would give it a Vulcan 882 with a massive tunnel box. As was suggested, a magdrill saves a great deal of stress when drilling holes on a frame. I hate banks and love vintage iron. Take it slow and pay as you go. A paid off truck is worth its weight in toilet paper in today's economy.
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