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  1. Great discussion. First and foremost I value integrity beyond anything else. If you steal from me, and stealing fron a client id stealing from me, or lie to me, I have to be able to have faith in you as an associate, we are done. Life happens. People get sick, deaths in the family occur, divorces, as well as the other d's as Davd Ramsey calls them. (Death, divorce, debt, drugs, disease, depression, he had a whole list of thd bad things that happen that are of a negative impact and start with a D.) I would have had the talk after the first incident. I think he handled it well.
  2. Caparelli's on Main offers great Italian food. Sea Island Shrimp House on Rector Street has excellent sea food. We also have a few Bayseas restaurants that have excellent sea food. For burgers and an ice tea we have Longhorn Cafe, Chesters, as well as Chris Madrid's. Rosarios is excellent for Mexican Food. We alsk have the original Blanco Cafe on Blanco Rd just south of downtown, Panchitos on McCullough. For breakfast you have got to try the Magnolia Pancake Haus. Damn, I hope there will be time for the show. Really looking forward to meeting you all, some for the very first time in person.
  3. If that were mine I would give it a Vulcan 882 with a massive tunnel box. As was suggested, a magdrill saves a great deal of stress when drilling holes on a frame. I hate banks and love vintage iron. Take it slow and pay as you go. A paid off truck is worth its weight in toilet paper in today's economy.
  4. For the next thirty days especially, please be hypervigilant as you work the side of the road. Many people are out of work. Here in San Antonio everything is shutting down. Movie theatres, shopping malls, bars and restaurants have been ordered to close. That saying that, "Idle time is the devil's workshop" rings true. There is a tremendous increase in dwi/dui operators on the road. When there is nothing to do, many turn to alcohol and illegal drugs. You are more likely to be struck by an impaired operator in the next 90 days than you are to be afflicted with COVID19. Be safe. Always hug the ones you love, and never hesitate to tell the ones you love how special they are to you!
  5. We as a nation are headed into uncharted waters on this situation. I applaud you for putting people first. Those being your team. This situation is going to devastate a vast amount of small business entities, I fear. I hope I am wrong. I pray that financial institutions do the right thing and work with small business by allowing forbearance through this crisis.
  6. I was speaking to a person who is involved in federal law enforcement today who asked me who will benefit the most from the failure of the USA economy? As well as who, what nations, would benefit the most. He was adamant that this virus was genetically cultured in a lab, with the express purpose do exactly what we are doing. That being bring this country to an economic halt. At the current rate of the state of affairs, we will be $30,000,000,000,000.00 in debt as a nation by Labor Day. The debt service will be a trillion dollars a year to pay the interest alone! I am not a conspiracy theorist kook. I am a kook, but not a conspiracy theorist one. (I have not had a television for going on four years) But it makes sense. It really makes sense.
  7. It is surreal to see the countries economy constricting and grinding to a halt. Stores are out of staple groceries by noon. Business entities shuttered. There is an just panic amonst people that is hard to explain. Be safe in your travels everyone. Take care of your families.
  8. I am not picking on this driver directly, well yes I am I guess. I have to ask, what were you thinking? That appears to be a major thoroughfare. If you need to drop at a dealership that has limited access go to a nearby lot to offload. This was 100% preventable. This is a vivid example of the "it will not happen to me/sucks to be you" attitude that is prevalent in this industry. SDMO is not a safety shield to protect you in the event of a crash. It is a tool. It is one tool. If you go to pull a driveline, to be successful at the task you need multiple tools. If you just have the socket you are not properly equipped to complete the task. You need a breaker bar, ratchet, and possibly an extension, possibly an impact. Relying solely SDMO is parallel to having only a socket. It is useless if you do not practice other safety mechanisms as well.
  9. I am looking forward to seeing many of you this year at the Texas tow show. This is in not in my back yard. It is on my fback porch. If anyone nedds any restaurant recommendations or other than towing things to do, please let me know. We have Natural bridge Caverns, Sea World, Fiesta Texas, as well as fishing on the gulf coast two hours from SA, in addition to the show if you have the d3sire to experience something different with the family. For restaurants do not leave the city before going to Capparelli's on Main, for genuine italian, Blanco Cafe on Blanco Rd just north of downtown, and Sea Island on Rector Street.
  10. That was just not cool at all. I hope that at least that was the owner of the recovery truck that made that horrible decision to put himself and his business in harm's way. What are you going to do if that is your only truck? Just what were you thinking? Unbelievable.
  11. That was refreshing for me personally. Now I do not feel nearly as bad about some of the really stupid things I did before I saw the light. I was a borderline genius compared to that! Have a safe and blessed weekend everyone!
  12. Go to your local library and check out a book titled "Entree Leadership" by Dave Ramsey. It is a must read. Be cautious in the business seminar arena. There are a large number of snake oil salespeople. The RBU seminar is a real eye opener. I did not know one could complete WreckMaster classes on line. WreckMaster as you have discovered is a widely accepted training curriculum. I always thought you had to attend an active class.
  13. While it is and will be a struggle, you have to plan and find your niche. You have to do something that will set you apart from the common bear. Other drivers used to laugh at me when I filled up an ice chest with water, gatorade, and sodas to have them available for the customer who was sitting on the side of the road in the deep South Texas heat. The got real quiet when I told them I generally received 600.00 to 900.00 in tips per month. Add value to everything you do. Go the extra mile for your client. Believe it or not, there are still people who will pay for quality service. Always be on the hunt for talent and positive attitudes. Even if a person is not old enough to hire, make the contact. And follow up with the person. Time spins around pretty quick. Before you know it insurance will be ready tk approve them. Enjoy life. Towing is a job. It is a means to provide for your family and sustain your homefront. Your family is your number one priority. Do not ever forget this. You never get those Christmas mornings or Thanksgiving diners back. I hear people state that towing is a lifestyle. Being a great parent and eating right is a lifestyle. Towing is a job. It sustains your lifestyle.
  14. First I would ask yourself why you want to be in business for yourself. Being your own boss is great and there are immense rewards, but there is a heck of a lot of responsibility. The buck and final decisions start and end with you. Write your answers down on paper. Ask yourself who will be your target niche. Law enforcement rotation towing is robust, but you are going to have to be available 24/7/365/366 on leap year. Which is this year. Motorclubs provide a lot of work, but their rates do not even cover ones cost many times. I strongly suggest taking the RBU class as well as wreckmaster certification classes. RBU will open your eyes to the business end, while wreckmaster will teach you the skillset you will need to be successful in the trenches. START SMALL. Yes, I am yelling. When you go to the bank next time look at all the glass, marble, stainless steel, and opulence. That is your money being put into play. Banks are not your friend. They are not a great or even mediocre partner either. They are like a tick on a dog. No disrespect to ticks. Start small and keep your money in your wallet. That commercial that states, "What's in your wallet?" It is a parasite sucking the marrow from your soul.
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