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  1. goodmichael

    Must read Article

    This article is a case study on an accident that occurred in which the driver was held liable due to his failure to complete his duties in a safe manner. As a result, he was held legally responsible, and just about lost everything he ad acquired over the course of his lifetime.
  2. With the end of the year fast approaching, I hope everyone is either planning for retirement, or is working to develop some type of plan. This applies to everyone, young as well as old. Personally, I really dropped the ball when I was younger. Mind you I had a lot of fun, but memories do not buy you a bag of groceries, nor do they fill up the gas tank or buy a bag of dog food. People, you work too damn hard to earn what you earn to wind up with nothing when you finish the race. There is always an excuse as to why you can not save money, and put something aside. Do you really need to eat out at a fast food joint every day? If you made a lunch and took it to work, most of us could save a couple hundred dollars a month. If you stopped drinking sodas and drank water, you could save another hundred dollars a month. Do you really need satellite television? That is at least a hundred bucks a month. What about the vehicle you drive, your personal ride. Many people are paying five and six hundred dollars a month for a car note. Yes you all need reliable transportation. I get it, but new cars break down too. There are used cars that are very reliable that will get you from point a to point b. As far as investing, there are a number of non traditional things you can do. If you like to weld, work with wood, or complete home improvement projects, you might look into investing in equipment to complete projects. You might want to invest in a piece of real estate, or you might desire to invest in mutual funds. Whatever you do, or whatever your plan is, do something. There is no excuse for you all who are twenty and thirty years of age to have to be towing at sixty unless you really, truthfully want to.
  3. goodmichael

    Please be extra careful and vigilant in all you do.

    FYI I passed all my finals, my plumbing class final was a monster. It took close to three hours to complete. I am reasonably certain I received A's in all three of my classes. I celebrated by going home and going to sleep! It was a rough week.
  4. goodmichael

    Transmission damage

    If the transmission is in neutral, the internal parts of the transmission are engaged and are turning due to the input shaft spinning. If the clutch is engaged, the throw out bearing is engaged. I look at it from the point of view of which is less expensive to change, a throw out bearing or having to press on and off internal bearings and gears. While the flywheel is bolted to the crank directly, I have been instructed in trainings, that the force is distributed onto the flywheel and does not effect the main bearings at all. This minimal pressure is absorbed by the miniscule thousandths of an inch crank end play as well the gap between bearings and the crank that are sealed with oil as the engine is running. I am attending a Ford factory training before the end of the year on the 6.7, and I will discuss this with the trainer.
  5. We are entering the apex of the Christmas season this weekend. Colleges are completing final semester exams this week. I have one tomorrow, my last one, thank you God. Many will begin to drink as well as use illegal drugs under the guise of "celebrating." Please be extra cognizant in every step of every process you complete to limit the time you are in harms way. It is not a race, nothing you do is worth risking your life in order to save a few seconds. Your family needs you, your community needs you, and this industry, despite all of it's issues, needs you as well. Each and every one of you is a valuable resource to those close to you. There is no tire, or vehicle for that matter that is worth you risking your health, well being, or life over. that car or tire can be easily replaced, you can not be! I hope every one of you has a blessed, safe, and meaningful Christmas as well as a bountiful 2019. I personally have had a rough 2018, and am ready to close the chapter and look forward to a great 2019.
  6. goodmichael

    Electric parking brakes

    Richard, that is probably going to vary with the manufacturer. Some are controlled through the PCM, some work on less than 12 volts, as little as 5 volts. I am attending a training on the 6.7 Ford diesel next month in your stomping grounds. I will ask a lot of questions as they pertain to FOMOCO. Have a blessed and safe Christmas.
  7. goodmichael

    Must read Article

    I received the latest issue of Tow Professional, Volume 7 Issue 8 for 2018 last week. There is an article by James E. Lewis that is entitled, "This one got to me." that starts on page sixteen. The article is a must read for all, and, I believe, should be a focal point of your next safety meeting. Have a great day.
  8. goodmichael

    Towers with the Budweiser horses

    While I am not a fan of Budweiser beer, the Clydesdale horses are hands down the best when it comes to super bowl commercials. I am not a football fan, but I always view the Clydesdale commercials. They are the best.
  9. I would be careful in making threats, you might make a snowflake cry and hurt their feelings. It is just best to have the required verbiage and add nothing. This business, as Forrest Gump stated, is like a box of chocolates, and most of the time you bite into a rock searching for the caramel.
  10. If anyone ever encounters this piece of work, and she has a flat tire on the side of the highway, refuse to provide service for her. A few hours on the side of the road might just change her attitude!
  11. goodmichael

    Towing company owner makes safety his mission (MI)

    It should not be considered outrageous to spend the extra time, effort, and money to protect your employees. Again, I am calling out the leadership that sets policies in this industry, as well as the employees themselves. Stop putting yourself at risk of serious bodily injury and death by spending even one second on the side of the road more than is absolutely necessary. Stop putting your employees in harms way because you do not want to, or are afraid to, bill for, and spend the extra money to mitigate the risk of death or injury to your staff. It is your business, it does not belong to the motor club, the insurance company, or the client, it belongs to you. Provide the mechanism of a safe working environment for your employees, and bill for it as a line item just as you would if you used dollies, or go jacks. It is a part of doing business. Are you afraid the insurance companies are going to yell at you, call you mean things, or not want to talk to you or give you any business? The insurance companies need towing companies, it is not the other way around. Instead of caving into the mandates of motor clubs and insurance companies, there are a vast number of people who need to grow a pair, stand your ground, and push back those who have been pushing you around. Being a professional means doing the right thing for the right reason at the right time, and not having to be told what to do. A professional does what is right because it is the right thing to do. Not because they have to be told what to do.
  12. I can understand why an owner would mandate that his drivers not stop and block traffic for another operator. In the event of an accident, they do not have a leg to stand on. If your vehicle gets hit, who is going to pay, and who is going to be charged with the accident? If a situation is deemed unsafe by the operator, they should make the call to request that law enforcement assist in blocking traffic. If they refuse to assist, then the call should be refused. It is far better to refuse the call rather than put your staff as well as equipment at risk. It is not the towing companies fault that the driver or operator is in distress. You, as an operator, are in no absolute duty to respond to a request for service if you believe it will place you in harms way. You should have the mental capacity to initiate a plan of attack to mitigate the risk and proceed with a justifiable risk to complete/clear the call. I always like to play the what if game. What if the Dodge is sideswiped by a passing vehicle. What degree of pure comparative negligence is that driver, of the Dodge, responsible for. If he gets hit, and is staged over the white line, he will get dinged for factors contributing to the cause of the accident. Even with the police car behind him. Unless he has one on the hook. If the police vehicle is blocking traffic, what is the purpose of having another vehicle, another set of flashing lights, and another soul at risk on the side of the road? What If someone slides into the operator who is engaged in some sort of activity in the traffic side of the roadway? This is the kill zone. This is where you are the most vulnerable to becoming the next operator to die. It does not appear that you have arms long enough to reach over to secure the vehicle on the deck in this picture. Why do we continue to place ourselves in vulnerable situations and predicaments? all it would take to initiate a chain reaction in this case is for an inattentive driver to make a sudden lane change and pit out a vehicle to their left, and start the chain reaction collision. I feel that complacency is the number one killer of operators in this industry. You as an operator are solely responsible for your safety. The move over law is not going to stop a careening hunk of pig iron and plastic. Operators making sound decisions based on experience, knowledge, education, and training will quite possibly save your life. Believing that a police car blocking a lane does indeed mitigate the risk, but it does not give you a free pass to be in the kill zone and expect an absolute excemption from physics if things go bad.
  13. goodmichael

    Hanging up my chains

    Good luck in your new venture.
  14. I myself have depression as well as PTSD. I have tried, over the years, numerous "medications" that only took away the little feeling and emotions that I had at the time as we, my treatment team experimented with different meds, dosage, and combinations to get me to my good, safe, place. I found that eating right, exercising, and being "selfish" with my time were far more beneficial to me in the long run. Some of the meds did help me, but most made me worse. They further propelled me into being an introvert. Medications do help people who suffer from the illness, but they are not the magic wand that will release one from their struggles. They are a piece of the puzzle. My advice is to be aware and cognizant of those who you interact with on a daily basis. Talk to these people and try to extend an effort in getting to know them. I am not saying to go out and try to be the social butterfly of the world, but at least try to show a little humanity towards the people you interact with on a daily basis. Most people who suffer from mental illness suffer in silence. Hemmingway wrote a poem about a fictional character, I believe, Richard Korrey. Everyone thought Richard Korrey was on the top of the world, but that was not the case. FYI it did not end well for Richard Korrey. If you have children, take/make the time to build a relationship with them. You can start by putting limits on the time they as well as you spend on social media. Far too many parents do not actively participate in their children's lives. We allow technology and devices to be the parent, and observe from the sideline, then wonder aloud what happened when things go awry. Your children are your most precious asset. Be a participant in their lives, not a spectator.
  15. I spoke to a person who I worked with a few years back who was inquiring about working for a towing company. This guy is pretty solid, not lazy in the least bit, and will work on call, holidays, whatever it takes, but he was not at all impressed with the benefits that were offered, or should I say not offered to him as part of the deal. In talking to him, I realize that in all the years I have worked for different business entities, I never had any paid time off offered as part of the deal. I have taken time off, but it was always at my expense. I never had health insurance at any establishment. I did receive a Christmas bonus at two of the businesses. I have always made a good amount of money wherever I have worked in this industry. I am not complaining, but now that I look back at the time spent, and reflect on what it takes to attract potential talent, I can not blame people who study this industry and decide to pass on it as a possible mechanism to provide for their families. The industry appears to be a good prospect for a contingency plan when times get rough if one has the experience, knowledge, education and training, or a good part time gig, but for a full time "career" it is really lacking the polish and luster needed to attract and keep people who will make a career out of it for the long haul. Money alone does one no good if you can not occasionally enjoy it with your family.