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  1. An operator has to wear multiple hats today. You have to have the mechanical aptitude to complete the hook up and tow. While this is important, it is onlh part of the equation. You must have communication skills to include listening skills to allow a client to vent. You have to have the wisdom to keep your thoughts anf opinions to yourself. You must have the basic math and grammar skills to complete a narrative and total an invoice. You also need to have diplomacy as well as social worker skills. You are dealing with people who many times are at a low point in their lives. Your capacity to do the tow is just a small part of the requirements to complete the job. You can be the best at preparing and hooking up a vehicle, but you will be a failure if you are not minimally skilled in all aspects of towing.
  2. By allowing the behavior of drivers to become more and more reckless, officers who cite and release a person intercepted at such a high rate of speed just enable the behavior. Then when a family is killed when there is a crash, or someone working roadside is struck everyone gets up in arms. When there is a fatality incident how many man hours are spent working the scene? I certainly understand that time limit perspective, but how many calls will be held back to work a fatality
  3. I actually spoke to and was admonished by other officers who stated that it was their policy to cite and release. I have given up on thinking logically. It is a lost cause.
  4. It will be an interesting case. Here in San Antonio just the other day I observed a driver ticketed for driving 100 mph in a 60 mph zone. Officers stated that speed alone was not a factor in reckless driving. Had the primary driver in this incident not utilized an unsafe lane change would we be here? There was no reference to the alleged speed of driver #2. Interesting case.
  5. I would have liked to have been the fly in that officers unit to hear what he was verbalizing.
  6. We have to develop safer industry and operator habits. As well as have industry standards, procedures and policies driven by safety, not the p&l statement. SDMO offers no protection againt an impaired driver. Or the mixed beverage lobbyists.
  7. This forum will provide you with thousands of years of exerience, knowledge, education, and training. Take your time with the restoration. The museum in Chattanooga, Tennessee is a great resource. Post some pics please. Have a great day.
  8. That is a "I'll have to call you back I just had a crash", moment. Text you later. Why did I not get a text warning me there was a trailer in the road?
  9. Sad and disappointing. A very poor representation of what it means to be a professional. Even worse when you understand and comprehend that this is the perception many have of the industry.
  10. I worked for a man decades ago who always stated and stressed that your word is your bond. Without it you are lacking in value. I always value a persons time with family. People should be working to elevate their position in life and improve their status in life for themself and their family. If you need time ask for it. And when your employees ask for it do all you can to accommodate them. Life is short. It is meant to be enjoyed.
  11. I will not work for someone who has no integrity. I will not work for someone who does not value my safety either. Birds of a feather hover under eaves in all kinds of weather.........
  12. Instead of squandering money on adds which are a "great" pr stunt, why can AAA not step up and be an industry leader and state we will implement a roadside blocker program. Again, just as locks keep honest people honest, slow down move over only keeps safe drivers safe. It offers zero protection from a drunk or dope fiend driver. Those who are seriously and or life changingly impaired have long been forgotten. I strongly believe that a total of injured operators also must be tabulated. As well as a dollar amount that is placed on the injured person's family and employer. I still believe that a presentation featuring a mock fatality woulf benefit many operators to see thd real impact of the circumstances following an operator being killed on the side of the road. I know it is morbid, but it just might wake a few people up and get them to take their responsibility seriously rather than the, "It won't happen to me", or "sucks to be you" mentality that seemd to be omnipresent today.
  13. You are correct Brian, the person providing traffic control should be certified and properly trained. And their should be a charge added to the service, just as a charge for go jacks, dollies, or unlocking a vehicle. I margin in a little extra when I use my cribbing blocks, because eventually I have to replace them. My attitude in marketing is parallel to the hot dog and beer vendor at Yankee Stadium. I am not out to sell everyone a hot dog and a beer. Those that want a hot dog and beer will pay a premium to have it now. It will be a quality hot dog and an ice cold beer. The mustard will be perfect, the relish will be fresh. I will not spill beer on you. I will not sell you a hot dog that looks like home made soap. But it will cost a premiun for what I have to offer. I am not looking to put a hot dog and a beer in every hand. Because profit is my best friend.
  14. The treads lioj like Michelins. Nice truck. Cool that it is for sale from original owner!
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