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  1. goodmichael

    Prepared For Launch...

    Maybe they need to paint those things bubble gum pink to get better attention. It seems some have become numb to the yellow color.
  2. I understand that she was not at fault, but she is the one who owns the vehicle. And she is being reimbursed for her loss from Nationwide. You might consult an attorney to see if you need to name both the vehicle owner as well as the subject who caused the crash as parties to the suit. If that is what they are offering, you should be able to get something for the car. I would go after them for every last cent.
  3. Your issue is with the vehicle owner, not the insurance company. File a suit against the vehicle owner, and you will motivate them to light a fire under their insurance company.
  4. Not all big companies are all that profitable. You stated yourself that you are profitable. That is a huge accomplishment, one you should be proud of. My advice is to save and upgrade with a newer, not new unit. Let someone else take the depreciation hit. Just because everyone else is doing something does not mean it is the way to proceed for everyone. This industry does not need financial institutions to survive. If people did not buy new trucks unless absolutely required the market would adjust. That financial institution you think is your friend, your ally, your business partner; just miss a few payments and see how fast the relationship goes south, way south. Pay yourself, not the bank.
  5. I would have loaded in the opposite direction, secured my four points, and gassed it on down the road.
  6. goodmichael

    D Ring

    Until the WLL limits are tested and certified by an engineer for the designated purpose of winching and recovery, you assume all liability in the event of a catastrophic failure. If you modify it and it fails as a result of the modification, the manufacturer has an out as far as their culpability goes.
  7. You are not going to like my answer, but you need to hear the truth. Your statement that financing is a requirement to keep reliable equipment is a red flag for me. Financing a new truck is a major risk for an institution or investor for a business entity that is only twenty months old. You did not mention in your post what type of equipment you are currently running. There are far too many companies that have burned bridges and bought equipment on a hope and a prayer, only to not be able to sustain the immediate depreciation of purchasing a new vehicle, or not having a solid business plan which results in their running up 300k on the clock and owing 40k on a truck worth 15k. Then just walking away. If your equipment is running, keep going forward with it and save money to upgrade with used equipment. New equipment breaks down just like old iron does. This advice is coming from someone who sold equipment for a Miller distributorship. A dealer can get this deal done, but they are not helping you. You are going to get your head knocked off in interest. Can you afford to lose twenty percent off the top by purchasing new? As an industry, we need to reevaluate the over all business model of having the bank as a partner. They are a willing partner as they have the marble, chrome, and tinted glass buildings, weekends, holidays, and nights off. They are taking a taste off of your operation. They are a parasite just like the motor clubs, or as an analogy, a tick on a dog. Financing a startup is not a good plan, it is a roadmap to disaster, especially new equipment. And you are a startup. I understand that you are sentimental to the roots of the company, but it is a new startup with twenty months on the clock. I used to see a person driving new equipment and think that the company was doing well. If you are up to your eyeballs in debt you are not doing well, you are not sleeping well, and have the onyx on your shoulder at every turn.
  8. goodmichael

    "Let's talk Flashlights"

    Streamlight has been very good working with me to resolve issues with the lights that have switch issues, or intermittent issues. It takes a little while for them to get the light shipped back, but I have been very satisfied with their customer service response and attitude. As Aa result, I would not buy anything else. I currently have five of their rechargeable lights, and use them daily.
  9. goodmichael

    We have the power to stop motor clubs.

    Until they wake up one day and realize that they themselves have the python wrapped around their throat, and are having the life of their business squeezed.
  10. goodmichael

    2016 F-550 6.8 Recall Notice

    Just a word of advice, Ford pays roughly half price on labor for warranty work. This is a pretty major operation to the engine, so.... obviously you want the technician who is working on it to be in a happy, positive frame of mind. Keep in mind that this technician did not engineer this engine, and did not build it at the plant. It would be to your benefit to speak to the technician who is actually doing the work on your truck, and buy him or her breakfast or lunch, or both, and slip them some cash to help them get and keep their mind right. I would also request that your vehicle be worked on by a at least a Ford Certified Master Technician. When I say worked on by, that means that they are doing the work. I think we all agree that we do not want our truck to be the first major engine work a technician completes. There are far too many things that can go wrong. Just think of how you would feel if you went out to a roll over accident and were told that you were only getting paid for half ticket. I know I would not be happy.
  11. goodmichael

    We have the power to stop motor clubs.

    Jason, for some people, motor club work fits their business model. It works for them. The people of this industry are their own worst enemy. Motor clubs exploit that dissention, and realize that there is always someone who will tow for cheap. When OSHA begins to regulate this industry, people will have to take a serious look at their business model. If they do not, then we will see how many business entities can survive multiple thirty five thousand dollar fines.
  12. goodmichael

    how to convince the boss

    Please be extra careful this winter. Your number one priority is to go home safe after every workday. Hope you have a safe and busy winter.
  13. goodmichael

    how to convince the boss

    I look at people who have the nicest, brightest, newest equipment often and ask myself if the tradeoff of having new equipment that generally is more reliable than vintage iron. New trucks break down more frequently today it seems. The operation is then at the mercy of the dealership to get the vehicle, and sometimes the entire operation back on line. Vintage iron of course needs constant TLC. If it breaks, you are generally not paying a huge truck note that could potentially cost hundreds of dollars a day. I sold Miller equipment. It is good equipment, but to be in business, you have to move iron. That is your angle. When I go to a tow show today, I am amazed at the number of people/vendors, who are out trying to get a taste of everyone's revenue. There is a saying in the auto technician that a tech is tool poor. They buy tools from the trucks and become heavily in debt, FAST. When one is in the tool truck it seems that they become possessed, and buy items that they think they might need rather than what they know they need. Not really a want versus a need, but a think I need rather than I know I need. Tow shows are the tool truck for this industry. When you go to one, you need to know what you need rather than what you think you need. Because when the new wears off it is too late for you realize that you made a hasty decision.
  14. goodmichael

    how to convince the boss

    If the side puller will pay for itself, that is great. Operators have been recovering vehicles from the side of the roads for decades with snatch blocks and chains. I have used round bale twine to assist in recovering a vehicle in the past. I had to use what I had in the situation that was present. Hope you have a busy season this winter!
  15. Personally, I hate meetings. If I am presenting I have an agenda that is printed that lists the specific goals, and points. I always begin and end on points of what my people are doing well. I always start with an activity where everyone is given paper and pencils and directed to write down five things we as a company need to do better. I also ask for five things we as a company do well. You have to keep your people engaged. I start and finish on time, no exceptions. I break for ten minutes every hour. Adults attention span begins to waver after 45 minutes. I always provide food of some sort. Did I mention that I hate meetings?