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  1. Our June 26 MA Seminar Is sold out. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We will announce our next seminar date soon.
  2. If you plan on signing up for our June 26th seminar, we are almost at capacity! Register now on our website! https://recoverybillingunlimited.com/register/ Thank you to all of the companies who attended our May 1st seminar!
  3. Many of you have waited more than a year for this RBU News... Our Next Recovery Billing Unlimited In Person Class will be June 26, 2021. Register here: https://recoverybillingunlimited.com/register/
  4. Finally got the NRC all painted, including the dolly and lettered. Here are some pictures of the painting of the dolly and lettering it up. Thanks BOB~ TBAUTOMAN said: Nice work, how many man hours total ?
  5. That goes to show even if you take all the precautions an do everything right to protect your self someone not paying attention can end up in your setup. Were all so sorry for your lose ,sad day for our entire industry.
  6. So sad, Train your team when ever you feel that your in a dangerous situation wait for more lights weather Police or additional company units that's always been our company policy.
  7. Scooby loved the industry an the people in it, gave his best to help us do our best. R.I.P.
  8. Instructors are Bob and Eric Fouquette from Big Wheel Towing & Recovery. They teach: • Remediation of the accident scene • Proper way of writing recovery invoices • Billing liability insurance • Billing for vehicles that only have property damage coverage • Obtaining payment from insurance companies These classes are critical for you to remain in business. Your bottom line will double. These classes are essential for anyone interested in building a successful towing and recovery company. Other training institutions teach you how to tow and do recoveries the proper way; we teach
  9. Just a few days away, if you have not signed up there are still a few spots remaining!
  10. Are you going? Are you registered for the class, if not call now!
  11. Sick of money being left on the table limiting your business growth? We teach: ✅Building the proper tow business foundation ✅Remediation of the accident scene to free you from future liability ✅Proper way of writing acceptable recovery invoices ✅Obtaining payment from insurance companies for proper billing ✅Billing on property damage liability coverage only ✅State and federal laws to help get you paid ✅Guest speakers: Attorney, Insurance executive NEXT SEMINAR: MARCH 23, 2019 Call for more information on our seminar--the class is filling quickly!
  12. Very sorry to hear we lost another brother in our industry. In our RBU seminars we always do a special segment on this important subject just to get the company owners an equipment purchasing agent some insight on how to order a safer ramp truck were as most accidents the operator is using a ramp or flat bed as some describe it. First of all we have a company policy that all operators must sign off on an that goes into there Employee file. Reads we do not change tires on the side of any highway, that's were all operators are in the most danger. Also, calls for service
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