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  1. Thanks for all you do for the industry
  2. I will hopefully soon. Let's see if dealership figures out anything
  3. Thanks for the info. Truck is still under the 2 year warranty so we will see . Anything you need in Maryland let me know.
  4. I have a 2018 International 4300 that wears the inside of both inside rear tires. Has anybody else have this problem or know of a fix. We have aligned the front end twice but nothing seems to work. We have also tried using different brand tires. Thanks Jim
  5. I just voted. Wish car manufactures would using wave instead of what they are using
  6. List Top 10 Clubs1. Urgently2. Agero3.4.5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Swoop We only do 3 clubs
  7. Randy Try emailing Robert Haas @ oldmanriver1009@yahoo.com. He is a good friend of mine. He just retired and was in charge of the maintenance on all Montgomery County Fire Apparatus. Tell him Jim Beatty told you to email him. Not sure if he can help but might be able to put you in touch with the right people. Good Luck
  8. Just my opinion. Only companies that are towing for police agencies
  9. OK This is from the BMW trainer. Hope this helps. Also we were told if the frame bends you can not see it by the eye but the wires rub and then it goes bye bye i3 i8 m6 7 series and soon to be 5 series
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