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  1. They need to make All Wheel Drive cars front wheel only when no power is turned on. Volvo is like this and i believe the Honda's are also but not sure.
  2. You have to be careful putting some BMW's on a wheel lift. They will actually bend the carbonite frame. Not all models have it but i can never remember which ones.
  3. Go to another dispatch program. We use towbook and it works great.
  4. I'm still here. Just don't log on as much
  5. And they did not need a rotator 😂
  6. Glad to see them get off the Weather Channel. Verizon Fios dropped that channel a couple years ago.
  7. Jim B

    Jim B

  8. Jim B

    6.7L oil leak

    Just curious at 90K it should be still under factory 100,000 mile warranty.
  9. I charge $45.00 except for Prince George's county police. We cant for them
  10. I hand out mouse pads. Just about everyone uses a computer.
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