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  1. I'm still here. Just don't log on as much
  2. And they did not need a rotator 😂
  3. Glad to see them get off the Weather Channel. Verizon Fios dropped that channel a couple years ago.
  4. Jim B

    Jim B

  5. Maybe that is one of the reasons cars are not coming with spares.
  6. Jim B

    6.7L oil leak

    Just curious at 90K it should be still under factory 100,000 mile warranty.
  7. I charge $45.00 except for Prince George's county police. We cant for them
  8. I hand out mouse pads. Just about everyone uses a computer.
  9. Thanks for all the info. I decided to stay with Ford because the dealer is right across street from me.
  10. I have always bought Ford 550 for my small rollbacks. Considering a Dodge because i like the Cummings. Not real sure on quality of Dodge chassis. Any suggestions or opinions. Thanks
  11. Ron do i still have access or is this the only post in it
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