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  1. I do agree it is a hassle . However, there are ways to unload them with skates and utilizing a snatch block to reverse the pull to the end of the bed . I’m not sure about BMW not allowing dollies . I do know Mercedes call for dollies and or flatbed with skates .
  2. Why is 4,000 the “magic number “ I am confident we can get that many however . Also, I think even light duty towers have a fight in this as well. Small box trucks and small to medium duty vehicles would apply to this as well in my opinion.
  3. This is a start ! Thank you for replying ! I am sure Everyone you mentioned would have valuable input! I am new on tow force, so I am not sure how to get more traction with this. However this idea has been stuck in my head for quite some time and I am sure there is technology to create a switch that will disable the driveline and protect the transmission and the tower ! I have mentioned it to TRAA as well and would love any information/ input on this .
  4. If anyone has any connections with manufactures, I would like to send them a petition to make transmissions have an easier disconnect. If a rear differential can be engaged or disengaged with the flip of a switch, a transmission should be able to have the same feature. There have been several instances where I have personally been placed in jeopardy by having to pull a driveshaft in a dangerous area because the vehicle couldn't be moved without damaging the trans. Towers have to face too much danger as it is. These manufactures should not jeopardize our lives by having to choose between the liability of a transmission or our life. Your ideas and responses are encouraged. I know this is a long-shot battle, but it needs to start somehow. If everyone could reply with their name, company name, and date, it will be much appreciated.
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