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35 Years & Still Get Surprised...


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Yep...35 years I have been doing nothing but towing & repair and I never saw this before. LoL Got a call for a TT that hit a deer on the interstate... Well when I get there I had to park behind him (moron Western Express driver stopped in the right lane to pick up this guys trailer...😣) Anyway when I walked up to the truck, there was a matress under the front bumper?




So I asked, "they said you hit a deer?" He says yep, a big buck...SO what's with the mattress? He said he told his safety man that the radiator was leaking in to a storm drain and they told him to take the mattress out of his bunk & soak it up? I said cool....but where are we going to put this 150 lb tampon now? So we decided to put it on the back of his tractor once disconnected...




The guys at the shop said they never saw this before either...





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On 12/2/2018 at 2:08 PM, mushspeed said:

This industry never ceases to produce a different take on stuff .....full marks for originality ....I bet most of the coolant had dripped out of the mattress by the time you got to the shop.

Be safe out there,    Regards John.

Funny as hell but joking aside, it might have saved them from a big ticket and costly environmental cleanup, depending on area.  Maybe that dispatcher's previous region was California, ;)


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