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  1. The 25 ton is a good unit. First key is put it on a correct size chassis....Put it on a 180" wb chassis and you'll have a hell of a medium duty.... LoL The unit can handle much more. The only complaint I recall was they are heavier then their competitor...but it is substantially stronger then a 5130/5230 as a comparison. Good luck on your choice.
  2. Yea I got it....The rental agent came to the scene and said you're going to have to pack up because you need a bigger truck...so then I had no choice but to do it...LoL 11,000 lb machine that they kept at it after they called me (when it was stuck but still moving) and ended up rolling it into a rivien...broke a hydraulic line & no longer ran. Now it was just dead weight....
  3. Here is the only picture I can find of it.
  4. I'm pretty sure we built that truck. Last I had heard, it was down in Atlantic City, Point Auto I believe it was. Then lost track from there. It was our 1st hydraulic wrecker at Schlier's. I want to say it is a 1985 Superliner, all white....350 Mack, Reyco suspension, a 25 ton Wrecker's International....they were power up & gravity down.
  5. Nice work. They can be tough because they don't have to many places of integrity to hook to!
  6. Some may think it's overkill but I did a job the other day that I used all 4 blocks & needed a 5th one but got it done. You know you're pulling pretty hard on a car wrecker when you stall 12k winches on 2 part lines...LoL
  7. Hey that Mack looks familiar to me....where did it come from? Is it an Boniface Interstater?
  8. Nice work! About 30,years ago we had one that rolled over into a stream. Recovered it & took it back to our shop. They secured the building & then opened the side door of the truck.....& the coin flowed out of it like water all over the floor!
  9. Yea it's factory, but I believe it's an option. It has a stowage bracket on each side of the main body boxes to mount it when not in use... The Snatch Block bracket is custom, I fabricated it to keep them off the floor of the box. Then added some modified ITD pieces to sort the area out...
  10. Originally Posted on Tow411 in October of 2007: Well I finally picked up a scanner to post some of my old pics. These are from my first tow show but ironically I didn't take them. My friend & part timer Phil took these but I didn't even know him them. A lot of these guys are on here and I assume some of these trucks are still around....
  11. Had a new Super Duty pulling a new 5th wheel stuck at the Pocono Raceway Campground today.The guy was new to the camping world so he wasn't sure how to get the trailer out without doing damage... We backed him in to rehook it. He had tried earlier and stabbed the tailgate through the front compartment panel of the trailer.... Got him all out on the blacktop and he was ecstatic!
  12. Nice easy pulls are great...they don't all have to be hard...LoL
  13. A sister to John's old truck.... originally built by Zips... A few from it's 1st life.... I still have it....should sell it. I haven't used it in a few years now. It sits under roof & fires right up....just waiting....LoL
  14. You end up with so much extra "stuff" to dump when you get it in the dirt.
  15. Sorry it moved those last two picks out of order on me & won't allow me to edit it....I love technology.....
  16. The driver made his way through a very tight driveway to fill the propane tank of a customer...and incidentally found the homeowner's septic tank which is never good... You can see where the wrecker was sitting. One look at the driveway and I knew I would never fit back to where he was... If I had known, I would of taken the smaller truck... 70% on.... It didn't even look like a driveway! Not sure if the trees are supposed to be on the inside of the truck? Got back as far as I could and pulled rope from there... I needed 1 high line to minimize the resistance & another pulling the unit from the rear out of the hole. All that rigging for literally 20 seconds of recovery. Once I rocked the truck to the side, it popped right out of the hole like planned.... Other then the obvious fragrance of nature...no damage to the truck. The septic tank? Not so much... Overall, a tough situation. the driver had no way of knowing the tank was there with the customer's "Italian Yard".... It's a summer home and they probably don't deliver to it often. if it were me, I would back in to the site so it wouldn't happen but that's me...
  17. Eddie grabbed this one this morning.... Wrapped up in a few minutes...then a beauty shot...LoL
  18. Eddie had this one the other day. Using their "sling" attachment so it was manageable... looks heavy but actually a 4200 w/ a VT365 & it was empty....felt like a typical 1 ton pick up on the back....
  19. I don't know about you guys...But I hate towing buses... These actually aren't too bad but I guess I just like to hear myself bitch...LoL This was the second one this week for a coolant leak. I wish I could do them from the rear but they lean terribly... this is 1 I did a few weeks ago and I didn't have a choice (obviously). But their driveway entrance is tough and it's hard enough gowing from the front.
  20. Randall it's been all regular customers that we have done and nobody has said anything negative about it. I feel better...not invincible...LoL, but better when I'm working with it.
  21. Just another example of using our sign board to move traffic over on a HD job out on the interstate.... I'd like to see some of the bigger players proceed like this to help make it an "acceptable policy" to more than just me...
  22. That looks Great! of course I'm partial to old Fords though...LoL My Body Shop manager is putting together a 91' for a dump truck. He just put a 96 front clip on it (not a fan of the brick nose). Found it with 18 k original miles.
  23. They are pretty neat looking trucks. I found one a few years ago but it was priced out of my enjoyment range....
  24. Sorry...I'd swear that I put this in "LD Towing"....Old age setting in I guess....LoL
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