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  1. Moving one of our local Fire Company's antique Reo around the other day. This is a neat old truck that we have towed 3 or 4 times.
  2. Our thoughts are with the operator's family & co workers...
  3. From a technical standpoint....obviously your hubs were engaged. There's no other choice right? I don't know what kind of truck you were towing...but there is more to the situation. Now I'm kind of new to this so maybe I need more learnin but if the hubs are unlocked and or the transfer case is verified in neutral, this procedure will work.
  4. Yea we make a trip out of it, spend a couple days there. It's a great time....especially when you buy something! LoL Last year I bought a 79 Coupe DeVille... This one makes me smile just looking at it...
  5. It's ok George. Had a problem a couple weeks ago where the one claw was opening up when going down the road loaded. They replaced the cylinder and it hasn't happened again.
  6. Got a call the other day from the local American Legion. They made a "Flag Return" container and needed it set up at a memorial site.... Loaded up our Skid Steer to move it around easier... Always glad to help out organizations like this.
  7. He help our local Veterans group out whenever we can. Transported the Huey Vietnam Helicopter to an event at the University this weekend...
  8. Companies driver was driving down a straight stretch of road when he fell asleep and crossed over the highway into the trees... Cut the tree out of the way to minimize debris clean up in the road... Had the van for clean up & traffic control...
  9. Small crash the other day...everybody had coverage and everybody paid!
  10. Never got to post this one....Bought it at The Mecum Auction a couple of months ago... My Granddaughter was pretty excited to be in on it...LoL 73 Caprice Classic convertible, 30,000 mi from an estate down south, factory 454 with AC & optioned out.
  11. A great one to have in your "Catalogue" John....Impressive job.
  12. Yea we have done probably near 20 trucks to date....still going on.
  13. Fricken thing just about disappeared in that hole!....LoL Nice work.
  14. Yea but I should of looked closer....In my mind it was pretty much the only solution so I guess I didn't follow it thorough in my mind? Who knows....we got it but it got a little hairy for a moment...LoL
  15. We were $50 a day and raised to 65 with the fence. I am about the middle of the road in our area... ranges from 50-80. And yes, it isn't cheap...we spent 8 grand building this with 3 walls...
  16. Joe got a "combination" wreck the other day....Sort of. Guy driving a Kia Soul...pulling a trailer if you can believe...full of firewood, and pulled out into an intersection to go up the hill. I guess the "little engine that could" was groaning to get out of the way & got T Boned in the intersection... He was pulling out on the right there to go the same direction as the rollback is pointing...sort of spun him like a top... Yea jack-knifed his rig there....Fire wood all over the place & a pretty large debris field so Joe called for a clean up truck to help him.... The trailer was going to his residence so we hooked that to the Support truck for transport.... The officer asked Joe for a broom just as Rob was pulling up on scene....He said I got something better than that...LoL. They cleaned up the mess & delivered the vehicle to a local body shop as requested.
  17. The boys did this one. Car couldn't stop & was going to hit the car stopped in front of it. They swerved up the embankment & still hit a tree... Joe noticed it was sitting on some rocks that were going to damage the oil & transmission pans if he pulled them off so he called the shop for a wrecker to come lift it off... Eddie lifted it and swung it down off the bank... Looked like a pretty "sharp" rock... Joe said when they moved the car, they saw this doll against the tree...kind of freaked him out a little...LoL
  18. We had to get an old oil tank out of one of the buildings we are refurbishing that has been sitting in there for nearly 50 years. Problem was the tank was 134 1/5" wide and the bay is 135"...not counting the window sills & electrical box obstructions... We were able to fit the F550 in the door with 1/2" to spare but the door was only like 102" wide. 1st I cut a hole in the tank to get a piece of cribbing w/ a strap in the tank. We only had around 9' or so to the rafters so height was going to be an issue all the way out... My Daughter In Law looking ready with the hose if anything went wrong...LoL Got it up and forward a few feet where we could swing 1 end into a door way and the other into the window. I was about ready to grease the walls but we were able to get it spun. Then we set the back end on a pallet jack & cradled it in the wheel lift to sneak it out the door.. Just something a little different...
  19. Well this one was a learning lesson/refresher for recovery. 1st lesson...never believe a driver...LoL Said this was "front wheel off the edge a little but doesn't want to chance it"... Was a little more then that... I wasn't at the shop yet so Eddie thought he would go take it out with his truck. When on scene, he figured he could use some help & it was only a couple miles from my house... So I decided to run a line to a tree up front & double it back to the truck for forward motion. Then I wanted to run a high line from the tank to the right side. Figured if I could unload some weight it would help with the resistance substantially. Now this is where I made a flaw in my judgement. The second tree was covered in picker bushes & I had a hard time getting to it. I never properly checked the tree to see that the creek had undermined it. When all the rigging was set up, we started to pull and I watched the top of that tree move 4'! Bad decision on my part....and now it was going to be even more difficult. So we ran a 4 part line to the rear frame of the truck to slide it up the bank. It was tricky because with a liquid load, the thing was beggin to roll over... Once up, we pulled the front over out of the hole & on to the driveway. I was relieved to see it out. Told the driver to go do his delivery & we would pack up all this rope & rigging. 2 min later he comes walking down the hill that he was stuck again! Had to maneuver the wrecker around a barn to access him. Got him out and he was just leaving in frustration...never did fill the tank up My girls....LoL
  20. Nearly 25 years in business and finally got a fenced area.... Not sure why we had to procrastinate so long but I'm sure glad we have it now....
  21. The Boys were out tonight on the Interstate to bring in a F550 with a Turbo issue. The message board is really worthwhile to keep people moved over if possible.
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