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  1. Got this call last night at 10:30 for a feed truck that had gotten stuck on the ice on a hill. As you can see he had started up the hill with one axle chained up and spun out, slid back to where you see it. The snow on the right side is about the only thing that saved it from going into a steep ditch. Was able to pull him back up to me (twice) to get it straight enough to back him back down him back down the hill and around the corner. We first spread about 150 lbs of salt and turkey grit on the road to be able to walk. As you can see at the bottom of this picture the road was a sheer sheet of ice. The picture does not convey the steepness of the hill. I am not good at percent grades but pretty damn steep!!!
  2. mooresbp

    Feed truck on ice

    Believe me I was nervous the whole time, until I got back to hard roads
  3. mooresbp

    Re: Snow Ban

    We have "tow bans" here in Iowa that are put in place by the highway patrol when road conditions are questionable, more often that not visibility is a concern as well. Having said that if law enforcement calls for an accident or a vehicle blocking the roadway we are often called to remove it with their help and blessing. We are often just as busy during the ban after a major storm clearing vehicles that were left in the road way so plow crews can do their work. Our county and city police are very good to work with, we can on a case by case basis do tows on gravel roads where traffic is light and visibility is good. Most of the the time the trooper on duty will let us know about when they think the ban will be lifted so we can plan accordingly. As far as the working around the clock that should be covered by the hours of operation policy's in place. We have all worked too long and been sleep deprived. As was stated above that is a recipe for disaster!!!! The one exception that will over ride the hour law is a request by law enforcement for a roadway blockage as was also stated above. There is NO JOB so important that it's safety should compromised for it's completion!!!!
  4. Did this one this afternoon after 24 hours of 32 degrees and rain. Now it is 9 degrees and 30 mph winds Slid it out of the ditch, grabbed and towed to their home, all without keys.......and yes the window was down all night and day......
  5. mooresbp

    Tower Down: Newport News 02.07.19

    Our thoughts and prayers go out
  6. mooresbp

    Started out at -19

    I meant to say the last one was last Sunday before it got cold, good money corner when it is slick. Took one out on this same corner a few years ago that went across the ditch in the trees.
  7. Metal stress of extreme cold? Nice work
  8. mooresbp

    Tower Down: Canada - 01.28.19

    Hope for a quick recovery
  9. Our thoughts and prayers go out
  10. Had this one today. Not real difficult just hook and pull
  11. mooresbp

    Snow day

    After a 24 hour tow ban had some work to do. A couple I did today. Last one I was waiting on customer and didn't take any more after
  12. mooresbp

    Snow day

    It was into the pole and it came away right away.
  13. mooresbp

    Chevron Help needed

    Zips have a lot of that stuff on line
  14. Please be with the family....,please let this stop......
  15. Hoping the person will be ok
  16. mooresbp

    Eds Towing Newest Addition "Updated"

    You are right it does look good!!!
  17. mooresbp

    Tower Down - 01/11/19 "Updated"

    We add our thoughts and prayers
  18. mooresbp

    A Picture Posted on Facebook

    I would say that anyone who says tow truck drivers are not first responders should hope they never have a flat tire, run out of gas, or need a tow along side of the road. A very scary place to be when traffic is going by inches away at 60 70 80 mph. Have had customers so shook up that they moved to the off traffic side of the car because of it. Who do they think would be the first responder in that situation?
  19. mooresbp

    Night Run To The City...

    Got to love it
  20. Customer pulled the dist and now it won't run Eds Towing said: Hey a Tri 5 Chevy isn't something you see every day... or tow! Oh and the Brooklyn Bridge called...it want's it railing back....LoL Dam that's a hell of a bumper.... mooresbp said: Thanks Ed, it is a huge bumper looking for deer now to hit! LOL Car is nice from a distance but inside needs a lot of work. Loudogz74 said: Looking good. I love that front bumper. That'll make people think twice about protesting and blocking the road.