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  1. Email about 90%. Some people still require a faxed copy along with a emailed one???? Why I don't know.
  2. silverhawk

    "Hey I forgot to tell you ...."

    We put the pickup on the flatbed on our class 6 trucks and tow the trailer with the wheel lift atachments, ball or pintle. We get double fees for double tows.
  3. silverhawk

    35 Years & Still Get Surprised...

    So now it is hazardous bio-waste????
  4. silverhawk

    INA NETWORK Testimonials

    We have done several this year. Seem to be good people. Handle all dispatch and billing by email. Very prompt payment.
  5. silverhawk

    Train hits wrecker left on tracks (IN)

    I was told years ago by an engineer with Missouri Pacific that if there was an emergency that required a train to be stopped, and only to avoid a collision, lay a steel bar from track to track, or attached a jumper cable from track to track. He said this would throw red signals in both directions to the first signal box. He also warned my that if this is done, it had better be to stop a catastrophic event. The railroad will go after whoever set the stop signals in motion. Might want to check this out as still being the situation?
  6. silverhawk

    Tipsy Beer Trailer

    Had so much beer in it, had to hike its leg to relieve some??????
  7. Wonder if the tow truck business had driven him to drinking????
  8. silverhawk


    I don't know if this relates, but I get calls from companies wanting our service and the caller ID they call from shows our main line as the line they are calling from? I smell a rat and point blank tell them to call back on a phone that is not showing as my line? Don't know how this can happen, but I always compare incoming #s with what I am given as a callback. If it don't match, I ask WTF in a nice way. Don't satisfy me with the answer, they will pound sand. I do this incoming line check mainly because of Google. When they sales call me, I block their # as soon as I hang up.
  9. silverhawk

    Cherry popped

    It's not the weight of it, but the posted figures on the door sticker. 26,000 gvw on tow unit and less than 10,000 of towed unit. a class A is not required. The second joint requires double endorsement if not an emergency situation.
  10. Loaded forward would have been better weight distribution, but still overloaded for the gvwr on that small of a unit.
  11. This is why when we do PPO's we require the property owner to be present and sign the individually produced tow off authorization invoice. We then call in the VIN and tag to the local PD for any reports of theft of the vehicle. There is now a record that we are not stealing the vehicle, but removing it with property owners authorization.
  12. silverhawk

    Suspension and Length Recommendations for build

    Instead of Zacklift, try the NRC extra axle on a tandem 55,000 Hendrickson Air glide. Air up as necessary to increase front axle weight.
  13. People these days get offended by inanimate objects, that once stood for a proud Indian warrior, and even had a brand of car named after him I presume? I don't know the history of Pontiac. But, what did this statue do to offend you? Unbelievable what is happening with these crying snowflakes.
  14. silverhawk

    Water Been There Done That...

    In this particular situation, enough cable could be extended to winch from the standing water. I think that vehicle had a center mounted recovery loop for attachment? Instead of going to him, winch him to you?
  15. silverhawk

    Wheel lift & dolly

    Skates and Go-Jacks on rollbacks are the thing.