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  1. 6 foot endless loop through left front tire. Low pull at 45 degrees toward roadway. If the wheel stays on the car, the car comes out and to the rear of the wrecker. Everytime.
  2. Any lawful order from the POPO, that is not a felony, can be beaten in court. Had a judge tell me that one time. Depending on the evidentiary circumstances I can understand the coroner not wanting anyone to contaminate the scene.
  3. I did one several years ago. Used JerrDan 25 ton and forked the frame, not the hitch. Had to use two separate forks due to needing extra width on passenger side. I originally picked to move out of mobile home park at the Paragon Casino. Intended to swap ends once I got out of park. After getting to parking lot outside of parking area in village I decided it looked good enough to bring in 35 miles to the Cat house. Had no problems.
  4. Louisiana allowed. Arkansas not allowed. TX allowed, MS allowed.
  5. We must follow the law in Louisiana. No convicted sex offenders or vehicle felony convictions allowed to work at towing service. Driver or any other position. There are some restrictions on employees who have been convicted of insurance fraud also, and even receiving stolen goods.
  6. I have to ask. Were they moving it with the slide out???
  7. Depends on type of axle and type of springs? With composite springs (those that a magnet won't stick to) never put a chain on them for securement. Strap the axle to your crossbar. Especially if a Hendrickson air axle. No chains on them either. All your strap is for is to help gravity hold the axle in the forks, and keep from sliding side to side. I personally use a grade 8 chain in a full basket configuration with a safety latch on the grab hook. I tighten the chain by hand after placing the hook over the spring, around the back side of the axle, then under the crossbar and back to the side of the spring. Hook then and wrap the excess around the spring and placing the last wrap under the previous wrap. Sorry, no pictures as I can't seem to post them. I always run a second set of safeties, crossed from chain pockets on wrecker to the pull hooks made on truck being towed or around the front spring hangers. Leave slack for turns and hold excess off ground with bungies, while turning.
  8. Work by the hour. Guesstimate round trip time, add 30 minutes for loading, quote the job. CC up front. Can't loose unless you have a breakdown of your own equipment.
  9. Those cars make terrible combines. But they are cheaper.
  10. In reality, the dispatcher is the operator of the company flow chart. Receiving and relaying info to the proper person/department. Also must decide in a heartbeat who, what, when, where and how to complete is and others jobs. If you don't "know" towing you will surely loose until you master all situations.
  11. The car was in the perfect see saw situation. Park close enough to extend the bed under the front end. Tilt the bed a little to allow skates under the front brake calipers. Reposition bed after hooking to frame slots with V chain and pull the truck under the car until half way loaded. Set brakes on truck and slide the rest onto bed using blocks under rocker sills or under the rear rotors. Reverse procedure to unload. JMO.
  12. A Topic Created on Tow411 in May of 2016: If you use your name, know that when it is sold years down the road, your name will be needed to follow the company for good will purposes. I would never to that. If you give it a name of the town, county, state you are in is all up to you. I wouldn't call it anything derogatory. Keep whatever name upbeat,something people would be more likely to call. The name doesn't necessarily have to be "catchy" but unique to your business. If you will be doing things other than towing, try to communicate that in the name without making the name use more than 5 words. Some places you will have to sign your vehicle with the exact name of the business. And also, don't advertise things you don't do in the name. If you call it Whatever Towing and Transport, make sure you do transport work as well as towing. If you do towing and body work use auto or truck body in the name of the company. If you want to promote storage, use it in the naming of the company. kentows said: I wish I would have use a simple Corp. name but after 40 years I guess The name will live on. That being said I would use what fits your company plan IE: Elite Towing or Quick Tow Or Safe Tow > The Idea should Fit how you are trying to enter the Market you are in. Don't use local Names Mascots Etc. It will make you look like you have a Limited Target Area Just My Thought I hope it Helps Ken wvhooker said: Speak to a web designer about popular keyword searches for tows in your marketing area. This helps steer customers your way. If people are using "heavy truck towing on I-77 near Charlotte" in their search engines then Charlotte Towing or I-77 Truck for example would hit popular key words. Fetch said: One thing I was taught is to not use self congratulatory words in the name. (e.g. Awesome Towing, Super lift) towcats said: It's my humble opinion that names like Lo-Cost Towing, Budget Tow, Economy Towing , Econo Tow all hint at sub standard costs and workmanship. Those names scream CHEAP. Good towing isn't cheap, and cheap towing isn't good. Premier Towing-Quality Tow, or Best Towing may hint at the other end of the spectrum. I like a 4 letter name, so ( for a small fee) you can incorporate your phone number from your name. 555-212-Best may well get people to know your number, without actually knowing your number. As an example The local Ford dealership can be reached by calling 434-FORD. I have NO idea what their number is, but I can call them without going to the internet or phone book. This eliminates seeing a better/nicer ad on your electronic device. This works locally-if advertised properly. 555-best-tow? In Memory of NationalAutow who said: Good deal, Come back and let us know how it's going every once in a while.
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