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  1. We didn't ask you to store our vehicle. Get it from the cops. Yeah right!
  2. My opinion is that unit should be turned around, and loaded on a 26,000 lb GVW truck.
  3. I dropped a heavy shaft on my chest once using oily gloves and it slipped from my grip. Since then, I always run a basket chain,, frame rail to frame rail to catch the weight when unbolted. Since then I only got hit once with a bearing cup in the ear. Made a mess but didn't hurt.
  4. Had a judge tell me in court that a policeman cannot arrest you for doing what another policeman directed you to do, except if it's a felony. This was due to a traffic violation. He did say that civil prosecution is still possible, just not criminal prosecution.
  5. Someone who does this really needs to consider a brake buddy. They will work on the front brakes also.
  6. I''d have to recommend him to my competitor, right after I fired him!!!
  7. Send a blocker truck on all highway calls, add $ accordingly. Enough bitching will get things changed. Your employees life is as important as anyone's. Have an arrow board on the blocker unit.
  8. No, but I hate to say never. I explain that our safeguarding their property is like a safety deposit box. You don't pay for the service, you can't retrieve what's in it. Call your insurance carrier, they may pay? With a current registration they can however retrieve the personal contents that are not attached to the vehicle.
  9. This makes a good case to impound the vehicle, for safe keeping, and let the owner redeem at the tow yard. IMO
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