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  1. That was definitely a preventable incident if the correct assessment procedures had been followed …. It happens with monotonous regulatory..... a tow operator in the UK had a bus roll away in almost identical circumstances just a few weeks ago .....fortunately, as in this case, there were no injuries... Just a lot of expensive damage.... John
  2. Our sincere best wishes go out to Rob ....our thoughts are with Rob and the Mitchell family.. And his co workers at Jamie Davis Towing .... From your fellow towers in the UK Get well soon ...bud John
  3. Very sad to learn of the loss of Da Moose ….I enjoyed reading his posts and responding accordingly... going back more than a decade... The industry has lost an interesting and unique character.... From the UK .....My condolences go out to his family and friends..... John.
  4. Our huge congratulations go out the Inductees for the Class of 2020 ….It is a fantastic achievement and well deserved..... The induction process will be an incredible experience which will savoured for ever... Welcome to the Hall of Fame.... John...…. Class of 2019..... no 333.
  5. Condolences to the operators Family, Friends and Co Workers from the Towers in the UK... A tragic set of circumstances .. John.
  6. Our sincere condolences go out to Ken's Family, friends and all at Jamie Davis Towing... From his fellow towers and TV fans in the UK and Europe.... Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time...
  7. This is the shape of things to come... especially as more and more cities are introducing low emission zones..or zero emission zones Ideal for inner city work Way to go... ..
  8. The Volvo is very popular in Europe.....Volvo manufacture both bonneted and cabover models European operators prefer the cabover ...and they are readily available and competivly priced ...operators like the maneuverability and good turning circle ...ideal for high density urban and intercity operations... It is fitted with the latest euro 6 clean burn engine which is becoming essential for city operations...... most European cities are introducing low emission zones....older diesel trucks, vans and cars are are being banned from entering these zones .....businesses breaking these rules face heavy fines or in extreem cases are liable for immediate prohibition... This particular truck is owned and operated in Holland by a high profile Dutch towing company .....fitted with heavy duty axles, front and rear, double drive and a powerful 500 hp engine and perfectly capable of towing casualty vehicles up to 65 tons. John.
  9. Still here, loud and clear..... Keep well...keep safe.. John.
  10. Our industry is facing some very difficult challenges....The Institute of Vehicle Recovery ( IVR ) is the UK's main Towing and Recovery training provider and is recognised and respected throughout the world ...offering over 30 different training programmes from basic health and safety induction training through to heavy duty Rotator and crane training, plus air cushions, heavy duty winching, major incident management, electric vehicles, crane loaders, forklift ... plus specifically tailored courses to suit individual company requirements..... The IVR training programmes are not just exclusively carried out in the UK ...trainers are often travelling to other countries to provide specialist Towing and Recovery training ... This is the first of several virtual videos the IVR will be producing ....specifically designed to update and advise towing operators the dangers they face dealing with possible contamination of vehicles and infection risks and advising of the most effective ways of keeping themselves safe and well.... Please feel free to share ..... None of us has got all the answers or solutions on this terrible disease .....but....the more advisorys we can put out there, and it reduces the risk of virus transmission to one person and subsequently deaths ...it is worthwhile.. Keep safe ...keep well. John.
  11. Congratulations Clarissa.... Your kindness, unstinting care and attention you gave to my family and I on our visit to chattenooga was fantastic.... You made us so welcome and nothing was too much trouble.... You are a wonderful asset to the towing industry... John.
  12. This is an excellent example how some of the independent Recovery operators in the UK...are trying to raise the awareness to the genral public of the hard work and dedication going on 24/ 7 to carry out their " essential workers " duties . The Covid 19 virus is producing a unique set of additional hazards to the towers...... on top of the dangers they normally face on a daily basis... Along with many thousands of towers throughout the world..........These are the unsung heroes ....
  13. A very informative and accurate interview and well worth listening to .... Quinn ...your vision to diversify the usage of your trucks to cover non vehicular work makes a whole load of sense thus keeping the wheels rolling at this difficult time ... Your work on Slow Down Move Over and the Covid survival precautions and advice given to other towers is inspiring . Well done bud .... John
  14. I found a picture of Junior at Scotland's Truckfest ....relaxing and enjoying a beer with his workmates .. He is a huge ambassador for Scotland's Towing and Recovery industry also very active raising funds for the UK 's towing charity ....
  15. A huge thank you to the boss of M8 Recovery...Junior Mc Manus for organising the parade of Tow Trucks outside one of the main hospitals in Glasgow to acknowledge the incredible work and dedication of doctors and nurses and all support workers to battle the terrible Covid 19 virus ....risking their lives to save others
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