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  1. Hello Ed ....I am looking into message boards similar to yours for application in the UK.....do you have a makers name and website link so that I can explore the capabilities, availability and price ..... How does it lift up into the vertical position ? Is it electrically operated or manually operated.... how does it lock into vertical position.? Can you drive along with it in the vertical position ? Does it have a menu of pre planned messages or can you put your own message in at the scene of the job ? Many thanks ..... John.
  2. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Michael's family , friends and co workers From his fellow towers in the UK and Europe .... John.
  3. Chisholms are one of Scotland's oldest established and highly respected towing companies ... Specialising in a lot of off road work ... this was done a few years ago... That tanker was on a very narrow track delivering to a remote farm and slipped down a steep bank onto its side.... quite awkward to resrain....bit of a harsh landing but the load had been pumped off....so little risk of it going the other way . John.
  4. That's the way to do it...!!! Thanks for sharing John.
  5. Well done Chris .....you are a true Miracle......performing a Miracle !!! Fantastic !!!! From your fellow towers from across the pond... John.
  6. Get well soon Josh .... our thoughts and prayers are with you .... From your fellow towers in the UK and Europe. John.
  7. Get well soon Schmitty.... from your fellow towers from across the pond...... John.
  8. Mick ....that is a very difficult job with so little room and such a high centre of gravity..to contend with Good old Holmes trees to help the job along.... As usual ....you guys nailed it .... The Syren equipment is incredibly strong and almost unstoppable....as Mike says, a bit unorthodox.... but we ran one almost identical also on 5 axles, for some time .... It always performed well even when pushed to the limit...it could have done with wider extending stabilisers but we always managed with what we had ... John.
  9. Classic times, Classic Photos...... Thanks for sharing. keep them coming. John.
  10. Nice pics thanks for posting bud ... keep them coming John.
  11. It would be great to get to the MATS the stuff on show is amazing and to meet up again with old friends... However ….We have too much going on for the next couple of months to spare the time ….perhaps next year !!
  12. Hough Green Garage....One of the top UK Recovery Company's based in northern England has taken delivery of the very latest, state of the art, 5 axle Rotator …. and adding to one of the best fleets of Recovery and Tow trucks in the UK ,,,, this is coinciding with the company celebrating 35 years of the business Towing and Recovery.... based on a Volvo cabover 5 axle chassis, Twin Steer, Double Drive and a midlift axle …. the equipment is a Century 1075 S built by Boniface Engineering in the UK, part of the Miller corporation. it is fitted with all the very latest state of the art with all the equipment and fuel, the standing weight is close to 38 tons ( 83,000 lbs ). It has already gone to work... earning its investment
  13. Please convey our thoughts and prayers to the Families, Friends and Co workers of Adam and Laura …. to what appears to be a terrible accident. From their fellow Towers in the UK and Europe. John.
  14. Gary deserves an industry hero's award ....for his quick thinking .....
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