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  1. What a tragic situation ....there does not appear to be any lighting or reflectivity visible at all on the unit and landoll or pre warning prior to the incident ... Our thoughts go out to the deceased and the towing company and personell involved in this sad incident John.
  2. I have never broke a Holmes tree but I have had the ground around the base of the tree lift up as the root mass started to come out of the ground ....time to stop !!!. I dont totally agree the root goes down half the height of the tree.....in a lot of cases it all depends what type of tree is .... I always worked on the basis .....if it was a pine or a fir, the root mass goes out fairly shallow and is likely to be less than 2ft deep .....strap at the base of the trunk no less than 8 .10 inch diameter if possible share off with 2 or 3 other trees nearby ....not too near though ....or the strain might dislodge them all..... The root of a tree is looking for water .....so if it is near a stream or watercourse it is likely the roots will be fairly shallow even for a long established tree and care must be taken if applying a heavy pull.. but if is away from any obvious source of water it is likely the roots go deep.... and will act as a good anchor If possible always use a sling round the trunk at the base .....chains will damage the bark and could cut into the trunk and weaken it ... If you can share off with other trees that reduces the risk of breakage .... Most importantly, ensure the tree appears healthy and not full of dead branches ....one could fall on you whilst working underneath ...or the centre of the trunk could be rotten and could break under a heavy load.. Keep a close eye on the top of the tree you will likely get a better indication if it is on the move ... I' m not saying that is the correct way to do it but it worked well for us ..... I am not a tree expert... but we always exercised common sense before committing...and carried out numerous successful recoveries... Be safe and well out there.. John.
  3. Ginger....please convey our sincere condolences to Jasons family, friends and co workers at Sunstate towing services ... From your fellow towers in the UK and Europe......our thoughts and prayers go to them all It is a proven fact ...wearing seatbelts DOES save more lives .....all towers please buckle up ....I know it is an inconvenience sometimes ...but buckle up .... Guys and gals ....Pay attention to Randall...... he is better placed than any of us.....to give advice ...that is a gut wrenching experience he went through and I take my hat off to you Randall for sharing ... During my career ...being on police contracts for over 40 years ...I too have attended.numerous fatalities and serious incidents....and on occasions, lives could have been saved if seat belts were worn..... drivers and passengers alike.... Be safe and well out there.... John.
  4. I feel for those guys .....they were having the sort of day when they wished they had stayed in bed.... We had a similar situation on a nature reserve about 2 miles down a narrow 8 foot wide track ... a tracked peat cutter got bogged ...bigtime....we sent a 6x4 winch truck out ...that slipped off the road and got stuck ...we sent out an 8x4 truck to winch out our truck ... after reversing down the track for about a mile....the side of the track gave way and our truck slipped down the embankment into the ditch at a 45 degree angle ... Result ...2 heavy recovery trucks and a peat cutter seriously bogged !!!! 8ft wide track, a deep water filled ditch both sides .....no Holmes trees anywhere to be had ....sucks ...!!! We dispatched a 3rd winch truck and after several hours, a lot of winching, re rigging, winching and more re rigging we got the 8x4 truck out ....but the road was so badly collapsed and waterlogged, we could not get any where near our other truck or the peat cutter ....by this time it was about midnight .... The road had to be repaired first .... Next morning we arranged for 60 tons of crushed concrete to be delivered to the entrance of the road ....it was too risky to tip at the site because of the un evenness of the track so the material was taken consisting of about 40 loads in a dumper truck and backhoe about a mile to repair the track so we could get to retrieve the other vehicles .... We used the back hoe as a dead man to self retrieve our other truck and then rigged with about 1,000 foot of extension cables to get the peat cutter out .. Time at the job .....2 and a half days ....very stressful ... One of those jobs that no matter what we did... it went wrong....but the professionalism of our guys shone through in the end ....and apart from a burst power steering pipe on one truck ...no damage ...
  5. Ron....you dont need to apologize my friend.......I dont think we will ever find an ideal solution for this tragic loss of life the industry has world wide... We have a German made 44 tonne tractor unit in our haulage fleet which is fitted with the latest lane technology sensors, if the driver changes lanes without signalling, a loud buzzer sounds in the cab... Also distronic sensors.... If the driver follows too close the vehicle in front it automatically slows the vehicle down by reducing the engine speed and applying the brakes ... This technology is gradually being built in to all European trucks and up market cars ... The manufacturers are trying to introduce devices to warn and assist drivers of impending dangers ... But there is no effective cure for drunk driving or texting at the wheel apart from jail .....and that is all too often .....after the event. John.
  6. Guys....whilst I have every respect for your opinions... I cannot agree totally with the point Ron makes about the inneffectiveness and wasted time... I bought two of those magnetic LED arrow systems at the Atlanta tow show ....with a view of trialling them in live situations in the UK if successfully effective....plan on placing a large order to market them in the UK .... I see it as another warning device that can be very quickly attached to vehicles ...... being magnetic, no time is wasted trying them on . 10 seconds max....and you dont have to take them off until the vehicle is moved to a place of safety it is not a cure all and may have to be secured by other means I.e. adhesive tape or elastic hook straps when attached to plastic or non ferrous surfaces .... BUT... I strongly believe they can be most effective when loading large panel Van's onto roll backs ....or trailers When the body is down the rear lamps are totally obscured ....the bulk of the casualty vehicle quite often obscures the beacons and any rear cab lighting... Furthermore....if the electrics of the van are dead ...then there will be effectively be no rearward facing lights at all !!! Both Paul and I have been trialling them and they appear to be fairly effective in certain cases... especially on dark unlit roads ... As I have previously stated in this post this is not the magic cure ....but ...for the cost of less than 6 gallons of diesel..... If it reduces the risks operators face..at the roadside.. saves one injury or life .....it has to be worthwhile... John.... ..
  7. Wow ...that is going to take a huge amount of skill and commitment to bring this car back to life.... I guess the spring hangers and frame rails will be very crispy too ...as well as the floor pan ....it is going to be difficult finding something to weld to... Interesting job.... The tower was a very competent and careful guy, taking a lot of care to preserve what is left ... John.
  8. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Enrique.....wishing him a speedy and full recovery.. From your fellow towers in the UK.... John.
  9. Excellent Extrication …..professionally carried through...teamwork at its best One wrong move could have been catastrophic for the patient. John.
  10. Happy birthday Dominick..... Have a great day.. From your fellow towers across the pond... John.
  11. Towing Operators are dying at a record pace on the white line in 2020. What will help curb the disturbing number of towman fatalities? A European invention called AIRBAR makes its way to vehicles stateside with surprising results. Hear from AIRBAR’s Inventor Simon Scaife of Nuvech Technologies in the United Kingdom. This video is powered by OMG National.
  12. Thank you sincerely Randall for your kind words.... sadly I don't have the literary skills to write pages of stuff over these issues, nor do I have all the answers either …. But, like Brian says, this is a worldwide issue...and if we can learn from each other that has to be good... in the UK and Europe we have huge challenges too... I really enjoy travelling to the USA and Aileen and I have made a lot of friends and contacts over the years, I am always interested and fascinated in the products that you have on offer and are presented.... from a mighty rotator down to a chrome nut cover ... I always return home loaded down with custom goodies we cant get at home and always have to pay excess baggage charges... I am also very interested in your training programmes, seminars, safety equipment, lighting equipment, winching and lifting equipment, service tools, I.T. stuff etc …. oh ! and the beer and music is pretty good too!! what sort of Towing and Recovery legislation you have and can we learn from that ? I am always willing to share what we are doing in the UK and to compare notes, we can all educate ourselves a little more ….sometimes, it's the easiest things that are the hardest to figure out …. I am privileged to be part of a UK recovery industry working group …… developing a self regulating Recovery Operators Licence ( ROLS ) that sets a minimum Quality standard …. Many operators are very supportive and want to see it happen ….however there is a large amount of objectors too.... complaining it will only bring more costs into the industry with little or no return.... Ostrich or what !! However we are determined to push forward with it... the work is on going... John.
  13. Our sincere condolences....our thoughts and prayers go out to all of his Family, friends and co workers..... Rest in peace dude...from your fellow towers across the pond. John.
  14. Thank you Brian ....I did not correctly read the title of the link randall posted........its an age thing !! Lol Yes, I have a good picture in my mind now.... many thanks ... John.
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