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  1. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Casey's family, friends and co workers at this tragic time.... From your fellow towers in the UK .. John.
  2. That is a challenging recovery ...there is a real risk of pulling some more brickwork down...and causing more collapse ....I am not sure I would want to be standing inside there.... I think I would prefer to use a rotator or knuckleboom thus giving more lateral movement as necessary and better overall control.... But sometimes you have to use what you have got to get it done... John.
  3. Thoughts and Prayers go out to the Towtruck drivers Family , Friends and Co workers... From your fellow towers in the UK. John.
  4. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Towtruck drivers family, friends and co workers from fellow towers in the UK .. John.
  5. Randall.... The DOT and the Police in the UK are now becoming very pro active over load security and there are hefty penalties for insecure loads....and quite rightly too ... as regards vehicles being transported.... 4 point tie down is necessary... the way the rear of the vehicle pictured above is secured is perfectly correct ... However .... the strap securing the rear of the load is in my opinion ...not sufficient. The last thing I want to be is judgemental at this stage of the loading, because he may not have completed the securing before he set off. But as it stands and If I was doing that job, I would certainly secure both of the front wheels of the car to the platform of the Tow Truck, the same as the rears …. this will negate any possible bounce that may occur. Additionally....there is a D link on the track bed of the Trax machine ….and even if there wasn't, I would want to secure both sides to the platform as well ...thus giving ample security to both parts of the load. John.
  6. This truck is an IVECO chassis double cab, 70. 180...= 7 tons gross weight 180 hp engine manufactured in Italy...... but I am not sure who made and where the body and equipment have been installed....definitely somewhere in Europe It has a conventional spectacle type lift suitable for about a 1 to 1.5 ton lift, passenger cab facilities, rollup doors on the equipment lockers. I am not sure exactly where this is located as most UK vehicles are Right Hand Drive and Europe is Left-hand and could be for a pilot scheme of some sort... but it makes sense for the driver to get out of the vehicle on the safe side, thus reducing the risk of being hit by oncoming traffic. especially on very busy routes. The interesting thing is.... it is liveried in the UK highways agency livery and it may be being used as quick clearance vehicle on congested sections of the motorway system. nothing official has yet been announced but a few rumours indicate it will be operated by govt dept. drivers and operated by the state. I will update if I learn anymore. John.
  7. We ran knuckleboom cranes for more than 25 years and we had several on our fleet .... .the applications were both for recovery work and general haulage and I found them an excellent tool in allsorts of different situations We had attachments to enhance capabilities with ease ..ie brick grab, street lifter, fork lift frame ...clam grab .....etc Numerous times we were able to get into places where the rotators couldn't get near..... The knuckleboom is very popular throughout Europe .. and with the correct training and certification are accepted on all police contracts... I strongly agree with Randall ...that some sort of presentation or interaction event would certainly help satisfy the police of the capabilities
  8. Nice Job Ed.... the trailer looks quite heavy.. The traffic control vehicle with high visibility chevrons and message light board looks really effective.... definitely the way to go.... for additional incident awareness and personnel protection... John.
  9. Video by "Recovery Tow Show" as Industry legends, John Coupland and Nick Ovenden sat down after the Boniface demonstration at the Professional Recovery Tow Show in Telford, Shropshire
  10. Sad to say ....its the " IT WONT HAPPEN TO ME " mentality.. some folks are so blas'e it is impossible to get through to them... In this industry the message has to be and always must be ...." Never drop your guard " .... John.
  11. Some more pictures of the show The Slow Down Move Over booth with Campaigner Paul Anstee ( right ) and Bob Percy ....selling decals and Tee Shirts ....all proceeds go to the towing industry benevolent fund. Carrying out an end roll on a gas tanker using the synthetic chains from B / A very light and durable. ....I can foresee them becoming very popular in future Lifting the front using 2 winches through 1 running block , all the control was through the rear winches, the front only for the lift A closer look at the chains and grab hook ...all available from B / A.. The Hough Green 5 axle Volvo and the Crouch Scania recovering an overturned compactor trailer threading through the gap and onto the trailer We removed the tractor first and then lifted it out of the way ..... Recovery expert Jason Farnall a key member of the display team checking out and packing his bags ready for home after the show ....he is supposed to be on light duties after major back surgery a few weeks ago yeh right !! A very low approach rollback 4 degrees loading angle by Boniface A rear steer powder tanker demonstrating a new 5th wheel adaptor attached to the underlift crosshead, that activates the rear steer controls ....thus removing the necessity to chain up the rear trailer axle to tow The very latest Scania 3 axle tractor from Sweden 650 horse power 4 metres tall
  12. An awkward job .....nicely done with no additional damage ... John.
  13. More pictures of the show This is a 4x4 go anywhere winching truck.... made by Mercedes called a unimog ..very popular in Europe especially in mountainous and isolated terrain The equipment has been manufactured by specialist equipment company Syren Engineering I had a rotator built by syren and we found it almost bullet proof This vehicle is fitted with front and rear mounted winches and a huge rear spade that can be driven deep into the ground plus a crane for high pulls Sorry about the picture quality This is a double extending trailer supplied to Mick Gould Commercials by Rydam international from faymondville Holland It has so many features , all wheel steer , raise and lower neck, hydraulic flip toe ramps , the suspension can be lowered to achieve the minimum loading angle Hydraulic stabilaser legs for rigid loading The tractor is a category 3 heavy haul unit double drive with reduction hubs I have included the manufacturers plate the numbers are in kilograms multiply that by 2.2 will give you that in pounds gross weight in the UK 220,000 lbs
  14. The Professional Recovery Tow Show ..the largest in the UK took place at the Telford International Centre it was pronounced a huge success with record Exhibitors, Visitors and Vehicles on display offering the very latest Towing and Recovery equipment from mighty Rotators right through to ratchet straps, off road winch trucks to depollution equipment , from the UK and around the world... Business seminars and a very strong presence from all the Towing associations, the gala night and award ceremony in front of 500 guests was very enjoyable .... even a major power cut could not spoil the evening ....towing and recovery folk spend half of their working time in the darkness no drama !! A 5 axle, twin steer, double drive, rear steer 5th axle, Volvo fitted with Century equipment from Boniface Engineering built to a very high specification for Millers Recovery A 4 axle twin steer Mercedes from Boniface for N S Clarke Recovery .... check out the top flyer A very light weight snatcher ideal for getting into multi storey and underground car parks, fitted with dolly wheels for that job with lost keys or stuck in park This is a very light weight tow dolly aptly called a Stow and Tow it all folds up and fits into the rear of the van below it can legally tow vehicles up to 1 1/2 tons A double deck transporter capable of carrying 4 cars .....1 on the top deck, 2 small cars on the platform 1 in the rear car lift built by Dave Bland Engineering for Furness Recovery also equipped with a 6 seater passenger cab.... A lightweight Roll back with alloy body built by Dave Bland Engineering for Bells Recovery Proud purchasers Mr and Mrs Robin Bell checking out their new asset with ther friends from Highway Recovery A medium duty using NRC equipment and built by Dave Bland Engineering check out the length of the boom ... this truck was sold shortly after this picture was taken. A Specialist Street Lifter for the CMG Group specifically designed for damage free inner city tow aways a 2 car capacity up to 4 tons each one on the platform and one in the spectacle lift built and supplied by the Roger Dyson Group. A double deck transporter for NYR Recovery the payload on the platform is a maximum of 10 tons and an underlift with a 6 ton capacity ... Below is another landoll for the NYR heavy haul fleet An easy track for Crouch Recovery A 4x4 recovery unit for off road work complete with lorry loader knuckleboom crane for salvage recovery for Welsh operator Walls Celtic Recovery m This is a clever idea..... an air bar which is connected to the PTO controls and when the PTO is engaged the air bar extends from the side of the truck by 2 feet and has flashing and chasing LED red lights giving an added warning device for the oncoming traffic ... )
  15. Randall... Coal fired power stations are being phased out in the UK and there is a huge emphasis on the use of renewable energy sources.....Wind, hydro and solar power etc, to my knowledge there does not seem to be any restrictions on wood burning at the moment....there are now many areas where only smokeless coal is allowed, but coal has almost disappeared in the domestic market anyway.... The directives on truck and car emissions mostly come from Europe and I don't think the Brexit " debacle " will make any difference to that.... there is a huge focus on hybrid and electric cars right now …. the Govt have introduced certain taxation advantages which are designed to encourage the growing use of EVs... I currently have a hybrid SUV and I am saving over £ 1,000 sterling a year on vehicle taxation costs and that's without the savings on reduced fuel costs etc ... and am able to enter the ultralow emission zones without penalty's... makes sense to me ! John.
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