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  1. mushspeed


    Congratulations on achieving the ultimate position within the CTTA... Quinn . I am sure you will work tirelessly to represent all of your member operators,,,, large or small... and promote the association to the highest level. With the very best wishes for the future, from your friends and colleagues in the UK. John.
  2. mushspeed

    Night Run To The City...

    Service beyond the call indeed ....
  3. mushspeed

    Rollover w/ Plenty Of Rolls....

    Ed ….That's the way to do it... nice clean up those type of roll are horrible, hard to secure and hard to control on the upright, hard to offload especially in a box. Good Job …. Team ED
  4. mushspeed

    Re: Sad News - Tow Operator Fatality New Mexico

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends …. from the UK and Europe a tragic start to the new year. John.
  5. We did a fair amount of airframe recovery.. both airside and regionally ...we were contracted directly with the Air Accident Investigation Bureau ....in the UK, all aero accidents fatal or otherwise have to be recovered and be transported directly to a specialised inspection facility and secure hangar in a government facility for detailed examination to establish the cause of the accident ....if we had to remove the wings or engines no matter how mangled they were ....a govt inspector had to oversee the removal and authorise any cuts. All transportation had to be done under escort The wreckage in some cases is held for years .... As regards payment ...we put our detailed account into the AIB ....and was authorised for payment by the govt within days.
  6. mushspeed

    Ludwig (Lud) Menzl Passing Info

    Rest in peace Lud....our thoughts and prayers go out to your family and friends.... From your friends and colleague's in the UK and Europe, John,
  7. mushspeed

    What is your Christmas memory?

    On the morning of Christmas eve 1998 It started raining ( the forecast was only supposed to be cloudy ) as the morning progressed, so the rain got heavier suddenly more and more calls were coming in with flooded engines and stuck vehicles and dozens of jobs were waiting on the board .....the rain got heavier and became torrential ... and the roads became more flooded and many totally impassable ... About half of our workforce had or were about to break for Christmas especially the guys with kids and young familys. We had dozens of police jobs coming in every hour for stuck trucks and cars, plus all our account and motor club work and by 6 00 PM we were absolutely out of control !! And quoting 12 hour eta's the bad paying clubs just got refused ! The workload was un believable .... we had every available guy out, including some we had managed to beg to help us including my sons and myself .....every truck we could muster was working ... We worked non stop through the night and all Christmas day and Christmas night to clear the backlog..... every guy was soaked through to the skin for up to 30 hours and little or no sleep only stopping to grab a bite of food and coffee the commitment of the whole of our workforce was absolutely amazing ! .....Christmas ? What Christmas? They sacrificed a very important family time to rescue numerous stranded motorists and truckers trying to get home for Christmas Wishing everyone out there a very Happy and stress free Chistmas and a safe and healthy New Year. John and Aileen Coupland.
  8. mushspeed

    Another Christmas Present arrived

    Looking forward to seeing the final out come .... Good luck with it in the future and lots of profitable work Happy Christmas to you and your family .... John.
  9. mushspeed

    Another Christmas Present arrived

    Jamie ....?What's Santa going to bring to put on it ? Nice looking K W chassis cab. John.
  10. mushspeed

    Eds Towing Newest Addition "Updated"

    Very nice !! I like the stuff legs and the hook backs right down the bottom ....a very versatile truck... Wishing you every success with it in the future ... John.
  11. 58 years and still learning every day happy Christmas to all John.
  12. mushspeed

    roof fairing came off

    Stuart … the roof spoiler and side air deflectors turn into a giant sail when towed backwards and they tend to be the least thought about when you are in a rush or loading in a dangerous location ... I lost a roof spoiler years ago where the support brackets were rusted away but the customer blamed me for not checking and ultimately I had to pick up the tab …. fortunately it didn't hit anyone or anything Since then, I have always made sure and instructed my guys to double check and strap down if necessary even if the job takes a bit longer, ultimately the extra time goes on the job. John.
  13. mushspeed

    New Rotator has Arrived at BigWheel

    Eric ....That is a fantastic machine NRC have done a brilliant job.......love the graphics too. Wishing you guys the best of luck with it looking forward to seeing some pictures of it working ... John.
  14. mushspeed

    Bill Bottoms - 8/18/1941 - 12/7/2018

    Sadly, I never had the honour of meeting Bill ....however, his company and his skills were well known this side of the pond as well, truly the whole industry has lost a legend, Our deepest sympathy, thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends and colleagues. From his fellow colleagues in the UK and Europe. John.