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  1. We travelled to Malvern in the west of the country for the first major trucking show in the UK where almost 800 trucks were gathered..i It was well supported by a large crowd on both days even though heavy rain was forecast .. I think folks were just glad to get out from the 9 months of continuous lockdowns There was a fine turnout of west country and Welsh towing companies and some awesome vehicles and equipment A brand new 6x4 DAF for Ken William's Another DAF this time an 8x4 The
  2. Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in December of 2007: We had a call to go and winch a boat on a trailer that was stuck , on arrival we discovered a landing craft on a 90 foot extender trailer, The drives on the tractor were 6 inches clear of the ground, Sorry forgot to take pics when we arrived and it was dark, The driver had taken a wrong turning into a military complex, could not get back as the self steer on the rear trailer wheels had burst a hydraulic hose and it was impossible to get at without unloading the Boat ! so the driver decided to charge at the slope with the res
  3. That promises to be a very interesting new publication by an extreemly well informed and knowlegible organisation I have subscribed for several years to one of its sister publications Heavy Torque .... in that, the articles are all about anything very heavy, over width, overheight or overlength being transported by road, The planning methods, llegislation, calculations, specialised equipment used and operator company profiles. Always a good read Looking forward to the new mag John.
  4. Excellent work ....on a.tricky job... I suspect the car was really hustleing to launch that far...
  5. An excellent Team Ed's presentation...... Nice coverage on the roll up doors I'll bet it was difficult to apply it is good to see the chevrons on the rearward panels and bottom boom... Good luck with the truck in the future John
  6. Lee...You certainly get around in that truck ...I have spotted that in several far off places recently... excellent for long distant work with relatively low running costs...and a good train weight... that is a hefty looking counter weight on the front... Good luck with it in the future.
  7. Happy 20 th anniversary......what an amazing milestone ... I am very proud and honoured to have been a part of this unique network for almost 18 years .... During that time I have made many friends and acquaintances in the Towing and Recovery industry around the world ... Aileen and I have had the opportunity to visit may members businesses on our travels and have always been made very welcome.... The forums have always been interesting and informative......they showcase new and historic equipment and new and old working practices ....
  8. Grabbing it with both hands .....That's the way to do it !!!
  9. That is a perfect candidate for an air cushion unit Those big pull out trays ....ideal for carrying low pressure air cushions easy to unload and easy to pack ... Good luck with your new project ... John.
  10. Wow ....you guys have got it real bad there...your new plow truck really earning its keep... Plenty of repair jobs ....great stuff we have only had a dusting here ....we are in a full lockdown so not a huge amount of car traffic ...but plenty of Van's and Trucks getting into difficulties... Keep warm ...safe and well out there .... John.
  11. That is soul destroying ...our thoughts and best wishes for a speedy return to work... Thankfully you had no injuries ...stay safe and well... From your fellow towers across the pond ... John.
  12. My favourite one when asked how long are we going to take ? ....."If all goes to plan, we will be done in a hour ...if it doesn't, we will be here all night" ....!! My other favourite... " Just another day in paradise " !! Stay safe and well out there... John.
  13. It is good to see a police patrol at the scene Most of them at the moment.... are committed enforcing the lockdown and Covid rules Things are pretty tough here at the moment .... Y'all stay safe and well out there
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