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  1. mushspeed

    Tow Truck Driver Killed along I-35W (TX)

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to Charles' s family,friends and co workers ... From the towers in UK and Europe. John
  2. mushspeed

    Some of our Trucks in the 1990's

    Guys ....the crane is a HAP .... I believe it was made in Germany during the 1980's ....... I bought it second hand in 1989 and fitted to a 16 ton chassis and we used it almost daily as an accident unit and general cargo and building materials delivery..... lifted a ton at full reach over the back of the platform. No electronic safety cut outs in those days !! We were very happy with the performance of the crane ....but it did have it's limitations .... I looked around for a bigger model with more reach and a bigger lift , could not find one of that make .....so we started using another German make, Palfinger ....and they were very good ....we had several of those of different sizes over the years I think HAP were taken over by one of the other crane companies quite a few years ago ....i don't recall seeing any for quite some time . Thanks for looking... John.
  3. Part of our fleet of transporters, tow trucks and service vehicles ...sorry pictures are not very good
  4. Ron ...count me in... looking forward to catching up with old acquaintances... John.
  5. Lots of good eateries in fells point , maybe Bertha's one night ...probably Sullivan's another or maybe a beer sandwich ......see how the flow goes ???
  6. mushspeed

    Baltimore Tow Show Roll Call 2018

    There is a bunch of Towman coming from the UK and I understand the Claytons are coming from Australia.... Looking forward to meeting up with old friends and making new acquaintances .... Ron ....Is there a meet and greet for Towforce / 411 members ? John.
  7. mushspeed

    Definitely Outside The Box!

    Ed ….The 550 looks really smart I bet the whole outfit was a real crowd pleaser on the parade ... We love doing stuff to support the community. John.
  8. I have been a member of Tow 411 now Towforce for over 13 years ( I think ) and it is without doubt the most informative forum for the towing industry in existence... I have met a lot of very knowledgeable folks and truly very welcoming families and seen many innovative ideas and solutions ...... with the advent of social media some things have changed ( I am not sure for the better !! ) This forum is an excellent learning tool and information exchange and cannot be allowed to founder .... I have renewed my sponsorship today and am proud to do so .... John.
  9. mushspeed

    Sad day

    If I am not wrong ....that looks like it started with a brake fire to me ?
  10. mushspeed

    The 2018 Professional Recovery Tow Show in the UK

    Rigged a semi for a reverse roll .... using 1 medium duty wrecker one winch triple rigged to lift and one winch single line to restrain Nick Ovenden preparing to operate the 30 ton / metre knuckleboom crane the latest 3 axle accident unit based on a Mercedes chassis 8 ton payload on the platform note the PPE Preparing the Century Rotator for a spreader bar lift .....
  11. We were doing a recovery job nearby and spotted this in a farm yard apparently it has been there for more than 20 years ... the body was very rusty and incomplete the tyres were badly perished and some flat and off the rims I went to see the owner to see if he would be interested in selling it ......he was not at all interested in discussing it and walked away ..telling me to get off his land....hence only 2 pics ..sadly it will Rust In Peace .... John
  12. mushspeed

    4 axle twin steer Autocar Holmes 850 ex Kauffs

    Ed....thank you for your kind comments ......I really appreciate that We have had the Pete out quite a lot this year .....we have done a lot of work on the back end ... fitting wheel arches and made a lot more stainless including the flames ...we had an big problem when my son Graham accidently stabbed his elbow with a sharp edge of one of the flames .....a visit to the hospital to have the wound sewn up was necessary......sucks !!! Pic 2 is our toy hauler living trailer we take to the shows often our family and grandchildren will join us...great fun
  13. mushspeed

    The 2018 Professional Recovery Tow Show in the UK

    A few pictures of the recovery demonstrations ... Demonstrating the winching capabilities of this 4x4 Unimog very popular for severe off road work electricity line work ...rough terrain forestry .....mountain rescue etc fitted with 2 boom winches .....a centre drag winch....and front mounted winch ....the rear hydraulic spades can penetrate deep into the ground...we were pulling a 5 ton truck sideways effortlessly ....we had the wheels chocked front and rear and the spades chocked so as not to damage the tarmac surface of the car park we were on we used a light duty snatcher fitted with the top boom and twin winches to upright a large box van .... We rigged one winch down low through a snatch block directly to the axle .....the other through 3 snatch blocks effecting a two strop pull over the top of the box An easy upright ...
  14. mushspeed

    The 2018 Professional Recovery Tow Show in the UK

    These are a couple of clever devices to move disabled or locked up vehicles in underground or multistorey car parks .....they can either be motorised or electric driven The tracked one can also be used on uneven ground or shingle driveways where it is impossible to use wheel skates they are Very manouverable This is a small part of the range of towing attachments available for the latest range of European cabover trucks and low ground clearance bus and coaches This is a very simple and useful device which bolts on the wheel studs for side pulling especially when there is no substantial frameworkto catch hold of Two long established captains of the industry Roger Dyson (left) Mike Cowan
  15. This is the end result of almost 22 years of a painfully slow restoration.....and now is almost complete ......it still needs all the detailed pinstriping done and few other small items my sincere thanks go to Richard Kauff and the Autocar historic society for the registration and manufacturing information and technical help and advice ...... Pendell Towing and Kramers Towing for allowing me to clamber over their Autocars and take photographs of their superb trucks ... I have so far taken it to a few shows and have worked it in the show arena doing demonstrations of rolling trucks and busses over and uprighting ....all worked well No hydraulics and no electronics here ! But I worked muscles I forgot I had..... John ?