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  1. Happy 20 th anniversary......what an amazing milestone ... I am very proud and honoured to have been a part of this unique network for almost 18 years .... During that time I have made many friends and acquaintances in the Towing and Recovery industry around the world ... Aileen and I have had the opportunity to visit may members businesses on our travels and have always been made very welcome.... The forums have always been interesting and informative......they showcase new and historic equipment and new and old working practices ....
  2. Grabbing it with both hands .....That's the way to do it !!!
  3. That is a perfect candidate for an air cushion unit Those big pull out trays ....ideal for carrying low pressure air cushions easy to unload and easy to pack ... Good luck with your new project ... John.
  4. Wow ....you guys have got it real bad there...your new plow truck really earning its keep... Plenty of repair jobs ....great stuff we have only had a dusting here ....we are in a full lockdown so not a huge amount of car traffic ...but plenty of Van's and Trucks getting into difficulties... Keep warm ...safe and well out there .... John.
  5. That is soul destroying ...our thoughts and best wishes for a speedy return to work... Thankfully you had no injuries ...stay safe and well... From your fellow towers across the pond ... John.
  6. My favourite one when asked how long are we going to take ? ....."If all goes to plan, we will be done in a hour ...if it doesn't, we will be here all night" ....!! My other favourite... " Just another day in paradise " !! Stay safe and well out there... John.
  7. It is good to see a police patrol at the scene Most of them at the moment.... are committed enforcing the lockdown and Covid rules Things are pretty tough here at the moment .... Y'all stay safe and well out there
  8. Congratlations on an amazing history book.....what a fantastic story !!! The result of years of hard work and endless commitment .......Priceless !! A very strong business going forward into the next century ... wishing the very best for the future... From across the pond John.
  9. Happy Christmas and a safe and healthy new year to everyone from your fellow towers in the UK... Guess who ....?.
  10. Ron ....the problem is ...there is huge amounts of foodstuffs imported into the UK daily by European trucks ie meat, butter, cheese, oranges, flowers etc .. they are then reloaded with other types of fresh produce ie fish, beetroot, root crops etc back into Europe... I understand distribution hubs are refusing some of the products because they have been delayed and no longer fresh enough ....thousands of tons will be going to landfill Thousands of trucks at Manston air base 20 miles from Dover ....roads to Dover are gridlocked and the police and military have got inv
  11. Update .....24 hrs later the approximate number of stranded trucks and drivers waiting for Covid tests before they prove negative to be able to travel on ferries to mainland Europe is nearing 10,000 ...with 6500 at Dover alone .... Military personnel drafted in to assist clearing the backlog .... it will take more than a week to clear .....and only then european freight drivers with a negative test will be allowed to enter ....no UK drivers or citizens permitted at all ... I have tried to post pics from YouTube with no success
  12. All Ports in the UK Heading to France and Europe have been closed to all traffic leaving the UK Due to a massive resurgence of Covid 19 in the UK.....France has completely closed their borders and all outbound traffic into Mainland Europe has been stopped.... including all freight ... over 3000 tractor trailers, rigids and vans which is growing hourly....all parked up or held in on airfields.... the majority with drivers from Mainland Europe ... all ferry ports are gridlocked numerous trucks are loaded with fresh food and produce, bound for the Christmas
  13. Excellent work ....using what you brought .. that is a very useful machine .... coupled with old school knowledge and experience, you can tackle a whole lot of jobs........ many other guys would walk away saying they need bigger or more trucks... As usual you guys nailed it !! Stay safe and well out there ... John.
  14. Is that a message / arrow board truck ? we have something similar with a fold down impact cusion... John.
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