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  1. Excellent Extrication …..professionally carried through...teamwork at its best One wrong move could have been catastrophic for the patient. John.
  2. Happy birthday Dominick..... Have a great day.. From your fellow towers across the pond... John.
  3. Towing Operators are dying at a record pace on the white line in 2020. What will help curb the disturbing number of towman fatalities? A European invention called AIRBAR makes its way to vehicles stateside with surprising results. Hear from AIRBAR’s Inventor Simon Scaife of Nuvech Technologies in the United Kingdom. This video is powered by OMG National.
  4. Thank you sincerely Randall for your kind words.... sadly I don't have the literary skills to write pages of stuff over these issues, nor do I have all the answers either …. But, like Brian says, this is a worldwide issue...and if we can learn from each other that has to be good... in the UK and Europe we have huge challenges too... I really enjoy travelling to the USA and Aileen and I have made a lot of friends and contacts over the years, I am always interested and fascinated in the products that you have on offer and are presented.... from a mighty rotator down to a chrome nut cover ... I always return home loaded down with custom goodies we cant get at home and always have to pay excess baggage charges... I am also very interested in your training programmes, seminars, safety equipment, lighting equipment, winching and lifting equipment, service tools, I.T. stuff etc …. oh ! and the beer and music is pretty good too!! what sort of Towing and Recovery legislation you have and can we learn from that ? I am always willing to share what we are doing in the UK and to compare notes, we can all educate ourselves a little more ….sometimes, it's the easiest things that are the hardest to figure out …. I am privileged to be part of a UK recovery industry working group …… developing a self regulating Recovery Operators Licence ( ROLS ) that sets a minimum Quality standard …. Many operators are very supportive and want to see it happen ….however there is a large amount of objectors too.... complaining it will only bring more costs into the industry with little or no return.... Ostrich or what !! However we are determined to push forward with it... the work is on going... John.
  5. Our sincere condolences....our thoughts and prayers go out to all of his Family, friends and co workers..... Rest in peace dude...from your fellow towers across the pond. John.
  6. Thank you Brian ....I did not correctly read the title of the link randall posted........its an age thing !! Lol Yes, I have a good picture in my mind now.... many thanks ... John.
  7. Brian....please excuse my ignorance but I assume that NFPA 1500 is a document setting out safety and working practices....is that an industry produced paper , Or a govt advisory statement ? I would really like to get sight of that and see if we can learn from that to develop our own national standard .? Do you have a link to that . ?....it appears you guys are getting the same sort of resistance that we are ..... I fear your predictions are deadly accurate ..... My fears are the same as yours .....if we dont sort this ....we will have all sorts of legislation thrust upon us without any sort of industry consultation... John
  8. Randall... your narrative is an incredibly inspirational piece of work...and you have hit the nail squarely on the head ......I salute you sir.... I too am very disappointed at the industry's apparent inability to counter the constant loss of life at the roadside and am very saddened to learn of the 2 deaths in the past couple of days......and our thoughts and prayers go out to their family's, friends and co workers ..... Whilst in the UK the deaths and injuries and are far less....it is still happening with frightening regularity......so how do we go about stopping it ??? Our laws are quite different in some ways......we do not have "slowdown move over " legislation .....but there are references in the govt issued Highway Code...we have a group of very dedicated people...working very hard....to raise public awareness and lobbying government for law changes ....however, what with elections and Brexit...it has been difficult to focus politicians minds .... We DO have laws against Drink and Drugs driving and use of mobile phones whilst driving.......we also have laws against truck drivers driving for more than 4 .5 hrs without a 45 minute break but ....these are the main causes of accidents .....and like randall says,, like it or not, they are here to stay ... I strongly believe that the industry must figure out ways of sorting it's own stuff out before onerous legislation is forced upon us by vote seeking politicians....looking to get their kudos up .... There are very many companies who ARE working very hard to provide high quality vehicles, safety equipment and clothing , training .....it can never enough !!! We too have work providers paying very poor rates with the promise of high volumes and quick payment , onerous contracts, other work providers ripping apart every invoice and refusing to pay mileages or any extras....fend off vehicles etc ... We too, have individuals buying cheap tow trucks on Ebay .....advertising cheap tows on Facebook and Twitter....little or no insurance dealing only in cash ....they are making more tax free money than the bonafide operator .....!!!! We have been campaigning work providers not to use those individuals....and in fairness, the higher profile work providers do not entertain them..... but at 3.00 am when they cant get a job placed ....who knows....? I am part of a group of operators in the UK working on a operators licencing scheme which encompasses vehicle maintenance, safety equipment requirements, training minimum standards, staff vetting, insurance levels .... plus a whole load of other stuff .... This has been welcomed by many high profile companies ...but, there is also a large element of objectors claiming it will bring more costs into the industry with little or no improvement on the financial returns ... I have read all of your comments on this thread and there is some damm good stuff .....we can all learn from .... I for one ......will be quoting some of the points made, at my next trade association meeting due shortly .... In the meantime...I wish everyone a very Happy, Safe, Healthy and Profitable New Year. John.
  9. Happy Christmas and a safe and healthy new year to all 411 ers From fellow towers in the UK John.
  10. Excellent work guys....professional job ...well done John...
  11. Our sincere condolences go out to Pat's family, friends and co workers... Our thoughts and prayers are with pat at this difficult time... From fellow towers across the pond... John.
  12. The more I read and learn about Billy and his past achievements..... The more it was an honour and pleasure to have briefly known him, for the last 3 years... we drank beer, talked Air cushions, Winching and Autocars. Sadly it is not possible to attend the farewells...I guess there will be a huge procession....wish I could be there to witness it.... Our thoughts and prayers go out to Billy's girlfriend Jasmine...his whole family, friends and co workers... From his fellow Towers in the UK. No more 11 part lines for you bud ....rest in peace ... John.
  13. Sorry this post is a bit late, but I wanted to wait for some professional photos to portray this amazing event.... It was an incredible honour to be nominated and inducted into the.... International Towing Museum, Hall of Fame alongside some of the greatest names in the industry. past and present.... To be included was extraordinarily humbling experience which could never be repeated.... To sit aside such legends at the ceremony made my family and I very proud. and to shake hands with so many famous people in the room and throughout all the events... My sincere thanks go out to my nominator, The Museum Board, The Museum staff, Tow Times Magazine and Jerr Dan For making us so welcome and the whole weekend my family and I will never forget.. Perry Shusta, Quinn Peining ( aka WEDOTOWS), Glenn Landau, George Kuntz, Jamie Davis, John Coupland (aka Mushspeed ), Mike Cherry Behind every good man is a good woman....The ladies behind the men... Not a Chain or a Snatch block to be seen !! A collective Photo of the Flag Bearers there are some famous people here.... all previous Hall of Fame Inductees... Mary Beth and Mike Cherry... Aileen and John Coupland.... Sherry and Jamie Davis.... Jessica and George Kuntz.... Ruth and Glen Landau... Diane Hermone and Quinn Peining... Renee and Perry Shusta…. Flags of the nations.... another photo of the inductees with Tom Tedford doing the oratory.... Nick and Angie Ovenden with Lee Roberts …..Industry legends !! Every one a legend !! A wide photo of the guests in the room ….spot the TV camera... A standing ovation from the guests... A standing Ovation from the guests.... Jamie Davis sharing a joke with Tom Tedford... Sharing some drinks with my wonderful family and dear friends... I wanna Shake your hand !!! fantastic !! There are some famous people here ….it was an absolute honour to know them and shake their hands... My wonderful family …. This is just a snapshot of the event for additional detailed photographs of the whole weekend events including the wall of the fallen ceremony and the charity fun run.... ......Visit the international Towing Museum and Hall of Fame website..... click on 2019 Weekend... Thanks for looking …...John.
  14. Proud to be here ...alive and kicking ....mostly lurking ......congratulations Ron on 4000 members ..... Randall.....whilst respecting your other commitments.....please dont go completely......we need your wisdom and experience .....so valuable to the industry . John.
  15. Just enough room to squeeze the front bags in .... Saving several hours on a cross load Professional job .....Excellent work guys ... John.
  16. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the tower....his family .....friends and co workers....from your fellow towers in the UK ... ..the pictures show the SUV on the towtruck was correctly secured... the tow truck has taken a massive impact and all of the straps appear to have held...
  17. Sorry ...but it is guys like that ...give the industry a bad name ... I hope DOT gets their hands on them ... in the UK it would be an instant prohibition and the vehicle would be impounded and a huge fine ...if it is not paid ...the truck will be cut up for scrap ...
  18. I too have learned a hell of a lot through the board over the years....having been in this business all of my working life .....57 years and counting... It continues to educate me every day ......you NEVER stop learning in this business !!! The last thing I want to do.... is cause upset to the bereaved families , co workers or friends... but we do need to focus on the circumstances around these tragedies... I too have a feeling of despair every time I read of another fatality or serious injury ....but I do think the tower down count should be kept in place ... I too have had a member of staff killed....... and several with serious injuries including one of my sons...and it is totally devastating...... I totally agree with the others.... complacency is a major contributory factor..... however...other reasons include....little or no training..... lack of personal protection equipment ( PPE ) poor quality equipment ....incorrect use of safety equipment ...lack of investment by some employers .... I am not losing sight that there are many tragic circumstances that are absolutely no fault of the operative or any of the above and my heart goes out to every one of them . In the UK and Europe...we have the same problems.....despite constant campaigning for tougher regulations on issues such as...Slow Down , Move Over .as yet, no legislation is in place ..... many operators are working hard to improve training programmes, increase PPE .....provide fend off vehicles / crash cushions ...raise public awareness....increased safety features on vehicles ..... However ...all the time it is possible to buy a cheap tow truck on Ebay and without any training or proper insurance ... go to work the next day calling themselves recovery operators and no legislation to prevent it ...the carnage will continue ...
  19. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone ......from your fellow towers in the UK
  20. I agree with Carl the owner / driver of the vehicle has to ensure all loose items are secured before moving off.....in any day to day movements.... however, it is entirely possible to overlook loose items after a break down or accident and the occupants may be traumatised and not thinking clearly .... We had a couple of incidents where items were allegedly damaged or broken in transit ...following that, I sent a memo out to all of our staff n a situation like that .......... .to ask the owner or driver at the scene if everything is secure..... or if possible, go in with them and check for themselves .... John.
  21. Congratulations Ron and Chris on 19,000 posts that is a whole load of talking !!! I am proud to have been a member since 2005 ..... I never cease enjoying reading and looking at the way the towing industry operates throughout the world ...there are some very clever contributors on here, past and present with a massive amount of knowledge and experience....... I dont always agree with some of the methods and points of view that are expressed ....and we all have different ideas about the way we go about the job. based on our own knowledge and experiences.. but we must respect that there is more than one way to do things safely and efficiently ... it is an excellent learning tool and I have used or made reference to stuff I have read or seen on this forum on numerous occasions to help me in our rescue and recovery operations over the years to give a better and safer service to our workforce, customers and the community as a whole. Sincere thanks Ron and Chris....and bring on the next 19,000 posts. John.
  22. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Casey's family, friends and co workers at this tragic time.... From your fellow towers in the UK .. John.
  23. That is a challenging recovery ...there is a real risk of pulling some more brickwork down...and causing more collapse ....I am not sure I would want to be standing inside there.... I think I would prefer to use a rotator or knuckleboom thus giving more lateral movement as necessary and better overall control.... But sometimes you have to use what you have got to get it done... John.
  24. Thoughts and Prayers go out to the Towtruck drivers Family , Friends and Co workers... From your fellow towers in the UK. John.
  25. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Towtruck drivers family, friends and co workers from fellow towers in the UK .. John.
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