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"Storm Mode"...30"-36" of Snow

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Well the last week we have been in "Storm Mode" which is a mixture of long hours, cold coffee, wet gloves & Hershey bars....the substance of life...LoL Most of the recoveries required moving snow prior to doing them because there just isn't anywhere to go...

We only plow our own properties and billed along with some recoveries. We did do a customer of our this storm do to their guy bailing out on them. They are neighbors and an excellent shop customer for many years so we try to help...



I'm stuck waiting for the Calvary to arrive...




The Calvary...LoL




Service call for our Post Office...they asked us to install the chains on a couple of mail trucks...




We had trucks that had been stuck for 3 & 4 days in an industrial park. We had to plow for hours to get to each one...


20210202_134750.thumb.jpg.d89fcf390456d134daa589926e1be4a1.jpg 20210202_134804.thumb.jpg.aff751421f2ce7c96f41cbda3f46f6e4.jpg 20210202_134817.thumb.jpg.25e1c99f070d04dbfa05bdb6b54492b3.jpg 20210203_121147.thumb.jpg.b9c06a43b8df0363e088865b1218a573.jpg 20210203_121152.thumb.jpg.2beae9f632395972518eec049a0f17fd.jpg 20210203_121201.thumb.jpg.0a41e68e56aa3699aaec024279b59831.jpg 


A few hundred yards to get to this guy...




Many of these are done with the small truck well honestly...because it can. The heavy is hard to get around in, especially in developments in our area that are gated communities. The turns are so tight that I'm litterly stuck at every intersection...




Plow opening up so I could get turned around & up the hill to a stuck Tri-Axle...







Had him pull as far as he could ahead and then spun the steer axle down the hill towards me...




AWD w/ Locker Rear only get you so far...






Oh...and it's cold too....


That's just some of the photo's I dumped out of my phone. My guys probably have plenty as well. Storms like these are difficult but profitable. And the good part for us is it will feed our shop for days/weeks to come with repairs...






Lots of plow trucks broken down...with this kind of volume, it really taxes the equipment.








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Another jamming day today...A lot of LD winch outs, the shop filled with broken plow trucks...




Another call from a local repair shop that hadn't been able to open all week do to the weather & access to their shop. They are  a competitor but also a Towing customer so we told them we would help them out...



Eddie moved a couple vehicles while I scooped them out with the Skid Steer, Then he came back with the plow truck to move the snow to a neighboring property while I got it to the street...





We spent 3 hrs cleaning this guys shop out...by 9:00 tonight I was all used up...time for some rest and get ready for 6-8" coming Sat/Sunday... 🤑

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Wow ....you guys have got it real bad there...your new plow truck really earning its keep...

Plenty of repair jobs ....great stuff

we have only had a dusting here ....we are in a full lockdown so not a huge amount of car traffic ...but plenty of Van's and Trucks getting into difficulties...

Keep warm ...safe and well out there ....



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