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  1. Hey Ron. I'm still om board but you probably knew that. See you soon.
  2. Hello sir, I can't find the post that has your question you posted yesterday (12/25/2018), so if you see this I can answer it here unless Ron or Chris finds it and moves this. You asked, " also are you required to log if you cross state lines and medical card is still needed even if non cdl trucks." Re: the medical card, yes you have to have a medical card in you operate a commercial vehicle (defined over 10,000 gvwr, blah, blah, blah) so yes, you definitely need it. Hours of service records are also required, not necessarily a log book, a short haul 30 day time sheet can be used locally, just notate on the time sheet you're using a log book for that day, and vise versa. Have 7 days previous on hand. Among other requirement, use a log book if you travel over 150 "air miles" from your home base location, not necessarily a state line. You can google maps that. Time Sheets are available online, or I can eMail you a blank one. Ask me at jeff@swsatlanta.com I hope this helps, I didn't have a lot of time to go into it deeper, but if you need help just let me know and I'll do whatever I can.
  3. I'll start a Roll Call when I get there in a few hours if that's okay with you, Ron. I'm at 770-687-9846 or jeff@swsatlanta.com iif anyone gets there early too. I'll be at the Choo Choo tonight and tomorrow then a move to the Chattanoogan for Friday and Saturday.
  4. After a Facebook post today (Wednesday 9/12/18 13:40) the show was reported to be cancelled. THIS IS NOT TRUE, according to my phone conversation with Brenda Faulmer at Tow Times just now. What probably happened was when East Coast Truck & Trailer (The sponsor) cancelled their appearance due to Florence, they cancelled the entire event on Facebook. She is working now to rectify the Facebook situation. Please spread the word. Thanks. Jeff
  5. JeffTow

    Hino not using DEF

    Well that's a relief. Thanks for the reply. Jeff.
  6. JeffTow

    Hino not using DEF

    It seems like this 2018 has stopped using DEF. Has anyone had this problem? Thank. Jeff.
  7. I found Tatems Fleet Maintenance and like it. A lot of the demos from others are from India and I can't understand what they are saying.
  8. I'm in the market for a fleet management software package. Are any of you using one that you'd recommend me taking a look at...or staying away from? Work order generating, Parts inventory and vendor list, DVIR association, etc. Thanks in advance. Jeff.
  9. Well...the only change that's happened on this topic since 2009 is that it's worse now than then.
  10. Ron. Are you familiar with the Wayback Machine? I found this image of John's truck from a November 2004 Tow411 Cover. See the rest of the 2004 Covers here. Click on the Site Map link here and you'll have access to 2001 through 2017. Remember not all information is archived, the Wayback Machine only hits periodically, I don't know it's algorithm on how or when it archives. But it's a good source when looking for an old website. Tow411 has been captured 325 times since 2001, according to the site. #JefftowOrNoTow
  11. Yeah, that was it Ron. I was brought over from Talk. I do remember checking out another forum that you mentioned, but sorta had the feeling I'd stay with who brought me, after all I already had a relationship here. Hey, I even have a couple of friends from here, a couple of 411 shirts, and a M.O.M. picture so I think I did good.
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