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  1. Welcome Shane. Good luck with your new adventure.
  2. Negotiating traffic has been on my radar for some time. In most jurisdictions we don't have the necessary authority, training, or equipment, and to some degree self-control to move traffic. I'd like to see that change in the coming years through the Time Task Force program. I'm concerned that most tow operators have a frustration level that increases as a result of those three things. We tend to loose focus on safety as the seconds tick by. As for the horn, use what you have if nothing else works. I've always told myself to get there when I can, because if we, as towers refrain from bullying traffic then maybe, just maybe one day some TIM authority will say to themselves, "We need to get these guys here quicker and safer." Remember, too that in a lot of cases like the one here, any other first responder will have just as much trouble moving traffic to get by a dumbass commuter. Thoughts and opinions are my own and do not reflect the company I represent.
  3. Hey Ron. I'm still om board but you probably knew that. See you soon.
  4. I'll start a Roll Call when I get there in a few hours if that's okay with you, Ron. I'm at 770-687-9846 or jeff@swsatlanta.com iif anyone gets there early too. I'll be at the Choo Choo tonight and tomorrow then a move to the Chattanoogan for Friday and Saturday.
  5. After a Facebook post today (Wednesday 9/12/18 13:40) the show was reported to be cancelled. THIS IS NOT TRUE, according to my phone conversation with Brenda Faulmer at Tow Times just now. What probably happened was when East Coast Truck & Trailer (The sponsor) cancelled their appearance due to Florence, they cancelled the entire event on Facebook. She is working now to rectify the Facebook situation. Please spread the word. Thanks. Jeff
  6. JeffTow

    Hino not using DEF

    Well that's a relief. Thanks for the reply. Jeff.
  7. JeffTow

    Hino not using DEF

    It seems like this 2018 has stopped using DEF. Has anyone had this problem? Thank. Jeff.
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