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  1. I wonder what they were called before Fentron. We have a wrecker called a Twin Boom and the boom heads look identical. Ours is a 25ton unit. Dad told me they were made out west. The one we have is all mechanical I wonder if Fentron bought TwinBoom then built the hydraulic version. It's for sale.
  2. Wow Mason Dixon. That guy was a trip. I remember being with dad when he would stop and talk at the gas station. Yes the billboard was very unique. There was another company in Louisville that ran a fleet of those. Charlie's Wrecker Service they sold out in 1995 after Charlie McClellan was in business for 50 years. He had several of them in the fleet. Great man and great company when he owned it. He was a co-founder of the Towing and Recovey Association of Kentucky. I wish I had photos of them.
  3. Yes it is an additional charge. The recovery apparatus needs to be put back into call out ready status for the next call. The operator(s) have to communicate any additional charges up front as a part of customer service. Same scenario with a rollback. Cleaning off a deck is charged out to the vehicle that leaked all over it. And yes disposing of the fluids properly. You can't tow a totalled wreck off interstate then go pick up the Lincoln out of the garage in the aggregate driveway. That will not got well.
  4. Why? Towers want more respect. Not going to get it doing stunts like that. I imagine the operator was positioned on left side control station meaning he or she had to run into traffic during free fall. Smooth...........
  5. Nick Schade Treasurer & Past President Towing & Recovery Association of Kentucky Member TRAA
  6. Mike, Congratulations on the new ride. It looks great. Can't wait to see it.
  7. I wanted to get in on this sooner but I have been under the weather. I am not on any social media outlet. TowForce is the only towing site I read and reply to. I am a 4th generation tower, grew up in the family business of 64 years. I now run the family business with my brother. I am a WM 8-9 A, and hold numerous commendations, and awards throughout my career. I am also a board member of our state towing association and have been for the last 20 years. I like to think I try to run our operation similar to a fire department. Trained operators, shift work along with call outs, additional training not directly related to towing and recovery, etc. No one told me to do that. I made the choice to be that “professional” and commit to that level of professionalism. But by the “industry standards” today I am considered the cast away. The phrase “you have too many new trucks you are taking advantage of someone” “you have too nice of a facility you are overcharging” These are just some of the comments I and my operators have heard for being professional. We do have a newer fleet and our facility was spotlighted in Tow Times a few years back. Why are we the cast away? The reason there are no set rules, regulations, guidelines, or industry standards is because no one wants to be that person to get something with that much impact implemented in the industry. Any association who gets that implemented nationwide is going to be accused of putting the little guy out of business. I get it a lot of companies will bet out of business if and when something like NFPA 1500 hits the towing industry. And that will probably be for the best, because it is true only the strong and true professional towing companies will survive. Our industry needs a wake-up call. Every tow operator should have a certification under his or her name to be on the road towing. Followed up with continuing education with practical sessions and performing recoveries in front of a trainer. We have addressed this article from within, but what about the other industries that EFFECT ours? Look at all the requirements that already keep us in harms’ way longer than we should? I can remember when you could tow a RWD vehicle on the rear wheels to get where you needed to go. Now you can’t move some vehicle no amount of distance without damaging them. Why is that? I feel that the towing industry is put upon to figure all of this out after the fact and expected to do so on moments’ notice and BTW you aren’t going to charge any additional for that. Due to the fact our industry is not recognized we don’t have any input to how these vehicles are being developed. This need to stop immediately. More to come….
  8. Be safe out there. Never be afraid to call for assistance or back up.
  9. 515SP. "Antique"The prototype for the 525. Had power booms. Our 1st wrecker mounted on a 46 ford f6 84" ca. If anyone sees it please call would love to have it back. It was traded in December of 1959.
  10. 2008 Peterbilt 335 with NRC rollback. Paccar engine, Allison auto, 400k, 20k deck, 8k under-reach. Asking $42,500. Located in Louisville, KY. Please call 502 426-4100.
  11. WreckMaster 4-5 in Louisville Ky this weekend October 12th &13th. Sign up at wreckmaster.com.
  12. I will be there. Bring your driving skills. As TRAK is sponsoring the driving competition this year.
  13. A WreckMaster 4-5 course is being held in Louisville KY October 12th and 13th. This is a great course and a great next step for those operators looking to move up through the WreckMaster discipline. Please sign up at www.wreckmaster.com
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