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  1. All decorated in time for Christmas
  2. The illumigear halo light is a nice addition. The forward facing work lights alone make it worth while to work in. I don't need any work lights on truck when I wear the halo.
  3. Thanks to everyone. I have no choice on the Ford. We have always been a Ford Company. Even more so now we are next door to the factory in Louisville.
  4. Just picked up today from body company. Now ready for our finishing touches. It is a 2020 Ford F350 extended cab, diesel, 4x4. Diversified front bumper with ramsey 8k electric winch with synthetic winch line. Knapheide body with vanair arc 250 unit. Going to be a great truck.
  5. I never knew exactly where they were built. If you run across any more information please send it along. Thanks
  6. Another reason why the officer should stay in his lane, and you will stay in your lane. Understand on appeasing.
  7. We strap in as well. But no specific law requiring. I would think that the FMCSA is the law when dealing with cargo securement. It makes sense to secure its no different than a wheel lift. Have you ever seen 4 large projectiles at one time? Quite the site. Great picture, cross the secondaries would be my only change.
  8. I prefer the WreckMaster skates as well. We carry them on every vehicle in the fleet light to heavy to service trucks. The ability to interlock them. The ability to invert and make a ramp, brake rotor notch, to name a few specifics. We slide cargo with them, use them for ramps with tool boxes, wedges when inserting cribbing, access under cargo or trailers, the list can go on and on. All skates have a duty cycle. They won't last forever, so i recommend invoicing for skates and you will not have to worry about the purchase price of skates any longer. No matter what brand
  9. There is more to it than a long time lack of enforcement. Since the city and county governments merged in 2003 the city thinks they are going to make tons of money towing cars throughout the entire city. Then they were sold on the fact that only 1 company was needed to do what it took roughly 8 companies to do prior to merger.
  10. 2006 NRC Quick Swap for sale. 35,000 pounds lift capacity. 20,000 lbs. winch with air kick out. Wired remote, cylinders recently rebuilt. Comes with forks and receivers. Will need boxes. Asking $28,500 for unit only.
  11. We supply hard hats at our operation, and started that about 20 years ago. I agree hard hats for our industry should be more than an ordinary construction style hat, but the towing industry has to take baby steps. I have recently invested in a PMI hard hat with the chin strap. I must say it was more than a construction style hat but it is more comfortable, better fitting, more secure, anestheticly more professional. I love this hat so much so I don't want to get it dirty. I have also recently purchased a Halo light for my hat. That makes all the difference in the world. I find my
  12. We started this earlier this year, got one group through, then covid hit and waiting on FD to come back and finish up. Very worth it.
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