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  1. 515SP. "Antique"The prototype for the 525. Had power booms. Our 1st wrecker mounted on a 46 ford f6 84" ca. If anyone sees it please call would love to have it back. It was traded in December of 1959.
  2. 2008 Peterbilt 335 with NRC rollback. Paccar engine, Allison auto, 400k, 20k deck, 8k under-reach. Asking $42,500. Located in Louisville, KY. Please call 502 426-4100.
  3. WreckMaster 4-5 in Louisville Ky this weekend October 12th &13th. Sign up at wreckmaster.com.
  4. I will be there. Bring your driving skills. As TRAK is sponsoring the driving competition this year.
  5. A WreckMaster 4-5 course is being held in Louisville KY October 12th and 13th. This is a great course and a great next step for those operators looking to move up through the WreckMaster discipline. Please sign up at www.wreckmaster.com
  6. WreckMaster 2-3 course in Louisville, KY August 24th and 25th. Please plan to attend this will be a full weekend of training. Sign up at www.wreckmaster.com
  7. Ron I dont know if I would call that truck vintage.....
  8. We start by removing the nuts and bolts before having to cut. If it is disassembled it is easier to be replaced by guardrail company. We have cut both ways but chop saw with 10" blade is best.
  9. The booms are different. Changed to extendable or lattice just removed.
  10. If you 2 part each auxiliary winch back to the leg that will solve your stalling problem. Nice upright.
  11. When I built my 550 I removed the interior to install the consoles and other equipment I placed 2 wires in side the roof console. I mounted an LED light in the area behind the switches and for additional lighting. Warning. It is difficult to remove this console very hard plastic snaps. It is easier to remove complete headliner to access
  12. I agree the rear springs are not the best on a f550. I am building one currently, but we also add springs to the top and bottom of the mains. Have been doing this to ALL of our wreckers no matter the brand for the past 62 years. The manufacturers haven't realized where a wrecker carries its weight; behind the rear axle. The better the rear suspension the less squatting it will do and better steering. You are correct if is on a 60 ca/ with wheel lift at full extension going to have some issues. I have a 2008 F350 with a 6 ton single line wrecker with sneeker wheel lift. I am towing single axle tractors from rear, 350 box trucks from front and large SUV on wheel lift with no front end issues.
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    KY Nick

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