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  1. As a 4th generation tower, dad didn't have on going projects he had a lot of projects he wanted to do. He never retired, because he enjoyed what he did so much so he passed doing what he loved. What I can say to you is don't pass up the opportunities to work on those projects with dad you will be so glad you did later in life.
  2. Acquired some items a few weeks back. Just sitting prevented from going to scrap. 2 525's- 1 515, couple bodies and drag winches. Would like to see some good pics of the transmission and controls of the 515 as that is my project after my 525. Enjoy. Questions and comments welcome. .
  3. I have restored a Federal Model 17. Found this out on an old International fire apparatus. Purchased it along with a Federal siren and red light. Beacon was like new inside 6V works like a dream. Have 2 more in the refurb process.
  4. Worm all the way. Worm are much easier to maintain and much easier to repair if needed. I prefer the slow steady pull of a worm winch vs planetary. We have both, as it is harder to spec worm winches nowadays. I prefer to use my Garwood, Braden, and Tulsa, if I get to choose. They sound cooler when operating......
  5. We mix matched amber and clear domes so we knew our trucks from the competition. If it had only 1 beacon generally a clear dome. From the 50's to early 70's we ran red only, I assume law change and we switched over to clear and amber. Wish we could go back to it personally. If you look at the progression of lights through pictures of the decades, bars didn't become standard until the 80's. I really would like to believe there were less operators struck back them too. Even though stats weren't kept, there was still enough communication through associations back then to know what was going on around the respective states. Maybe I need to put one of these old time lights on my new truck and see the reaction compared to all the fancy whelan M6's.... problem is the roof of the new trucks won't hold the heavy thing.
  6. Found Dad's old 211s. He bought these 2 2 ligjts in 1974 for our 30 ton Weld-Built. Got them back inside and did total refurb and ready to install on my 66 Ford. Coming soon are the 6v and 12v Federal model 17's, used back in the 50's
  7. Load shift of car parts. 2 small bags, 2 super thin bags, electric blower and Service truck.
  8. Did UHaul chang their policy regarding towing? They only want their trucks towed from front. They used to put stickers on the bumpers.
  9. Driver missed turn per GPS and continued on. Attempted to turn around at this house and this really happened. No injuries. Fancy neighborhood, irrigation systems, landscaping, and not the place for big wreckers or equipment. The "professionals" at the scene wanted truck "jerked" out. What happens when porch hits hood? I have a feeling something will spring a leak. Air cushions worked well quick and easy. Enjoy.
  10. There is a difference between an operator who is unfamiliar or untrained in light duty vs the operator who thinks he or she is too good to run a light duty call.
  11. You couldn't tow from rear due to knock off hubs. My hope is to find one and make another picture on "wheel lift" when the project is finished.
  12. Found this old advertising sticker.
  13. Those coils weighed 250lbs each. Simple crow bar with skate and 2x4 got the job done. With larger coils we use a cable choker or loop choker to lift edge and then crib around coil. In some cases we use the choker to continue to lift and set coil up.
  14. This chassis was the 1st chassis dad bought new in 1966. It originally had a Holmes 515 that dad installed on it. At one point in late 70's dad sold the truck to a local gas station. Mom was not happy about that, so Dad had to go buy it back. When he got it back he took the 515 off. At the time we needed a four wheel drive. He installed a 1942 Chevrolet transfer case and a 1945 International front axle and installed Warn lock out hubs. What a machine off road. He installed a 20k Tulsa drag winch with a Stringfellow mast to use as an off road truck. All this from what he had laying around. We used this for off road only. The reason is has mud tires. In 2017 we decided to start a restoration on the chassis. Dad passed in 2018. So in 2020 my brother and I decided it was time to finish it. The wrecker crane is an original 1956 525. Which is the year we went in business. It was bought by an independent garage in Louisville mounted on a 1956 Ford. That garage remounted it on a 1973 Ford along with some body modifications. Eventually the local Fire Department got the truck to use around the training grounds. I traded a small hydraulic Wrecker for this 525. So this 66 Ford and 56 Holmes 525 is the closest I can get to out original 1946 Ford with 515SP which was our first wrecker. It looks tall due to increased spring capacity. The big drums were standard in 1956 according to the literature I have. In trying to keep it original we have added some things that make it ours and the way Dad would have had it back in the day. Can't wait to get it finished.
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