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  1. Al, so very sorry for your loss. Your dad was a treasure to talk to nd he will surely be missed.
  2. That inspector was incorrect, it is a requirement of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations to cross the safety chains and attach them to the tow bar. Tow trucks are regulated as driveaway/towaway equipment for the purposes of lighting, braking and securement. Our tow bars, slings, wheel lifts and even dollies fall under these regulations as well. Now, the regulations requiring securement to the dolly structure are not as clear and dry, the FMCSRs call for a solid means of coupling such as a U-Bolt or equivalent, which is impracticable for tow dollies so straps have been taken to be equi
  3. I look at this no different than any other part of the pre-trip inspection on the tow truck chassis itself. If the driver is qualified to inspect the tires, wheel seals, brake components and everything else required to be inspected by the US DOT as part of making sure "they are satisfied with the condition of the vehicle(s)" then they are qualified to inspect the dolly wheel assembly -including the bearings. I say they have a duty to inspect, and to be satisfied with the safe operational condition of, the dolly assembly as part of the pre-trip of the vehicle. The dolly system when
  4. Beautiful trucks, thank you for sharing. Glad to see the event went off and everyone was keeping a respectable distance. The Ford F-450 looks to be left hand drive. I imagine it can be confusing with a mix of left and right hand drive vehicles. I have only drive a few right hand drive units in my life and only for short distances or just to load onto a transporter. Couldn't imagine swapping between both types on a regular basis let alone swapping the side of the road because you crossed a boundary line.
  5. It is complacency combined with the "shield of invincibility" there lights and blocker vehicles provide. I suppose it is the same for other highway workers, as I often see construction and maintenance crews doing the same thing with only a line of traffic cones separating them from traffic flowing at 55+ MPH. I imagine we all become comfortable with danger to some extent which leads to letting our guard down and injury or death. As for your CHP Sgt., sadly so many agencies share his sentiment -the official training protocols are just that, official protocols not how things are done
  6. As others have stated there is most likely more to this story. That said, to address your direct question I would not have let it get to that point. The air conditioning would have been repaired as soon as it was reported and an alternate truck made available (if possible). If the truck with the defective a/c had to be used because it is the only one of it's kind in the fleet then use would be limited and a repair plan implemented as soon as possible. So, yes it is a legitimate complaint from the driver about inoperative air conditioning. CalOSHA requires employers to protect their
  7. Sorry for the late reply. As for proof of ownership to release the cargo vehicles, the Bill of Lading is the "title" for freight so either the shipper or consignee may redeem them just like they were a bunch of pallets of widgets. I always ask them to pay the whole bill, and this is where I would consider a split invoice is if the cargo owner wanted the cargo they can have it if they pay the cargo cleanup related fees which would be the labor and equipment required to clear them off the road, transport back for storage and preservation. As for the PA Towing and Storage Act it is my
  8. Yours truly will be one of the live panelists on the Auto Transport Intel live podcast tonight. The Show starts at 9 PM Eastern and the panel should begin around 9:45-10 PM.
  9. I strongly support both the DRIVE Safe Act (allowing 18-20 year old with prior military driving experience to engage in interstate commerce) as well as the new pilot program the FMCSA is contemplating allowing all 18-20 year olds to engage in interstate commerce under specific conditions. Our industry, and many other vocation fleet operations like plumbers, landscapers and construction companies, desperately need to capture the 18-20 year olds before they find other careers. Also, the towing industry is mostly family and it sucks not being able to put your son or daughter into a truck because
  10. The Mazda and pickup truck are unfortunately just cargo in this instance. They can not be subject to a lien as a towed vehicle individually, the only vehicles that are subject to the normal lien process are the truck and trailer operated by the trucking company. Just because the cargo (Mazda and Dodge pickup) are also motor vehicles and were transported incidentally by a flatbed carrier to a storage facility makes them no different than a pallet of paper or corn flakes that could have been transported by a flatbed carrier to a storage facility after a grocery distribution truck had a wreck wit
  11. Thank you for the share, awesome to see things returning towards normal. Love seeing the trucks from across the world to get a different perspective of how folks customize their rides. Love the images.
  12. The individual owner's of the vehicles being transported as cargo do not have the same rights as if they were driving them and were involved in the accident. We can't look at them as vehicles, they are simply pieces of cargo no different than a box of nails at this point. They are subject to the rules of the Uniform Bill of Lading and other applicable Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations regarding cargo ownership and control. It is always a hassle when trucking companies want to split the invoice, my theory is one call from the PD one invoice. The other interested parties can f
  13. As a tower that also owned an auto transport company those vehicles are treated as any other cargo for the recovery invoice. Just because they are vehicles is irrelevant as they were being hauled by the trailer. Invoice for time and material used to recovery the cargo while protecting the salvage value. They would not be separate tows instead just part of the overall job. My suggestion is to bill for the trucks and manpower as hourly instead of hook and recovery fees for each of the cargo vehicles. Progressive sucks, although it is still better than having the truck, trailer and ca
  14. I consolidate multiple policies within one policy manual for each classification with a single receipt signed by the employee during their orientation training. What I mean is I have a FMCSA/DOT required policy manual issued for the driver qualification file issues (cell phone, seat belts, speeding, etc) and a separate Employee Policy Manual for all employees. Given some employees may operate a non-commercial company vehicle several of the driver only policies are duplicated in the Employee Manual for simplification. I also have other job task specific policy manuals for other employee classes
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