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Roll Call: Chattanooga Tennessee Events - Oct. 6-9, 2021


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This Topic serves as a Roll Call and Informational point of interest.


Is Chattanooga, Tn. on your schedule of industry events this year?


If so, Add a Reply as to the events you will be attending this year.


Wall of the Fallen Roll Call - Oct. 9, 2021





Tennessee Tow Show Roll Call - Oct. 6-9, 2021





Hall of Fame and Museum Events Oct. 7-10, 2021





Will this be your first trip to Chattanooga, Tn.?


Where are you staying while in Chattanooga?


Is there anything you're planning in Chattanooga?


Is there anyplace you like to eat in Chattanooga?


We have numerous members with years of experience.

These members can make your experience much more

enjoyable by giving suggestions of places to go and

places to eat. I hope you have your hotel booked, cause

it seems they are filling up quickly this year. Likely due

to not having the events the previous year and the large

number of names being added to the Wall of the Fallen.

Add your replies here... more info. added as it appears.


Member List:








Jennifer Fabrizio

Brooke Lawrence


UK and Canada Member Pending List:


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We are really hoping to get to chattenooga  to catch up with all our towing friends and colleagues at the show,  attend the Hall of Fame ceremony   and the Wall of the Fallen  ceremony ...

Flights booked, rooms reserved ...

It is all dependant whether Uncle Sam  lifts the restrictions on all UK citizens entering the country... and at the moment it does not look likely...we will be granted visitors  visas  any time soon ... however we will keep trying  and are checking the US embassy every day for any change of policy...


It really sucks  because we have both had our double vaccinations and are ready to roll


Meanwhile y'all stay safe and well..



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Ron I will be in attendance along with Diane and the ERSCA crew we are going to make all the museum events and the tow show ERSCA is doing a 2 day ESSENTIALS OF LIGHT DUTY training class hope to see a lot of folks especially at the HOF induction Sherry White from calif Troy Barnett are being inducted    

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I will be there from Wednesday thru Sunday. Looking forward to enjoying the show as I am not presenting anything, speaking, representing anyone but myself or otherwise working (like that is truly possible LoL). Hoping to see some old friends and make some new, going to pay my respects to our fallen brothers and sisters and honor the inductees. Have my hotel, all event tickets and ready for a great show!

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Sadly  we will not be able to attend this year... despite several attempts, and fully vaccinated, we are not able to obtain entry visas into the USA until November when the border restrictions are being lifted...


Covid is not doing any of us any favours and it sucks !!


Very disappointed not to be there ... Aileen and I send our  sincere apologies ...             we also send our very best regards to everyone and hope you all have great weekend there...


Hopefully we will make it to Baltimore...that also is not a certainty until we get the visas..


meanwhile... stay safe...



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Just checked in, Ron.

I brought you a hat. Maybe I'll see you around.

Text me at 770-687-9846


Will this be your first trip to Chattanooga, Tn.? 

No, Been coming since the 1990's when it was at the ChooChoo.


Where are you staying while in Chattanooga?

The Chattanoogan again.


Is there anything you're planning in Chattanooga?

Not really. looking for suggestions.


Is there anyplace you like to eat in Chattanooga?

Not fast food. Somewhere we can sit down.

Jeff Payne - Operator Services & Fleet Services Administrator

Statewide Wrecker Service, Inc - 263 Luxomni Road - Lilburn, GA 30047

SWS Logo 2015.JPG

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Far more than anyone expected with everything that is going on. Vegas was the same way, yes it may have seemed the number were down slightly. However., in all my years I have never seen such a large crowd an line at the museum gift shop on a Sunday after the show. Normally every one has left and by one o'clock i am one a the last to head home. a good time was had by many I am sure, then there is the heartfelt and tearful moments during the Wall of the Fallen dedication. The presenter was even touched during the reading of one of our organization team members who had lost his life in January of 2019.


For those that have not been to Chattanooga, Tn. you are really missing a piece of the industry worth taking the time away to experience at least once. Ask others and they will tell you it wasn't their first time and will not be their last. It isn't just the Museum, the Tow Show, The Wall of the Fallen, The Hall of Fame and so much more. It's the Food, the Atmosphere, It's Rock City, Ruby Falls, Look Out Mountain. We actually stayed closer to Look Out Mountain and stopped to watch the Hang Gliders on Saturday and Sunday Morning. What a different experience, but then we were 18 miles out and a 30 minute drive down into Chattanooga.The 3 BR 2 BA Cabin worked well for 6 of us. It was just the drive that takes a couple of days to grow on you. No straight roads through the mountains. Those that live and work in these type areas should feel right at home.


Hope to see more of you in Baltimore next month. It's TIME to get back out to the shows and events.

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