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Facts: It is not 1 Tow Operator Killed Every 6 days.


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Please STOP referencing 1 Tow Operator is Killed every 6 days. This number just is not factual and actually does harm to the movement when actually researched. To date in 2022 including Road Service Techs to numbers are 1 Tow Operator/Tech is Killed every 18 days.


To date Total First Responders including Tow Ops/Techs is at 40.


As of today 11/5/22 that breaks down to 1 every 7.6 days.


So as unpopular as this topic will be let's get it right....


We can say 1 First Responder including Police, Fire/EMS, Tow Truck Operators are Killed every 7 days.

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Let the "Great and Unpopular Debate"begin. Who will step-up with what data proves this statement correct?


"One every six days", can't be factual based on what data HASN'T been collected over the years. What's being presented by industry personalities, insurance companies, responder safety networks or interested individuals, can NEVER accurately depict the totality of the towing and recovery industry. Lists aren't "apples to apples" and don't represent the same details or the inclusion of tire technicians and roadside mechanics counted as tow operator strikes ... they're NOT tow operators. That info may be true to "predestrian strikes" on the highway, but they're not towers. I belive there's NO exact number collected in the 106-years since the tow truck' being invented. While I'll agree there were month and years where tower's were killed days apart even two on the same day in different states, that doesn't reflect the entirety or accuracy of the numbers killed as that statement suggests.


Perhaps someone ... anyone can provide a link that provides accurate data? Anybody? That's the challenge ! ! !           R. 

Randall C. Resch

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This is a major problem, not just the loss of life, but the fact that we do not have a recognized source of accurate data. I know Randy collects very detailed information related to towing industry injury and loss of life as do a few other individuals and two organizations however the US DOT does not recognize any of these sources as "the source". For most other industries officials turn to the US Department of Labor or OSHA stats, but because of the nature of our industry not all workplace injuries or deaths are reported, and those that are may not have the correct SIC code to make their way into these stats.


TRAA, among others, has lobbied for funding to create a proper recording of these incidents however due to standard police crash reporting procedures and other difficulties it has been an uphill battle to even decide on appropriate sources to feed the repository. Often a responder death is simply reported as a pedestrian struck-by leaving their occupation and the reason they were in harms way out of the report.


Now, for the one in 6 day claim, where do we draw the line as to what is included or excluded in that calculation? Road service technicians may be part of the towing industry or they may be from a private fleet such as the Penske technician struck and killed in Pennsylvania. DO we include all workplace related deaths or just those on the highway? What about occupational related illness that results in death?


I'm not trying to be difficult, and have even been guilty of using the 1 in 6 figure previously, but where do we draw the line and to what purpose will this data be used? Perhaps there needs to be a total number and then mechanism of injury/death breakouts so that depending on what agency or lawmaker one is presenting this data to, and the purpose of such, it will be more effective.


So much to think about just so we can have valid numbers and data to present to those that can make change to policy, law or funding for awareness campaigns.

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