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What was this driver thinking before taking flight?

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Yeah ... that certainly was an "OH SHIT" moment. I think it's easy to sumise that this pickup truck and trailer weren't your everyday flatbed carrier in process of loading a disabled vehicle and I don;t kow the circumstances. It's easy to ask ... "Who's a fault here?" This video is a great training tool for tow owners and tow operators to focus on court questioning that asks two specific questions, "Mr. Trailer Owner, why were you parked in a live-traffic lane", and two,"What did you do to identify your working zone?" While I see one cone may have been placed curbside before the trailer, but what about the other cone(s) in the back of the pickup? While I don't know if the pickup and trailer were simply stalled or otherwise, a video like this one has great value to the driver of the white-vehicle when it goes to court. The lesson learned here is to make your work zone obvious using flares, cones or signs. 

Randall C. Resch

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This was likely a landscaping crew as you can see what appears to be mower in the grass ahead of the truck/trailer combo. At the beginning of the clip you can see there is a similar truck in the grass to the right. What their reason was for parking in the left lane was likely a continuous unsafe practice. One Cone & No Lighting contributed to the drivers unawareness in part distraction. I'd be interested to know if the driver was under the influence of anything at the time of the incident. This seems to be a contributing factor in many of these incidents.

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I don't think there was any thought, or at least thought what was ahead of him. My Thought is that could have been a tow operator winching a vehicle up the bed. This is a prime example of why we do not put the customer in the truck. We have them stand away from the vehicle, preferably behind something or forward to the side of the tow truck away from traffic. Had that been an LGC Roll Back Bed and there was a customer in the passenger seat they may have been seriously injured. More of us drive single cabs. Which may be another reason to look into getting an extended cab on our next roll back.

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