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When you think you're having a bad day!!!!!

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Topic Originally Created by cliffwm10069 in November of 2006:


This was a recovery one of our drivers responded to with our 1060 stick. While driving in he was throwing up dust (that should tell you how dry the road was). and then it happened,the road gave out from under us. truck #2 responded and got within 1/2 mile of the red truck and it fell in. Eppler towing and a cat d-7 w/winch was brought in to help retrieve the 2 tows and the bobtail. NOTE; the black cloud over our head for three days, we took the picture of it 5 miles away. did i mention it took 3 18 hour days and a bent boom on the yellow 4024 eppler truck before it was over.









this is what we were heading for.












there's the d-4 with a winch we thought could help







my pickup bringing in supplies(or so i thought)


this should have been a sign!




This is what we did after we were done.



and then company meeting to follow!

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After more than 15,000 views on January 9th and over 200 respectable replies other than one from Jamie Dougherty where he would Fire both drivers.


On January, 9th 2008 Cliff responded with:

I can't believe 5 pages. I hope everyone has learned from this post. Just a note though, walking this would do you no good, unless you weigh 58,000 lbs., remember the ground would kick up dust as you walked on it. Very hard ground(for the first few inches). Never saw it coming!


Maurice Trevor Andrews responded:

Cliff take the "shoulda woulda coulda" with a grain of salt. The folks that know of you and the operation you run knows that you would'nt go out there knowing that was beneath the surface and like you said, unless you weigh 58,000 pounds you would have never seen it coming either.


An Unknown Member responded:

I am just speechless by what happened here. As someone who works in the excavation business, I have never seen or heard of any ground situation like this ever. It reminds me of the lava flows in Hawaii, hard crust on top that takes considerable force to break through... but when you do, throw out a life ring cause your gonna sink fast. Also remided me of what happens when someone breaks through the ice on a frozen lake.

WOW 100 post and 15000 views. Cliff, your sacrifice of pride by displaying these photos and telling the story has paid dividens in the education of others about potential dangers. I commend you for posting these and want you to know that you should be proud that you touched so many people with your thread.


Tims Truck Service responded:

That makes for a Super bad Week !!! Thanks for Posting the Pics. ..... It gives us all Something to Think about & gives us all a new Perspective before taking a Piece of Equipment off Road again......TIM


DJ The Tow God responded:

I show this to the boss anytime we have an incident. He then begins to realize that his problems aren't quite that bad. Just imagine the actual cost of recovering those trucks. Then add to that the repairs and cost of recertifying everything. Really puts things into perspective.


Brian Bell responded:

LOL  I guess it could always be worse... The " Incident Plan" TouTube video has views in the millions.


This topic was Bumped last in 2017 and was one of the most viewed topics on the old message board system.

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MY GOD !!!! What a mess..... That was the definition of freak of nature.... It appears to be down in a valley with maybe heavy storms at the higher elevations which of course would raise the water table.. Just guessing... But from looking at the first picture of the road, I would have drove right on in too.. It swallowed everything like quick sand... Amazing 

There are Tow Truck Drivers, Then There is Towing and Recovery operators...... Which one are you??🤨

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Wow, first time I have seen something like this. Our policy is not to take our truck off the roadway. This was a roadway and we would not have even thought about walking it. As stated what good would it have done to walk it and who would have thought there were more than one high water table to sink into. I'd like to know how the companies in their area have changed their approach to these recoveries. Since this obviously was not a one time weather event.

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