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  1. Topic Originally created by kyd9055 on Tow411 in Aug. of 2007: First time I've got to tow a mixer so I thought I'd go ahead and post it. Only a little left in the drum, nothing special to it just haven't posted in awhile and thought this was somewhat worthy. Kim02 said: Nice job. I usually tow those from the bumper. Use medium forks inward of frame where the braces tie into the pull plate. A heavy rubber square with 2 tabs cut each end lays inside the fork to keep from scratching bumper. Gives more clearance & you aren't lifting as much weight. Wade200 said: Nice job. The U-bolt forks work great on those as well. Wreckmstr said: I tow em from the back...if you can get to it. MTA415 said: tow 'em any way I can get 'em. You got enough machine for it, looks good to boot.... take a little pressure off your 3rd, will give you a little more steer if you need it. Working at the company you are at you'll be great in no time.
  2. Topic Originally Created i=by hpgtow on Tow411 in Aug. of 2007: Customer called said they had one of there packers stuck in Port Newark and one of the rear tandems were coming off... He advised it was about half loaded... My brother was already in the Port with a tractor so he stopped and gave me hand.... The rear axle was pretty far in so we decided to chain tow... We chained the hooper closed well and tightened the screw clamps that hold the hooper closed... Went to the rear axle with 5/8 grade 100 chains and cross chained it.... Released the brakes.. Pushed the tandems back in..Locked the brakes and put a safety strap to hold the tandems in... hey Al... The truck looks even better close up... Stay well. Steve Ed Barker said: Good job Steve,,,looks like it handled it very well,,,,,I like that yellow on your new paint job ,,,it sure stands tall. Mr Waialae Chevron said: Steve, When you tow it like that, do the chains want to crush the hopper? Thanks Barney hpgtowing said: Thanks, Barney.. No it really don't leave chain marks... We have done them both ways..Cross chained and straight ... We have a large supply of old light duty tow sling straps from years ago.... We place them between the chains and the body... They work great.. they also use to work good on bumpers... There was a good amount of gear oil on the inside of the wheels and the top of the body... it looks to have been leaking for awhile ... Thanks.. Stay well.... Steve FMS Mike said: I am always amazed at that wrecker!! I love that truck, such a brute..nothing it can't do. HPG Can Do ALL!! Michael Jerrys Road Service said: nice lift there.ive forked from rear frame on those but was a little struggle to keep sterrs down some times lol Jerry's Towing Santa Clarita ,Ca hpgtowing said: I had thought about forking it from the chassis.. But I am not crazy about having to lift something with this weight on tall forks and risers... The hump from hooper forces you to have the T-Bar very low and the forks very high... I just never liked that.... Thanks... Steve DMHANSON said: HEY STEVE did you sell a wrecker to a guy in oklahoma????? there is a shop here in my town with about the same truck set up just wondering. hpgtowing said: Daryl.. If it is a Paystar like mine with the big 1400 X 24 rubber in the front and it has a 45 ton challenger on it? Then it's Kongs sister which I have been looking for? It should be the same truck as mine... No front outriggers.. and no front winch.. It should have a trebron under reach on it.... If it is the truck? I would greatly appreciate the owner name and number.... Thanks... Stay well.. Steve Byron Coleman said: Nice work and to anyone that may try this in the future always check the bolts that hold the packer to the chassis.They are often loose and worn at the rear. In Memory of DNDTOWINGCOM who said: Hey Steve, another good idea with the sling straps. I always used old aluminum truck frame sections about 4' long that had been cut in half long ways to make an angle. Place it between the towed unit and your chains. Disperses the load and the chains won't slide because they bite into the aluminum so the towed unit will not move from side to side. Dann Vegas Heavy Haul Inc. dba. Big Valley Towing Las Vegas, NV. DMHANSON said: YEAH ITS THAT TRUCK ALRIGHT IT SAYS KONG ON IT 45 TON CHALLENGER YELLOW IN COLOR NOW,SAME TRUCK!!! hpgtowing said: Daryl... This is how it looked when George Logan owned it.... I guess the boom is still yellow.... This truck was identical to mine expect it had a Trebron Under Reach.. It had no front out riggers, No front winch, No drag winch and no Trebron Winching spade..... Thanks... Steve unknown member said: Kong is a beast. My only suggestion to what is already a masterpiece of towing equipment? ADD A LITTLE BIT OF RED PAINT TO THOSE WHEELS !! All white is too stark looking on that beast. LOL. To each his own. Good luck in reuniting with Kong's sibling. Leroyhedrick said: steve ,those trucks of yours are truly awesome!!!! the biger the better in most cases keep up the good work Leroy II, Maysville, WV wm# 99405 DMHANSON said: YES ITS THE SAME TRUCK FOR SURE,good luck getting him to sell. daryl. hpgtowing said: Daryl.. I called him right after I spoke to you... He didn't even have time to think about it before he said not for sale! I can't blame him... I would appreciate it if you could get a few pictures of it..... I'd like to see it? Thanks for your help just the same.... Steve FMS Mike said: Isn't 411 Great, Kong now knows where her sister is!!! Steve have u exhausted all efforts to bring her back to Jersey? Michael
  3. Topic Originally created on Tow411 by trekkmstrin Aug. of 2007:
  4. Topic Originally Created by njhook on Tow411 in July of 2007: Here are a few shots of our Tru-Hitch at work. A few are some old ones I found and the car trailer shots are of a job today. As usual, I started un-hooking before I took the pics, so the air lines and light wiring have already been removed. Thanks for looking and stay safe! Sean Koonz, WM001772 Level 6/7A Top Ten Wreckmaster 2005 Engel Towing, Inc. Hope, NJ 07844 @njhook Mr Waialae Chevron said: Wow...never seen one jack knifed like that logger. I have a question...when you go over bumps, does the trailing end move up and down, or does it stay tight? Could the chains come loose? Do you have to pay attention to it? These hitches have their place and time in our biz... Thanks njhook said: The towed unit behaves exactly like a trailer. When you go over bumps, the rear suspension absorbs the bumps like it normaly would. Those rear chains are pulling down on the trucks' frame. If we were to back up an incline (or go over something that the suspension could not compensate for) the Tru-Hitch would pivot on the 5th wheel of my tractor - still keeping the rear chains tight. The only way those rear chains will loosen is if I were to tilt those lower booms up. When you tow with a Tru-Hitch, you manually lock both the lift and tilt cylinders, so any movement at the pivot points is eliminated. As for the jack knife pic, I was in the process of parking that truck in the lot - 77,000 lbs on the logger in that pic. Sean Koonz, WM001772 Level 6/7A Top Ten Wreckmaster 2005 Engel Towing, Inc. Hope, NJ 07844 Joe Cummings said: Looks like that True Hitch does a pretty nice job. What do you chain the back end to? I would guess frame rails if possible. By the way I have one of those Aeromax tractors I have been stripping for parts. Not sure if you need anything or not, but if so send me a pm. Mr Waialae Chevron said: Thanks Sean...I think you and Blkwill are the only ones posting Tru-hitch pics... njhook said: That's correct, Joe. The booms are chained to the frame. Usually I go over the frame rail and back to the Tru-Hitch booms, however the Tru-Hitch comes with "C-Clamps" that attach to the bottom flange of the frame as well. These are helpful when towing box trucks or other trucks with bodies mounted to the frame preventing the chain from being routed over the frame rail. Good to know about the parts truck too. I'll keep you in mind if I need anything - thanks! Sean Koonz, WM001772 Level 6/7A Top Ten Wreckmaster 2005 Engel Towing, Inc. Hope, NJ 07844 In Memory of DNDTOWINGCOM who said: So how long on average does it take you to load a tractor? Then unload it? I had a trucking company come to pick up one of their units that blew the motor and I swear it took the guy two hours to get it loaded. Dann Vegas Heavy Haul Inc. dba. Big Valley Towing Las Vegas, NV. Blkwill said: Dann It doesn't take that much more time to hook up then a under reach. There are so that are pains just the same as forking, but after a few its about a 10 min job to hook a basic tractor. Drive line and air are the same. njhook said: Dann - I agree with Blkwill, it doesn't take much more time to hookup than forking with a standard under-reach. It's like anything else, the more you use it and practice the more efficient you become. I think you may have been watching someone who was not familiar with operating a Tru-Hitch and they might have made it look harder than it is. Think about the first time you uprighted a passenger vehicle at an MVA...45 minutes after dragging mine around on its roof - it finally landed on it's wheels! Now, it's up and loaded in about 10. Same thing with the Tru-Hitch - the more you work with it, the better an operator you'll be. Thanks for looking at our pics and stay safe! Sean Koonz, WM001772 Level 6/7A Top Ten Wreckmaster 2005 Engel Towing, Inc. Hope, NJ 07844 Scooby said: god bless you gentlemen running those I never personally got a liking to them
  5. This was taken from a topic created in 2005 on Tow411 I have a 60" tool box under the roll back. I want to find a fixture that I can bolt to the top of the tool box that will hold my shovel and broom. Something that will be sturdy and steadfast yet easy to release the shovel and broom when I need them. ANY IDEAS FELLAS ????????????? Bruce DrHook541 said: You should be able to find these in any hardware store. Use two for each tool and they will stay in place without pivoting and still be easy to remove. C'ya in the ditch. moranmg said: Bruce on my flatbeds i weld 4"long pipe to the crossmembars under the bed and slide the broom and shovel handles into it and hold it in place with a bunge so thay can't slide out auto rescue said: Instead of using the pipe I used plastic PCV pipe bolted to the bed crossmembers with muffler clamps.John R. Spitz said: Thats a good idea, no rust! Did you paint the pipes at all so it didnt look so "hillbilly" or does noone really pay any attention? I was thinking about doing this now, how did you guys secure the broom or shovel in the tube when not in use.. I was thinking about welding a tab on the shovel head, and getting a broom that had a metal handle, so when you slide it in, you have a pin with a hair clip that you just drop in and secure and be on your way.. moranmg said: Bruce the way i do mine you can't see the pipe or the broom but i do undercotted Spitz said: Would any of you mind posting a few pictures if you have the time please?? Clay said: For your broom get a telescoping handle (paint section in the "Big" home improvement store) and a regular shovel will fit in the box. That way they stay clean and dry (have you used the broom that was out in the winter?).
  6. This Topic was Originally Created by hdtowman65 in December of 2005: OK, what are the advantages, dis advantages of having the boom mounted opp. direction. Is it just preferance? Seems maybe you get full capacity from your boom more this way, both sides and tail without having to extend, where as standard way only off sides, unless its a SLIDER or TRAVELER. Gale25yrs said: If I remember right there were some of the units special ordered this way from Miller to go to Japan. The thing would be heavier on the tail than normal but if your doing mostly recovery then the reach of the back is maximized. wstowing11 said: Oh,what a sidewinder could do for that truck! When we first looked at a tator from Miller in the early years of the 40 and 50 tonners my father wanted his mounted like this and there was some concerns and the unit never came to be. Later another tower in Baltimore ended up with a crane chassis with his mounted like this. I can see a definate advantage of @ 8-10 feet of reach over a conventional mount. That creating an advantage on lifting capabilities within boom rating off the tailboard and possibly on the rear corners. Getting the angle on the lift and being able to reach your lifting capabilities. The Japanese might be able to help us with this one because it seems like they have alot mounted like this one over there in Japan.
  7. Topic Originally Created by nullstowing in September of 2006: Yesterday we moved four tanks for a customer from a place that they have been renting to their new loctaion. a 70 ton crane was used to lift them out of the pit they were in and set them on the Landoll. The tanks were 12 foot around which made us 15 feet high. We made the 8 mile trip three times in order to move all the tanks. Once we were at the new location we used the 45 ton NRC slider to reach out and pick them off of the trailer and set the tanks on the ground. Once all the tanks were moved the crane was moved to the new location and set the tanks in. We had to help lay this one on its side. When we were completed we had a mess to clean up! letsplay2 said: What was kept in those tanks??? nullstowing said: Liquid nitrogen...They have been at this location for app. 30 years. So they had all the sludge in the bottom of them from over the years. When we got going down the road it decided to come out. letsplay2 said: Sludge.... Pressure Washer's sure love that. pg904 said: how much did those tanks weight? nullstowing said: 25 ton was the big one, the other steel tank was 15 ton and the stainless tanks were 5 ton each.
  8. Topic Originally Created by an unknown member in September of 2007: Got called out to respond Key West, Fl to lift and transport a U.S. Coast Guard Helicopter that had to land at Key West Navel base while in route to its normal search and rescue missions out at sea, the craft experienced a bad oil leak from it's transmission when it was forced to land, We responded with my 60 ton rotator and 60 ton detach trailer, the U.S. Coast Guard deployed a team of aviation mechanics and engineers to disassemble the craft for transport they also rig the unit for the lift. We had to travel about 150 miles to get there but only took an hour to complete the job. Our lowboy driver had to spend the night because the government would no issue a special permit to transport the craft at night, Go Figure! Wade200 said: Nice job, that's funny you would think they could give you a "pass" considering who it was for. I would have done the same with them rigging it, either they do it or I wouldn't want the job. Could you imagine dropping one of those and it being your fault? brostow13 said: Just curious ,why do you need a special permit ?you don't appear to be too wide or too long,are you too tall ?Other than maybe being too tall that is an anytime of the day load here .Again just curious ,other than that cool job and great pics, thanks . Mark John Fenshaw said: great pics nice job. how long did it take yall to get to the keys? what route did yall take to get there. i know i rode my bike there once before for a mini vacation and it seemed like the speed limit was 35mph. thanks for those pics stay safe. Brett Holcome said: Have moved the Broward Sheriffs Office Helicopter several times to Opa Locka Airport Hookup - 0.00 Mileage-0.00 Total =0.00 Its great practice Brett wstowing11 said: I will cut straight to it . Do you still get nervous lifting such valuable pieces of equipment , or is it just normal everyday nothing to worry about stuff ? I know for the few helicopters we have lifted , I am truly nervous on the controls because I know in the end I am the one on the wrecker controls and they will look at the operator when something might go wrong, no matter who did what, why , or whatever . I still never feel comfortable with the size shackle they attach to the top of the motor for the lift. It sometimes will fit in your palm. I commend you guys on the successful lifts with extremely valuable equipment on your hooks ! Brett Holcome said: every time we move one we always have plenty of experts on scene 4 to 5 chiefs & 1 wrecker operator that stands by till all the chiefs decide whose way is the best::: so we just stand by wait @ 0.00 per hour/3hr min. ha ha Santiam01 said: My son & I built one of those, out of legos. His was only 29.95 I would have lifted that one no problem! Seriously, nice work. Are you going to Chucks class a Baltimore on aircraft recovery? Towjoe19 said: Nice job and great pics! As an Ex-Coastie I especially appreciated this post. Us boat guys used to call that model helo (HH-65) whistling sh#t cans. "Whistling" because of the distinct noise the enclosed tail rotor makes, and "sh#t can" because they like to fall out of the sky.... Thanks for sharing and be safe out there! Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely." - Auguste Rodin Joey Hardrolls @ Hilario's
  9. Topic Originally Created by Towman3137 in October of 2007: Loaded this truck for a driver and lifted it to remove tires to get under height. Capptow said: Im surprised that they didnt tow and put sign on the back that reads "in tow". ryan twc84 said: nice lift good job BigWheelRecovery said: NICE JOB GUYS thanks for the nice rigging shown because you are the one that showed me all i can say is thank you . keep the great pictures coming . thanks Eric
  10. Topic Originally Created in November of 2007: had to lift off driver he was trap nearly an hour before they could get me to scene. luckly he only ended up with broken leg. sorry no pics of the actual rescue ResqTator said: 'Way to go, Stan! Gerry Sienk said: Hey, we can understand why no pics of the rescue, I'm sure the driver appreciated you not taking any time to take pictures, but the rest is good. Was he loading that can when it fell over? towwhat said: no he wasnt picking up. a concrete pumper was tring to back in a spot to pump and the construction workers said he never slowed down and cut around them when he ran off the side of road.
  12. Topic Originally Created in July of 2006 by AWOOD: Got this call from a contractor and said that he had a 140,000 lb. crane that was stuck in a driveway. Upon arrival we found this unit, luckily it was just surface stuck and not mired. The crane was able to help and it was a successful recovery. It was on a slight grade up-hill with a very slick mud surface. danielswt said: i think you were definitely rigged for a pull great work Scooby said: looks like fun GAYLOCK1 said: good rigging ,excellent job!!!!!Paul ibuytoys said: Nice rigging!! Did you charge them by the Price Per Pound method $$$$$$$$$Hawaii's only NRC 9240SR Sliding Rotator with five winches Nationally Certified Crane Operator- NCCCO #050820973 "The Impossible Just Takes A Little Longer!" BLKWILL said: Allen, Nice Rigging job. Two 3 part lines Sure insured safe W.L.L of your line. What were you hooked to his block tie offs or chokes, I can't see it in the pic? You got it done and We hope you got paid for your labor.Will Cain Chesapeake Service 410-287-2666 hdtowman26 said: Very nice job! Thanx for pics. The Tow God said: Thats like a 200 ton Grove, it should have all wheel steer and 8 wheel drive. Put that sucker in turtle gear and it should walk itself out. The Liebherr's have hooks on the frame below the bumper to hook to, makes it real nice. In California, they have to put the boom in a dolly to make weight. Looks like a fun job. It probably weigh more like 150,000. The 200 ton Liebherr I ran weighed that much without the dolly. Nice machines, but dont move the boom without the outriggers lol Mr Waialae Chevron said: There's a ton of muscle out there....like 150,000 worth! ForgivenOne said: Okay, I'm going to have to join the crowd and say "Good job." You showed me something new or a different way of doing something. Cool, keep these kinds of pics coming and next time show us your hook ups and how you connected the vehicle. I had to zoom the picture and couldn't tell. But I like what you did here, thanks DW Carter said: Nice work Allen. It's nice seeing a job done when the operator cares enough to take care of his equipment. Far better to over rig, than under rig. What's it going to hurt? Take a little longer?DW Carter WM92343
  13. Topic Originally Created in July of 2007: "HUNTER BOYZ" When Second Best Just Won't Do!
  14. Posted on Tow411 in June of 2012
  15. Description states these images are from vintage wreckers site Dos anyone here have details and history of this vintage wrecker?
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