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  1. Topic Originally Created by TERRYSTOW in December of 2005: Just wondering what everyone does for thier employees as far as benefits go? health, what % do they pay, vacation, holiday bonuses? Just wondering what other companies do Rudy Smith said: 85.5 hours paid time off, after 5 years 130 hours. 90% of employee's health insurance, they pay for family at discounted rate pre tax. 401K we match 4%. Uniforms paid. Don 29 Years aka THTDON said: I have always paid for 50% of the health insurance. I contribute to a Simple IRA each week. I pay each driver that has his own NEXTEL a $12/week stipend, for MY use of THEIR phone. That's $48/month, which should be about half of the NEXTEL bill. But they still think that I am a cheap bastard!http://tow411.net/images/banners/sigdon29yrs.gif TOwBoY88 said: Chances are if you offered to pay for 90% of it, they would think the same as well. "60% of the time, I am right everytime." Buddy Corgan said: 82% health, best plan offered by BC/BS. Uniforms, steel toed work boots and whatever "Corgan shwag" we have at the time (shirts, jackets or hats with CTI logo). Overtime after 48hrs. Holiday pay. Bonuses depend on how well the company has done fiscally. Peter
  2. Topic Originally Created by OldTrucks in May of 2005: Recently read a post re:Lane Blocking - Here in Maple Ridge B.C. we have a stretch of road where tow work is taking your life in your own hands. A hook up on a wrecker is not as bad as loading a deck - it is the service call for a flat that really scares the pants off a tower. How far back and how much lane should one be taking? Lets see hmmm - 3/4 ton pick-up moving at 80 MPH hits F-450 wrecker parked at 30 degree angle from shoulder of road 30 feet from disabled vehicle ....how long does it take for either truck to kill operator? Think about it..."Tow them like you own them" Towmaster B said: Don't change tires on the side of the road. Drive them or tow them to a safe place far away from traffic first. Stevo said: Ditto...I will tow a car for free off the highway to chage a tire before I change it in traffic.Steve Choice Towing & Recovery Fredericksburg,Va lstyba said: Good to see you on tow 411 Doug. I will be hanging around Maple Ridge Towing as of Nov 1, after my tour bus driving finishes for the year. I have a ton of material for training and lane blockage will be one issue. What I do is look at each situation and determine where I am going to set up my wrecker as to block me from oncoming traffic. I have asked customers to drive it further off road for safety reasons. The big complaint from the customer would be to damage the rim or tire more. My response is you have already travelled on it from highway speeds to a stop. the distance further i am asking you to travel will not hurt it anymore than all ready is, it is for our safety. If they say no, I say well it is not safe so I am leaving the scene, that usually forces the hand. Your safety first Doug, No one can replace you, a wrecker yes.Cya In the Ditch Larry Styba WM# 011088 6/7 AC oldtrucks said: Thanks to everyone for the feedback - much appreciated. Larry - looking forward to having you kicking around the place....will make sure Judy bakes up a big batch of cookies for you...."Tow them like you own them" Divor said: cookies might have to stop in on my next trip down lstyba said: Guaranteed only crumbs left for you Ivor. But I will buy you a coffee. It should be fun Doug. If it is not fun, then what the heck are we doing their? Cya In the Ditch Larry Styba WM# 011088 6/7 AC SHERIDAN said: This is what we had to do for traffic control one night last summer while a load was pulled off of a wrecked trailer. This was done for about 12 hours with full authority from WYDOT and the Highway Patrol. FMS MIKE said: Usually if changing a tire in the shoulder, I will position my truck on an angle about 300 feet back from the car with my emergency lights on. If it is in a very hazardous spot, i will just hook it up and fix it where its safe. If I need to completely block a lane for something, I have no reservations to calling the PD to assist. They encourage us to do that. Mike Farmington Motor Sports SHERIDAN said: David, nobody tried to drive through the cones. If they would have, the only way around the accident scene would have been to drive into the river. What was so funny that night was that how many people could see this from a mile and a half back that the road was closed and pulled up and asked if the road was closed. I only ended up with a few mad people. I told them it was no big deal and they would still have to go back 3 miles and get on the interstate.
  3. Topic Originally Created by Michael McGovern in May of 2005: Do any motor clubs deduct for property damage without first giving the tow operator a chance to fix/pay/deny the claim of the auto club member? If so, which ones? If the club gives you an opportunity to protest damages claims, what has been your experience? Positive? Negative? Corby said: Don can explain all your questions on this. Dave MNPOOL said: Mike good to see you here. Don 29 Years aka THTDON said: Oh boy, here comes Pandora's Box. Being a lawyer, Mike, you would probably think that when we are accused of wrongdoing, we would be presumed to be innocent, until proven guilty. That is not how it works with motor clubs and vehicle damage claims. And all of the motor clubs handle this issue the same way. If a customer complains to the motor club that the tower damaged his car, the tower is told to pay up. A couple of years ago, a customer complained to USAC that I put a chip in the paint on the edge of his door. I had performed the call myself, so I went out to inspect the car. There was a chip about the size of an eraser on the top of a pencil on the edge of the door. When USAC called, I was told that the claim had to be settled within 48 hours. That doesn't give you much time to notify the insurance company, if that is appropriate. In the end, the customer never followed up, so nothing came of the claim. Another time, I was accused of damaging the back of a BMW. When I went to pick up the car, I noticed prior damage before I touched the car. So I had the guy at the filling station sign off on the damage before I towed it. The next day, CCMC notified me that the customer complained that I damaged the rear bumper and trunk lid. They went on to say that they had two witnesses that watched me back the car into a lightpole, then park it elsewhere. I had to provide CCMC with a copy of the signed invoice, noting the prior damage, and they also talked to the guy who signed the slip. That is what saved me. If I hadn't had the guy sign off on the damage, I would have ended up paying for it, no question. I went back to the dealership the next night, and discovered that there was no lightpole anywhere around. No question that the customer attempted to set me up, to get someone else to pay for damage that he obviously had done himself. We tow a lot of cars every year. And cars do get damaged from time to time. Thankfully, for me, very seldom. When we do damage a vehicle, we stand behind our work, and always do the right thing. Unfortunately, the motor clubs always act as an advocate for the customer, and never for the tower. I have had my check debited several times over the years. So I have altered how I conduct myself, to avoid situations where I can be blamed for damage that I didn't do. Lately, I have been declining to tow unattended cars from private homes, because there is no one at home to do the walk around inspection with the driver and sign off on the invoice. And I seldom tow a car to a closed dealership at night for the same reason. When we are put in a position where we must tow an unattended car, we should be held harmless because the customer was not present to sign off on it. If the motor clubs would simply let us handle claims ourselves, we would have an opportunity to contest the damage, and let the insurance company represent us. Let the chips fall where they may. But the motor clubs always declare us to be guilty, and demand that we pay for any damage that the customer claims, whether we did it or not. Personally, I don't think that any motor club has the right to debit our check, but they do it, and there is not much we can do about it. If my check was wrongfully debited, and I decided to sue them to get the money back, there is probably a 50/50 chance that I would win the case. But in the long run, I would lose, as I am sure that I would lose my contract with them. When you look at how much business you do with a club in the course of a year, it is cheaper to let them do what they want. I can't afford to be right, sometimes. And they know this, which is why they crap all over this industry .http://tow411.net/images/banners/sigdon29yrs.gif Ted said: Don, Thanks for spelling this out. Not towing anymore, I want to get some better type of coverage for towing. The options being an insurance policy ( a company with the initials SF was pretty good dealing with the company I used to work for) or a motor club. After seeing some of the postings regarding the way the MC's rip off the towers, they will never get a dime of my money. While not driving anymore, a towers friend I'll always be! unknown Member said: Well, I had a damage claim with CCAS several months ago (there's a long thread about it in this forum). Basically the claims rep ignored me until the claim was old enough to be automatically paid. I finally got ahold of the claims manager, and I was told the claim decision was reversed, but to date they have not returned the money to me... But it's like they say, if you want the MC's money, you have to play their game... Sometimes that involves taking your licks. You just have to stay vigilant... ncoast said: The only damage claim I have had in almost 5 years (knock on wood) was small, and taken care of between me and the customer. If I had one that I thought was wrong, or the customer was trying to get over, the first thing I would do is call my agent, and start a claim. That should stop the MC from deducting any money. Then your insurance company's adjuster decide's weather to pay or not. If the adjuster thinks its a legitimate claim, you can still pay out of your pocket, and it wont affect your insurance rates. I have never read on here, where some one has contacted their ins. co. Then called the MC and told them it was being investigated. You cant stick your head in the sand and hope the claim goes away. You calling the MC and saying We didn't do that isn't going to work. A adjuster saying you didn't will. This isn't directed at any one, Just my opinion. Don 29 Years aka THTDON said: I don't think that you get it. I believe that the motor clubs are obligated to their clients to act as an advocate for the motorist. The way the game is played is, they declare you guilty, and either you, or your insurance company pays. They don't care which. But there is no denying the claim. They do not want to hear that. I had a claim that was made last year that I am positive we did not do. After me arguing with him that we did not do the damage, the motor club damage claim person told me in no uncertain terms that I had 24 hours to provide him with a claim number. And if my insurance company didn't pay the claim, I would pay it by them debiting my next check. If you think that by you establishing a claim, that it will hold off the motor club damage claim person, you have another thing coming. They want these claims settled quickly. They do not care whether or not you really did the damage or not. If a customer complains about damage, they want you to pay, whether you are guilty or not. It is not fair to us how they handle complaints of damage. But they have us all over a barrel. http://tow411.net/images/banners/sigdon29yrs.gif unknown Member said: If you have a claim you REALLY need to fight, you can inform the MC and the customer that if the MC debits the claim from you, you will file a lawsuit against the customer to recover the funds.. I know that's playing hardball, but sometimes that's what is necessary, especially if someone is trying to rip you off! Don 29 Years aka THTDON said: A few years ago, we had a car owner complain about a little underside damage, after her jack broke. This incident did happen, so there was no disputing it. The motor club told me to go to the dealership and look at the damage. I called the dealership, and the woman in service told me to pound sand, and she hung up on me. I only wanted a little information, and I was nice to her. She surprised me with her nasty attitude. Come to find out, the motor club had already paid the customer, and had already debited my check BEFORE they notified me of the problem. So I was dead at the starting line. Not knowing this at the time, I went ahead and also cut the woman a check. So she collected twice. When I got my next check, I was confused that all of the calls that they listed added up to much more than the amount that was on the check. That is when I realized that I had been screwed. I sent the woman a certified letter, threatening to sue her for my money back. Later, I talked to her on the phone, and asked her why she had cashed my check, knowing that she had already collected. Naturally, she played dumb. (Maybe she was not playing?) She did return the money.http://tow411.net/images/banners/sigdon29yrs.gif unknown Member said: That's why I stay away from those factory jacks. You have to have the parking brake set, the wheels chocked, and the vehicle on a level surface for them to work properly. Otherwise, they just fold right up. I use hydraulic scissors jacks from Harbor Freight for pinchweld jacking, they are much stronger than the factory jacks, although I DO have to replace them about every 5 - 6 months because the pins get loose from side loading. However, that 5 - 6 months is hundreds of uses..... The problem is just that the pins are pressed in, a few minutes with the welder and I should be able to double the life of the jacks... dnh Towing said: mike,you know my response on this issue.this week we had a geico cust claim damage.we investigated and it looks like dealer damage from pushing it into the service bay.a geico rep also checked the the vehicle.geico rep said they would probably cover it and not to worry.all our experiences with geico have been handled to our mutual agreement.we can always get someone on the phone at geico. now cc good luck trying to reach someone.i still think its border line ins fraud on behalf of the motor club for just paying out money and expecting results in an unrealistic time frame. dave Michael McGovern said: Thanks for the great responses. dnh and I spoke about this issue at length at the Florida Tow Show. Now, the question that really counts: what, if anything, do your various motor club contracts say about damage claims and how will they be handled? courtesy towing said: Hi Mike, good to see you here . A club has never deducted from my insurance or my check for a claim. They have always given me the opportunity to investigate to an extent. They seem to want us to work through them, but I always bypass them and go through my computer to get the customer's info. I then talk the driver accused, develop pictures, and set an appointment with the customer. I have usually been able to resolve with some mediation. I don't always fight every fight , I pick my battles and always try to make the best business move. Sometimes I pay for BS , but it keeps me out of court and my insurance rates low. We take pictures and note damages prior to towing. That is not the final word if the is a claim . The customer can always state that you took the pictures and noted the damage after it occurred . We also call the club and report any pre-existing damage that appears to be towing related prior to servicing, (like scraped bumpers and torn tow hooks). Our main problem is servicing motor clubs that are insurance based, (ex. Geico, Allstate, ect). These types of clubs do not honor your damage waivers period. Even if a "supervisor" authorizes the waiver, it is useless. Read your contract as their damage claims department will tell you. They will say "Were you so naive to think that a lowly shift supervisor could supersede your written, binding contract that obligates you to all damages that our investigation find you liable for." I could be wrong but if the investigation finds you are not responsible for the damage; then guess who has to pay? The insurance company. DUH??!!!! Do you think there just might be a little bias in that investigation. One of our main problems down here in Florida is the little low riders with one inch of ground clearance. We have been told off the record to GOA these calls and move on. Our damage waivers will not hold water period. If the customer calls you back out there as a cash call then there is no superseding contract obligating you to those damages. It is between you and the customer, and only then you waiver will work . This is obviously not in the best interest of the customer, but we are only playing by the rules they provided. If there is a low rider, pre-existing damage the customer will not acknowledge, or winching, we do the only thing they will let us do based on their rules; Leave that poor guy sitting on the side of the road with no assistance while we drive away with a low pay GOA . Then you wonder if you are going to get sued for that as well. It has already been established that is a tow company leaves a customer stranded they may be held at least partially responsible for additional damages to the car or injury to the customer as a result of you failure to least tow the car or drop the customer off in a safe area. In some states there is a law that states that you cannot refuse to to a customer to a least the next exit on a highway simply because they can't pay for it. What a paradox????? Don 29 Years aka THTDON said: As far as low-riders are concerned, we have a ton of them around here. We have to tow them for the police. So we do the best we can not to damage them. It isn't easy, though. Some **** took a car that was perfectly towable, and turned it into a problem. Now it's my problem. A low rider should not have a valid inspection sticker on in in this state because it is illegal to alter a vehicle from it's factory original height. So when we damage one, that's always my defense. And I have good luck with that. When we did inspection stickers, a low-rider would not make it into the garage because the cement apron is too steep, and the ant-eater spoiler would scrape. When someone calls up to have a low-rider towed for cash, I charge $100 plus mileage. When the customer asks why so much, I point out to him that it is a lot more work to tow a low-rider safely than an unaltered car. Usually, they decline. And I flatly refuse to tow a low-rider for any motor club, for obvious reasons. http://tow411.net/images/banners/sigdon29yrs.gif dnh towing said: i have reviewed all my contracts and the majority have nothing to say about debiting payments for damage claims.some motor clubs ask that they be listed as additional insured on our policy to indemnify them from loss.but that clause means that our ins is to handle any claims. i know this is a problem that has or will effect every towing company now or in the future. some towing companies may be reluctant do discuss damage claim issues they have had,because of the implied threat of sanctions from various motor clubs,i.e loss of income,loss of calls and my company is no exception.some motor club executives could interpret this as an attack aganist them or their company.if thats the case they all have legal departments,maybe its time they start doing their job by coming up with a contract that spells out everything and in layman terms so there's no more misunderstandings. over the years we have had damage claims,some that were clearly our fault and we payed for,others that were down right fraud and we have been successful in having them denied.we have never had any payments debited to date,but i know sooner or later there's going to be an issue that can't be resolved to our mutual agreement. my parents are old school and i was raised that way as well,it may be a bad business decision,but right now if any of our payments were debited and we were clearly not to blame i would fight it,on principal or a matter of right and wrong,or what ever you want to call it,i would fight over a few hundred dollars while risk losing thousands in motor club work.i'll also add bad business decision or not i am open minded enough to get professional advice and do whats best for my company and the people that work for me or as i like to say the people that work with me.so there are alot of things to consider when handling damage claims,alot of hard choices. dave Don 29 Years aka THTDON said: I found the same thing as dnh did. My contracts say that I must name the motor club as the additional insured. No where can I find anything that specifically addresses the motor club having the right to debit our revenue. Kind of defeats the purpose of having insurance, doesn't it?http://tow411.net/images/banners/sigdon29yrs.gif Dennis Richards said: Mike- Its great to see your a neutral party on topics like this, typical lawyer. Let me start by saying my wonderful motor club career started as a Damage vehicle Coordinator at CCAS. I will say my towing back ground really helped in most cases but I will also say I did not blame a Service Provider for one damage when a walk around the vehicle was done by a driver and any and all noted damage was noted on the invoice. If you have this I believe (maybe Mike will put in his two cents in) this will take care you of if the customer takes you to court. When I was at CCAS my team acted as a mediator with damage complaints, I'm not sure if things have changed over the last year they may have. At G/E if the damage team can not come to a conclusion the Regional Manager will get involved and try and mediate the damage also. I will also say this, I know there are a lot of professional companies out there but not all will admit something when there wrong or damage is done especially on a driver level. Drivers do not want to be the one doing damage. i will say I denied a lot of damages, filed Insurance Fraud claims against customers, dealerships, repair shops etc. See ya in the ditch Mike.... Dennis WM94160 Don 29 Years aka THTDON said: Dennis, my question to you is, what do we do when we are asked to pick up a car that is unattended? That seldom happens with the club that you are currently employed by. But it happens every day at the club that you were employed by previously. We are frequently called upon to pick up a car at a person's home. And the person has gone off to work, and there is no one at home to do the walk around, and sign off on existing damage. When I indicate that I want someone to be present to sign off on the tow, I frequently get told that they will call another tower that isn't concerned about liability. So in the course of me covering my butt, and doing the job correctly, I lose the job. So much for the professional tow company. http://tow411.net/images/banners/sigdon29yrs.gif Dennis Richards said: Don- I can't speak of current procedures today at CCAS but what I use to recommend to providers was if your driver arrives on scene and there is damage, contact the customer make he/ she aware of the damage, see how they respond. If its a "yes I know its there", I then would recommend contacting the MC and have them comment the call, I would also get the name and rep ID, you got it, cover your butt. If the owner responds " I don't know what your talking about", I'd recommend telling them to call back there road side company and arrange for service when they can be with the vehicle. This way you don't refuse the call (still keeping good call acceptance) and worst case scenario you get paid a GOA. I will say that a walk around and legible signature at the dealership/ repair facility also will exclude you from any damage done by a Repair Facility. We've been using digital camera's in Worcester along with contacting the customer and we've had 0 damage claims. What you see is the condition of the vehicle at the breakdown location. We do not take pictures of every tow, just the ones when there is no one with it. It also helped on the "I'm missing two CD cases when you towed my car because I got arrested last night" statements. What we say now is, see this picture with officer Smith next to your vehicle, this is a picture of the interior of your car, can you point to those cases that aren't there so I can start looking for them! You should see there faces! Dennis
  4. Topic Originally Create by AllCountyTowing in April of 2013: What do you all think a driver supervisor's responsibilities, duties, and expectations should be? KOENIGS said: Detail trucks, finish paperwork, cover up Oopsies, check fluids, do driver reports, arrange stuff in boxes. OH, you said what Should they be.. not what they really are. In Memory of NationalAutow who said: Supervisor should be a leader by example. He should be your "go to" guy in a pinch. He should be a trusted employee and trusted by management and other drivers. He needs to see a situation and lead others thru it, not sit back to wait and see what happens. He needs to help run things and take the helm when you are not there or able. badbowtie1982 said: As an employee I believe the drivers supervisor/manager has to have a lot of experience in towing. They need to be the go to guy that other other guys feel they can call to ask question etc. Where I work we have light duty manager and an operations manager. Both guys have a lot of experience and I feel more comfortable knowing I can always ask questions if im not sure. And I'm not just saying that because both guys are on this site. Our light duty manager was named only a few weeks ago but is definitely the best guy for the job BlackAutoload said: Having been one, I dont really think the position is needed if the you have an active owner. Basically you ask a guy to act like an owner. Ie babysitter. Schedule , time cards, pee tests, uniforms, training, damage complaints, daily truck inspections sheets , order equip, ... bounty hunter II said: you do the same thing without the title with a lead driver he does all those thing that Blackauto said In Memory of NationalAutow who said: Bounty Hunter: He needs an appropriate title for whatever his job function is and he needs compensation based upon his assigned duties and qualifications. Miracle 1 said: I disagree ...I'm as active as a owner can be without giving up married life...Facing the facts, between my duties with the Towing,Repair,H/D Road service I wear many "hats"and for the most part I'm spread very thin having a Manager or a Driver supervisor would be awesome and well worth the extra $$$$ yearly it cost....No doubt it would free up alot of my time to do other things that need done... Kenny ronin said: Be cery careful in picking this person - the old saying is "in order to see a man's true character, give him authority". Many a good employee can't handle being a supervisor because of their mental maturity and a chip on their shoulder, which causes major friction amongst the ranks.. and can caouse the loss of employees - as in either he goes, or I go. Something to go over with the person you choose so you don't run into that problem. TowingHRandSafety said: Are you seeking a Job Description for a towing supervisor?
  5. Topic Originally Created by showtime93 August 28, 2012. I have left University Towing in Gainesville Fla. I bought Tri-County Towing & Recovery in Chiefland Fla. I have one rollback and a 12 ton medium duty I am looking for a heavy duty. It is a small company with so much potential, this has been a long time coming. For those that don't know me, I have been in the business for 20 years. I started with Lyons Towing in Lake Park Fla, then worked at Kauff's Towing in WPB. I was with University for the last 10 years. Any good advice would be appreciated. Harvey Spencer Cell- 352-672-8486 ibflat2 said: Good luck Harvey, things will go good. hookn4alivin said: Congrats!!! Fredstowing said: Best of luck!Welcome to the world of ownership. mooresbp said: Good luck Harvey svcmgrnow said: Good luck Harvey, maybe you could bring a former co-worker out of retirement to help you, he seems to have a lot of free time on his hands. Right Scott? ptttowguy said: Congrats & good luck on your new endeavor!! Your previous work exposure and experiences have all lead you to this point. Surround yourself with the best people you can find, and you will be successful! Miracle 1 said: Good Luck to you Harvey........Because of your experiences, You're going to make a awesome owner...Best advise I can offer is to do as you have your entire career...Play it smart in every decision and don't take unnecessary chances and you'll do great....If there's any way I can ever help,You know the number...Kenny MTA415 said: Way to go Harvey!!! "Advice???" you don't need advice from us, we need advice from you!!!! You know this game inside and out, you'll do fine. Gee, I wonder who's gonna train your HD driver when you get it? Brian Bell Said: Cool Deal... I saw a post of yours the other day and noticed it said something other then University and thought....That's Strange. Some of the Best Advise I got when I started was ... Now that you are in business for yourself you will have family & friends coming out of the woodwork wanting this and that etc... He then told me if I was going to make it in business I would have to make money off my friends & family. He then said that's right in order to stay in business you will have to do it on the backs of your friends and family.... CAUSE YOUR ENEMIES WON'T CALL YOU!!! bigtow00 said: Congrats Harvey! I'm sure you will do great with it getuone2x said: Good luck Harvey!!! Congrats. unknown member said: Brain Bell........ that was some of the best short advice i have ever read just bc ive had that happen to me starting a small single truck company!!! Best of Luck to you Harvey! Ian Tomei said: BE safe and make some money...Ian Tomei RaymondAutoRepair said: good luck Harvey. to make it in the business world. " just pay attention to your BUSINESS " and go to work everyday, even when you think there is no work!!!! you won't get the call if nobody is at the shop to answer the phone.......... words to live by.. twinbulls said: Good luck.... congrats.... now the pain train begins...... save ,, save stock up on parts...tires,oil, filters, You worked for a couple of the best tow companys out there.... so you seen alot ....do it better and you will do well... Tim Ward mushspeed said: Good Luck Harvey and happy hunting. The customers will soon come ....... when they know they can rely on getting the job done !!! Its all about quality service, Equally a business can be won or lost in the office, just like sitting on the potty......The job's not finished until the paperwork is done !! Good Luck from your colleagues across the pond. John ELIMINATOR II said: Best of luck to you Harvey. I am sure you can do anything you put your mind to Heavytowman12 said: Haven't seen Scott post the last couple days maybe he's packing Good luck with your new business ! SP8000 said: Well it looks like Jason beat me to the punch on the same thought! Call up Scott and tell him to come out of retirement and get back to what he loves. Jeff Leavitt 86 Towing Gabriels, NY mark said: Take care of your equiptment. Every one notices that.. I think having a color scheem helps tremendously. You get more brand recognition.Know your cost....Just because you are turning money dosen't mean your making money. And last but not least...save,save,save. One day you will need it. Good luck! Mark Tri-State Collision Eufaula, Al WreckMaster # 071464 showtime93 said: Thanks everyone,It's going good.There are some days that it is slow and other days that it is busy.I have picked up some motor clubs and some local shops.Iam still looking for a HD wrecker,I think thats were I"ll pickup some work.This area is rual and the closest truck is 50 miles away. Harvey Spencer Cell- 352-672-8486 In Memory of Da Wash Boss who said: Congratulations Harvey from Connecticut.... wishing you the best of luck. Danny Cassello East Hartford, CT Capptow said: Scott is retired from towing. He works for the Red Cross in Asheville NC driving the bloodmobile. i have talked to him several times about coming to work for me. he said he enjoys not having to get up at 2 am anymore. ryan Nicole Spencer said: I am a really happy wife now that Harvey has settled into his new position as owner/operator. We are blessed in this business and its growing fast. Customer service and reputation and the ball is rolling. As for Scott we miss him towbear said: Congrats and hopefully one day I can join the ownership club. gtowman said: Best of Luck.. lantz70 said: my advice....run the company, don't let the company run you. Take time to have a life.Do not be afraid to make money.Sell service,not price.anybody can be cheap,very few are the best....Lastly,do not focus on what your competitions doing.focus on your objectives.
  6. Topic Originally Create by @Jamie Dougherty in 2008: I found these photos a few weeks ago while looking for pictures of my uncle for his funeral, he is actually in the photos. These were jobs that my grandfathers towing company did back in the 70's. Thank you for looking. JAMIE DOUGHERTY JANEWAY TOWING 610-828-1613 In Memory of Da Wash Boss who said: Sorry to hear of your grandfather passing, wow those are 2 great pics. Looks to me like a Holmes 480 on one end a 750 at the other end and perhaps a 650 in the middle. very nice would like to have seen more of that Dodge in the bottom pic. Poor white 9000 living up to its name lying on its side. Thank you for sharing. Danny Cassello Jamie Doughherty said: The end unit in the one picture is a 480 but all of the others were WELD=BUILT. As far as the DODGE she was replaced in 1981 with an AUTOCAR with a WELD-BUILT. JAMIE DOUGHERTY JANEWAY TOWING 610-828-161 Blue Hills Towing said: nice old pics,thanks for sharing.sorry about your uncle. EdsTowing said: Your family has some great history there Jamie, sorry for your loss.
  7. TOwBoY88 Posted this image in 2008. There are no details in the topic.
  8. Topic Originally Created by Rustednut in 2008: The '69 Mack R600 wrecker is finished and just in time for the Brooklyn, Ct. Truck Show. Well, the outside is done. Some stuff on the inside still has to be done. These things are never really finished. Steve....if you look close....the tag on the keys says "Highpoint". I'm still trying to figure out this picture posting thing. please bear with me. Ok....got it. Now, if only the price of diesel would go down. In Memory of hpg1 who said: that sure brings back a lot of memories looking at that mack....i myself and my brother towed hundreds of trucks with it and to count how many roll-overs ,jack knifes, truck wrecks its been on its unbelievable.....thanks for sharing it looks awesome...........bob gentlyrotate said: Wow, that looks fantastic! Years ago we had a red and white R model with a 750 on it, man that was a great truck! rotator60 said: That's a great looking unit..Thanks for sharing it with us.. In Memory of Da Wash Boss who said: Jim, truck looks great!!!!!!!!! You going to be taking that beautiful mack to any local cruises on Sundays? I wish Ellington was still on. Danny Cassello
  9. Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in 2008: Owned @ the time By: Mr. Charlie and Son: Steve Gilchrist If anyone knows who they where .. You have nothing but good to talk about .Fine bunch of people .. bigwolf said: wow back in the day i hadnt seen any of those trucks in 18 yrs in about 2000 i was at your place picking up a car just after yall bought out charlies and you had the kw twin screw with the kemp conversion parked on the south side of the lot Unknown Member said: here is another truck of CHARLIE'S .. Steve had a few and all in fine shape .. Mikey drove this one ... Mikey drove this truck more then his own .. it seemed he was on call in it 24 hours aday .. He loved this truck and he said he paid for a car and a house with it .. ( he said he could tow the smallest to the bigest ) with it !! Unknown Member said: that was a hoss of a truck i loved it there was only one other truck i wanted to drive if not 37 and that was truck 25 and there was nothing you could not do with ole 25 Larry Lange said: Is that a home made conversion or a kemp, or grant etc? Unknown Member said: it was a Holmes 500 but steve turn it to this it had no tool boxes ,no dollys or a wheel lift he put a lot of money and we put lot of hours on making this truck it's one of a kind the only wrecker i ever seen made for a left handed man there was nothing that i could not do with it
  10. rotator60 said: That top picture is Billys Towing from Gainesville, Fl...Daves Towing of Ocala Fl now owns the truck...I beleive they put the unit on a freightliner now..If you look on the boom it says Gainesville's Finest.. Michael212 said: That truck reminds me of a S/A LN900 we had w/Holmes 600 on it. It was painted just like it. Ahhh the Good old Days... Topic by unknown member in 2008:
  11. Originally Posted on Tow411 by Mark Redman in September of 2005: Here is a 1961 Oshkosh/Silent Hoist Q40 (ex-Sevell's, Westfield, NJ) now owned by Central Garage in Hartford, CT. Does anyone know if this is the truck that was once owned by River Motors, in Toms River? I am thinking that it is, as there is still some blue paint visible on the underside of this truck. Wondering if anyone out there can give me an idea of the location of other trucks of this type still used by towers or used in the past? I am familiar with several here in Connecticut as well a a few others in NJ but would like to followup in order to possibly get some photos of additional trucks of this type. Thanks for your help and stay safe. Mark Redman WM99480 said: high point has a very nice one ask for Steve i think they still use it on big recoveries In Memory of Da Wash Boss who said: nice pic mark, if you want to know where all of them are try contacting bruce he can tell you a lot about these trucks. if you need his number let me know. hope all is well with you and i will keep you posted about the beautiful mack / oshkosh silent hoist unit. Danny Cassello Fredstowingnj said: I think Mandy's Service Center in Edison Nj is still running one.Fred Koch,Jr. Wreckmaster#99805 Traa Ct#8216 Fred's Towing South River,NJ Steve Avela hpgtowing said: I believe Schiliars of PA is running one also... SteveNew Jersey's Finest Since 1922 In Memory of Da Wash Boss who said: thats right steve, it is a wonderful workhorse the truck is very under rated. i have hundreds of pics of 2 people i worked for spillanes and tolland automotive anyways i have hundreds of pics of their q 50s in action. Danny Cassello Steve Avela hpgtowing said: Yep they do work alright... under rated and under estimated.. Stay well and safe... SteveNew Jersey's Finest Since 1922 Rick Redman said: Steve: Excellent shot of your Oshkosh/Silent Hoist! Looks very familiar. LOL! Danny how about showing me some of those hundreds of shots you've been baiting me with for quite awhiile now! Give me a call sometime. About half an hour away from each other as you know and it's time we hooked up. Got some good shots for you to look at as well. Also, there's one particular shot that hasn't made it into my album yet. Give you only one guess to figure out which one! Stay safe everyone, In Memory of Da Wash Boss who said: one shot not in album,,, hmmmm must be a big giant red mack that is going to make steve at hpg cry,,,,,, lol lol. am i right???? yes have oh my god hundreds of pictures of wrecks and with the silent hoist cranes in action. i have pictures of the first recovery job with a silent hoist crane in connecticut and to look back at that job now and look at the rigging oh my god osha would have a field day. alright we must hook up soon. Danny Cassello Steve Avela hpgtowing said: Familiar indeed....It's a Mark Redman picture... I sent Schielars an e-mail.. wanted to know if he was interested in selling his Oshkosh.... I wouldn't mind owning 2 of them..... Wow.... Stay well... SteveNew Jersey's Finest Since 1922 Rick Redman said: To add a little to Steve's strictly recovery comment on the Oshkosh/Silent Hoists. These trucks, with various size lifting capacities were sort of a 'second generation' if you will, of the US Navy crash cranes. Most of the earlier ones were built on Sterling chain-drive chassis. They were used at US Navy and USMC air stations for recovering downed aircraft on the runways. Most of the refurbished Oshkosh/Silent Hoists you see out there were done by a Connecticut based company. I'm looking into following thru with the person who did them to see what other info I can gather. Not sure if the replacements for these would fit into this forum, but the US Navy later used big, and I mean big, Caterpillar or LeTourneau based crash cranes. Technically I guess you could classify these as tow vehicles. If someone wants to see one I'm sure I can get one on the site from my vast collection of airport crash vehicle photos. Stay safe, Everyone! drewmel said: Saw this truck a while back sitting next to their other silent-hoist. Looks like a great truck to make some money with. I must say the look of the Spillane's ex-truck is a whole lot meaner though. Just my opinion. -Andy In Memory of Da Wash Boss who said: yes spillanes crane does look meaner as he had an enclosed cab and spreader bars on the side and rear of that truck. tolland automotives crane a q 50 like spillanes however their crane is 4 feet longer then spillanes. i have many many pictures of silent hoists doing recovery and i need to make time and learn how to post them. Danny Cassello Boscotow said: great pictures ! truck looks awesome. i use to operate tolland automotive q50,now i run bosco's automotive's q50. steve you're right they are a true workhorse! i'm glad to see more guy's rebuilding them and using them. good luck with it .... dennis Steve Avela hpgtowing said: Thank you Dennis... These trucks are so grossly under rated... The truck never fails to amaze me.. It'll take a loaded trailer with 50,000 Lbs in it and lift it right up... Wish I had another one of these trucks... I had inquired about Schliars, I know he had one. wasn't sure if he had it for sale... Stay well all... Steve thedricks said: I remember this truck very well. It was purchased by Carney's Towing of Scotch Plains NJ in around 1973. It came from Ohio as a tri axle. This truck was sold to Sevell's around 1985. As I remember it had alway's been garage kept. As a kid I hung around the garage and went out on many recoveries with this unit DragNTow aka Mike Penn said: I believe Jr. Ellis still has a Silent Hoist for sale in Elizabethtown Ky. Happy Haulin............DragNTow
  12. Topic originally created by littleredg in January of 2009: Here's some pics from a show in Lexington N.C. about 1982 or 83. getuone2x said: I like the old power wagon . my dad had one from a RxR. Also remember two power wagons getting a car hit by train half mile down RxR track from their shop one going forward one backward with the car hanging in between Jim said: i towed many trucks with the blue mack with the atlas that was one of the first trucks with an undereach in this aera ralph but an add on nrc on the back on a side note can anyone name the beacons. Roach901 said: Those were made by Mars. There beacons all had the high plastic chrome look bases, some had split lens so you could change colors. I think the ones on the Mack are their Aurora Borialis style. srvmgrnow said: Yeah, that Mack belonging to Ralph Gates was the envy of a lot of people in this area at the time, super clean truck. wreckerman05 said: thanks for posting this-- i remember all of these trucks and companies--man i would like to have those trucks now in the condition they were in then--- brings back old memories--------i was at all of those lexington shows-- vulcanuk said: all great trucks, really like that 5ton 6x6 with the 850 on , and ray harris rotator has neat winch set up and spade, how things have changed but all of these units could still get the job done in the right hands. RedPete said: Very cool pictures I love the way every truck was unique in its own way. I could look at those pictures over and over and never get board of them. Thanks for posting them. towbc said: i remember seeing the sneath truck 20 + years ago i thank it was in greensburo nc thanks for posting pics Underdog said: Great pics, thanks for sharing. Stay Safe, Rich.
  13. Topic Originally Created by Phillip Towing 102 in October of 2006: Phillip (102), Phil (108), and Robert (107), responed with our 60 ton and new 75ton rotators. The mixer was loaded with appox 10yds. From the time they arrived to the time the mixer was hooked up behind the wrecker was 30 mins. Police and NCSHP were very happy. Rotator 60 said: Very impressive indeed. Nice work start to finish Thanks for sharing. Scott Hedgcoth Ed said: Nice job & good luck with the new iron. WM010544 said: Very impressive indeed! How about some clean shots of the new units!!Ant John Fenshaw said: very impressive you guys have very nice equipment i cant wait to see steve webbs 75 toner on a all wheel drive pete one thing about steve webb he is very truck smart and can spech out a awsome wrecker i hate to see that 60 ton awd go Cardinal Towing said: looks good to me. nice looking equip also. Craig said: Nice work guys.. Sure makes it easy when you can place all the power in all the right places.. Get a load of the safety first sign on the rear bumper of the mixer ! lol. Thanks for sharing, xcessiveforce52 said: Looks good,but in my own opinion I think you should of set the 75ton @ more of an angle on the curb, would allow you to get closer to the high side so you would not have to boom out all the way...( plz dont take this as " down talking your recovery" ) job looked good & made very good recovery time. I dont know how much mixer recoveries you all get? we do alot down here & I sure love them. "GOOD JOB" Phillips Towing 102 said: Jorge, you are very correct, we should have had our 75ton a little closer to the mixer. We were in a construction zone and traffic was a very bad problem. The officers on scene were very worried about closing all the lanes so we tried to keep the 75 and 60 ton in one lane. Phillip informed me that in the afternoon meeting placement of both trucks were first to mention by the guys. As far as "down talking us" we at Phillip's Towing Inc, have nothing but the up most respect for the whole Kauff's Team and ANY comments on our posts are welcome. Waffco Joe said: Nice Job Jason,Where did this happen?I hope to get down that way for the holidays.Thanks for posting........Joe http://www.waffco.net/ Phillips Towing 102 said: This accident was at the intersection of Bragg Blvd. and Santa Fe Dr in Fayetteville xcessiveforce52 said: Jason on behalf of the Kauffs team & myself we appreciate your comment. "work them trucks & stay safe" Jorge Darryl Burrell said: Nice recovery............thanks for sharing. wstowing11 said: At least you know what it does over the corner ! Jerrys Road Service said: Nice Truck looking great. Jerry's Towing Santa Clarita ,Ca towing4u said: nice test for that new truck....thanks for sharing. zores27 said: bragg blvd and santa fe dr.... i haven't heard of that intersection sense about 1997 when i got out of the army at bragg. did your company used to have a different name? i don't remember the name "phillip's", but i sure do remember the green and white trucks always spotless, and the drivers wearing white shirts that i never saw dirty. after 10 years in the recovery business, i still can't figure out how your shirts always looked like they came right off the hanger. i used to drive for prime equipment, when they were on muchison rd just down from simmons army airfield, and your company used to tow our trucks. your trucks and 301 truck stop were the first "fancy" hydraulic wreckers i can remember encountering. maybe your equipment helped to rekindle my childhood dream of towing "big trucks". anyways, good looking recovery, mixer doesn't look hurt too bad. keep up the top notch quality of work and stay safe.
  14. Topic Originally Created by 1Caleb in September of 2006: Drunk and high this guy drives off the highway and rolls into a local vineyard. With pleanty of room and no traffic to deal with Mike tried his single lane roll-over. As you can see a catch line was added to the other side once the car was on its side. However, when the car was rolled onto its wheels it wanted to roll forward. It bumped into the back of the truck. Opps Good job to Mike (pictured) on the recovery. If anybody has any thoughts as to why the car would roll forward please add. Parking brake was set. Forgot to add some lumber under the rear wheels. That I know would have stopped it. Anyone familiar with this techique....are our lines placed properly? srxrick said: Blocks would of stopped it but the catch line moved forward would control the forward roll. Rick bones5k said: Just for the record the only reason I tried to do a controlled roll over is because the vineyard manager on scene explicitly request that no “fluids" leak from the car since this is “EPA monitored acreage.” Also, I had plenty of time and a safe location to practice something new, a controlled roll over with a dual line truck. Now looking back, yes blocks of wood should have been placed under the tires. After looking at the pictures I should have tied the control line to the front of the car. All in all it was successful roll over and only a couple small plastic bumper scrapes were added to the paint on the truck. I will be trying to buff those out later and most likely never hear the end of it. I will be practicing a controlled roll over on another vehicle at our yard until I get it right. On a side note, seeing the various techniques posted on 411.net, if nothing else, has given me new ideas and courage to try new methods and to become a better tow operator. Westlake Towing said: I think you answered one of your own questions, move the catch point farther foward(closer to the tow vehicle), and placement of cribbing or wheel chocks. You could also get the weight off of the catch line quicker. In the picture when the vehicle is rolled over, you can see that much off the weight is still on the catch line, the wheels on the left side of the vehicle appear to still be in the air, brakes no good on a wheel that is not making contact with the ground. The wire rope naturally wants to pivot directly under the end of the boom to its hanging position. Just a theory. Nothing wrong with practice thats the only way to get proficient. Ed Barker said: You took the perfect non pressured area and applied your technique,,,good job this time,,,maybe GREAT JOB next time,,,we all have to apply what we know from time to time to improve upon it,,,,quite admirable of your willingness to improve upon yourself and your ability,,,this is the steps to being a great operator and a great employee,,, John Fenshaw said: practice makes perfect there are alot of us that wish we would have done something diffrent i give you a lot of credit for trying to learn and for admitting that it diddnt go perfect so hands down to you and with you practicing and learning with a open mind will make you a awesome wrecker operator.
  15. Topic Originally Create by Wildwood Mike in April of 2006: Recieved a call from one of our customers stating they had a International boom truck on its side in their yard. I responded with our 98 pete 9055 and my uncle responded in his medium duty gmc. I arrived and found the truck tipped over with the boom resting on the reel they were moving. It wasn't all the way on its side because the boom landed on the reel and there she sat. I hooked up to it to upright it with the lines going through snatch blocks off the stiff legs to give it a low pull. My uncle ran a strap around the base of the boom turrit to catch it with the medium duty, with the boom extended we knew it would come over slow anyway but better safe then sorry. I started to upright it just enough to unhook the reel from the boom and then brought it all the way over. Everything went real smooth. There are definitely people put on this earth to make us look good, some just do it better than others. auto rescue said: Thank you for the pictures and story line. Ed Barker said: Great job,Thanks for sharing. Rotator60 said: Very nice. Thanks for sharing. Scott Hedgcoth Underdog said: Great looking trucks. Looks like it went real smooth, good job. Stay safe, Rich. Underdog Truck Service wmjohn991095 said: Nice job. Looks like the onle thing that happened to the truck was some fluid loss. Thanks for the pics.http://www.underdogtruckservice.com/logos/web-banner-hoag2.jpg www.UnderdogTruckService.com Always Bet on the Underdog! Wildwood Mike said: Yes, the only thing wrong with the truck was a little hyd. fluid loss and a flat spot on the boom extension where it landed on the reel.There are definately people put on this earth to make us look good, some just do it better than others. Bighook18 said: That is as close to going over as I have ever seen!! Thanks for the pics, nice job and story. Todd Pell pttowguy said: Great job & pics! WM010544 said: Very good job and a very nice Pete, as well!Ant Waffco Joe said: Thanks for posting,Great job,Joe http://www.waffco.net/
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