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  1. Topic Originally created by Jennings Towing on Tow411 in 2006: I would like to introduce myself. I am Joe Jennings. I along with my wife, Sylvia, and our three sons, Rick, Tony and Joe Jr. own and operate Jennings Tow and Repair in Spirit Lake, Iowa. Tow and Recovery is my thing. I love what I do. I enjoy the tow411 forum and hope it continues forever. hookrite said: Welcome from North Carolina Curtis auto rescue said: Welcome to the forum... moranmg said: Welcome aboard TOwBoY88 said: Welcome fro
  2. Topic Originally Created by mooresbp on Tow411 in 2006: I am not real new here but I never have introuduced my self, sorry about that but was unsure what I would find here. You people are the greatest. I am George Moore and my wife(Anita) and I own and operate Moore's BP Amoco, Inc. We bought the business from her dad 5 years ago. He had operated a full service station for 34 years, towing, repairs, car wash and fuel. When we purchased the business we remodeled the service bays into a c-store, updated the car wash and wreckers. We now have 3 trucks plus a service vehicle. One li
  3. Topic Originally Created on Tow411 by hookedontowing on Tow411 bin March of 2010: Looking to do some radio commercials...Does anybody have any funny ideas, or anything that would attract some attention a little more. annettemcd said: We occasionally do some radio commercials which are made up by a local station as short public service type announcements with our company's name associated with it. For example, in May, congratulating graduates, urging cautious driving after prom and graduation parties, and then giving a plug for our company. I am not sure how effe
  4. An Unknown Member Started this topic in February of 2007: I want to hear your best lines, stories or ? you get from vehicle owners when they call or come to get there vehicle. examples: I don't know how you sleep at night? You guys are only in this business to make money. You run some great little scam here. You steal cars, do you also kill people? If I didn't show up, in how many days do you strip my car? Where's all the cash that I left in the car? OK, now it's your turn - let's hear some of the good ones that you've been told by vehicle owners. All
  5. Topic Originally Create by Joetoww in July of 2007: This one needed Help Up The Hill. big load little engine so we gave him a boost 250,000+lbs w/ truck n trailer weight the baddest 1040b east of the Mississippi and the boniface interstater to help pop the top off this mamma jamma Eliminator II said: Now that was a long day , but it paid very well . autoexpresstow69 said: third pic ....even the sign was trying to get out of the way! Edstowing said:
  6. Topic Originally Created on Tow411 by Martin Ganley in December of 2007: went up to new glasgow today to load some snow blowers part on a step deck trailer,every thing went well but I had to moved the wrecker all morning would have been easier to sit n spin,still had a nice morning out doors playing with my favorite toy MTA415 said: Good show Martin. My smart ass would have been like "why in the heck didn't y'all call for this BEFORE it snowed!" Guess that would have bee
  7. Topic Originally Created on Tow411 by Woody39 in December of 2007: We got called for a loaded 4 axle dump vs. pole into ditch. We sent the 60ton rotator out 1st with an extra man. I was doing a winch out close by and was told to respond after I got finished. On scene we found the truck in the ditch still upright with the power lines resting on the truck. Once given the ok from power people we placed the rotator on the side of the truck, rotated the boom, strapped over the body to hold. As I placed my 50 ton in line with the truck, I winched the truck forward out of the
  8. Original Topic From August 2012: Note Article Links are no longer active. POLICIES DESIGNED TO BE FAIR and equitable sometimes turn out to be anything but. Such, it would seem, is the case with the Orangeville Police Service (OPS) policy on the use of towing services when police impound vehicles. Under the policy, police are instructed to use the town’s 10 towing services on a rotational basis, so as to assure a relatively level playing field and avoid the spectre of several trucks racing to a crash scene. If the policy worked as it was undoubtedly intended to, al
  9. Topic Originally created by mrdmrd on Tow411 in February of 2004: I wrote a couple of posts on this topic and tried to point out what I thought OSHA's enforcement scheme was for the towing and recovery industry. They don't have one. They will treat towing like they treat all the others they regulate under the heading of "general industry". If you have an accident in your workplace that results in a fatality or serious injury to one of your employees, you will likely recieve a visit, particularly if the incident is highly publicized. If our industry has a significant number of incid
  10. Topic Originally Created by twinbulls on Tow411 in October of 2003: I have been looking at alot of trucks and a few had the back up safety beeper on them. Seemed to be very loud and I asked it it had a switch to turn it on and off salesman said no was hooked to back up lights.. I don't like em but might use it if it had a on/ off switch. Just wondering"> Auto Rescue said: My two Petes and the forklift have them without shut off switches, in the case of the big trucks they are for other peoples protection in case
  11. Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in October of 2003: Hawktow said: Thought i would pass this safety tip along.when pulling shafts be sure all tension is off and shaft has movement. when i was pulling shaft it was in a bind,i was just going to take straps off of u-joint and move truck back-n-forth with lift to "pop"outshaft. when taking last bolt out of last strap the yoke on the rear-end busted!i was lucky all i had was a broke bone in my hand.. looking back on that job i should have done it differantly,but it was to late.my employer was more worried about who had to pay f
  12. Topic Originally Created by Littletow on Tow411 in July of 2011: Does anyone have an established cross training with fire,police and towers out there? Let me add, that is NOT manufacturer of any product based? It can be an association or individual. Thanks! Wm99480 said: We don't at this time but that could be 1 of your first projects here at your new job at ABC Towing! nullstowing said: Yes we cross train on a regular basis. At least one "major staged" training event a year between the different departments and our company. Fastfreddi
  13. This Topic was Originally Created in February of 2005 by: Jim at Preferred Towing & Recovery, Inc. Noblesville, IN We have a ghost in our shop. I have never met him before, but I know his name. All of my employees know his name too. I wouldn’t have known his name, but each one of my employees has told me his name at one time or another. Our ghost’s name is Notme. How do I know that his name is Notme? Well I will tell you. Notme is a very mischievous ghost. He makes messes and looses stuff all the time. Just like last week, the shovel off truck 8 was missing. I asked Jon th
  14. Topic Originally Created by Rod VT in January of 2004: One bodyshop/garage in my town just dropped his insurance on his wrecker because he didn't run it enough (or profitably enough) to make it worthwhile (especially when he was in the middle of a repair). There are rumours that another tower not too far from me isn't going to be able to renew his insurance due to too many claims. Dougie says he is having a hard time finding anyone who will write him insurance on a start-up company. My question is: will the high cost of insurance be the downfall or the salvation of the towing in
  15. This Topic Originally Created by Body Soother in January of 2005: While it is a couple of days early, I thought I would get a jump on it in case anyone wants to run out and get some Black Eyed Peas and Cabbage. Something says these could be in short supply this year. Body Soother said: I have heard since I was a kid, "Eat black eyed peas on the first day of the new year for good luck." Do any other parts of the country have anything like this? I was gone most of day, didn't have lunch or supper, so I guess this year I will not have good luck. Came in put a couple j
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