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  1. Tow411

    Holmes ad poster 1976

    Originally created by townhooker in February of 2013: A couple images from a poster from 1976, pretty cool pictures. ajrogers said: thanks great to see the old Holmes ads RobertCAdams said: Holmes History!!!!!!!!!!! 2recoveru said: Love those old Holmes ads. LPD167 said: Thanks for sharing. I have another late 70's 440 in the making, and these ads are right in line with that truck. malibu434 said: Gotta love old Holmes ads!! Pretty sure we have some old 850, 1701 and 1801 brochures here at shop.....will see if I can get my brother to post them. wrecker812 said: still running one of those 475t every day ...but on fl 70 cummins.... hayden1 said: Notice on the 750 A-car page, the floor on the bed is smooth steel insted of Diamond Plate? ian tomei said: Town hooker where is your shop at? Ian Tomei unknown member said: Always wondered who 850 that was? Rumor has it that it was O'Hares. Thanks for the post. Love looking at old Holmes stuff. Especially Holmes 850 items. Has anyone ever seen a Holmes 850 postcard? SarahHTH said: Hello @townhooker! My name is Sarah and I am a TV producer for a show called Highway Thru Hell. We are currently putting together a special episode on Holmes wrecker and I came across your super cool Holmes ads and we would potentially like to use it for our show. Would you please give me a call at 604-688-3937 ext 146 or email me at schow@greatpacifictv.com. It would be great to chat with you. Thanks, Sarah LPD167 said: Hi Sarah. There is a tower in New Jersey that has many notebooks containing Holmes wrecker pamphlets and sales brochures. Let me know if you want his information for additional material.
  2. Topic Originally Created in March of 2006: Old Holmes W-35 Instruction Manual My great uncle has several old owners manuals and such from the old days. Underdog said: Wow, that would be a great truck to have. Thanks for posting. Stay safe, Rich. Underdog Truck Service spanky said: Yep, Long wheelbase W35. I've got a couple of Holmes Catalogs, with that same picture. Those Catalogs, are "Neat", & expensive.
  3. Tow411

    Captain Hook Holmes Wrecker.

    Captain Hook has gone to a new home!!! Updated by LPD167 in March of 2017: After finding a Captain Hook wrecker body in 2012, I have been gathering the necessary parts to put together a true 1980 GMC Captain Hook wrecker. At first, I mounted the wrecker body on a 1988 Chevy cab/chassis, and changed the nose to a 1980 GMC nose. Knowing that this would never be an authentic 1980 GMC Captain Hook wrecker, the search was on for a true 1980 GMC 35. I was very fortunate to find a numbers matching 1980 GMC wrecker to further the project. This was the desired result... So after much of this business, the project became overwhelming!! Seeing that I was way in over my head, I put out a message to a dear fellow member in the Amercian Truck Historical Society, and he brought me to Michael Beyer of Beyer GMC in Fairview, NJ. Michael had previously told me that he remembered having one of these trucks in his showroom in 1980, and has now taken on the project. His plan is to have it ready for our ATHS show on October 15, 2017 at the Skylands Ball Field in Augusta, NJ. Away we go... I will continue to work with Michael to see this project to completion. Thank you Michael for saving this piece of Holmes history!! Now, if anyone is interested, I began to gather Holmes booms to make a historic Holmes display. I have a Holmes 220, 440, 480, and Holmes push bumper. If anyone would like to speak to me about this project, all of the pieces are for sale on the cheap. I also have the Chevron boom/body as well. Pictures are posted below. Stan 973-214-1674. The three booms and wrecker body are gone now. A fellow is going to make a rolling display of the 220, 440, and 480 booms. The only thing left is the push bumper. I also have a second 70's push bumper.
  4. Originally Created by LPD167 in November of 2014: Does anyone remember these wrecker units? I was recently in a yard in Rahway, NJ and found a Captain Hook Wrecker body mounted on a 1993 GMC cab/chassis. Although it is mounted on a newer chassis, I bought it in hope of finding the proper unit on which to mount it. I found this 1988 cab/chassis in Bensalem, PA. The only information that I could find is that the Captain Hook Wrecker body was mounted on 1978/1979 GMC cab/chassis units. I was also told that only a small number of these units were made before being discontinued. I have everything to complete the restoration except the exhaust ports that exit through the bridge, and the Trooper 1100 emblems. DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY INFORMATION ON THESE UNITS???? I just made an "Information Wanted" poster to display at the AT Show in Baltimore this weekend. Hopefully, between Tow411 and the folks in Baltimore, I will be able to come up with some information about these units. wauto said: They had fiberglass, boom side covers. Very nice unit in it's day. huskertow said: The GMC dealer had one back in the day. I think I remember it having exhaust coming out of the upper side of the pylon. I wasn't very old then, but I thought it was the coolest truck I had ever seen. Don't know what ever happened to it. wreckerman05 said: I like this project--this was my earlier era,but I dont remember the unit--had a lot of C-30 chevs---loved the 454 power trucks-- LPD167 said: Yes. The exhaust exits through the pylon, but I'm missing the cast aluminum exit ports. A fellow came to me at the AT Baltimore show this weekend, and told me of one of these units in a junkyard. As luck would have it, the junkyard got rid of it this past summer. UGH!! While at the AT Show, I posted an "Information Wanted" board with pictures of the Captain Hook. Hawk of Hawk's towing in Trenton, NJ saw the pictures and shared a picture of him with his first wrecker in 1979. Hawk's picture will bring many of us right back to our 1970's wrecker days. Thanks for sharing Hawk! ! hpgtowing said: There was a towing company in the 70's and early 80's from North Bergen, NJ named Capt. Hook towing and they had a white one just like the one pictured... The son joined the farther later on then I'm not really sure what ever became of them after that... Towcats said: I attended a Holmes "show' in 1980. There were a few of these (brand new), I dont remenber the light pylon as tall though. There were multiple flatbeds on 1 ton chassis too. I was in awe! I have a lot of pictures, and I will dig some out. LPD167 said: I have the installation books for the Cadet and Champ. They were the same "Sport" body with a shorter pylon, and no "Captain Hook" goodies. I just took pics at the Jersey Shore of a Super Storm Sandy survivor. It's a 1980's Chevy with a Cadet wrecker body. Pics will be coming soon. As far as the project goes, the Captain Hook wrecker body is dismounted from the 1993 chassis, and the 1988 chassis has been cut and mended to 60" ca. PS: Does anyone want the Nomar two stage wheel lift on the cheap? wreckerman05 said: might sell if you leave it hooked to the chassis-still be a working unit for someone??? keep us posted on your project. LPD167 said: I actually have to part out the entire cab/chassis since it's on a salvage title. I was hoping that someone needs the entire unit minus the wrecker body. The truck runs and drives great. 350 automatic, a/c, power everything. Here is the Holmes Sport Body that has been down the Jersey Shore for years. RobertCAdams said: We got 1 in 1979 or 1980 on a Chevrolet. I was young then and don't remember everything,But I was thinking the body was fiberglass for some reason. May just be a loose screw in my head,There is more than 1 thanks to Towing & Recovery. My Back,Shoulder and right Hip as well as my Neck and Head LOL!!! Wish I could be more help,I thought they were cool at the time,Not real Heavy-Duty if I remember correct,Maybe a 4 ton boom??? Surely some of the older Towmen will know!! Robert LPD167 said: Yes Robert. It has fiberglass sides and pylon. The wrecker unit is a Holmes Trooper 1100. We removed the wrecker body from the 1993 GMC, and after shortening the frame of the 1988, the body is now installed. The push bumper is from a 1986 Ford. Next, we'll change the cab nose to a 1978. jeepfreek said: very nice find.never seen one in real life.i really like it.congratulations.jim[canuk]fraser. LPD167 said: Thanks, Jim. I was hoping to find someone who actually has another one. Today, I spoke to a fellow who worked for Holmes for 49 years. He confirmed that only 200 of these Sport Body units were made before being discontinued. That 200 number includes the Captain Hook, Cadet and Champ. Anything remaining at the plant was dragged to a landfill and crushed!! So at this point, I know of only 3 units remaining. This Captain Hook, the Cadet at the Jersey Shore, and a Cadet in Canada. Anyone know of any others?? This is what we are aiming for with the restoration. jeepfreek said: wow.......that is really sharpe.will be rare when you are done.regards jim [canuk]fraser. LPD167 said: Thanks Jim. Does anyone know what happened to the pictures that I posted earlier? repobob said: I saw one of these fiberglass wrecker bodies on Youngstown, Ohio Craigslist for sale. It was a Holmes 1200 for $2950 if anybody's interested. Rob LPD167 said: Thank you Rob. EdsTowing said: That's a nice piece of history there. LPD167 said: Thank you Ed. It is going to be a full restoration made to look like the brochure. Rob, thanks for the lead in Youngstown, OH. I spoke to the guy this week. I just have to figure out how to get it to NJ. 372 miles, one way. EdsTowing Said: Maybe try calling Chris Flynn from Bordman Towing by Youngstown (Blue Stripe on here). He is hooked up with transport work and may be able to help you get it moved for reasonable price? He has helped us before. 330-727-9488 LPD167 said: Thank you. And where might that be?
  5. Tow411

    Holmes W90?

    Larry Lange said: Does anybody know anything about this truck? Jamie Doughery said: Looks like an old WELD BUILT to me. JAMIE DOUGHERTY JANEWAY TOWING Larry Lange said: I thought so at first but for some reason the mast and booms look much bigger than a weldbuilt, and the body looks like that of a real old w45? hpg1 said: i think that autocar use to belong to george logan in north brunswick nj and i think its a weld built body.................bob Yep...Absolutely... That belong to George Logan Towing of North Brunswick, NJ without a doubt... Here is picture of it at the Diesel Nationals taken in about 1982... Thats our Mack 1701 before it had the Trebron Stiff leg and the Trebron Under reach.... Hope this helps? Be safe.... Steve BLKWILL said: Man that a huge Mamgama. Steve I think Im going to buy you lunch just so you can take me there to see some of the truck LOGAN has and had. Will Cain NoFrills said: I think Logan also had a different twin steer A car heavy I remeber them driving one around in the early 90's maybe it had a 850 Da Wash Boss said: Information on this unit,,,, 1964 Autocar with a 40 ton weld built wrecker unit. The truck has a double frame front to rear from the factory. The sub frame for the wrecker was reinforced to handle 50 - 60 ton loads. The wrecker has 3/4 inch cable and the wrecker also has a garwood drag winch that carries 500 feet of one inch cable. When built new the truck was equipped with a 190 Cummins with 5 speed main and a 4 speed auxiliary transmission. American towing purchased this truck around 1983. In 1986 this truck was at the Englishtown Nationals and turned a smokin 39.18 ET / 36.6 mph quarter mile. I do not know where this truck is today but that's the history I know of this truck. Danny Cassello TRPC "EST 1963" njChuck said: Ok I can take it from here, DA WASH BOSS, Steve & Bob, have it right. Now in 1991 I bought American Towing out. In the buy out I got a flatbed, F-600 wrecker, Mack R-Model/Holmes 750, and this AWSOME PIECE, which I had wanted since I was 15 years old. Then it sucks from there, figures I finally got this truck I wanted for years, but I couldn't keep it cuz I needed a Hydrolic Boom/Underreach, so I had to let it go. The truck, which by the way only had 25,000 miles on it in 1991,went to Cambell's Garage in Ligonier Ind. and they had a big make over in store for it, but someone from Pippen Wrecker Festos Mo. wanted it pretty bad and talked them into selling it. So as far as I know that's where it is, I SURE DO MISS MY TRUCK. EdsTowing said: Chuck, did that Cambell's have red trucks, mostly 359 Pete's? That name sounds firmilure. My friend sold his 359 with a 45ton Challenger to a guy out there. They sent a picture of it all redone in red. It was an awesome recovery truck but no wheel lift. The new owner told me he did a lot of mixer work and just wanted something to pull with...and he got a dandy! That Acar is a nice looking unit. Logan's has probably owned some of the largest recovery trucks in the country. Hey Steve, is that B model "Ugly's" red headed step sister??? hpgtowing said: Hey Ed how's things? Yes Sir! Logan has and still does have some of the largest wreckers in America without a doubt... Anytime ya feel like drooling like a baby just stop in and visit the Logan Family.... Yeah The back on the Mack B81 is somewhat similar to Ugly's ... I actually stopped and looked at the B-81 a few years ago.... It's only a few miles South of George Logan... But it's been stored outdoors since George sold it and the years have caught up on it.... Take care and stay well.... Steve njChuck said: Hey Ed., the name might sound familliar if you remember back to 2000 at the Baltimore show B&B had one the first 80 Ton Rotators they built there, it was on Black 5 axle Mack CL 700 that also belonged to Cambell's Garage, needless to say I was a little surprised to see they moved WAY up from a 64 A Car, to a 80 Ton Rotator. Edward0110 said: The last time I saw that particular truck was in Las Vegas Nevada back in 1998. Not sure where it has been since then.
  6. Topic Originally Created by 4x4Dually in November of 2016: Got some pictures of Dad's old 600 the other day. She looks good in her new colors. Not sure if I posted them up yet. I can't find anything on this forum. I can barely find the forum. LOL Anywho, here's a few. I'm sure she will be appearing at a tow show near you! Jory Blagden Mulhall, OK RIGGIOTOWING SAID: By the looks of it I think she'll be taking home a lot of trophies from those shows. Beautiful truck good luck with it. PlanBTransport said: Great looking truck dayandnitetowing said: I like the old gumball lights! dat1 said: The black and red looks great. Battleground Tire & Wrecker Burlington NC Kirks Sineath Towing Greensboro NC
  7. Topic Originally created by Riechertandknepp in February of 2011 this load of aluminum shavings came unhooked from a truck after it had pulled out of the dock at a local factory, the company didnt want to unload the shavings due to them apparently being very flamable, the weight of the trailer was unknown but was pretty heavy. it was nice to work in a parking lot that had very little traffic and lots of room to work,. once we had it up we had to hold it while we shoveled the shavings to level them out inside the trailer, once the shavings were level we then lifted the front of the trailer and put a truck under it and checked it out and the company drove it down the road and delivered it. the trailer never split open and other than the dolly legs being bent when she went down it came through the whole thing pretty well. TowJohns said: What made them flammable, did you have to use those plastic scoop shovels? Chuck Riechertandknepp said: personally I don't think it was very flammable, they said something about the dust being the flamable part, we just did as they requested. We used aluminum shovels, no reason just what we had sp8000 said: Believe it or not, aluminum is quite flammable when ground up finely, much like magnesium. Has anybody ever worked an engine fire on an older (rear-engine) VW Bug? Water just spreads the fire around, but a class D fire extinguisher for burning metals does the trick. And I know this because why? Good call on the aluminum shovels. There are all plastic shovels made specifically for these types of jobs, I believe that all of the usual suspects carry them, AW Direct, Truck N Tow, etc. Jeff Leavitt 86 Towing Gabriels, NY jeff98970 said: The shavings could have been aluminum durg which is a by-product from treated aluminum and is water reactive. If it becomes wet it will heat up and self combust. And as a side note, the dust is considered a carcinogenic and should not be handled without a poetical filter respirator. Steel shovels are fine as this product (when dry) is non-sparking. P.S. Nice job with the bags, looks like it came up real nice. scooby said: lol.. you never cease to amaze me..... theres got to be something you don't know..
  8. Topic originally created by Littleriehl in January of 2011: Full load of fruit, measured bridge height, found that there was not enough room for the box to roll. Winched unit out, bagged it....and so on..... Load did not fall from pallets, load swap back at shop, and Back to work..... hookin29 said: Well the TEACHER said the Student went into a front skid and then lost it... In other words he was going to fast locked the brakes down rolled over and slid under bridge..... OH yea and the student is now a student for someone else???
  9. Topic Originally created by Shmitty30 in June of 2011: On Thursday, April 28, 2011 at 3:00pm we were dispatched by the Ohio Turnpike to the eastbound decel ramp at Exit 161 for an overturned commercial. A Freightliner Classic pulling a reefer loaded with 42,000 pounds of lettuce and cauliflower had overturned onto its driver's side and slid into the eastbound acceleration ramp. We used our 1060 rotator and our 1050 to upright the truck and move out of the way due to leaking fluids. The trailer was then dragged back into the middle to reopen all lanes of travel while we prepared to upright using our air cushions. SCOOBY-->We used our medium pressure bags as starters and then placed our jumbo's, working our way down the trailer. As we brought the trailer up, we prepped our landing cushions to catch the trailer on the other side. <--SCOOBY We again used the 1050 and 1060 and straps to complete the passover between the cushions. Once on the ground, we backed one of our bobtails under the trailer and transported the entire casualty back to our Middleburg Hts. facility. Total time from start to finish was approximately less time than it took to make this post. On a side note, we finally got paid and were able to dispose of the load last week. Hence the reason for the delay in posting. As always, BE SAFE!! "SCHMITTY" David V said: He wasn't going too fast was he? No, No, he was going safe speeds, and it tipped over. oldwinch said: i see a dolly was that placed before the upright an if so was that very difficult to do? Tim Scooby said: u guys have about the best techniques I have seen... u don't even bother with the straps until its almost up. it looks like u r 4/5 feet up before rigging the straps. I watch people struggle trying to get straps rigged while its on the ground, too bag it??? never could figure that out Over the years I have seen people praise a few other companies as being the best, you folks for some reason are never mentioned in the same paragraph.. for what reason I have not a clue.. but I would say w/o a doubt your crew could hold your own with any outfit out there!! as always, first class all the way AWT902 said: We have been tempted to place the straps at that point in the uprighting process but were concerned about the safety of working close to the trailer in that position. MajorGungHo said: I've never worked around bags, but I think the first time I climbed under a trailer half up with bags I would have a strong work ethic to get it done fast.... lol Looks like a job well done, thanks for posting. In Memory of Don44Tows who said: great job again team rich's way to go bob and dale great team work guy's thanks for the great post BMK3457 said: Thanks for all the compliments guys. Its nice to see that from people who've earned a respectable name on this forum. Yes, even you Scooby. AWT902 and CCTows~ When we do these recoveries, we are all very aware of the inherent dangers of working this close to a trailer. Accidents can and do happen. But as long as you trust and maintain your equipment, as well as excercise some common sense, there are really no foreseeable dangers. Plus, as Scooby said, why fight the trailer and try and force the straps underneath when you can use pneumatic pressure and create sizeable gaps to just feed it in? We never climb under a suspended trailer. We have a long pike pole that we just push the strap under with. That way we can stay out of the "fall zone" in case something goes wrong. As with everything in this industry, the more you do it, the more comfortable you get around it. Just don't ever take it for granted. Tim~ We placed that dolly prior to the upright. It's fairly simple. We just pick it by the tongue with our wrecker and slid it down on the kingpin. Then just rotate it around and chain it in place. ~B krnydsl said: Nice Job. We to always start the bagging first. But sometimes I help them too long or am busy taking pictures, or talking to the patrolman. Next thing you know the trailer is way up high before I get to put my straps on. Then I get one of the young guys to climb up the ladder. lol Matjackman said: Another first class bag job by Rich's. I agree with Scooby, but I will say when people ask me about companies using bags and using them a lot, you are first on my list to mention. You guys use what you have when you need it, which is why you bought it in the first place, and it's done professionally and safely every time. I can't say enough good things about Rich's and we're grateful we get to share in helping you with our equipment. Thanks for posting and see you in Ohio.
  10. Topic Originally Created by SITTOW in January of 2011: Called out on Rollover I-39 72mm north bound lane. Loaded Tractor and Trailer went into North Bound ditch and came out lost control spun so Tractor and Trailer were facing south bound in north bound lane then rolled on side. Roof was bowed out. We used air cushions to upright both units. We used 3 Trucks on Trailer so it wouldn't break apart. We were working with our neighboring towing company Ramer Towing. Ramer Truck was hook to the Tractor to Upright. Teams251 said: Very nice job.I'm surprised that with all of that BIG Iron it did'nt just jump back onto it's wheels!! BigWheelRecovery said: You couldn't let me do a job without you getting the same job very nice brother keep them recovery's coming. Very nicely done what else can we say you guys are in a league of your own. Thanks Eric Littleswap said: Very nice!!!!!!!!!! Bags and 6 straps that thing was for sure going to stand up. That trailer was very compromised!!!Nice Job!!!! Jesse Trgo - Interstate Towing - Macedonia, Ohio In Memory of Don44Tows who said: fun in the sun that's where their going after their winter pay day's nice job as always thanks for sharing
  11. Topic Originally Created by bigdog in January of 2011: the driver had started up the hill and came off back wards, the truck was in the ditch and he had called for a winch out, when we were talking to him the truck overturned ,he was out of the truck standing in the roadway.....lol ,,, thanks chris portville truck ,,,, called for full loaded feed truck,,,rigged rotator, put a couple cushions under the back,,and the way we go Rotators are just like every other truck,,,you can buy the biggest ,baddest thing out there still need to be able to run it ,,,and know what and how to use it,,everyone always got this jobs done with out them before,,they make the job easier and faster ,,,
  12. Topic Originally Created by CAL Towing in December of 2010: Received a call to assist in the recovery of a plane that lost it's rear landing gear. Bagged the front and lifted tail section to place the aircraft on jacks so mechanics could lower landing gear by hand to tow it off tarmac to hanger. SEARCYTATOR said: REAL COOL PICTURES thanks for the post, and great job of thinking with out-of-the box approach since not everybody has worked with aircraft it is a little different. Cale Hopkins Plus numerous praises not transferred: CAL Towing said: Thank you for all the kind comments, greatly appreciated!
  13. Topic Originally Created By Scott in December pf 2004: I attended a safety seminar hosted by the state police and provided to the the local police and fire departments. They decided to invite the local towers on rotation since we all work together on the side of the road at various scenes. Out of all the companies they invited ours was the only one that had any drivers attend and we are still working on getting the rest of the employees in that haven't made it yet. They passed out some interesting information and pointed out a lot of good safety factors and we talked a lot about helping each other out. I just though I would post one of the web sites that a majority of the information came from so everyone here could check it out. respondersafety They also got into different levels of emergency lighting and traffic control using cones to warn others of the work area. It was very interesting to sum it all up. I think everyone that attended learned stuff they never knew about. If anyone would like any more information the man that hosted the seminar may be contacted at mark-karczewski@isp.state.il.us. He is a master segrant and 13 year veteran of the state police and a specialist in traffic incident managment programs. Dependable Towing and Recovery said: Nice post and think you for the info Scott. I have seen that site before, but it is always nice to be reminded. Just out of curiosity, did the master sergeant metion if those seminars are only being offered in the chicago area or if they would be statewide? Joe maresco motors said: Thanks for the info Scott. Dennis North County said: Thank You for the info, I'm trying to collect as many statistical numbers and report figures I can. I want to gain a real grip on the actual number of accidents/near-misses/deaths we encounter as roadside responders. O' Please keep them comming Karen from Cali. North County Recovery & Towing Inc. also dba Auto Sport Towing 1210 Fair Ave Santa Cruz, CA. 95060 831-458-3138 Towtrk1 said: I'm interested to know if these types of seminars are available nationwide... CT needs some... Remember.. Information is a powerful tool...even more powerful than money in many cases! ibflat2 said: I do not know how many of you went to the website and ordered the video. But I did , just had it on the desk for long time and finally got to watch " Ten Cones of Highway Safety" It is very eye opening. They bring out several great points in it. Traffic safety is one where we are always needing to be better prepared. We do not need to keep up the current statistics of injured or killed towers.. Take the time to order the video disc... you will not be disappointed.
  14. Tow411

    Holmes Trailer

    Topic Originally Created by LPD167 in January of 2016: Through Tow411, we made a friend, Alex Miller from British Columbia. Alex is quite the vintage Holmes collector, and has asked us on several occasions to secure some Holmes equipment that he has found in the states, and ship it to him in Canada. Recently, Alex had us go to Long Island to pick up a Holmes trailer. Our boss, Ted Panek, remembered these units, but the rest of us had no clue about them. Alex sent us the sales brochure, and I've posted the pictures for everyone to enjoy. Does anyone have one of the units? Off to Canada with an 1100 unit attached. Alex found it in New Brunswick, NJ. Keep saving this equipment Alex. We love to pick them up for you!! nytowboss said: wow i have been around a long time i remember when JERR DANN built trailers but i have until today never heard or saw a HOLMES trailer thanks for the info and great pics allenstowing said: Nice, I would love to have one of those. Kevin Moore said: That is GREAT Thank you for the pictures. MNPOOL said: First time to ever hear or see a trailer !
  15. Topic Originally Created by Mcallisters in July of 2009: We got this job on Friday, it was a loaded curtainsider rolled on a bit of dual carriageway that has no hard shoulder or verge. It was wedged between the barriers on both sides at the beginning of a slip road coming off the bypass. We decided to use the cushions to bring her up loaded as it was fully frieghted with packs of paper. If we had gone for offloading / dumping the load on the deck we could have ended up with paper strewn across both carriageways on a busy Friday evening!! We pulled the trailer round to allow a travel lane past the scene: Here' some pretty cool shots from the local traffic radio station's "eye in the sky" Claytons Towing Said: Very impressive. To right a loaded curtainsider I would have thought was a impossible task, well done. You uniforms look good too. Cheers Mike Ole8212 said: WOW that's a very impressive job looks very professonal with the uniforms and hard hats are they catch bags on the left side of the truck if so how did that work out for you? Albert Battelini Battelini Transportation Edstowing said: That was a nice job. I probably wouldn't of tried it due to the curtain side but I'm glad you did! It is a show of confidence in your abilities. Thanks for posting. Mcallisters said: Thanks for all your positive replies - can't take credit on this one, i'm off work following a knee op so my bro and the old man ran this one. Do you guys get many curtainsiders over in the states because i dont often see pictures on the site of them? Hookmaster said: We have curtain sides up here in nortern Ontario but the mostly haul steel coils and lumber . So they are usually a reall mess by the time they hit the ground Jimmypinktruck said: Nice looking job all around. I like how you guys moved the trailer so traffic could flow. Thanks for posting. John L Hawkins said: Hard to imagine that 21 years from my first trip to the UK where Frank McAllister pick myself and my lovely bride up at the Manchaster airport, that I am at the eve of packing my bags and heading for Dublin Ireland. All these years later, I still find myself awed by the pure professionalism that all of the towing professionals from all the UK countries represent. We here in the states are years behind, years. And we do not understand why. Just look at the uniforms and the pure presenses of these uniforms and how they state. " we are in control" and the "we know what we are doing" and if you do not believe what I am stating, merely read the comments posted so stating.. they only speak the truth. Last year Tom, Lee Roberts, and myself were honored to work with over three hundred of these fine gentlemen and ladies at Mallory Park. I stated to my partners that we are in the presense of the best and they will only expect us to act as such. This weekend I will find myself in that same position with over a hundred registered guests only this time in Ireland. I will come home a better person, with better skills, and honored to work with such fine professionals. I only hope that we here in the states, we to can step forward and represent our industry as those in the UK. Grear Job and Frank, I listen to your suggestion last year!!!! Your to be proud of the towing and recovery professionals you employ. The best John L Hawkins Rob 'Barns' McAllister said: My bro sent me a link to tow411 saying take a look at a job id done that he posted up it was generating a bit of interest! first of all thanks for a the positive replys, means alot that you guys think so highly of me and my team,and also as im 25 years old id consider myself very much still learning,so for alot of people to come back with so many good things to say is great!... but although saying that, do we ever stop leaning in this game! McAllisters Recovery Surrey,UK BigWheel said: Great stuff, This kind of recovery just does't happen over night,it take a lot of training as well as a crew that wants to learn,an they have to have the desire to be part of a magnificant special recovery team. Hats off to you an your crew , BOB silverhawk said: All I can say is magnificent. Never seen a curtain-side done with bags. You sir, are a master at your profession. Scooby said: perfect example on how the cushions lift the load....not the unit mushspeed said: Having stood up many Curtainsiders over the years, I know how difficult it is to contain all or part of the load and in the majority of cases the curtains are so badly torn it is not always possible,.......... but you nailed it !!! You guys are smart cookies!!! Very Well Done Another Quality job by the Mcallisters team wrecktech100 said: even more impressive that it's a euroliner. these type of trailer have a sliding roof made up of basically another curtain set on supports which slide to the front or rear to make an open topped trailer for odd sized loads or for craning in or out,the strength at the rear is in the rear doors which form the frame for the roof. you can imagine there's not much strength in the roof department. they replace the old 'tilt' trailer which used to strip down to a flatbed for awkward loads. good pictures...nice job. BigWheelRecovery said: You guys are hands down years ahead of all of us all there is to say is WOW you guys set the bar really high thanks for all you do for the towing and recovery industry. Thanks Eric Mcallisters said: Thanks for all the positive comments, I'll pass them on to our team! Boris - no offence taken, the camera is a bit deceptive (digital SLR with a slightly wide angle lense) the three guys are actually clear of the trailer and if any of the kit had failed they wouldnt have been in the line of fire. Totally agree, we never allow any parts of a human being under a supported load!