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  1. Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in October of 2003: Hawktow said: Thought i would pass this safety tip along.when pulling shafts be sure all tension is off and shaft has movement. when i was pulling shaft it was in a bind,i was just going to take straps off of u-joint and move truck back-n-forth with lift to "pop"outshaft. when taking last bolt out of last strap the yoke on the rear-end busted!i was lucky all i had was a broke bone in my hand.. looking back on that job i should have done it differantly,but it was to late.my employer was more worried about who had to pay f
  2. Topic Originally Created by Littletow on Tow411 in July of 2011: Does anyone have an established cross training with fire,police and towers out there? Let me add, that is NOT manufacturer of any product based? It can be an association or individual. Thanks! Wm99480 said: We don't at this time but that could be 1 of your first projects here at your new job at ABC Towing! nullstowing said: Yes we cross train on a regular basis. At least one "major staged" training event a year between the different departments and our company. Fastfreddi
  3. This Topic was Originally Created in February of 2005 by: Jim at Preferred Towing & Recovery, Inc. Noblesville, IN We have a ghost in our shop. I have never met him before, but I know his name. All of my employees know his name too. I wouldn’t have known his name, but each one of my employees has told me his name at one time or another. Our ghost’s name is Notme. How do I know that his name is Notme? Well I will tell you. Notme is a very mischievous ghost. He makes messes and looses stuff all the time. Just like last week, the shovel off truck 8 was missing. I asked Jon th
  4. Topic Originally Created by Rod VT in January of 2004: One bodyshop/garage in my town just dropped his insurance on his wrecker because he didn't run it enough (or profitably enough) to make it worthwhile (especially when he was in the middle of a repair). There are rumours that another tower not too far from me isn't going to be able to renew his insurance due to too many claims. Dougie says he is having a hard time finding anyone who will write him insurance on a start-up company. My question is: will the high cost of insurance be the downfall or the salvation of the towing in
  5. This Topic Originally Created by Body Soother in January of 2005: While it is a couple of days early, I thought I would get a jump on it in case anyone wants to run out and get some Black Eyed Peas and Cabbage. Something says these could be in short supply this year. Body Soother said: I have heard since I was a kid, "Eat black eyed peas on the first day of the new year for good luck." Do any other parts of the country have anything like this? I was gone most of day, didn't have lunch or supper, so I guess this year I will not have good luck. Came in put a couple j
  6. Topic Originally Created by midday in March of 2010: found this little treasure in the woods a friend told me there was a tow truck in there so i went huntin. had to cut a road into the area as the trees and weeds had taken over. i was told that i could get the truck but had to remove the cars and boat first. so with help a chain saw and a friends camera we got them out. If anyone has ever heard of red arrow mfg company i am interested in finding out some history .thanks hope you like pics . Some Images of the recovery are missing from the archives.
  7. Topic Originally Created by Blkwill in June of 2006: This is one of those calls where the customer calls everybody. A fellow tow company was called for it as a tow and this what he found and when I got there in the wrecker we both worked and used both truck so no one had a wasted trip. How You do that!!!!!!!! Ed Barker said: Nice job. letsplay2 said: Nice job... How in the world can anyone think that with your truck leaning so hard that all they need is a tow? Yikes...
  8. Topic Originally Created in September of 2008: just a few pics. of some of our equipment we use for the Georgia t.r.i.p. program . we are one of five companies certified by the state to work major truck wrecks in metro Atlanta.
  9. Topic Originally Created by ASAP Towing in February of 2010: I've had problems with my 6+1 manual transmission and now I want to make it an automatic. I have a Allison AT545 that I want to install. Is this a difficult swap? I have the shift cables and linkage. Anyone have experience with this? thanks in advance! www.asap-towing.com www.bellinghamtowing.com www.blainetowing.com netowman said: I had a 99 with a 545... truck was a slow dog, your foot hurt from trying to push the fuel pedal through the floor. keep that 6+ they are cheap enoug
  10. Show Off Your Response Type Units: GMC Box Van Beverage Response Trailer
  11. TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — Tow truck operator John Hubbard knew his life purpose early on. Hubbard asked for a job at Passmore Towing and Recovery in Bessemer at age 20. Five years later, early Saturday morning, his earthly mission ended. Fellow tow truck drivers tell ABC 33/40 Hubbard was the type guy who went out of his way to help people. "He was a hard worker. He loved his job. He loved the towing business. You've got to love it to do it," said Dwayne Kizziah, owner of Dwayne's Towing and Recovery in Tuscaloosa. Wednesday, traffic homicide investigators mapped the scene where Hubb
  12. Tow Operator Killed During A Dispute: BIRMINGHAM,AL (WBRC) - Two men were shot to death around 1pm today in the 2000 Block of 15th Way South West in Birmingham. Birmingham Police say a repo man and a man believed to be the owner of a Ford Focus being repossessed were both killed. Police say the man believed to be the owner of the Ford Focus shot at the repo man killing him. A female passenger with the repo man pulled out a gun firing back at the suspect hitting him. The suspect was taken to UAB Hospital where he was pronounced dead. The shootings are under investigation. We
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