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  1. I read a story in the latest edition of the STA Newsletter. The article was written by our president, Bill Johnson. It is a story about a towing company that released a car at an agreed price to a company that repossesses cars. First, let me preface this story by saying that there are two clear views here. One view is that of the tower. The tower offers a professional service. And is looking to be paid his lawfully allowed charges in full. And the other view is the lending institution, and the repo man that represents the lender, who is looking to literally steal the car away from the tower, if possible. I don't know how many states have laws that provide the tower with a mechanic's lien. But Massachusetts does. Anyway, as the story is written, one of our members had a car that he had towed in for the State Police. He went through the routine of the lien letters, and was in the process of auctioning the vehicle off when he was contacted by a company called American Auto Transport & Recovery, of Worcester, MA. The man said that he was looking to repossess a vehicle for Chrysler Credit. The repo man and the tower negotiated a price of $1200, which was half of what was actually owed at that point in time of the lien sale process. The repo company came, picked up the car, and gave the tower a check for $1200. Shortly after depositing the check, the tower was notified by his bank that a "stop payment" had been put on the $1200 check by American Auto Transport & Recovery. The repo man says that Chrysler Credit instructed him to put the stop payment on the check. Chrysler Credit was contacted, and they said that they never would have had the car picked up at all if they knew that it was damaged. In the end, the tower did collect his money, no doubt because he complained to Chrysler, and because he complained to STA, and our president took the ball and ran with it. This is the first time that I have read a story where the lien holder actually stated that they would not pick up a bad car. Of course, we all know this already, as we have all experienced the wrath of cars abandoned on our lots by lien holders. But I have never seen their crappy attitude in writing. For a number of years now, it has been my company policy NOT to let lien holders see a car until they have actually performed the act of repossessing it. Frequently, they just want a little peek, so they can decide whether they want the car or not. The problem is, if they don't want the car, we don't get paid anything, and the lender won't even give us the title. So we are stuck in the middle. I will not show a potential repo car to the bank, whether it is a good car or a bad car. You have to be consistent. The last time a car got repo-ed from my yard, the tower that picked it up couldn't understand why I would not let the bank see the car first. It was a good car. My answer was, "exactly". I never let them know what is under the tarp. It might be a shiney new car, or a pile of burned-out junk. It's just a grab bag, pot luck. Roll the dice. Try your luck. I like to play games too. As for the repo company, I have already posted a notice on the inner office wall stating that if "these clowns call looking for a car that we have, WE WANT CASH!!!" TimAtlas Towing Service Wesley Chapel,Fl Replied We run into the same problem with the buy here pay here lots that want to look at the car or see if the extra key works before they pay the bill. No way no how until you put the cash on the counter. The next time that a lien holder or insurance company wants to try and negotiate a bill on a 40,000 vehicle tell them that if they can try to bargin it down then you should be able to bargin it up, so now it is double. For some reason I have never seen them agree to that, so why do always ask us to " help me out on the bill ". Don't ever be affraid to play hardball with insurance companies, because a certified letter / lien letter to the owner descibing the portion of the charges that they will be responsible for out of pocket always gets them fired up and on the phone in order to get the problem solved. THTDON said: You have to know the law in your state, and be prepared to defend your rights to the limit. A while back, I got a call around midnight from a Middlesex County Constable. He "ordered" me to come down to my garage immediately (!) to open the gate so he could take a car. Naturally, I want to know more. He said that he had a court order, giving him the right to take possession of a certain car. I knew the car he wanted. We had it almost a year. The bank inquired about it once, and I would not let them see it because they hadn't actually repossessed it yet. I never heard any more about it until that night. I knew that the car was buried behind other cars, and I wasn't about to run the loader during the night and wake up the neighbors. I informed the constable that he would have to come in during regular business hours, and we would look into the matter. Again he demanded that I come immediately. So I hung up on him, and went back to bed. I got a call from his office the following morning, wanting to know why I refused to cooperate. I informed the woman that called that I have business hours, and he came at an unreasonable hour with a big mouth. And I told her that he said that he was going to take the car without paying, which wasn't going to happen. She said that the court awarded the car to the bank. I informed her of my mechanic's lien. That was the last that I heard from her or her constable. A couple of months later, the bank that was looking for that car was taken over by the Sovereign Bank. The first week that Sovereign took over, a guy called me about that car. He was trying to tie up loose ends from the old bank. We agreed on a price, and he said that it would be picked up the following morning. That was in January. The car still sits in my lot. It is on my list for my next lien auction. That constable did not have the right to enter my property and take anything, until he paid the bill. But if he could have conned me out of the car for free, he would have. You need a big pair of brass b**ls to survive in this business. It is not a job for the faint of heart. Unknown member said: We had a similar problem, in our RV storage yard. Customer that stored stopped paying rent, and apparently the payment so here comes the repo man attempting to pull it out of our yard without paying, after they had contacted us about the bill, and choose not to pay it. I still watch the TV that came out of that coach Underlifter said: We had that same co. from worcester call us about a car about a year ago.Pretty much told us he'd just come take it.Made sure that car got buryed behind the heavys at night until the registered owner paid the bill in cash. Dave THTDON said: I frequently watch that repo show on TLC on Sunday nights. The way they tell it, they play by the rules, and are very nice to everyone. Art definitely does not imitate life! Here in MA, every year, the banking community files a bill that would require us to notify the bank with a certified letter every time we tow in a car and notify the car owner with a certified letter. When asked if they will agree to pick up all cars that they are looking for, their reply is always no. They want to be notified on 1000 cars so they can refuse to pay for the odd one that they actually are looking for. We always kill that bill. Forgivenone said: Wow, I believe here in California it is against the law for them to do that to us. They must pay for the vehicle damaged or not. It's their vehicle and they are responsible for it. I could be wrong but I remember discussing this before. Wow, I can't believe they think they can get away with that kind of business tactic. THTDON said: The fine line here is that there is no law that says that they HAVE TO repossess a car at all. There is more than one way to collect a bad debt. The way that the lenders want it to work is, they want to send someone to the impound to look at the car, to decide whether or not they want to repossess it. If the car looks good, and the expert appraiser feels that the bank can recoup most of their money at the auction, they will do their best to beat you up and slash your bill to the bone, and they'll pick up the car. But if the car is wrecked, stripped, burned, or otherwise worthless, they don't want it and they won't repossess it. And they don't have to. In the end, it is the car owner is who you need to go after. But the car owner is broke, after all if he wasn't, he would have picked the car up himself. If we cooperate with the lien holder, and let them see the car before they repossess, they will pick and choose which cars they want, and leave the rest. So it benefits us to refuse to let them look at anything- bad or good. You have to be consistent, because if you let them see the good cars and not the bad, they will always know that it is a bad car that you are hiding. It's just a big game of bluff. Like playing poker. Can you read my poker face? Am I hiding a good car or a bad car under that tarp? Like I said earlier, you have to be shrewd to survive. buddy corgan said: Minnesota has a non-abandonment law. Sooner or later they WILL be paying here. Insurance company, co-signer, lien holder? We don't care. Their cash is worth money to us. Had a customer that wanted me to hold his vehicle for insurance company. Had no insurance. The truck sat as I kept up our end of the chase. By the time it was all said and done the bill was for 5k. Finally told the lien holder that I wanted to know where he wanted to be served, work or home. He could not believe that we would pursue it this far. I told him we were a business, and we take this stuff seriously, 5k in court or the signed title and 800 dollars to put this thing to rest. He chose the latter and probably disowned his brother. Peter EagleTow said: Repo men are not allowed in my lot peroid . I do not allow them to pick up any vehicle I towed in . I dont deal with them . If they try ,late at night I have had two arrested already and one got a load of buckshot for his trouble and had three trucks of theirs impounded from one night alone by the state police . I live in the sticks and the Police dont work here 24/7 so we (in our area) are left to our own devices . Now they know ,no means no,dont call here after 5pm ,and if you dont ask you wont be disapointed ! with repo people up here it's "in god we trust ,all others pay cash " tuggtow said: Same here, had one call the other day wanted to send adjuster owner had no insurance wanted to look at car. Told them only when they payed cash they could take car and look at it all they wanted but no cash no look i haven't heard from them since so i've started my certified letters and in 30 days ill sell the car period . mrdmrd said: I hope everyone reads the Don's post and the replies on this issue. Don's advice to not let representatives from lending institutions view the vehicles they would like to repossess until they pay your charges is right on. You have to remember that they do not hold title to the vehicle but only have an interest in it like you do, but it is "perfected" (name on title as a secured party). At least in our state and apparently in Don's, repossession is a matter of choice. Once you let them see it, and they determine it has no value, no repossession, and no money for you. Then your only recourse for payment is with the owner, in small claims court and we all know how well that works. You will probably get a judgment, but collecting is not easy. NO PAY - NO SEE CAR! Atlas Towing said: Another way to get them to stop playing games is if you tell them that you will be posting a notice on the door of your office that reads " no employees or adjusters for ______ insurance company are allowed on the the premises or the lot due to unethical business practices". When you tell them this they are so affraid of bad publicity that they stop playing games and pay up. Your lot is private property and they have no right to acess so they must pay in full and move to the vehicle to their lot to do a damage appraisal. This adds another move and additional charges to them as well. It's awful that we have to fight like this, but if you give in once it turns into a pattern. Tim.Atlas Towing Service Wesley Chapel, Fl 813-973-1330 THTDON said: Understand something about this. The bank does NOT have to repossess any car if they don't want to. If they choose to, they can simply write off the bad debt off the books, or they can put the bad debt in the hands of a collection agency. About 15 years ago, Lawrence had the same problem with abandoned buildings. At one time, there were three or four serious fires here every week. Time after time, it was abandoned buildings that had the fires. We're talking about a house that was run-down and had been abandoned by it's owner. Some of these old houses were worthless, even before the fire, especially if you figured in the cost of demolition. A bank would look at one of these houses and determine that they were ahead of the game to simply walk away and NOT foreclose because if they did, the city would then present them with a bill for unpaid back real estate taxes, unpaid water and sewer charges, and the cost of demolition, if they already tore it down. There was no equity for the bank to recoup. So they walked away. The city complained that the banks were walking away from these buildings. But there was nothing that the city could do about it. It actually was the property owners that were really walking away, if you think about it. The same goes here for cars. The only way that we can fight the lien holders is to play games with them, and beat them at their own game. Always hide a car that you know they are looking for under a big tarp, and refuse to let anyone see or photograph it, unless they pay the charges. But you have to do it with all cars that the bank is looking for, not just the bad cars. You have to create an atmosphere where the bank never knows what you have. You might be hiding a good car. You might be hiding a bad car. It is a crap shoot. As far as them surrendering the title to you, forget it. It will never happen. Just put the car through the auction process and dispose of it like any other car. If someone buys a car at your lien sale, the title that the bank holds isn't worth the paper it is printed on anymore. A few years ago, I sold a car at one of my lien sales to one of my neighbors where I live. About a year after she bought the car, she was contacted by a collection agency, looking for the car. It seems that the bank had "sold" the bad debt to someone for pennies on the dollar. And the new lien holder was looking to collect. I called the new lien holder, threatened the hell out of them, and threatened to sue them if they ever bothered that woman again. They didn't. kc7lub said: A few years ago the boss did an impound for chp, he put the car in the lot. it sat there for about 2 weeks when the finance co called about it. that nite a repo co came by and cut the lock to the yard and took the vehicle. chp was'nt happy either it was evidence for a crime. THTDON said: You should have had the repo company manager or driver arrested. If they cut off your lock and take a car out without paying, THAT IS STEALING! I wouldn't hesitate to have someone arrested. I don't know about all states, but here in MA, I can prevent a repo guy from entering my property to repossess anything. I own the property, and it is my private property. The repo man can be made to repossess the car elsewhere. Usually, if they have their proper paperwork, and the cash, I just let them take it. All of this reminds me of yet another old story. Years ago, when I serviced AAA, I got a call to go to Malden Mills. I pulled up to the guard shack as always, and waited for the guard to come out. The AAA member was about fifty feet into the lot. The member was waving at me to come in. The guard told me to turn the truck around and get out. He said that they do not allow tow truck on their property. I have been there a thousand times without a problem of any kind, ever. The car owner walked up to me and asked me to pull up to his car. He had left his lights on the night before, and only needed a jump start. The guard told the guy that he would have to push his car out of the lot because he was not going to let me in. We argued back and forth for a while, and I finally left. When I got back here, I called Malden Mills and asked to talk to the head of security (I knew the guy). He told me that the incident shouldn't have happened, and he apologized for it. It seems that two weeks prior, that guard had fallen asleep in the guard shack. And a repo man drove in and repo'ed the car of a high-ranking official of the company. For some reason, they did not fire the guard, but they must have given him a lot of grief. So he decided that no tow truck would ever enter the property again. Of course, he over-reacted. I went back and jump started the car, and have never had another problem there since.
  2. Courts to rule whether explicit request from lot owners is needed to take cars State police have ordered a Kent towing company to stop impounding vehicles under a blanket authorization from property owners or face losing its license. A Washington State Patrol officer delivered the cease-and-desist order to West Coast Towing on Friday, demanding the company stop acting as an agent for property owners. West Coast had come under scrutiny for its practice of "patrol towing" in South King County apartment complexes. Patrol towing is what happens when tow-truck drivers ride around looking for unauthorized cars. With general permission from a parking-lot owner, the tow-truck company can hook up a vehicle on the spot without a specific request or having someone sign for an impound. That practice is illegal under state law but could be trumped by federal rules created when Congress deregulated the trucking industry a decade ago. Last month, a report in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer outlined the practice of patrol towing, the state law that prohibits it and a federal court battle that may make patrol towing legal after all. John Tillison, who owns West Coast, said he is asking a federal court for a restraining order against the state's order, so that he can continue patrolling for unauthorized vehicles. "I believe I'm right, and I guess we'll just see what the judge says," Tillison said. West Coast Towing won a federal court battle in Tillison's home state of California last year when a judge ruled that the city of San Diego could not stop his tow-truck drivers from patrolling private parking lots. Tillison has sued Washington state over the same sort of rules. He would not be in business if property owners didn't want him to do what he was doing, Tillison said. "Like I said, it's about property owners' rights versus trespassers' rights," Tillison added. West Coast concentrates its business in residential parking lots around apartment complexes, many of which have had problems with visitors and people parking in the wrong spots. He said that since receiving the cease-and-desist order, he has stopped patrol towing and picked up only about 10 cars over the weekend. Last week, before his visit from the State Patrol, he hooked up more than 90 cars, Tillison said. State Trooper Neil Dewey, who inspects towing companies, said that in order to impound a vehicle from a private lot, the tow-truck company must get the property owner or agent requesting the impound to sign an authorization form specifying where and when the car is being towed. Not only was West Coast Towing not doing that, Tillison told police flatly that he did not have to, Dewey said. "They're taking cars. They're just taking them," Dewey said, adding that, under state law, taking a car without specific permission, whether from private or public property, could be construed as auto theft. Tillison said that not only does his service help apartment managers control their own parking problems, but also because the managers do not have to sign a specific authorization form, they are protected from retaliation from people whose cars are towed. seattlepi.nwsource.com/local/162792_towtrucks02.html
  3. Towingnd wrote: We had Bill build this one for us. Its a 00 379 Pete with 500 hp C-15, 18 speed, 330" wb, 100% wireless remote. Having the opportunity to work with Bill Bottoms during the design was amazing. Just being around him and listening to his stories make you feel like you are in the presence of towing royalty. Ms. Rita and Larry really make you feel like family. This is our second B&B and won't be the last. This is why I bout a B&B 50k under lift baby: I had another customer with a loaded dry van that the landing gear sank down last fall and decided that the middle of February is a good time to have us come lift it out. I should have got pictures of the landing gear still in the frozen ground after the customer told me to keep lifting that he would worry about the landing gear later, he just needed the freight that was in the trailer now. The inside tube that extends out is what stayed in the ground. These B&B wreckers are awesome.
  4. Topic created by SouthernStarTowing in July of 2011: A while back i was thinking on purchasing a new unit to back up my 16 ton unit. With the way the economy is i decided to upgrade an older unit. I contacted Tom Chitwood and Bill Bottoms and told them my idea and was told not a problem. We sent the truck back to the big house and bill is now working his magic. Bill has been keeping me posted on the progress of the upgrade and i wanted to share with you. We are very excited and cannot wait for completion. Please enjoy and tell me what you think. Before Starting to take shape. New subframe was installed.............Rear Spades! Those will be nice. This unit will be stout!! √ Amost Almost Done Finished and back home working!! A big Thanks to Bill Bottoms and his crew for a fine job! Also thanks to Tom Chitwood for his help in this project. The truck turned out better than i ever imagined. The unit is a 12 ton but is now built like a 16 ton. \
  5. e will be adding Images found on the Old Message Board to this topic. Please feel free to add any you may have current or past, ncluding his Challenger days 80 Ton B& B Rotator: Here's our truck! 16 Ton B&B mounted on a new 2006 Pete 335. The truck was assembled at McDonough Truck in GA and they did a great job with everything. We took delivery of it on August 31, 2007 (the dates on the pics are wrong). Everyone at the McDonough Truck was very cooperative and not one detail was missed. When we arrived at their shop, the truck was exactly what we expected it to be! Everything about this transaction with Chris and Tom Chitwood at McDonough Truck was great. Unfortunately, we were not able to make it down to Englishtown due to some of our lettering materials and the lightbar being on backorder. We didn't want to bring it to the show unless it was totally road-ready. We are about 90% complete with the lettering now and the new lightbar has been installed - so hopefully we will have a few pics up here soon! We are very happy with the truck and I would not hesitate to suggest B&B equipment to anyone! Thanks and stay safe! Sean Koonz, WM001772 Level 6/7A Top Ten Wreckmaster 2005 Engel Towing, Inc. Hope, NJ 07844 Jason Ray Heavy Duty Specialist/TRIP Supervisor School of hard knocks Membership # 05101978 (Charter Member) "My Views may not reflect the views of my employer" 100 Ton Rotator Bill Bottoms 1988.Challenger Advertisement
  6. Topic Originally Created by Fredstowingnj in July of 2013: Like most 10 year old Chevron steel wrecker bodies.....My 2003 Chevron Auto Grip had some major rust issues,Its over at Jerzey Street Garage in South River....getting some new metal welded in.... blalocktow said: Looks like a lot of work but it looks like it coming out nice. RIGGIOTOWING said: Looking good! Isn't it amazing that no matter how clean you keep things they still rot out pretty bad. Cheaper to rebuild than replace. Post some pictures when it is done. Fredstowingnj said: towman33 said: That look's like it's coming along nicely keep us posted!!! the northeast is murder on tow truck's. Fredstowingnj said: wreck85 said: I live in Canada and that bad for an 03! wow
  7. Topic Originally Created by jherc5025 in March of 2013: What do you do with an unsellable truck... Find it a new purpose... Stripping the frame... The new axle- 23,000lb full locker... Truck coming together... Now the other half... The removal (I think they built the truck around the wrecker body)... Now time to remount... The fuel tank needed to be relocated. Still not sure how this is going to work out, but it's a good thing it's a big tank... We bought these sides several years ago for another project but never used them. It's created more work but I think it will work out nice in the long run... concordtowing said: Looking good, that's a big project to tackle keep us posted. burkysgirl said: Looks good. Alot of time and hard work but you will know what you have when you are done. Keep us posted as the work gets done....Stay safe out there...........Shane Greg Blair said: We bought a 60 Ton Rotator out of Oklahoma that was in a tragic accident and rebuilt it the same way, It takes time but at least you know it was built to you liking. Keep up the good work and you will have a great rig when done. outlaw towing said: nice way to keep the old iron going strong, cheaper too Kells Towing said: Looking great keep the updates coming Tj
  8. Topic Created by RIGGIOTOWING in June of 2013: Here is a sneek peek at our 2013 nose conversion on our 2005 F550. Before. After. I will have a lot more photos once it is complete. We are also putting on a chrome grille, 2013 mirrors and polished factory step tubes. It's been a long road but finally coming together and I think its worth it. wreck85 said: nice upgrade, I like the push bumper did you mold the factory plastic into the bumper ? RIGGIOTOWING said: Thank you. I took a 2013 front bumper and cut off the top section. then welded it to the pushbumper so the front end would have the clean factory lines. roadside rescue said: This is another one of your projects that I cant wait to see completed. As everything that I have seen you complete looks awsome. Keep the photos coming. Ed Barker said: That looks like a lot of work!!!,,LOL,,,but its looking great. RIGGIOTOWING said: Thanks for the kind words. It has been a lot of work, but hopefully worth it when it is done. A friend of mine told me that the easier way was to buy a new one. I told him that anybody can buy a new one, it takes skill to build one! Wade200 said: Very nice! We switched our '99 550 to an '06 front end and it made people think we bought a new one. I've been in love with the '13 front end, especially when put on the old excursions. Plus, it's something you can't just buy. RIGGIOTOWING said: Thanks daniel. We did the 07 swap on our 00 F550. That swap was a piece of cake compared to this one. I will post pictures once it is done. billyr said: did you have to change the core support and aprons or make your originals work and change every thing else. i have been wanting to do that to my 2003 but haven't been able to get a good look at a 2013 under the hood yet. RIGGIOTOWING said: We made the original core support and aprons work. We had to cut out a section behind where the headlights are. We also made a brackets off of the inner fender and had to use body shims on the fenders. I have seen guys that swap the core support and inner fenders with cowl, but that was even more work than I wanted to take on. Hopefully it will be done soon and I will post more pictures of it. gtowman said: So what did you buy to make this swap? I have a 07 F550 Self loader that has some light damage to the front. RIGGIOTOWING said: Other than the obvious (fenders,hood,headlights,grille) we also had to change the wiper motor and linkage, hood hinges, wiper cowl, modify inner fenders, aprons and core support. Fabricate several brackets. towman33 said: Sound's like alot of work, But it sure payed off look's good!! RIGGIOTOWING said: Thanks towman33. How is the heavy coming along? Your flame guy is awesome. Your whole fleet looks great. towman33 said: Thanks!!!! It's coming getting color sanded now it's a lot of truck still waiting for some odds and ends to show up headlight's , stack's and the pylon has yet to be fabricated. Mr G is going to make his version of one of the new style tube pylon's but so far so good!! Towzone said: Have you given any thought to updating the mirrors. The updated or newer style mirrors are far better than those from 2005 and will make the truck appear to be much newer as well. RIGGIOTOWING said: Hi Tow Zone, I already have them sitting in the back room waiting to be installed. I agree they are far better mirrors.
  9. Topic Originally Created by Byddon in July of 2012: Bought an 08 flatbed with srs in the spring, and have been slowly getting it ready for service. Not quite finished, but getting close. Still waiting on the truck decals and race ramps so we can mount them. Also have to fab up a telescoping step for easier access onto the bed. towman33 said: Look's good if you need a nice bumper or visor find dave at virgo he has lot's of pretty add on's for those 4300's . Wreck85 said: Now you gotta get the polish out for the bed sides lol looks good , You will love the srs in cottage country. Byddon said: This truck was actually in service less than 3 years from what we can tell, and I dont think all of the rot can be blamed entirely on maintance. We replaced the light housings with aluminum, the control valve crossmember with thicker stainless and replaced about half of the hyd lines/hoses. My personal favorite was the hose routing they did on the side puller. The wire rope was rubbing a couple of the lines.... The bent hyd holding tank and missing tool boxes were a nice touch as well Got the deck ladder made and installed. Getting closer... StapleyTowin said: Looking good!!!!
  10. Topic Originally Created by Bulldog1635 in April of 2013: what you think ??? al bull dog jmonday said: Very very sharp looking truck great job on the face lift wreckerman05 said: I think you did good on that face lift---looking good my friend voigt21 said: Nice job. We're the bed sides not rusting along the welds below the lights? accuratetowing said: Great job guys, I love my macks! If you have ever owned bulldogs you would know why. bulldog1635 said: no rust. truck was always garage kept Don Corleone said: That new color combo is clean and eye-popping. I like it. WILDWOOD JACK said: Great job! The truck looks very nice! Take care,Jack
  11. Tow411

    Vulcan rebuild

    Topic Originally Created by JMONDAY in May of 2013: I've been working on a Vulcan 892. the deck was in very bad shape so I was going to put new tread plate on the deck but after studying I've decided to modify it a little here are some pic of what I'm working against. Started on the stiff legs waiting on the cylinders so I can fit them up in the square tubing concordtowing said: Nice start on the project, good luck on the project keep the pictures coming. JMONDAY said: I got the feet built for the stiff legs. I've got someone special building the boxes for the sides. I really think I'm going to have a good combo with the capability of the 892 with the upgraded boxes and the stiff legs. And a few other items that I will share at a later date if it works out.
  12. Topic Originally Created by JustAnotherHooker in February of 2012: So the alarm clock goes off and it's another day to be bright eyed and bushey tailed !!!!! Shower ,Toothpaste and Coffee and head to the lot Pull into the lot and realize that I'll always rember this leap year !!! From what we can see now the cord to the block heater shorted and set things in motion. Thankful that a observant person at 3:00 AM called 911 and the Fire Dept. was speedy before things got worse. Well right now she " Betty" looks like she's done . She's a been a trooper and fulfilled the many tasks I asked of Her!!! So swap tools to one of our back up trucks and run calls while the boss set about looking for a replacement Seems like I was not the only one with bad luck today !!! She's been a good {556654 miles ) girl and will be missed R.I.P . 1996-2012 Eric S. svcmgrnow said: Very sorry to hear about this when you called today. 556K+ towing miles, geeez........doesn't seem that long ago to me when she was brand new. Seeing as this was one of the few trucks Jim purchased new as a tow truck, my vote is to replace it with something brand new as well!! I hope your cloud has a silver lining!! rantif3 said: That is very rough indeed!!! Good luck in your search for a new truck....What are you guys looking for? Heffy004 said: Really sorry to read about your truck, Eric......nowyou can sit down & spec out the next one. Catch ya & C'ya HEFFY JustAnotherHooker said: Like a Phoenix the wrecker body will rise up out of the ashes to please another one of our drivers. And the silver lining will make me and Paul Hubey happy !!!! Eric S. UPDATED OCTOBER 2012: Well with some looking high and low and not wanting to deal with new emissions motors it took awhile but he finally found me a good woman . A Kitty, and a 20.000 # frt axle and 328 inch WB. Now come the Fun part, Buying her a dress and turning her bud light beer can blue ! Like to thank the boss for bending some to my wishes, we had a line on a t-800 but he was partial to the pete. But i got what i wanted on my end! 9055 Trident boom, XP , coach boom and rear tater legs,tunnel box and other things to make her work smooth! Now hopefully John and his great team will send me some more picts so you all can follow along on the build. This one was sent to me 8.30 Pm on Sunday. Guess John Hawkins and his team have keys to the building Eric S. P.S. Sorry jimmy but i was getting to much static to keep the mystery alive but you proved my point! P.S.S. 07-07-2012 Said goodbye to a good old friend today , She's going to a good home that will nurse her back to health, and out off respect to the new owner's will not say where unless they say ok.. Have seen them around here once . Yes Jason ! The new girlfriend is here finally , about time finally !!!! But, Like any new girlfriend , she will not let me take any picture's until she is ready ! You know, got to be the right dress, Hair done just so, the right nail polish and which pair of shoe's to wear and no peeking until she's done !!!!!!!!!!!!! WOMEN !!!!!! Eric S. Finally 07-11-2012............... Well we caught Jason trying to sneak up the driveway in a gilly suit and a telephoto lens !!!!! I'd like to present to the internet..... Truck # 43. Well can't wait to get her trimmed out in to work , a few things need to done to her, but had to post something for Jason !!! """ He got his Gilly suit wet crawling around and had to be helped Up """" Eric S. wreckmster said: lookin good!! WestEnd said: Body transfer ??? West End Service Inc. Ellicott City MD. John Klein Jr. 800-425-4455 410-365-7724-Cell www.westendservice.com johnjr@westendservice.com JustAnotherHooker said: Nope ,the Vulcan body will stay set up for a tandem. Eric S. Recovery Inc said: id say it looks like things are working out for you, sometime I wish some of our old relics would go up Chris Fontaine Interstate Towing General Manage/Heavy Wrecker Operator WreckMaster #080843 wstowing11 said: Either yourself or another one of your guys was at the shop that night ( morning ) telling me about the fire . You or he said it was happened right before you guys came to tow the Penske out the yard . Wow that seems like it was months ago ! That chassis right there is crying out for a nice 50 ton integrated of some sort !! Good luck with it , but that looks like it is all downhill from here ! jmtowing said: Looks awesome best of luck with it
  13. Topic Originally Created in March of 2008: It's safe to enter New York City! The Appeals Court has ruled. The U.S. Appeals Court saw through New York City's charade and affirmed the district court's decision. The Appeals Court also told the City to cough up $651,856 in attorneys' fees and $6,293.98 in expenses. The wise Judge's of the U.S. Appeals Court did not buy the City's argument that licensing every tow truck that came into or passed through New York City would stop "chasing". In the Conclusion of a 13 page decision the judges stated: "Even assuming that the Scheme has been effective in reducing chasing for accidents within New York City, the City has not articulated a reason as to why the Scheme must be enforced against all tow trucks anywhere in the City in order to reduce chasing, or how that broad enforcement is generally responsive to safety concern concerns. When a City resident's car breaks down in New Jersey, or Westchester, or Connecticut, the few trucks (if any) starting the "chase" from within the City would presumably be licensed. Those starting and ending the chase outside of the City would not drive on City roads or highways or threaten City pedestrians. The tow truck returning the car to the City resident's repair shop within the City would not seriously jeopardize safety within New York City either. Although enforcement of the Scheme under these circumstances might serve to protect the City residents from high prices, this is not a safety concern. At that point, it becomes precisely the general industry regulation that Congress intended to preempt in enacting 49 U.S.C 14501(c)…." "Enforcing the Scheme against tow trucks passing though New York City or towing vehicles into New York City does not respond to safety concerns and does not fall within the safety exception of 49 U.S.C. 14501(c)(2)(a)." The Court also found the awarding of legal fees was not an abuse of discretion. After two defeats will the Commissioner of the New York City Consumer Affairs finally accept defeat? The next step would be the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, D.C.? Only time will tell. Let's savior the moment. Victories in our Industry are few and far between. Richie Metropolitan NY Towing, Auto Body & Salvage Association. nullstowing said: Great News...Now they need to go after Philadelphia. Richie said: To Nullstowing....... Earlier today I E-mailed a copy of the entire decision to the Pennsylvania Towing Association Richie. Rod VT said: Great news Richie. Congrats to all NY area towers, and AAA of course, for fighting the good fight. Hopefully NYC will be smart enough with the taxpayer's money to finally let this drop. Unfortunately, the parties involved may be too invested and feel they have to carry on to the Supreme Court to save face. Actually, having them lose at that level (or having the Supreme Court refuse to hear it) would be good for the rest of the country (Philadelphia?), because it would settle the issue nationally without any doubt. Alan407 said: Two great court rulings in a week for the towers. As for the PTA and Phila goes, I wouldn't count on them. Maybe some day we the towers will have the support we need to fight on in Phila. As for the towers in NJ, looks like your next in line for a win.