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  1. Topic Originally Created in July of 2006 by AWOOD: Got this call from a contractor and said that he had a 140,000 lb. crane that was stuck in a driveway. Upon arrival we found this unit, luckily it was just surface stuck and not mired. The crane was able to help and it was a successful recovery. It was on a slight grade up-hill with a very slick mud surface. danielswt said: i think you were definitely rigged for a pull great work Scooby said: looks like fun GAYLOCK1 said: good rigging ,excellent job!!!!!Paul ibuytoys said: Nice rigging!! Did you charge them by the Price Per Pound method $$$$$$$$$Hawaii's only NRC 9240SR Sliding Rotator with five winches Nationally Certified Crane Operator- NCCCO #050820973 "The Impossible Just Takes A Little Longer!" BLKWILL said: Allen, Nice Rigging job. Two 3 part lines Sure insured safe W.L.L of your line. What were you hooked to his block tie offs or chokes, I can't see it in the pic? You got it done and We hope you got paid for your labor.Will Cain Chesapeake Service 410-287-2666 hdtowman26 said: Very nice job! Thanx for pics. The Tow God said: Thats like a 200 ton Grove, it should have all wheel steer and 8 wheel drive. Put that sucker in turtle gear and it should walk itself out. The Liebherr's have hooks on the frame below the bumper to hook to, makes it real nice. In California, they have to put the boom in a dolly to make weight. Looks like a fun job. It probably weigh more like 150,000. The 200 ton Liebherr I ran weighed that much without the dolly. Nice machines, but dont move the boom without the outriggers lol Mr Waialae Chevron said: There's a ton of muscle out there....like 150,000 worth! ForgivenOne said: Okay, I'm going to have to join the crowd and say "Good job." You showed me something new or a different way of doing something. Cool, keep these kinds of pics coming and next time show us your hook ups and how you connected the vehicle. I had to zoom the picture and couldn't tell. But I like what you did here, thanks DW Carter said: Nice work Allen. It's nice seeing a job done when the operator cares enough to take care of his equipment. Far better to over rig, than under rig. What's it going to hurt? Take a little longer?DW Carter WM92343
  2. Topic Originally Created in July of 2007: "HUNTER BOYZ" When Second Best Just Won't Do!
  3. Posted on Tow411 in June of 2012
  4. Description states these images are from vintage wreckers site Dos anyone here have details and history of this vintage wrecker?
  5. Topic Created on Tow411 in March of 2008 (No Member Name Available) These was the days I remember !!! Back in 1985 the first and only show held in Brunswick Ga. I think .. I won first place in Beauty with My 1986 chev- w/ a 500 holmes (( LOVED IT )) I won first place in the small wrecker class .. (( working the wreck the quickest and safest )) SORRY FOR THE PICS NOT LOOKING SO GOOD BUT YOU KNOW TIMES HAS CHANGED..
  6. Topic Originally Created by Lepley n Sons Towing in November of 2011. Last January I was hit by a car outside the wrecker and the wrecker was hit also . Legally parked on the side of the road . when that happens the car that hits your vehicle has to pay for rental . Well His insurance company said we will pay you for loss of use . They took 73 days to look at and give me check . The accountant for them figured it to be $9.14 a day . REALLY !!!!!!!! . My question to everyone whats would be a fair price to rent a 1 ton wrecker per day , or week . Only reason for this post is I want to show the insurance company the responses . A car to rent is $ 20.00 per day lanz70 said: time to get a lawyer. Niemans Towing said: wow! thats a joke, when i got hit the rent was 250.00 a day they paid 19grand for a subframe on a truck that was only worth 25 grand the rent on the truck was almost 19 grand its self, id get a lawyer asap! Autobodynj said: I own a rental company, I have been paid as high as $450. Per day for a F650 flatbed. That was part of a court case that a warranty company denied a claim for a local towing company putting their truck out of use for 100 days. More recently two insurance companies paid $350 per da on two separate claims. Good luck. Brian Bell said: We'll that accountant might be pretty close on his figures but he needs to not only give you the "Profit" of $9.14 a day that you lost... (just a little wrecker owner humor) He also needs to pay for the Drivers Wages that were not made by that truck during the down time and also pay the cost of insurance and truck payments for those 73days. I would figure the fixed expenses that the truck you can't use actually cost you a day Insurance $20 per day Driver's Pay $125 per day Truck Note $40 per day etc... That's $194.14 (don't forget the "profit") a day right there and you have lost other things you can't easily put a price tag on like a Rolling Billboard, The readiness to service your customers and or Thanks to them dragging their feet you might have lost customers altogether. Jamie Dougherty said: Call me at 6108281613 I will tell you how to resolve this issue. I had the exact same thing happen to us and we took them to court and got paid the total cost for the units down time. JAMIE DOUGHERTY JANEWAY TOWING Arnott said: We rent for $300 per day, the most common rate I hear for down-time is $350 a day based on a 25 day month (for every 7 days you get paid for 6). I testified in a court case a few years back, the lawyer for the ins. co. thought the rental rate (275 per day at the time) was "absurd" A local rental company at the time rented a $12,000 Hyundai (new price of a Hyundai at the time) for $39.99 a day. So, an $80,000 truck should be worth $275 a day. The Judge did the math, the customer got paid in full for the rental fees. The Tow God Said: In our area, we can't rent a tow truck. What we do is take 3 months of income for that particular truck, and divide it by the amount of days in the 3 month period to come up with a daily average of what that truck makes. We then take the daily average and mutiply it by the number of days the truck is down, or the time we lost the use of the truck, and that is what we charge the insurance company. Here, they call it Loss of Use. DJ Freddie MAC's, Inc.South El Monte, Ca FlashRoadService said: I think peach state wrecker sales down by Atlanta will rent tow trucks. you could call then i have checked on it before I can't remeber what they quoted but it was way more than any $9.00 a day. Slick Willy said: Forget what it costs to rent the truck , show them you invoices that truck has completed in a span of 73 days and show them the money it cost you, for lack of a better term loss of wage, Id say its about time to get a lawyer u should know your in the business insurance companies dont play nice ........Good Luck...............I just read what tow god said my thoughts exactly lol dallastrucks said: Tow truck rental ...$300+ per day plus insurance and any stickers.(inTexas you need stickers and #s).. most about $100 basic stickers ... We have a couple trucks dedicated to just rentals.. and they are booked..... I say get a lawyer..... You deserve it ..... TowZone said: Company did the collection process for loss of use. Only to find that they lost a part of their commercial business accounts while the unit was down. In hindsight it would have been better for this company to rent a truck and seek the compensation while servicing their commercial accounts promptly. If a company has enough units to take up the slack it would be best to seek loss of use. If it is a one or two truck company, the loss of business during that time could be devastating. Be prepared, know the risks ask an Insurance Pro Here before it happens to you. Lepley n Sons Towing said: Thats what they are trying to do loss of use . The difference is nine dollars , part I cant get them to see is the heavy wrecker did not get used last year during this time frame . And It did a few tows after my accident had to have help to do this ( with broken leg and 3 ribs ) but it did bring in some income . Its not rocket science to figure out the heavy wrecker would bring income up in a hurry, ( Compared to a light duty ) when it was idle last year . I am nine dollars this year from what I was last year but I am $ 4000.00 more in fuel . We also had more snow last year than year before . Its time to get atty involved again Lepley n Sons Towing: (2 days after the last post) Well the truck just got hit again , Off the white line of the road , doing a winch out . Guess who the insurance company is again ! ESC said: Anyone know of a tow truck rental company near southeastern PA.... our flatbed was hit yesterday and we are investigating a rental. _______________________________________________________________ http://www.rentawrecker.com/
  7. Topic Originally Created by ABCtowing in September of 2006: Randy Olson said: Great Pictures, and a Big Thanks to George, Jerry, Cheryl, Michele, Marc Valentine with the Flag Truck, the rest of the Museum Staff and all those who assisted and attended in making the unveiling of the monument such a great event for our industry. It will take some time to be completed, but the unveiling along with the actual building of the monument and sculpture was recorded from start to finish.
  8. Topic was originally created by fulltimer2 in November of 2006. I have been towing for over 15 years and have always been reminded about locking in the safety catch's on dollies. A few times the bar has come back at me but I have been able to stop the bar from hitting myself, but the other day a new employee was loading a Toyota 4x4 and she was hit on the side of the head by the bar. She is OK and will be back at work on Tuesday (this happened Friday). So to all out there please help out that new driver, or the person that looks like he or she could use some help, have safty meetings regarding dollies and the procedure in using them. Thanks Chuck. ibflat2 said: yeah it hurts big time, and you are right Training is the key.. Coe Consulting / Fleet west have a video (dvd) out on use of dollies which is good .. towmanjc said: I always keep a hand on the dolly bar!!!Joe O`Brien Weavertown Towing & Recovery - Pgh,Pa mballor said: I've heard of broken jaws from those before, i'm not sure if its true but after i was told that i always stopped and made sure i had everything right before i released the dolly with the bar. I always make sure my head is not in the way just in case, never lean towards the car, and just take your time. fulltimer2 said: This driver was shown the procedure in using dollies and has used them before without incident. It was just an unfortunate accident. SlimSanta said: I see a new design on a set of dollies that would prevent that type of accident. Dakota Service & Repair, Brookings, SD danielswt said: long long ago before we had rollbacks one of our guys misplaced his bar and thought he would use a 12'' long cresent wrench instead......LOL boy was that the wrong thing to do. it didnt hit him but you shoulda seen the distance that baby had across the yard!!! Eric777 said: Good ole dolly bar........seen one guy let the dollys down, and the bar ended up cracking the side mirror of a car...... SFAUTORESCUE said: One thing I found out about using dolly bars is that you only mess up once in you life time. BTS 3 said: I had a demo of those new In the Ditch dollies down in Baltimore. They seem to be very nice. Light weight and easy to use. I actually ordered a set I was so impressed on how easy they were. One of the things I liked best of them (pertaining to this subject) is how light the loading bar was. Tropical Towing said: Yep I got hit right in the neck about a year ago. I knew better but got in a hurry, was not watching what I was doing, it was raining, my hands were wet, I slipped and bang right in under my ear. I had to set down for a few just to collect my thoughts. Brian ITD Sales said: Good Morning Everyone. I am new to the tow 411 website. I am the sales representative for In The Ditch Towing Products and wanted to encourage all of you to check out our website at www.intheditch.com. The Speed Dolly works with cam-locks instead of the traditional ratchets, so there are less accidents with the dolly bar. Because of the cam-lock system, you can keep both hands on the dolly bar at all times, the cam-lock positively engages when the dolly bar is completely keeled over. The cam-lock works with a pin so the dolly locks itself, so you can keep both hands on the dolly bar. The Speed Dolly also stores in a locked position so it's easy to pick up. It is only 58 lbs and a nice level load, so the wheels aren't flipping around and wobbling. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the Speed Dolly! Jenn smoffrd snowrider said: i always make sure the locks in place before i load and i got about 75ft with the pipe wrench i still haven't gone after
  9. michael212 added this image: only1CaliforniaCraneNRotator added these images: Proud of Sheriff TINY Charlie Bob's Towing (800) Bobs-Tow www.BobsTowingca.com HeavyD added these images: HEAVYD WWW.BOBSTOWCA.COM "TheViews Expressed Are My Own and Do Not Necessarily Represent Those Of The Staff, Management, or My Employer." Ron Pullen added these images: 2007 Pete Miller 1060 Wade200 added these images: j hook 74 added these images: unknown member added these images: 2010 Peterbilt 75ton Miller rotator TowPro84 added these images: BigWheelRecovery added these images: BatteliniTowing added these images: BATTELINI TRANSPORTATION & WRECKER SALES Battelinis Wrecker Sales & Battelinis Towing and Transport Heavytowman12 added these images: Feenstras added these images: racinhammer29 added these images: pttowguy added these images: I can't believe that I have not added our pride & joy to this post. We built it ourselves in-house over several years and are very proud of it. It was a lot of work, but it truely is fun to drive and more fun to operate! And like any rotator here, it comes completely equiped with all the good riggings etc...........and thanks to one of our new friends from the Ohio tow show, a custom seat cover! little wrecker added these images: Our Tator Tot in the museum its about a 1/2 ton then our 40 ton Nrc Slider in Phoenix and our 75 ton with 5 winches in Tucson. I love running all of them. I truly could not work for a better company. Ty Wildman Barnett's Towing LLC Tucson, Az. Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain! Allstar710 added these images: Billsservice1 added these images: danielswt added these images: andyshanover added these images: rotator60 added these images: Here is mine that I operated my last 5 years at University Towing.. I operated this unit from 2005 until 2010..it is a 2005 Kenworth T-800 with a 2005 Century 1060 Rotator..Harvey "showtime 93" operates it now.. showtime93 added these images: Low Boy added these images: West Service Center Chesapeake, VA unknown member added these images: Dixietowgirl88 added these images: ATR1 added these images: checkin in from the boro t-800 with a 1060 3 winch The Tow God added these images: Risoldis added this image: Risoldis Automotive Eastampton, New Jersey Chasing the dream, not the competition towie1 added these images: Here is our ( little compared to some of your gear ) 1130 we are based in Melbourne Australia Truckworks in Adelaide built this T608 Kenworth up for us and did a ripper job on the paintwork most impressed with the other trucks posted in here
  10. Towman26 added these images: Here is our 08 Int 5900 Century 1075-5 winch-lowrider underlif Brett Holcombe added this image: Westways checkin in also!! LASVEGASTOATOR60 Added this image: Ewing Bros., checking in! James Shaefer added this image: Clark County Towing WOLFTOWING added these images: automedics added these images: Unknown Member from Neil Yates added these images: "SUMO" Mr "2B" bcharris29 added these images: towwhat added these images: Here's a yellow one unknown member added these images: Rob's in the house LAMB Towing added these images: LAMB Towing checking in with "Centrifugal Force". TCTR1 added these images: Twin Cities' is on the map It's not a front end loader but it did have to go on a trailer arent up anymore bossmansson added these images: littleredg added these images: Crawford`s checking in. ELIMINATORII added these images: jhook5230 added these images: Done Deal and Tater checkin in! unknown member added these images: Here for Tator Check In..at work then just showing off with operator. Ky Nick added this image: Tony's checking in Dollar Tow added these images: SLovett added these images: and after pics hope the boys up there in NY like what I did with the truck. Graphics for sides soon just not sure what I want yet. hpgtowing added these images: kentuckytowman added this image: Suburban towing---75 ton Junior Reinhardt Byron Coleman added these images: wstowing11 added these images: towtrk802 added these images: ibuytoys added these images: Hawaii checking in!! Towstany added these images: jackmaster added these images: Tow Tator checking in Iowa's only legal tator! Rotator60 added these images: Miami, checking in Tway5076 added these images: Here are Michael Bigg jr.s two Rotators a 75 Ton 5 winch and a 60 ton both custom built unknown member added these images: Wm020494 added this image: Here is one from up in Vermont. drewmel added these images: This is West Hill's 1994 F-5070 Paystar with 94 Century 1060S SDU. I recently had my harddrive go and lost the last 6 years of my pictures. Too bad all the jobs the tator has done were on there with no back up. Man does it SU#K! Plus I have got to get some updated pictures cause alot has been done to this truck since I took pics of it. FMS Mike added this image: Here's another picture of DrewMel's Tator. yates towing added these images: rvanling added this image: Trucks, WAY more proud of my Sons, the Third generation of Van Lingen Towing and Recovery Professionals in Torrance, California. Here I am working (sort of) while they are in Baltimore enjoying the show (and snow). peelman aded these images: Scotlands top dogs checkin in. mcallisters added these images: Surrey & Hampshire in England - Checking In! Reqtator added these images: Another So.Cal check in: '06 Western Star with Century 1060S...work in progress at Ooltewah. At our Shops. The guys did more GREAT work. WreckMaster training Debris removal Unknown member added these images: chaser8003 added these images: Checking in from Wisconsin. If this counts.... xcessiveforce52 asked: chaser8003 , do you know if that truck came from Miami Fl. there used to be a company down here that had one ( Nolans Garage ) ????? Chaser8003 Replied: it was Nolan's truck. I believe this is how the story goes.... In 1989, it started life being white and black as prototype at Miller model Century 930S. It did make an appearance at the Florida Show around that time. Nolan's acquired it in the 90's and repainted it an ugly green and I think red stripes (Jorge help me here..). Nolan sold it to a company in Hialeah, Fl called Galloway Towing and painted it white with blue stripes. We purchased it in early 2000. Cosmetically it was pretty rough however mechanically sound. (A toolbox door actually fell off somewhere on I-95.) But we cleaned her up and straightened her out. Its been a great recovery truck for us but it is bit tougher to tow with due to a short underlift and no tilt. However it still works daily and fits into tight spots where our cyclone will not go. Btw.... the trucks everyone has posted so far are nothing short of amazing. Be very proud. Thanks, Chase Floyd's Towing 1stmdtator added thia image; Marylands 1st tator/still working Marylands 1st 1075 checking in Our 1060 almost checking in jimnichols6359 added these images: checking in from caseyville illinois both trucks are 75ton cliffwm010069 adde this image: BigWheelRecovery added these images: unknown member added these images: Forgivenone added these images: This is our tator at Berry Bros. Tow in Oakland, California. Apple Towman added this image: timjohn added these images Good to hear from you Chase. I hope you are keeping the old man in line. Here is my light duty rotator. Hope it counts for something. unknown member added: Greg's Towing in Akron, Ohio checking in with our 2008 T-800 1140 unknown member added these images: pupdaddy added these images: This is are new toy I thank you tried it out from hortons it was white and blue unknown member added these images: R.Lance and Sons Co. Livermore,Ca. 2000 Peterbilt 378 Challenger 8808
  11. 2008 Kenworth T800 TwinSteer: 2008 Century 1075 5x Rotator Listed for sale by Dusty Simmons in June of 2010.
  12. Topic Originally Created on Tow411 by annettemcd in July of 2009: I was just reading a thread about jump starts and many people mentioned jumper cables. We haven't used cables in years, but find jumper packs to be so much more convenient. You don't even need to park close to the disabled vehicle. You don't need to have external connections or pop your own hood. You can easily set up the jumper pack to charge while it is in the truck and/or trade out with a charged one in the shop. It is so easy to grab the jumper pack out of the truck, pop the hood of the disabled vehicle, set the pack on the top of the grill, radiator, bumper, or fender, connect it to the battery, and have someone try to start the disabled vehicle. If it is a big vehicle, try more than one pack, especially if responding with a small service vehicle instead of a tow truck. It works for us. How many others are using jumper packs instead of jumper cables? Not a big issue, but just a question. kyresqtow said: Well I have had instances that the jumper pack would not start the car but hook up the jumper cables and away we go.... Jumper packs work on the smaller engines but I have yet to find one that would start a diesel with 2 dead batteries... jerel said: personally i use a jump pack much easier to use...on the larger vehicles i use jumper cables...all are trucks have cables in them just in case the jump boxes dont work... I like using the box in garages or car ports that the cables wont reach...now a days alot of the cars wont come out of park if there is now power to them and that is where the jump pack comes in handy....and we dont have to push the vehicle out of the garage just for a jump start. Eds Towing said: All of our trucks have both. The packs are convenient for sure. We keep spares to swap out in the shop if needed as we do with the impact batteries. One thing that helps with the pack is once the car starts, leave the pack on for a minute if you can. This is assuming that the system is charging of course but it will help to keep the pack charged up from use. jefftow said: Both here. I also use the jumper pack with a compressor. I also have the car charger for it. It helps to have one in the garage in case I need another. And Ed has a good point, cars charge at 80 or 100 amps, which is a lot more that an outlet. paulie 417 said: Annette, I started using jump packs this spring, I was wondering how thay worked in -25 to -35 temps Im sure where you are it get that cold. I see temps that cold at times. Living Life in the Ditch!! C'ya Paul Morin letsplay2 said: What brand of jump packs do you use? I have had a couple of them and some don't last too long. We went back to placing the jump boxes on the tow trucks now. Don't have to worry about them being fully charged or even over charged and killing the battery early. Silverhawk said: Jump boxes are good for pull starting truck & trailers with dead batteries, also. Opens the fuel pump solenoid when the truck batteries won't. My cables are welding leads with 25 foot leads. Can reach anything, even batteries on reefers. Mellville said: jumper packs definitely, our trucks still have cables just in case the packs aren't enough or are dead but they see rare use. we get ours from Carolina Auto Supply, about 35-40 bucks each and tthey get frequent use and are replaced about every year or so. spitz said: Its said you shouldnt be jumping a vehicle with the donor's engine running as it "may" damage voltage sensitive circuits in the donor vehicles systems when the donee's engine starts... Runs the voltage reg. to the max to make up for the dead battery to compensate.. Never seen it happen yet but i don't want to be the statistic on that one. twinbulls said: I get the $50 jump box with air compressor at homedepot... works great !! and it last over a year .... I used to get the $200 boxes but when one of my guys lost it .. I feel $50 pain better..... I do have jumper cables on all trucks dont remember when I used them last.... So far no one has lost the $50 box....and it paid for itself in about 3 days..... I was just thinking of getting a few more for just incase.....And that little AC unit does better than I thought for pumping up tires.... Wreckerboy said: I bought a jump pack from NAPA for almost $600 and will start truck tractor diesels, no problem. Kind of expensive, but J. B. Hunt calls us for lots of jumps, makes it quick and easy. MTA415 said: that doesn't apply to all vehicles. the owners manual is instrumental in this situation... MidwayTowing said: have both mine s the blue one with the 50.00 replacement coupon....forgot the name.. new cables.. ye sIve had to use em also.. annettemcd said: On the cold, we usually keep the jumper packs in the shop and rotate them in and out of the trucks. They are fine in the trucks in the winter when the pack is plugged in and the APU and the cab heaters are operating. Almost all of our jobs are stand-alone (not combined with other jobs), so if it is a jump-start or a jump-start/possible tow, the driver can just grab a jumper pack or two out of the shop on their way. We usually try to avoid providing jump starts at really cold temperatures, like 40 below, because usually a jump will not be able to start a cold vehicle at those temperatures and if the owner has been trying long enough to drain the battery and then waited until the next day or so to call us, the battery might well be frozen and may explode. It usually makes more sense to just wait until it warms up to try to start the vehicle or to tow it to some place where it can be warmed up. hmc7533 said: We had days last winter that the windchill was down to these temps I keep the jump pack inside the cab of the truck on the floor on the passenger side. .(Heat blows on them) I also keep the cables there during the winter. I have found that most people try over and over to get the car started cranking the juice right out of the cells. If the car has not been driven in days I use the cables. And let it charge up awile before even trying to start the car. if its been just a few hours I grab the jump pack first. JIMTOWMANPA said: kinda within this topic but does anybody remember those supposedly jump starters you would plug in the cigarette lighter supposed to start car ( i doubt they did) we dont do hardly any road service but alot of vehicles i go to tow if battery is dead its stuck in park i thought maybe those plug in the lighter things would be good to carry and easy to carry and just enough to activate the lock out if anyone knows what im talking about i looked on the internet cant find them kstowman said: we use the jump packs....had to replace the batteries in 2004, they are still going....the batteries cost about $50 if i remember right. we bought ours from the snap-on and mac tool companies.... for semi's, diesels, and bigger motor homes we use the good-all jump start units....they are the real deal.... kyresqtow said: Jim most of the jump packs ( at least the ones I have bought) come with a plug to plug lead for just that type of ordeal. kstowman said: i haven't ever tried it for this application, we have a deal that hooks to a 9v battery that is supposed to help the vehicle's computer "remember" if you have the battery unhooked, it might provide just enough juice to get those pesky vehicles out of park as well.....i always just hook my pack directly to the battery or jump points to get them to neutral.....never have tried through the lighter..... Muskegontowguy said: AAA Mich sent out those Cig. lighter cords a few years back to power up Porsches so we could get the hood open to Jump as they have an Electric hood release Matt Bartlett said: Cables??? What are those??? We use packs, but our service truck and Medium Duty have cables as well. Matt 88towboy said: just wondering if anyone now's that if you leave thejump box on the vehicle for a couple ofminute after you start it it will charge your box back up completley I worked for aaa for a while and did this never once had to charge my box and I would use it every day all day just thought some of you might like to know if you cont use your box all the time then it might need charged once in a while you can also charge one quikley if you hook it to your own battery for a minute if it does seem to be down and you cant easily get to vehicle with cables. Spitz said: Keep in mind with long cables you losing a lot of power simply because they are so long, its like trying to push water through a 30ft hose, it takes pressure to get enough power there. Had one instance were my cables just wouldnt do the trick, the pack had no troubles however. Pro Max Towing said: The best performing jump box for the money on the market is the JNC660 it will jump start a dead big block. It has a one time $50 total replacement garranty, you can sweep up what is ever left, mail it in with $50 and WA LA in about a week to week and a half you have a new unit. Also comes with the double ended cig. lighter attachment. A few people have questioned what this cord is for. Well it has several purposes : 1) You can plug it into your jump pack and the disabled vehicle to get it out of park 2) You can plug it into your tow truck and it will charge the pack(slowly) when truck is running 3) It will also power up the power releases on those porsche units. John 94bigtow said: I guess I am a cave man still use cables looks like I will be buying a jump pack this weekend thanks for all your input and merry x mas Berk oroville towing OROVILLE TOWING ... .OROVILLE CALIF. Supertower said: I bought a jump pack @ Northern Tool and supply for $79. It has saved me from pushing many a car and is great when they won't go into neutual. John Payette, Owner, Superior Wrecker Service, Serving Houston Since 1991 TRAA Level 1 & 2 Certified, Wreckmaster Level 2/3 Certified #95734 SWTO Certified & Region 5 Board Member www.superiorwrecker.com ricktowingvt said: we are using the same three jump n carry packs we bought in the late 90s that we got from awdirect, WE have replace all the batteries once. interstate batteries stocks them and they are about $50. @annettemcd @EdsTowing @JeffTow @paulie417 @silverhawk @Spitz @MTA415 @Midway Towing @kstowman @Muskegontowguy @Indy Matt @88towboy @Supertower @Jeff Poquette
  13. Topic Originally Created by wheelertow in September of 2007: got a call from the trucking company owner to use 'big rotator thing' to recover his truck that was leaning real bad and about to roll over. His truck was 1 1/2 hour drive away but he didn't want to use any of the local companies. So off i went. When I arrived the driver didn't know what to do. He said maybe back it out. The winery owner was their and said that we would need to bucket the grapes out or the truck would roll over when we moved it. So I told them that this is what I do and that I would get it all out without and damage. So I had to make it look good. ED sorry no progress pictures they wanted the driveway opened Wade200 said: Nice use of all them winches. I bet that's hard to think about which lever to pull when there are four at once. FLCOWBOYINIRAQ said: awsome rigging job. those pics are worth a million that way if a cust. complains about the bill you can say look i saved your truck. lol thanks for sharring stay safe and keep the pics coming john fenshaw wstowing11 said: Damn if that oil pan didn't scrape on the asphalt I would be amazed . Nice recovery , nice justification of all the winches !! Jerrys Road Service said: great rigging looks good to me. Nick Ovenden said: Looks good, nice use of the 4 winches hpgtowing said: Nicely rigged recovery... Stay well.. steve danielswt said: can you run all 4 winches at the same time under full power? with my sp's only having duel stage pump if you use the side winches along with the main's they run at half speed/ power Canadiantowman said: nicely done, what kind of weight would be in that combo t&t wheelertow said: Yes i have full speed and power when using all 4. This truck has 2 big pumps on it. The weight was 79,900 lbs
  14. Topic Created by sweiljr in August of 2007: The local pd called and said that they had a camper rolled over when we got there this is what we found. It was a lot easier with the tator than with two med duty's. Rolled it back on to wheels and then we loaded the whole thing onto the landholl because all the tires on the left side was blown out and the trailer axles were bent. jhook5230 said: very nice tator, what was the medium doing? taking the strain off the tator?????lol lol Those campers can so much fun especially when the decide to fall apart! sweiljr said: The med duty got there first and did nothing during the recovery. Once it was set up the med duty hooked it up and pulled the whole thing across the highway to the emergency lane for the landholl to load. Steven Weil jr Big Wheel Recovery said: That is one aw some looking rotater love that color combination , and nice recovery guys. thanks eric
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