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Pulling out a tree stump for mom


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Mom had a cherry tree cut down last week and wanted me to remove the stump.


I made my first attempt with the rigging shown below. The stump started to move just a bit but I couldn’t keep my truck sitting still.




I called for one of our other wreckers to come and give me a hand. With a little more anchor we made it happen quick and easy.


We used two Dodge 5500 4x4 wreckers with an MPL40. Weight of each truck is 13,000 lbs. 8000 lbs winches. The wire rope WLL is 4,150. We used one winch from each truck. 6 snatch blocks total.


Below is the way I had things rigged up. What could I have done better or safer? Would love to see some calculations on the setup and all.














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23 hours ago, Ehofer said:

Nice job. I have done the same thing with stumps. I always cut a notch to keep the chain from sliding up when it is coming over.

That is a good idea.  I asked the guy that cut the tree to do so, but he apparently forgot.


Usually the chain slips around, but in this case it actually stayed put.  I had it a little lower than I would have liked, expecting it to slide up some.


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I had several stumps about that size to remove last year in preparation to expand our impound yard. After realizing, as you did, that I would have to use two trucks to have enough anchor, and the time it took for all the rigging necessary to pull the first stump, I hired a local contractor to remove the rest of them with an excavator. I needed to use him to haul fill dirt and gravel to level the lot anyway. He did the whole job in a day. It would have taken me that much time just to pull the rest of the stumps.

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Light duty towing & recovery in Whitehall MT since 1980.

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