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  1. Looks like a bad week for Suburbans in your area.
  2. I hadn't thought too much about this topic until I had the opportunity to hire a man I had known for several years. He had fallen into drug use and at the end of his prison time, asked me to help him make a new start. I agreed, and hired him to help in the shop and began training him to operate our equipment, as I really needed a second driver. Long story short, within 3 months he was back to the drugs and causing problems in the community that I had brought him into. He's back in prison now after several run ins with the same law enforcement officers that I interact with on a daily basis. Not sure I will ever take that risk again.
  3. This scenario plays out all over the country many times every day. This is not limited to Tesla, but includes roadside assistance/ motor clubs in general. The auto manufacturers and insurance companies contract with whatever roadside provider will offer them the cheapest deal without regard for the level of service that they actually provide. If this customer had initially contacted the local service center directly, and if that center was allowed to arrange a tow themselves, this inconvenience could have been avoided. The problem is that this type of "out of network" service is not allowed by most roadside assistance arrangements. Third party dispatching is inefficient at best, and leads to frustration on the part of the customer as well as the towing operator attempting to provide service based on flawed information.
  4. Ron Fuller here Whitehall Montana. Light duty towing & recovery since 1980. 2010 Ram 5500 4x4 with Vulcan 892. 2005 IHC 4300 W/Jerrdan BIC and SP8000, Soon to be replaced with 2020 Freightliner , century, with SP9000.
  5. I just went through the same scenario with Kemper insurance. I had the at fault vehicle from a 2 car crash. They wanted to dump the car on me and not pay the bill. My response was that I would not consider that option, so they should pay the bill and remove the car to mitigate their losses. Like you, I documented all of my phone calls and emails (none of which were responded to) then finally filed a complaint with our state insurance commissioner. They responded to the complaint by stating that the recovery bill was too high. Long story short, I accepted 3,000 on a 4,000 dollar bill and they removed the totaled car. I could have pushed for the full amount by taking them to court, but the attorney fees would have eaten up the difference and, in Montana, we can't charge storage after 90 days on non consentual tows. I just don't understand why these insurance companies drag these things out instead of settling the bill right away before the storage charges turn a 1200 dollar recovery bill into 4000 dollars.
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