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  1. No different than any other recovery. Billed at hourly rate for any necessary equipment.
  2. Seems like a light sentence for that long list of charges, but, at least it's something.
  3. I always winch on. There are many stories about accidents, damaged vehicles and worse related to driving a vehicle onto the deck. One of the biggest dangers I see is getting out of a vehicle on a tilted deck. In addition to the slip & fall hazard, if the vehicle slides or rolls backward, that open door will get you. We learn from our mistakes, close calls, etc. We should be willing to learn from other people's mistakes, as well, so we don't have to learn the hard way!
  4. Such a tragedy, we send our prayers.
  5. This is an example of the unintended consequences of motor clubs and insurance companies encouraging the public to rely on apps and internet for towing and emergency services instead of going through police dispatch. Scammers are everywhere. How is a motorist to know that they need to be aware of a scam like this? This warning aired one time on the television news in Montana. How many potential victims did it actually reach? I, like most other towers, have seen many instances when a motorist declined help from law enforcement when they needed a tow, because they wanted to rely on an app or 800 number to get help to them. They do this because they think their insurance won't cover the charges if they go out of network, or they think it will get them help faster. Quite often, we get the dispatch from law enforcement hours after the fact, when the consumer finally gets frustrated with the runaround, or start thinking about their safety.
  6. I had several stumps about that size to remove last year in preparation to expand our impound yard. After realizing, as you did, that I would have to use two trucks to have enough anchor, and the time it took for all the rigging necessary to pull the first stump, I hired a local contractor to remove the rest of them with an excavator. I needed to use him to haul fill dirt and gravel to level the lot anyway. He did the whole job in a day. It would have taken me that much time just to pull the rest of the stumps.
  7. As stated in previous posts, every situation is different, and there is really not enough information here for me to say exactly how I would perform this recovery. I will say that, after surveying the scene, I would formulate a plan, discuss it with the officer in charge and the other first responders on scene, and get it done. Best case scenario would be if the casualty was in the right lane with some shoulder to work in, but we have to adapt to whatever we are handed.
  8. 1. HONK Low volume credit card only. 2. AGERO Lots of calls, mostly for out of area nonsense. Credit card for immediate payment on the few that we accept. 3. NSD Just signed up, no calls yet. Rates seem reasonable. 4. URGENTLY Only one call in the past year, credit card only 5. QUEST Same as above 6. AAA They ended our direct pay agreement and have not paid for several completed calls.
  9. Sometimes you just have to say no, I can't put it there! Offer to unload it in the alley and let the owner deal with it from there. I have to question why this secondary tow was done after dark in the first place, and how the driver knew that the owner wanted it in that hole if there wasn't a conversation to that effect before the owner retreated into hiding to video tape the unloading. It almost looks like a set up to sue for damages.
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