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  1. I have seen this scam twice in my area. The worst part is it is the motor clubs falling for it. When they start price shopping and pay an internet scammer/ tow company that doesn't even exist. They pay the scammer with a credit card and leave their customer stranded for hours, waiting for help that will never arrive. When the Montana Highway patrol tries to track down the scammer, the website just disappears.
  2. Seeing Geico at the top of the list confirms my opinion that dispatching with good information, not haggling over price, and prompt payment will make all the difference as to whether towers want to work with a motor club.
  3. Congratulations. You provide a great service.
  4. "If it was easy, anybody could do it" "HOLD MY BEER AND WATCH THIS!"
  5. Yeah, I have an African Grey. There's no sneaking into my driveway. That stupid bird mimics the backup alarm every time he hears tires on the gravel. Then the Macaw says hello when I open the door to come into the house.
  6. What a tragedy! I hope their insurance was adequate. These are the times when you find out about haat.
  7. I have been using ITD for years with no problem. When I first looked at them, I found them far superior to the Collins I had been around. Having said that, since ITD came out, Collins has really upped their game and updated their design. Today, we have several choices, and many good features with both brands. It seems to me that the competition has been good for our industry.
  8. A few nights ago, I received a rotation call from the highway patrol. The dispatcher gave a milepost location on I90 and stated that one wheel was missing and one tire was flat. When I asked for a make & model, she replied, "it's a Pontiac Grand something". She said the trooper had already left but there was a county deputy on scene. When I arrived 30 minutes later, I found the vehicle, Unattended, in the ditch, 30 feet off the roadway, with the engine running, sitting in a pool of gasoline from the ruptured fuel tank. What were they thinking!
  9. That video is a real eye opener! I have been using wheel straps for years because I find it is the quickest way to accomplish a 4 point securement and I don't like crawling around under a vehicle looking for attachment points. Looking at this reminds me of the insanity I see with Uhaul car trailers using basket straps on the front tires and a single chain at the rear that is obviously not strong enough to hold a large dog, with no way to tighten it.
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