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  1. HI. Would like to know what type or brand you are using? The good and the bad about them? With me previous employer it was never really an issue, most of the vehicles we towed where either older (made out of steel) or hit so hard in a accident it did not matter where put the lights (did not halfto worry about scratching anything) I now work for a different towing company and last night it became and issue. (all aluminium) I put the lights on the end of the boom extended up above the vehicle and away we went. Yes you could see them but I didnt like it. The lights should be on the towed vehicle.
  2. Very nicely done. Do you have any pictures of your home made fifth wheel hitch?
  3. Hi. It looks like a neat idea. Has anyone here on Towforce bought and used these speed spacers? Did you like them? To the In the Ditch people how about a video of them being used.
  4. I am here every week reading and learning.
  5. I wired in a extra trailer plug socket in the cab, by the rear widow, never worry about it getting wet, or losing the transmitter.
  6. That has got to be hard on the truck. If you worked for me and did something like that you would be let go.
  7. Eric Hofer Fountain City Wisconsin. Been driving tow truck close to 20yrs. Wreckmaster 4/5 expired.
  8. Wow. They dragged it for some distance to get it to look like that.
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