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2 toyotas and a uhaul trailer down embankment


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Thursday morning I walked into the shop just as a call came in for 2 cars and a uhaul trailer on the highway 20ft in the grass. We sent 1 f650 rollback, 1 small wrecker and I took our 12 ton jerrdan. Arrived on scene to find a toyota camry down and embankment about 40 feet with the uhaul it was pulling split open and the contents thrown everywhere. The second vehicle, a toyota matrix, was to the left in high grass against a tree. We had the right lane closed for about 1.5 hours with the help from a crash truck supplied by Penndot, a State Farm beltway truck and PSP. 


The camry was still hooked to the trailer, which the tongue was twisted and folded underneath, and hung up on a culvert. I ended up using 2 part line to pull the camry out and loaded onto a rollback. By this time we had another rollback arrive on scene. Next the uhaul was pulled up piece by piece and loaded onto the second rollback. The Matrix was pulled out and loaded onto the small wrecker. With the cars out of the ditch, I moved the wrecker to the shoulder, and we sent the vehicles back to the shop to unload and come back out to assist with cleanup. I stayed and started cleanup with another employee. At one point we found a folding table that I decided to use as a sled. We would load up as much as we could, and winch it up the embankment. Work smarter, not harder. Total time on scene, 3 hours. 



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20 hours ago, goodmichael said:

Excellent photos of the scene. Hope you get paid for all your work.


Surprisingly yes. Uhaul covered half of the bill (and wanted their trailer back), and the customer of the camry (the car pulling the trailer) somehow got his insurance company to cover the rest of the bill and the tow out, even though he had liability only.  

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On 9/15/2018 at 12:21 AM, Louwo said:

Nice work. Currently we have a home depo rental trailer in our lot from a roll over still awaiting what will happen with that.

i think THD outsources those, but probably doesn't matter on your end. long as someone pays for it.

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