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  1. luigi

    Eds Towing Newest Addition "Updated"

    I've been trying to convince my boss to build a truck literally identical to that. The things I would do to drive it daily lol.
  2. I have for on site moves. Nothing more than 5 mph, just moving it from one spot to another.
  3. Surprisingly yes. Uhaul covered half of the bill (and wanted their trailer back), and the customer of the camry (the car pulling the trailer) somehow got his insurance company to cover the rest of the bill and the tow out, even though he had liability only.
  4. It had 150' on the passenger winch. We also used a 50' extension.
  5. Got a call for a ride on fertilizer spreader that was on the edge of an embankment, behind a house. I arrived on scene with our 12t jerrdan to find the equipment actually how the described it. The did put a strap on it to try to prevent it from going down any further. I called back to the shop for another man, due to the equipment being out of the sight from the wrecker. It was downhill and around a corner. I had to have the wrecker on the rode, and ran the cable through a snatch block as high up in a tree as I could to prevent it from cutting into the ground. The lawn care company told the homeowner that they would assume all liability for any property damage during the recovery of their equipment. No damage was done. I stayed up at the wrecker while maintaining phone contact with my coworker down at the piece of equipment.
  6. People are constantly going off the road on this corner. This time, this buick missed all of the large trees but came to a stop about 80' in. The first guy on scene called back for a wrecker to winch it out. These mpl ngs keep surprising me with how well the trucks can plant and actually pull.
  7. Monday 3-12-18 @540pm PSP requesting 3 trucks for 3 vehicles that were "pretty smashed up". We dispatched 2 rollbacks and 1 wrecker. After having to run the shoulder for about a mile, we arrive to find a tractor trailer had used 5 vehicles to come to a stop. We ended up getting all 5 cars, while the tractor trailer was towed by another company. I didn't get a chance to get pictures of all the cars.
  8. Thursday morning I walked into the shop just as a call came in for 2 cars and a uhaul trailer on the highway 20ft in the grass. We sent 1 f650 rollback, 1 small wrecker and I took our 12 ton jerrdan. Arrived on scene to find a toyota camry down and embankment about 40 feet with the uhaul it was pulling split open and the contents thrown everywhere. The second vehicle, a toyota matrix, was to the left in high grass against a tree. We had the right lane closed for about 1.5 hours with the help from a crash truck supplied by Penndot, a State Farm beltway truck and PSP. The camry was still hooked to the trailer, which the tongue was twisted and folded underneath, and hung up on a culvert. I ended up using 2 part line to pull the camry out and loaded onto a rollback. By this time we had another rollback arrive on scene. Next the uhaul was pulled up piece by piece and loaded onto the second rollback. The Matrix was pulled out and loaded onto the small wrecker. With the cars out of the ditch, I moved the wrecker to the shoulder, and we sent the vehicles back to the shop to unload and come back out to assist with cleanup. I stayed and started cleanup with another employee. At one point we found a folding table that I decided to use as a sled. We would load up as much as we could, and winch it up the embankment. Work smarter, not harder. Total time on scene, 3 hours.
  9. This particular time I actually didn't have anyone intentionally try to block me. I had beacons and 4 ways on, and used the air horn to let people know I was coming through.
  10. luigi

    Tow dolly lost a wheel

    Tow light was on, with the owner also following
  11. Had a call to take a tow dolly to a local trailer repair facility, calls were stacking up and I offered to get it with a wrecker so a rollback wouldn't be tied up.
  12. Monday 3-12-18 @540pm The first accident came in via PSP requesting 3 trucks for 3 vehicles that were "pretty smashed up". We dispatched 2 rollbacks and 1 wrecker. After having to run the shoulder for about a mile, we arrive to find a tractor trailer had used 5 vehicles to come to a stop. I'm not going to post pictures since a lawsuit has been started. We ended up getting all 5 cars, while the tractor trailer was towed by another company. Tuesday 3-13-18 @550am I receive a call form the night dispatcher requesting help for a 3 car accident that is closing all lanes of the highway. Psp to her that since the highway was closed we needed to enter the highway and the exit after the accident and come up the wrong way. I got to the shop, got a rollback (I wasn't on call) and got to the scene to find 1 car on the left lane jersey wall, the s10 in the middle lane, and the 3rd car against the right lane jersey wall. I loaded up the s10 and the left lane car, and my second guy got the right lane car.
  13. Got a call from a customer stating she was stuck on the ice on her private road, blocking the intersection. Upon arrival I walked the road contemplating how I was going to even get to the car. After assessing the situation, we came to the conclusion of just winching the van off to the side until her husband came home and could salt the road. Luckily there was another single lane paved road that ran adjacent to hers. I ran a snatch block off a tree to a recovery loop and winched it to the side and she was happy. The "sturdy bridge that trucks drive over all the time"
  14. Got a call from one of our customers stating that a company that was dropping at there location had his Peterbilt roll away into a tree. I arrived in our medium duty to find a Pete definitely into a tree, knocking the cab loose. I winched it out using 2 single lines. Due to the size of the truck we called another company with a heavy to tow the truck back to the customers shop. I would have done it if it was going to our shop, literally on the other side of the hill .2 miles away, but it was going about 40 miles.