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  1. We use carpet shield as a crash wrap. Sucks when you drop in stone, grass etc, because everything sticks to it, but works great.
  2. The accident happened last July, but I recent found a usb with a ton of old tow pics. I wasn't on scene for this one, but I towed it to copart. The rear axle was knocked loose and the bed still had a partial load of concrete, primarily on the driver side.
  3. I absolutely hate moving tool boxes lol. One thing i always do it put a couple small straps over/around the boxes to ensure that the drawers don't pop open, even when they're locked.
  4. How'd the truck handle that international? If you were to compare it to picking it from the axle with your 12ton 650, how would you rate it?
  5. price please, and I also have a question on a truck that I may need built
  6. This is the only picture i have of it on my computer. This picture has the upper light bar installed but not the ones under the tunnel boxes.
  7. We got this truck at the end of last year. Our last wrecker had 2 tunnel boxes and this one only has 1, so we were a little short on storage. We added 3 additional boxes. My boss has also let me add stuff to make things more efficient. Simple stuff first, 2 buckets for floor dry/debris 2 Boxes have been placed on each side of the bed, which did make it difficult to watch the winches. So mirrors were added to aid with that. Again, the boxes make backing up to a car difficult to see it. All of our trucks have on board dvr, with 4 cameras. I added a monitor to be able to see. This truck has a compressor and tank, but no gauge, or air hook ups. We do alot of ppi's, and have to call another company to remove any trailers with air. I added an air hook up so we can move empty trailers, or equipment trailers. Also added a psi gauge, I ended up changing the fitting on the back of the gauge so it would fit though. Now my personal favorite addition. The flood lights in the back were......lacking. I had a 42" curved light bar at home that I wasn't using and added to the truck. I also got some smaller led spot/flood lights to add under the tunnel box to aid with nighttime reversing. Before After (That is also just the upper lights. Lowers were not turned on) Lower lights
  8. Job done Sept. 2018 Got a call for a ride on fertilizer down an embankment and rolled. The pictures don't do it justice of how steep it was. The machine could've have weighed more than a couple hundred pounds, and it was much of a pull but was difficult trying not to ruin the grass.
  9. Job was done Dec. 2018 Got a call to recover a burnt dump "not far off the road". The truck owner also owned the property and his insurance company had an adjuster out on scene to watch the recovery. We originally sent a medium rollback out to attempt it, but as soon as he got on scene he called for our medium wrecker. The path into the truck was uneven with a high center and various obstacles. The truck was approx 200 feet off the main road. I originally wanted to run both lines doubled, but wasn't able to due to distance, and even had to add our 50' extensions to each line. I placed 2, 1/2" chains around the frame rails and started pulling. The dump was sunk and frozen into the ground, so it the wrecker was being pulled back. I had to call back to the shop to have someone bring the spade out, which of course I had taken off the truck that morning. Once the spade arrived and was on, I tried again. The wrecker still was drug back about 3 more feet, the front end lifted about 8 inches off the ground, then the dump came free. Once it was to the road, I hooked it up, strapped the bed down, cleaned up the area and took the truck back to our yard. Total time on scene was about 1.5 hr.
  10. I've been trying to convince my boss to build a truck literally identical to that. The things I would do to drive it daily lol.
  11. I have for on site moves. Nothing more than 5 mph, just moving it from one spot to another.
  12. Surprisingly yes. Uhaul covered half of the bill (and wanted their trailer back), and the customer of the camry (the car pulling the trailer) somehow got his insurance company to cover the rest of the bill and the tow out, even though he had liability only.
  13. It had 150' on the passenger winch. We also used a 50' extension.
  14. Got a call for a ride on fertilizer spreader that was on the edge of an embankment, behind a house. I arrived on scene with our 12t jerrdan to find the equipment actually how the described it. The did put a strap on it to try to prevent it from going down any further. I called back to the shop for another man, due to the equipment being out of the sight from the wrecker. It was downhill and around a corner. I had to have the wrecker on the rode, and ran the cable through a snatch block as high up in a tree as I could to prevent it from cutting into the ground. The lawn care company told the homeowner that they would assume all liability for any property damage during the recovery of their equipment. No damage was done. I stayed up at the wrecker while maintaining phone contact with my coworker down at the piece of equipment.
  15. People are constantly going off the road on this corner. This time, this buick missed all of the large trees but came to a stop about 80' in. The first guy on scene called back for a wrecker to winch it out. These mpl ngs keep surprising me with how well the trucks can plant and actually pull.
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