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  1. Looks good, only thing better would have been a helicopter that would just hover above & pick it straight up. Every time I offer that service on scene the customer always declines...
  2. Once in a while I am doing a lockout & cannot see the lock button or inner door handle through the side glass & thought it would be nice to have a mirror on an adjustable head with a suction cup base & flexible shaft that you could place on the windshield so you could look in the mirror from the standard lockout position to see what your trying to manipulate, anyone make something like this? I ordered the one pictured but could only find it with a magnification mirror that will not work for viewing more than 12" from the mirror.
  3. I miss seeing Dougs awesome recoveries...
  4. New Suburban to owner visiting from Nebraska, took a turn too sharp exiting one of our local parks, dropped the rig into a 5 foot ditch, common issue with this turn. This one was a 2 trucker as pulling it forward would have dropped the passenger rear into the deep ditch, possible overturning the Suburban & tearing the rear bumper cover off. Pulling it rearward would have surely torn the front bumper cover off & likely also tipped it over. 2018 F450 with a Chevron 408 for the lift on passenger front wheel & 2001 F550 Chevron 408 for the sideways pull on the drivers front & rearward stability via tree/strap/snatchblock. Lift & pull, towed back to the yard for inspection & drove it home.
  5. Got to love a multi piece recovery, thanks for sharing.
  6. I had a call from the local Sheriffs Office this morning for a tandem axle dump loaded with sand figuring 25 ton in the ditch. We responded with a 1981 KW W900A/Holmes 750 & 2001 F550 4x4/Chevron 408. After surveying the scene we positioned the trucks diagonally to the dump, rigged low from the tailboard of the 750 to the front pin with 4 lines to the load, rigging the Chevron with a high line from the boom to a chain wrapped over the corner of the box for high leverage to keep the truck from tipping any further & another low from the tailboard to the drivers rear outboard wheel simply for forward pull as there was no other place to rig being as the dump box was sitting directly on the truck frame. County closed that section of the road diverting all through traffic. Dump running in neutral & she came out without incident. About 1 hour on scene.
  7. Agreed, I thought Id give them a chance to see if they were worthy of keeping.
  8. Thank you & agreed. Dollies were the first 10 miles of this tow, the last 100 were on the flatbed due to the logistics of my location.
  9. Thanks, they came with this truck hard mounted, never saw a real need for them so I removed them from the truck & put them in the shop collecting dust. Had this locked up Range Rover so thought Id give it a shot. Will stick them in the shop back under the bench:)
  10. I have never in my 30 years towing had Gojaks, always used skates to load locked up vehicles, skate on skate for transition on deck, windshield washer solvent mixed with Dawn dishwashing liquid for lube going off deck, sometimes pushing truck out from under vehicle when unloading, etc... I came upon a used set of Gojaks & thought it might make my job easier, loaded a 2019 locked up Range Rover today & had nothing but difficulty with the Gojaks making the transition up the deck, finally gave up on them & used good old skates. Just didn't seem to be the easier way loading on a deck. Any tips/suggestions or send them down the road? Thanks.
  11. You can't do a rollover with a flatbed, need 2 trucks, wrecker for the rollover & flatbed for the tow, just joking. Nice work:)
  12. Nice reverse roll, I prefer that method rather than rolling towards you, more consistent without the chance of it sliding on its roof towards you.
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