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  1. Received a call at 9 pm to bring the big truck for an excavator in a pond. I requested we do it in the light. The customer asked if we could do it tonight as it was submerged, he said he would do the dirty work:) I figured it was worth a look.I have not yet put the 750 to any winching load & thought about bringing the 14 Ton also but figured Id see if what the old timers say about the old Holmes 750's is true. I showed on scene to find an18,000lb excavator in the middle of a pond with the arm/bucket fully extended. The operator was working on the edge of a clay bank reaching out across the pond to grab a fallen tree & the excavator slid down the bank to the middle of the pond. I backed the old girl into position, lowered the hydraulic spades & started to pull cable, 2 2 part lines with 1/2" grade 80 chain at the excavator with the hooks terminating at the wrecker boom fairleads. The excavator owner & his helper did all the swimming/rigging underwater to the carriage. I engaged the winches & man she drug that excavator plowing sideways through the clay all the way up to dry land without as much as an inch of wrecker movement or any indication of strain from the truck. Definitely some noise from the cables as they were wrapping on the winch drums but very impressed with the ability of this truck. I rotated the excavator around once on dry land, broke down the rigging & was back at my office within 2 hours of getting in the truck, didn't even get wet. Mooresbp said: Sweet Roach901 said: OH NO !! The next post was the listing for the 14 ton. Looks like the 750 pushed the 14 ton out of the nest. Builder2 said: Congrats, first winch out with a new rig can be a learning curve. Orcas Tow said: Its for the love of Tow Trucks that I even own anything bigger than an 8 Ton. I bought the 750 as a "Collector Toy" & have found it is very capable to do anything towing related I ask of it for business also. My calls that require anything over an 8 Ton wrecker are few & far between so I hate to see the 14 Ton sit, guaranteed the nicest 2001 International for its age, very well kept but it needs to go to someone who can use it on a regular basis. MACk6X6 said: As you have just found - seeing is believing. Say what you want but dollar vs bang you just can't beat the old Holmes Wreckers for straight-line bull winching. Most will overwork the chassis they are mounted to - thanks for posting, Steve. truckrepair said: Dad taught my brother and I on the 750's we had. They are terribly underrated for their capabilities. We were once called to move a 276,000 transformer for TVA. We used two 750's and got the job done! Besides, they are the original rotators! Trex said: Great! i love 750 winching machines keep us posted!! phxpksdave said: Uzek; Welcome to the 750 Believers club. As you`re quickly finding out there`s a reason so many are still old school believers. JacksonAutoandWrecker said: the cable s and booms will talk to ya as you heard was training an operator on a rolled loadedpacker he heard cables start talking and quit winching lol thanks for posting love the old wreckers!!!!! tntower said: Nice to see some old iron still working. good job. kcservak said: Do you have pics of this truck in the daylight. Keith. Orcas Tow said: Heres a couple pictures when I brought it home. kcservak said: Uzec That truck is awsome wise you the best of luck with it and please keep posting pics of it working because that is what it is made for. Keith. Orcas Tow said: Thank you Sir.
  2. I have these in my trucks & they are nice & bright, I tied them into the parking lights as they don't draw much amperage. https://zips.com/parts-detail/buyers-led-strip-lights-bp-562lightstrip
  3. It does ride like a dream but the truck has other issues that I am still trying to work the bugs out of.
  4. We have windey bumpy country roads here, my last spring suspension F650 beat me up, I installed an air seat to help ease the bumps on my back. My 2015 IHI has air ride, air ride cab & air seat, it does rides like a dream, how does your F650 feel over rough roads, beat you up or ok? Im assuming there is no air ride seat in those. Thanks
  5. Exactly, when did these trucks get so heavy that you can't even carry what the deck is rated at without being over 26k? Also do you know what your load angle is in degrees with the air dumped? My IHI is 10 degrees & hoping to find something close as that sure is nice, have yet to have to use lumber/ramps to load anything, even with flats.
  6. Thanks, my 2015 IHI Durastar, Cummins, Allison steel deck sitting at 18,500lbs with my gear & full tank, was wondering if the aluminum cab on the Fords were any lighter, probably pretty close.
  7. I hard wired mine in my overhead light bar, dry & high up for a good un obstructed signal.
  8. B/A Products 17-2N 11" Winch Roller Guide, some trimming & I have a winch that spools nicely now. I simply welded the passenger side roller to the guide frame & trimmed the bottom corner of the roller to clear the winch hydraulic drive motor. I have not & will not load the winch off the side so the non turning roller is a non issue, simply a guide.
  9. Looking into a 2019 F650, wondering what the scale weight on an air brake, standard cab F650 with the Ford 6.7 V8 diesel & 21' steel deck is? Anyone have some history with the new 6.7 & Ford trans, Issues, etc...? Thanks
  10. Orcas Tow

    F650 Allison trans

    Mine had an intermittent short in the wire from the GEM Module/Fuse Box to the TCM (transmission control module), I ended up running a new wire & also doing the preventative maintenance as I described above.
  11. Orcas Tow

    F650 Allison trans

    Ck your harnesses real close, I had a 2007 F650 that had a couple wiring issues early on & it was because of poor/thin cloth wiring loom/chaffing. I went through whole truck front to back & secured/wrapped/loomed all the harnesses in problem areas. Look for areas where the harness crosses anything metal, brackets, loom mount, crossmembers, etc & wrap them then re secure so they don't chaff. I do have a wiring diagram for a 2007 Cummins/Allison, what year is yours?
  12. I have loaded a couple dozen or so myself & found that with steel core wire it will like you say will noisily grind to the outside of the drum if under tension but travels loosely from the end of the drum for about 2" due to the guides side roller mounted far inside the drum not allowing the rope to lay naturally. My old Chevron wound beautifully with the same wire rope with an 11" wide guide. Just disappointed with the "new & improved" version.
  13. It has a top roller, just not visible in the angle of the picture.
  14. Thank you, Im going to see if I can retrofit the 11" roller guide on & will report back:)
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