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  1. I had a call from the local Sheriffs Office this morning for a tandem axle dump loaded with sand figuring 25 ton in the ditch. We responded with a 1981 KW W900A/Holmes 750 & 2001 F550 4x4/Chevron 408. After surveying the scene we positioned the trucks diagonally to the dump, rigged low from the tailboard of the 750 to the front pin with 4 lines to the load, rigging the Chevron with a high line from the boom to a chain wrapped over the corner of the box for high leverage to keep the truck from tipping any further & another low from the tailboard to the drivers rear outboard wheel simply for forward pull as there was no other place to rig being as the dump box was sitting directly on the truck frame. County closed that section of the road diverting all through traffic. Dump running in neutral & she came out without incident. About 1 hour on scene.
  2. Agreed, I thought Id give them a chance to see if they were worthy of keeping.
  3. Thank you & agreed. Dollies were the first 10 miles of this tow, the last 100 were on the flatbed due to the logistics of my location.
  4. Thanks, they came with this truck hard mounted, never saw a real need for them so I removed them from the truck & put them in the shop collecting dust. Had this locked up Range Rover so thought Id give it a shot. Will stick them in the shop back under the bench:)
  5. I have never in my 30 years towing had Gojaks, always used skates to load locked up vehicles, skate on skate for transition on deck, windshield washer solvent mixed with Dawn dishwashing liquid for lube going off deck, sometimes pushing truck out from under vehicle when unloading, etc... I came upon a used set of Gojaks & thought it might make my job easier, loaded a 2019 locked up Range Rover today & had nothing but difficulty with the Gojaks making the transition up the deck, finally gave up on them & used good old skates. Just didn't seem to be the easier way loading on a deck. Any tips/suggestions or send them down the road? Thanks.
  6. You can't do a rollover with a flatbed, need 2 trucks, wrecker for the rollover & flatbed for the tow, just joking. Nice work:)
  7. Nice reverse roll, I prefer that method rather than rolling towards you, more consistent without the chance of it sliding on its roof towards you.
  8. I had a call today for a new Suburban that had rolled backwards into a market swail, I have been here many times before, honey hole I guess. The 40 gallon plastic gas tank was sitting on the sharp rock retaining wall so winching forward was not an option, needed lift. We brought 2 trucks & my son with me. We positioned the trucks at 45 degrees to the rear wheels, boomed out, used WreckMaster K straps in a basket wrapped through the rear wheels around the wheel hub, snatch blocks then terminating the wire rope at the boom. I had my son in the drivers seat with the engine running holding the brakes while we winched the rear up allowing the gas tank to rise off the rock wall, once level my son eased off the brakes allowing the Suburban to roll forward slowly as we kept winching until the rear wheels were back on solid ground. Recovery was done very slowly with all 3 of us working very smoothly together, which was key. All good, no damage in or out, they drove off under their own power.
  9. Nice that it all came up together, saved a lot of extra labor.
  10. I was called for a 13,000lb forklift leaning on a house, I brought my 1981 Kenworth W900A with a Holmes 750. Found an all terrain forklift had fallen fully extended into a house on a steep side incline. Structural steel was damaged when the forklift went over. I rigged to the boom of the forklift with a continuous loop in a choker fashion to prevent shifting as it came upright, rigged directly off the mast for a side pull with the outrigger down. Blocking front & rear of the low side wheels on the lift & parking brake set I winched it upright, as it was clear of the building & upright I had the operator start the machine & lower the boom as I kept tension with the winch.
  11. Thats a heavy one that's going to have some damage resistance. With no description its hard to tell the steps taken but I would venture the first rigging with the chain may have not been sufficient for the pull with the veer angle of the chain the snatchblock was hanging from, hence the shackles in the next picture. I would speculate that they would have been looking at removing a gear from the drives also to allow the machine to roll up the embankment rather than drag it.
  12. Nice to see a wrecker & dollies doing it all, as a small operation it how we get them home too.
  13. Nice job with the low pull bringing the car to where you needed it rather than work where it was.
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