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  1. Whew, I preach that to my guys, do not become complacent, do not assume anything, check all with a walk around & visual prior to starting the job. Its so easy to overlook those small things that can add up to a fatality as I have been caught by surprise a handful of times also over the years. Glad it turned out ok. Keep up the good work!
  2. How about some tool box organization ideas
  3. In search of 12ton integrated Wrecker, Chevron 512T or Century 2465, Vulcan V24 or Century EB4 Standard cab, Cummins, Air Brake, nice condition/no rust, under 150,000 miles, 108" C.A ideal, 4x4 would be a dream as a bonus. Thank you 360-622-7045 for text
  4. Multiple calls for the same ditch recently, me & the Maple tree have a good working relationship.
  5. 30 years in business, no claims & I pay the same rate as this guy leaving my yard for insurance with 200 miles ahead of him...
  6. Nice work, who runs from the Police in a Volvo though...
  7. Recovering with our helicopter would have been cooler! Again a great job for our new helicopter.
  8. Ok so 1/2 ton pickups & passenger cars then!
  9. Was called by the local Sheriffs Office for a truck rollover into a building. Arrived to find a Ford Lightning that had lost traction, fishtailed in the rain & went over a retaining wall endo-ing landing on a roof of a local jam & jelly business roof. Only damage to building was gutter & ding in metal roofing. F450/Chevron 408 up on the road with a high line for lift assist off the roof & a low lines to drag away from roof. F550/Chevron 408 behind truck with Cruse Loop through cab doors run under bed for lift & another line to a nearby tree/strap/snatchblock back to the truck drivers rear wheel for spinning truck sideways away from roof once bed was lifted off roof. Pictures were taken by passerby's so I do not have anything after the initial lift & spin. Winched up out of the hole it was in & rolled over in business parking lot, truck was not driven away;)
  10. Maybe you, me & Grumps can go partners in that one Ed, for sale & whats its lifting capabilities?
  11. Thanks Ed, still working on purchasing a helicopter for these kind of jobs but its still not been passed in the budget at this time.
  12. I had a call for a Mini that had rolled backwards over a small embankment coming to rest on a rock retaining wall/railroad tie steps. This needed a lift & roll forward rather than a drag to prevent any undercarriage/fuel tank damage from the rocks. I was in my F550/Chevron 408 independent, I called my Son in Law to assist in my F450/Chevron 408 Integrated for lift to both sides of the car as I didnt feel I could do this efficiently with 1 truck. We rigged to both rear wheel hubs with straps & a 3rd line from the 550 to a tree/chain/snatchblock then back to the front of the Mini for a forward pull. We left the Mini in park as we lifted the rear then winched it forward using the 3rd line while following with the lift to the rear. No damage to car, customer drove it away under its own power. Thanks to the admin here for the extra picture capacity:)
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