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  1. No, it was raised pretty high up & was not an issue, thank you:)
  2. 100 yards or so, these are pretty standard driveway widths here on Beautiful Orcas Island!
  3. I hate to use the word "Honey Hole" as the tractor operator was injured in this incident but this road is a frequent flyer for recovery calls. I received a call for a tractor on its side on a steep narrow driveway. I arrived on scene with my 2001 F550/Chevron 408 to find no access above so the use of trees for a roll was needed. 1 line above for control so the tractor would not roll back down on top of me & one high line to the front loader arm for the lift. He's very lucky he did not go over the edge.
  4. Had a call for a box truck stuck "just off the roadway"...This is what we found, a truck buried in the mud next to Killabrew Lake on Fish & Wildlife land with a small tree on its roof & more trees blocking its exit. Tom Tom & GPS are my best customer creators. I had no good access from the rear without getting myself stuck so in order to remove the truck from the front we needed to remove some trees. After contacting Fish & Wildlife & getting their blessing we cut the offending trees on & in front of the truck. I called in my Tree Expert son Joey for that job. Set up the 81 KW with the Holmes 750 for a straight forward pull back onto the roadway. The hardest part was getting Fish & Game to ok the tree trimming, about 3 hours of phone tag & sending pictures to them in Seattle (no local office).
  5. A simple ditch pull today with the 2001 F550/Chevron 408, with an assist from a nearby tree & proper truck positioning she popped right out. The young man I have mentored since he was 8, Cooper at the controls on this one, he's 15 now.
  6. I originally shared this on Tow411 when I built it... all attaching hardware is grade 8 1/2" wauto said: That looks awesome. What keeps it from lifting up off of the crossbar? Mike Orcas Tow responded: If you look at picture # 3 there is a quick release pin down at the foot of the 5th wheel hitch through the T bar lower plate, that was just for mock up, I use grade 8 1/2 bolts to secure everything when towing. DodgeTowGuy134 said: great project piece you have there.....have you actually got to use it on a call yet? Orcas Tow responded: Yes, I built it back in 2008 & use it a handful of times a year & bill it out @ $180hr from portal to portal, I'm the only one in the area that will/can tow these & have a 4x4 truck for the off road area's these seem to congregate. pttowguy said: Sweet! Nicely fabricated too!
  7. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/tow411/5th-wheel-hitch-for-chevron-auto-grip-t108961.html
  8. Yeah, No, my hourly rate has always been calculated of the weight of the casualty not what I bring to do the job:)
  9. Had a call for a brand new custom 15,000lb fifth wheel that was delivered yesterday, the delivery driver could not make the 15% + driveway so he left it in place 1/2 way up the driveway. Luckily there was a back way in to the property, Nick & I showed up with our 2018 F450 4X4 with a Chevron 408TA & our 2001 F550 4x4 with the Chevron 408 & home made fifth wheel hitch, hook up the 550 & hooked the 450 the the front tow hooks on the 550 & attempted to drive them up together but were unsuccessful, 2 sharp steep turns on loose gravel were just too little traction, too steep of hill & too much weight for both 4x4's. We ended up winching multiple times with the 450 using trees as dead men when available. 2.75 hours & all good at the pad with a view. $500 tip to boot:)
  10. I got a call for a flatbed C30 in a ditch with roofing material in it, I said what's the weight, he said not much bring the small truck . Nick & I brought the 2001 F550 with a Chevron 408 & found a fully (over) loaded C60 with asphalt roofing backed in the ditch, guess they had difficulty getting it up the hill & backed into the ditch, lucky it didn't roll as it had a hard twist/lean. Guessing at 25,000lbs, good thing we have Holmes trees in the area, scotch blocks chained to rear D rings, drivers winch line low to the tree then a 3 part to the drivers side frame rail for a low pull, passenger side winch line 2 part high from the boom to the passenger side frame rail for an upward pull. Engaged the winches & she came right out.
  11. Im guessing this is a pre slide out dated trailer, it was a permanent addition.
  12. Recovery was definetly worth more than the trailer. I was called in the evening for travel trailer over embankment on a steep narrow freshly installed dirt road, had come unhooked from tow vehicle & came to rest on a tree, it was safely off roadway so we decoded to recover in daylight. Arrived on scene with 2 light duties, a 2001 F550 4x4 with a Chevron 408 & a 2018 F450 4x4 with a Chevron 408TA. The 550 was placed in front, scotch blocks chained to tailboard with 1 line from each winch going to snatch blocks/grade 80 recovery chains around each frame rail at front of trailer then each line was terminated at large trees on opposing sides of the 550 for steer ability of the trailer as we winched. The 450 was backed up to the drivers side of trailers as we were concerned of it potentially rolling over & also to put a side/forward pull to keep it from sliding sideways during the forward winch. The 450 drivers side line went to snatch block/grade 80 5/16" recovery chain/frame at drivers rear of trailer & terminated at tailboard D ring of 450, passenger side line went opposite direction up hill to snatch block/grade 80 5/16" recovery chain/tree then terminated at drivers side of trailer spring frame mount, with the 450 rigged this way we could keep the 450 from dragging sideways by keeping even tension on both winches. Figuring the trailer heavy at 10,000lbs it was way over rigged with 7 lines to the load but the many lines were more for control than weight. All went as planned, winched it up to the 550, slipped my ball in the tongue, safety chained & towed to its final destination. 2 hrs from start to finish.
  13. Probably the earliest vehicle I have towed in 30+ years.
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