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  1. Im an owner...well my Wife is the boss but my names on the door;)
  2. Thank you, its a treat to be in print:)
  3. I put a Miller 350lb counterweight behind the front bumper of my F450, it handles weight great for a short 60 C.A..
  4. Agreed, keep an eye on the top of the tree for movement during the recovery, the lower you run the strap on the tree the easier on the tree it will be.
  5. In this case the worst that could happen is the tree would come down, no chance of the propane truck becoming a projectile if the tree failed so proceed on.
  6. Loaded propane tank truck on a 33k chassis, snow, slid off the steep hill roadway, only had a F550 with a Chevron 408 at the time, I knew I could not anchor enough to winch him so I decided to put the load onto the only tree around. Nearest thing for a winching anchor was a 10" fir tree, I knew it was questionable, 2 lines from my truck to the tanker/snatchblocks then 4 lines to the tree, got the job done but the tree was leaning at a 45 degree angle once completed, driver & me agreed to just look the other way.
  7. Chasing the $$$, lack of practical industry knowledge, little man complex "Look what I can do", hard saying but unsafe. Surely this driver needs some education wether it be self motivated or motivated by the authorities. As an owner operator I have done some things early on I would not repeat, its those adrenaline moments that make you search out a safer way for most of us that have been at it for a while.
  8. I added a running video, my friend Gary has old "junk" fever
  9. I think its a 1940's era trans & rear axle housing, it has tapered axle shafts like maybe a Studebaker or Dodge, the winch is made out of a couple brake drums & yes a wood wrapped drum/axle shaft.
  10. Now Id be real impressed if you can ID the trans & reared/winch;)
  11. 28-29 Model A 1 ton shortened & turned in to a log skidder, home made winch from a tapered axle rear end, a couple of brake drums & a chain driven 3 speed transmission, heck even has a winch brake, pretty cool git er done engineering right there.
  12. Your truck looks like it has a great wheelbase for keeping your front axle weight in a safe weight for braking & steering while in tow.
  13. Spring forks are going to be your friend with short reach, you may not have enough height to lift the towed truck high enough so you may need a set of risers but then you start to get into the risers causing excess leverage/strain on your under reach cross bar pin. You might look into an add on Zacklift for more reach if the rest of the truck is a keeper as you'll struggle with short reach with limited height in the HD arena, Ive been there. A training class would be a good start if you have no HD experience, its a different world altogether than light duty.
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