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  1. had to do it todfay. dish soap will freeze in my climate, and the skates didn't help too much. don't have room on the truck to put gojaks anywhere. my deck is set up with d-rings for snatchblock, so i don't have one with a chain, nor do i have a center pocket to put one in. might be able to make something with chain, but the best way at the time, was to shake it till the rear wheels were off, then i alternating settign and releasing parking brake on the vehicle to slide it in a more gentle and controlled manner. basically how my trainer taught be to do it.
  2. okay... i get that places are often too tight for a flatbed, but there are times you need to shake a car loose. how TF else are you going to get a vehicle off that won't shift? and you don't always have a wrecker, or the vehicle may not be suitable for towing on a wrecker.
  3. amazed agero actually made the top 10. SPARK being the steaming pile of horse manure it is. seriously, $35 winchouts and $25 light service! and their dispatching is terrible too.
  4. an experienced driver with the right setup can load and do a 2+winch tiedown in just 5 minutes. takes at least that to hook, dolly and strap.
  5. skates or drag. shake it to get it off. most of the companies in my area are running 75-80% flatbed except for repo. it takes what? 20-30 seconds to hook up with a flatbed?
  6. I meant intentionally. I don't mean past the winch, unless you have a Detroit wrecker bed. Meant pulling the front overhang, like on an f350, right up to the front of the bed
  7. Then you just put em on a bed every time. Or dont tow em. Eventually business owners will get fed up
  8. Not quite true. I think, with a stationary, you can pull a vehicle over the winch.
  9. I mean, if you fit the wheel grids on, you can tow a car with a 60t rotator. Its almost never done because fuel and availability are important with an asset that expensive
  10. i 've not seen it too often, but i've had a couple times where i've had LE roll up and assist with traffic. generally, if we're busy, they're swamped.
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