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  1. Commissar0617

    how to convince the boss

    yup. i get what you are saying. we could even be getting a low loader, and we thought about it, but can't justify the extra 40k, we don't do enough low clearance cars to be worth it, when i can just carry ramps for the little i do. bed already ahs a 9 degree load angle. as for the sidepuller, one snowstorm in 15 minutes, caused about 25 crashes just on state and interstates. as for hard call volume, I can't really give you hard numbers, but we get many many cars in the ditch in our service area every time it snows.
  2. Commissar0617

    What are you using for toolbox lighting??

  3. Commissar0617

    how to convince the boss

    im sure you can do that, but all we got right now is one sneakerlift equipped f350. being as this is Minneapolis, we regularly get hundreds of cars in the ditch when it snows, for example.
  4. Commissar0617

    how to convince the boss

    i mean, we used em at tow shool. id like to see a snatchblock off the rear right a school bus. or a camper trailer.
  5. Commissar0617

    how to convince the boss

    boss is onboard. most of the tow companies that do roadside (as opposed to junk haulers), have side pullers on most of their rollbacks now. not just snatchblocks, mind you. and there's a reason for it.
  6. Sounds more like he's going to use it for long distance exotic car transport, with a dws low loader. Honestly, I'd contact dws themselves and see what they think.
  7. i think THD outsources those, but probably doesn't matter on your end. long as someone pays for it.
  8. don't most of us already have customers sign damage waivers already? it's pretty simple to just add it to the existing waiver
  9. Commissar0617

    how to convince the boss

    by chain attached to a sidepuller... do you mean a snatchblock on chain? personally, we get sooo many cars in the ditch every snowstorm, i think the sidepuller would pay for itself within 5-6 years, depending on the volume of ditch winchout calls we get. and especially if we get on police rotation.
  10. Commissar0617

    how to convince the boss

    that our upcoming rollback should have a sidepuller. he somehow has it in his head that it's a repo tool, and usually a later addon to the truck.. we don't have a real wrecker, just a lil herc with a straight pull winch on an f350, so my thoughts are that we need a swiss army knife of a truck. those that have sidepullers on your rollbacks, how often do you use it? and what for?
  11. Commissar0617

    Best Dispatch software

    my company uses towbook. it's pretty good, can't say ive got any complaints as a driver that are not the fault of the MC.
  12. Commissar0617

    hello from minneapolis

    hi people, im joe, from Metro Auto Solution in Minneapolis. me and the company are both new to towing, but the company has been operating light duty service for a while (think auto rescue but not terrible).