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  1. Louwo

    What have you done for your gearbox lately?

    Routine service. Last weekend in our 550 dropped the pan and new filter, few months ago did rear service on everything. 5500 may be due for a fluid change, shakker did fluid and spin on filter when the trans line blew. That has over 340k but trans done around 200k original benz 6.4l motor still strong. Isuzu got new tranz but valve dropped in motor awaiting a new motor. So I believe we focus on all fluids, oh and ford wrecker had a change of fluid to. ATF in a zf manual 5 speed..... good looking
  2. Oh wow. Hope the best. I've dropped off a few cars to his shop over the years. Was a very nice man when I had to drop anything there.
  3. I was going to take off but I need to take the weekend off to fly to TX instead.
  4. Louwo

    Another Wheel Lift & Dolly

    I like going in and out of the rear of that place. Can hit 280 pretty quick and the wawa there instead of dealing with the apartment idiot's on new rd from 46.
  5. Louwo

    Newer Ford F-series Overhead Console

    I just tilted the 550 headlights down a little. Did a lot better for oncoming traffic. Get a lot less people flashing me back. Also improved high beam performance instead of them tilted to far up.
  6. Louwo

    6.7L in 650 chassis

    I'm not a owner. Was just curious. Kinda like how the stock 7.3l in a 4700 chassis with a 5 speed was a dog but ran great in a super duty chassis.
  7. Louwo

    Another Wheel Lift & Dolly

    Looks like Parsippany......
  8. Louwo

    2018 Motor Club Ranking

    1. Honk ( they pay well maybe 3 calls a day) 2. AAA (volume and ok rates) 3. Agero ( all in all stinks but the volume is good for when our truck is already 12 miles from shop plus DH sometimes if ooa also picked up a few commercial accounts with our service) 4. Coach net (we pic our rates) Close 4. Urgently... no rates we pick em but time consuming to release cc 5Coach net/Gerber ok as well non contract but very low calls 6. Allstate (low volume) 7. NSD (horrible rates) Quest I forget if we are contracted. Been a good few months since I had the phones. Nice needed break.
  9. I don't know which forum to put this in but I just found on Netflix called Heavy Rescue 401. Pretty neat I'll say besides the other Canadian show with Jamie Davis on Highway to Hell..... but many times I'm thinking or yelling at the TV "where the hell are your tire chains?" Anyhow so far all the tator work and mistakes I do like watching so far. Edit ohh and Metro is on this show. Some nice video.
  10. How about plug it into your TV with a hdmi cked if it had that output. I did that with mine when that happened
  11. Louwo

    "Let's talk Flashlights"

    Besides having that lil sreamlight led aaa light that's always in my pocket I carry this small rechargeable sreamlight and this headlamp that is rechargeable by USB that I picked up at a Walmart for about 20 bucks. One of the best headlamps I've ever used even tho short life if you use the max setting but for a tire change or service it does the job well for me.
  12. Louwo

    Bed vs. Frame mounted Rollback Pylons?

    I like the bed mounted pylons. Advantage for me is late at night when I first approach a call I'll slide the bed back a foot and tilt it up and leave it there to raise the beacons higher. Talk to the PD or member and get them in the cab if needed first. Then roll the bed down. Plus with the flood lights in the light bar it illuminates my work area better then shining them straight back making it tougher for oncoming traffic to see.
  13. We call MD rates anything heavier then 10k as well as anything taller then 9'6" Md is for us is up to a 26k chassis since the biggest wrecker here is only juice brakes no air.
  14. That's what is on the decks now. Big man was tired of other operators tearing the latch up. Somehow even the self closing hooks a driver or two has managed to break that clip to keep it shut.