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  1. Louwo

    Dry feet

    Just about to break out the hair dryer and I'd figure I'd share a lil thing I have found to help me. Nothing worse when you feel that water creep on you foot and the day has just begun. It's called SNO-SEAL I've been using this stuff for over 10 years. Its beeswax based I only put it on my boots once and my dogs are happy and dry in all weather from the heavies of rain to the wettest pile of slush on the side of the highway. Just treated myself with new boots since the other pair is time for replacement. One jar goes a long way not even half way through this little 7oz jar. It's on Amazon if anyone is looking.
  2. They know in BK how to charge I am guessing. I learned swinging a 53' trailer with my class A on the streets of the 5 boroughs so it holds a small (very small) piece of my fondness. Would I do it daily to go NJ to the City? MAYBEEEEE If I'm paid enough I'd do it. Very good you found a backhaul that makes it just that more efficient.
  3. I used to like driving into the city...... hope the trip was good.
  4. Nice work. Currently we have a home depo rental trailer in our lot from a roll over still awaiting what will happen with that.
  5. Louwo

    I found the bear.

    Dah bears......
  6. Louwo

    hello from minneapolis

    Welcome aboard. Flew in there once and when I left had no time to sight see. Had a trip to Brainard for a lil r and r.
  7. Louwo

    Old Tow411 Member, Im Back

    Welcome back..... This life something about it that gets missed. Be safe!
  8. Ummmm...... how do I count the ways. First off gloves, then I'd check of it starts and runs, then if not leave it in park snatch block mid bed with the bed not fully extended to spin truck from the rear of the FJ (tires that big em skates for me many times the tire rolls over or try to roll it on at a angle something funky happens) that's if I can't get behind it to block the road and get it sorta at a straight angle. Or other option fj cruiser I barely pick them up but if transfer case has a neutral option put it on the WL to take to shop. That's a few ramblings of what I would consider.
  9. Louwo

    2019 Kenworth T880 with a Zacklift Z353 Removable Unit

    Nice WB. Reminds me of the Western I ran for a year. :drools:
  10. Louwo

    National Move Over Day - October 20, 2018

    I'll stage a truck right at the entrance to the shop. Or I'll push back lunch to sit for the 30 min.
  11. Following the storm now that the day is partially done. Be safe to all who go down and best of luck for everyone that are down there now.
  12. Louwo

    Out rigger cylinders

    Valve body would be the easiest repair. Maybe could you without dropping the cylinders disconnect the lines to the cylinders trying to isolate each side to see if they drop down if you put a plug in the hose fittings. That could show the cylinders need repacking.
  13. Louwo

    Best Dispatch software

    Any questions with DA pm me or I'll send you my email and I'll answer any queation I can. I do not own the company but have used DA for a few years as a driver and dispatcher.
  14. Louwo

    Lexus "On the Rocks".

    Excuse me I'll have mine neat thank you. Nice work!
  15. After fueling up the truck to park her hear on the scanner theres a overturned vehicle somewhere in town. I get all happy, it's been a good amount of time that I was in the area and free to toss one back on her wheels. In a common spot I've flipped a few over the years. What a way to finish before I leave for this TIM class in B-more.