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  1. Thank you. Kinda figured here would be the place to start. Got a price for a dolly which is considerably cheaper then I thought it would be. I am going that route I believe.
  2. Louwo

    6.7L oil leak

    I think she is still sitting for new life. I left back in November to do something else after over 10 years out here it was time for better things.
  3. First off I missed the roll call I'm here just was not the past 6 months or so with a change in the truck I drive. I do not know where the forum is anymore for asking about back logs or along the lines. So here it goes. If in the wrong forum please point me into the right direction. I will be needing a good transport company to relocate a car within the month. In St Lucie county, FL going up to Warren County, NJ. Just a 2 door 2017 Accord sport nothing crazy or heavy. Its either have someone move it or I'm going to put it on a trailer and pull it myself. Just trying to figure out different options if there's a lesser expensive path.
  4. Is that a pony motor behind the boom for hydraulics? Wow that's a trip.
  5. Louwo

    F650 Allison trans

    I remember Orcas topic. It was in the ford chassis sub forum if I recall in 411. To the original topic.... Check your battery there is a fuse or two there going to the ecms. Had a M2 shakker besides the 650 same electrical problem just changed all the fuses everywhere and no issue on the shakker. The trans used to just drop out and would lose the display to the trans on the dash. Had a Auto in a 55k chassis with a 350 isx.
  6. Not towing at the moment but I'm still here pulling a oil hose for the winter season. TRAA level 2 need to renew. Over 10 years LD and dispatch.
  7. Stuck in drive? Shifter linkage issue?
  8. A power probe was my dearest friend when I had to replace half of the wiring bundle on one of our flatbeds. Just bring power to the bar at the cab side of the harness and you will figure out which wires are what or if the harness is already ran flip the switch and see which wire becomes hot.
  9. Thank you very much. Another day to train Saturday and full time Monday. Tomorrow I'll empty out the truck I was driving.
  10. I'm leaving due to to lack of pay. I enjoyed the atmosphere but it only goes so far if I just make it financially.
  11. After over 10 years towing mainly MC volume and PD in the LD market this winter I'm gonna learn a new truck and deliver home heating oil. I'd love to learn heavy to make more and use my class A main reason as well why I got it, bit where I'm at there is only LD and can only make so much. I'll peak in from time to time but it's time to pull a hose.
  12. Louwo

    My trip down under

    Yes. He does I am still in contact with many out there. That was about 10 years ago. One day I'll take another trip out there and run up the range. I even got to drive their Pete when I was there then with the 50 ton slider that was shipped from the ports here in Baltimore. I think Truck works down by Sydney did the conversion to RH drive.
  13. Routine service. Last weekend in our 550 dropped the pan and new filter, few months ago did rear service on everything. 5500 may be due for a fluid change, shakker did fluid and spin on filter when the trans line blew. That has over 340k but trans done around 200k original benz 6.4l motor still strong. Isuzu got new tranz but valve dropped in motor awaiting a new motor. So I believe we focus on all fluids, oh and ford wrecker had a change of fluid to. ATF in a zf manual 5 speed..... good looking
  14. Oh wow. Hope the best. I've dropped off a few cars to his shop over the years. Was a very nice man when I had to drop anything there.
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