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Motorhome In The Mud...

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Got a call in the rain the other day for a Ford Motorhome in the mud. We didn't get much information since it was relayed through another customer of ours but I knew the area was very tight & back in the woods so I opted to take a small truck.




Got there & found this F550 Superduty built in to a single rear wheel off road truck. It weighed just over 17,000 and had all 4 wheels stuck on a side hill & leaning towards some trees...




I pretty much immediately wished I had our other truck with the stiff legs and over sized winches but figured we are here now....




Had a 16,000 lb winch on the front of it but that was pointing in the wrong direction... They had already tried jamming the wood under the tires but like we all know...that never works.




No room for error...




Ran one line to a block on a tree beside me to keep the wrecker from tilting and the other to the bumper for some vertical lift...




Fortunately it had a big, bad bumper with large tabs that a 7 ton shackle fit in to that made the hook up easy. I should of had more rigging to get my line loads down but we started to pull




At one point he turned the wheel too much at got the tire up against the trunk of the tree on the opposite side which stood me right up. We repositioned him a little bit and then it popped right out. We haven't had hardly any rain all summer but it's been hammering down for 4 or 5 days strait which added to his situation. We wiggled him back & forth a few times to get it strait on the trail. No damage, just needed a good car wash...

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10 minutes ago, mooresbp said:

Yea nice, we don't have any mud!

George we have been very dry all summer. This past Saturday they listed our county in a drought status...then Saturday night it started raining heavy through Wednesday and that's when this guy tried parking here. We got over 4" of rain I believe...

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On 9/10/2022 at 1:04 PM, Moose said:

I thought this was @Orcas Tow when I first opened the topic from the email link.

Looks good Ed, guess they thought that rig would go places it shouldn't be going.

Lol, Ed's trying to take over my territory, guess I should have patented my technique;).  Nice work Ed!

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Hello from sunny (when its not raining) Orcas Island

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