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  1. A police officer is recovering after being knocked unconscious following a road traffic collision on Friday (8th Jan). At around 17:00 hours, two officers from Devon & Cornwall Police, attached to the Roads Policing Unit, were helping a driver who had broken down on an unlit stretch of the A361 northbound carriageway at Landkey, North Devon. The officers were protecting the scene with their marked BMW X5, which had its emergency lights illuminated. The officers had been on the scene for around 15 minutes when a Citreon C4 collided with the rear of their vehicle.
  2. Thank you to Essex Road Policing ( Stanway Police) for the cover at J25 Ipswich bound Marks Tey Essex whilst recovery of an accident vehicle last night. Remember behind blue and amber lights there's a family waiting for them to come home. Slow Down or Move Over Safely.
  3. We have had some wet weather in Essex over the last month here's a few images of my fishing trips. Be safe out there
  4. Thankfully no one was hurt and wasn't in the vehicle when it was struck by a HGV while fending-off on a straight piece of the A46 protecting a broken down vehicle. Look out and be aware of unprotected road operators working. Please Slow Down or Move Over Safely Behind these lights weather they are Blue or Amber. We all want to come home to our families www.slowdownmoveover.uk #drivesoothersurvive
  5. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a safe New Year! Thank you all for your support. www.slowdownmoveover.uk
  6. This year has been a tough year with cancelled venues and a different way of doing things: Well Done to Paul Gregory and His team in creating this ( SDMO UK page 24/25 😉 ) Click on the link for the UK Tow Show interactive show guide https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/read/65013208/professional-recovery-tow-show-2020 enjoy @mushspeed
  7. I was able to wait in a laybye down the road for about 45 minute for the Traffic Police to assist. They called me when they were on route and we discussed the best option. It worked like clock work and more safe than people trying to go round the police car when they are fending off.
  8. Thank you to Essex Police for coming out and protecting me on a recovery on a duel carriage way called the A131 in Essex UK. The vehicle I was recovering was on the grass as we have no hard shoulder on most of our roads in the area, and if I pulled on to the grass I would sink as it has been raining a lot. Managed the situation and took the keys off he lady for her Dodge Nitro with a banging noise from the engine as she could get a lift home in another car. This little clip is 15 minutes squashed to 60 seconds! Its from the rolling road block load and to a place of safety to strap
  9. As said there is low resources and getting a police car is blessing! If the Police are on scene before us we can not deploy cones from our vehicle it has to be from the authorities in control. Highways do not support as rapid responce to support the police on this road. And if we stop and obstruct traffic we get a £60.00 fine for a £45.00 job.
  10. Yesterday afternoon I was assisting a broken down vehicle on a major road in Essex called the A12. The police vehicle was protecting me in lane one. But two vehicles decided to go round the police car and come back into lane one. Police officers had some words to say to the drivers.
  11. GEM Motoring Assist have released this video about Blue Light Awareness ( https://www.motoringassist.com/ ) @mushspeed
  12. GEM Motoring Assist have released this video about Blue Light Awareness ( https://www.motoringassist.com/ ) @mushspeed
  13. Roads boss who oversaw 'death trap' smart motorways quits his £456,000 job at Highways England https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8652809/Roads-boss-oversaw-death-trap-smart-motorways-quits-456-000-job-Highways-England.html
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