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  1. To The people who are from the UK that are on here you will know what we have been doing at Slowdownmoveover UK Limited For the Past two years we have been developing the awareness about Rescue Recovery Operators working road side with education to the tow operator and the public passing them, also looking at educating people when broken down what to the safest thing to do. and making people aware on passing of broken down vehicles and Rescue Recovery and all road operators and workers. Website is www.slowdownmoveover,uk
  2. Dear All My name is Paul I have introduced myself on the new members section! I started a UK campaign in June 2016 for the same reasons in the UK. Our Website is www.slowdownmoveover.uk and we are on twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram. our focus has been on education from the broken down person on what to do when they breakdown! The people passing a situation (broken down vehicle or road operator ) and the education to working roadside for the VRO (vehicle recovery operator) Last year I got to meet Mr Tom Luciano from Miller Industries who gave me some great encouragement and advise. This seems to be a world wide problem of people not paying attention on the roads and in my life time of working road side in 28 years here in the UK the road volumes have risen beyond the road capacities to population, and with no investment in the infrastructure and support from authorities. Vehicles are much quieter at 70mph more distractions in the car with the internet on the phones it has become a zombie nation from the life style hand to mouth with society consumption to have the latest gadget or immaterial item but not actually living with in their means. People migrate to their job now! 20 years ago people lived and worked in the same area, but due to no industry here in the UK people have to travel to where ever the job is and because they are travelling long distances they get up early get on the roads early half asleep do there job and then come home again all stressed and worn out! there internal body batteries are worn out from drinking coffee or energy drinks 5 days a week. So when they get on the roads they are on auto pilot! and that broken down vehicle or road operator wasn't there yesterday and the inevitable happens. Here in the UK it has increased dramatically. I have spent alot of hours working with amazing people to develop our sign and mission to get it right but you can always learn from others! I hope joining this forum we can learn from each other and get all of out there working home to our families. Thank you for your time reading this. Regards Paul
  3. Dear All


    I am a tow operator in the UK! I grew up in the industry in my parents business like many of you I am sure. Our company's name is Service On Site Limited created in 1973 at the same time I was and was HOOKED at the age of 3.and spent most of my life with my dad and his tow trucks and in the workshop.  In 2004 I bought the company from my parents and created into a Limited company. website: www.recovery-central.com 


    In June 2016 I experienced what I can only explain as an eye opener as one of my VRO's  got struck working roadside. (not killed) The way I would describe  it is when you live near a railway line you can't hear the trains! This woke me up to the train noise. So started asking what are we doing about this in our industry? and I started to building the Slow Down or Move Over Safely Campaign in the UK with some amazing people. 


    Please take a look at www.slowdownmoveover.uk we have come a long way in 2 years and it's only in it's infancy.

    We are on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram. 


    We have also built an shopping cart and a apparel  to raise funds to help build more awareness and support getting the message out there to SLOW DOWN or MOVE OVER Safely

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