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  1. That is tragic ....our thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends and co workers... From fellow towers in the UK and Europe.... John.
  2. Well Done Guys... Looks like you kept the load intact ….happy Fedex...
  3. Last weekend saw another Truckfest in the mid west region of the UK, bordering Wales in the delightful.... Malvern Showground .... I had the pleasure of meeting up with long time friend and colleague Archie Archibald, the boss of ASK Recovery, A long established and highly respected Towing and Recovery service based in Wales. He had just taken delivery of a very neat 2 axle medium duty Volvo .... the NRC equipment and body having been removed from one of Archie's old wore out trucks and fitted onto a low mileage Volvo chassis All the equipment had been shot blasted, painted and installed by Roger Dyson Recovery Systems of Droitwich ... Archie is delighted with the versatility of the vehicle doing pretty well everything asked of it ....so far. Towing anything from a small car through to a buses and tractor units Based on a 2 year old Volvo 18 tonne chassis The Equipment is NRC ...fitted with twin winches, rear support legs with detachable ground spades , motor cycle attachment long reach underlift. The control levers are located either side under hinged protective covers the air lines are piped for 2 different operating pressures at the same ...to accomodate some of the latest European trucks fitted with high pressure air operating systems .. One Locker is totally dedicated to accommodate the very latest VDZ System of lift and tow attachments necessary for lift and towing and winching the new breed trucks and tractor units ...... most European manufacturers specifying chassis attachments with 2 pick up points must be used for towing ... The easy accessibility of the forks, chains and airlines Archie tells me it is very easy to work and is delighted with the out come It has been a successful low cost refurbishment coming in on time and below budget ..
  4. Alive and kicking Thank you Towforce Team ...
  5. Ron ...I think I joined the board 2005 / 2005 cant remember exactly but definitely more than 15 years Regards ....John..
  6. Promoted by the Professional Recovery Operator Magazine, The largest annual trade event in the UK dedicated to the Vehicle Towing and Recovery Industry.... returns to the Telford International Centre Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th September 2019 for further information, Visit, www.recoverytowshow.co.uk As well as all the very latest Recovery Vehicles from all the main manufacturers, the Tow Show displays a broad selection of the Equipment, Accessories and services that make up the Recovery Industry the 2 day event includes seminars, live recovery displays and one of the highlights.... the Gala Charity Dinner.... the UK industry dress up for an evening of entertainments, presentations and fundraising for the industry charities.
  7. Nice pick.... you guys made a tricky job look easy ... John.
  8. This is one of our multi purpose accident units, very adaptable for all sorts of car and van recovery, This vehicle was Based on a IVECO chassis because of the sensitive work it was doing on statutory removals, tow aways and repos we did not have any graphics or writing. the slide bed has a payload of 4 tons , built in extension ramps for low ground clearance vehicles. The Knuckleboom crane equipped with a street lifter attachment for damage free removals, the frame has a hydraulic levelling and rotating capability. It can lift 1.5 tons at full reach and rotate through 180 degrees. the lifting equipment can be easily dismantled and stowed at the front of the platform fitted with hydraulic winches on the platform and an additional front mounted one.. Note the Jack Plugs for 12 and 24 volt jump leads … Second car lift with provision for clip on ball hitch and a clip on winch fairlead on the platform. This truck was very busy al the time and did pretty well anything asked of it within reason, including carriage of stolen /recovered goods, load transfers.
  9. That is tragic... our thoughts and prayers go out to the families .. John.
  10. Over 3,000 trucks were on show at Peterborough, the UK's largest Truckfest of the year One of the UK's top recovery operators CMG and long time friend Mark Cowan at the controls of one of his Rotators and a small selection of his fleet on UK and European Recovery and repatriation work Part of the Crouch Recovery fleet ... Dave Crouch has the largest private collection of historic and military tow trucks and heavy haul units in the country A pair of N R C s from the Statham Group A beautiful Scania fitted with a knuckle boom crane a very popular application in Europe All the paintwork and graphics are airbrushed Another fine airbrushed Scania A couple of rotators from the Neil Yates group, a large operation located just south of London A selection of trucks from Lantern Recovery....located just north of London serving one of the busiest motorway networks in the country One of Neil Yates newest tractors fitted with a mighty 75 tonne/ metre knuckle boom crane and 3 inch pin 5th wheel used with a 5 axle trailer for heavy haul work A 4 axle rigid with slide off body and knuckleboom crane More knuckle boom cranes.... A customised van travelled to the show from Austria over 1000 miles a fabulous airbrushed paint job A truck and trailer travelled from Poland the airbrush theme is to commemorate the polish pilots that fought and lost their lives in the Battle of Britain ... My dear friend.... Dave Bland a prominent tow truck builder in the UK joining us for the show weekend with his latest creation, a stunning custom v rod ... Another pic of Dave infront of my Pete and trailer The Lantern Recovery truck racing team.....
  11. That's heroism in my book …. it takes a special kind of person to commit to that... John.
  12. Randall.....that is the most sobering and accurate piece of text I have read in a long time ....you are bang on the money !!! I too in my career have been hit twice, my son Graham had his leg smashed, we had 2 other guys also injured on seperate occasions, both had life changing injuries, Additionally we lost long term employee Terry Booth ......Terry died at the side of a busy road in the middle of the night....witnesses at the inquest testified that his truck was properly positioned with cones out and lit up like a, quote ... "Christmas tree" he had a comprehensive training record with all the regular refreshers ... And STILL it happened !!! The woman driver that hit him was DUI and went to jail ....my point is ...on this occasion all the training he had did not save him .. I whole heartedly agree with your points about self preservation at the roadside ...... Just this morning, on my way to the supermarket , I saw a tow truck at the side of the road half on the kerb and half on the carriageway......apart from the beacons on there was no cones or warning signs displayed the operator had no reflective clothing on, just shorts and tee shirt and worst of all, he was working on the traffic side of the truck ....I stopped and parked my car behind him with the hazard warning lights on....as a bit of warning to other traffic .... I said to the driver, don't you have any hi vis clothing ? Yes he said, I forgot to bring it .. This Tow truck is owned and operated by a very good company and the owner is a long time friend and colleague, he is very pro active with safety and training...he will be furious and dissapointed when I advise him what I saw ...... .your point about macho, testosterone, it wont happen to me ??. Case in point !!! NEVER TAKE THE JOB FOR GRANTED .....NEVER DROP YOUR GUARD . The constant loss of life at the roadside is an absolute tragedy .....but if 1 life can be spared through increased reflectivity, hi visibility clothing, awareness training.... Then it is worthwhile .... Sorry if I have bored or offended any one but , self preservation is the key ...no matter what country or language it is in John.
  13. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family, friends and co workers at Algoa towing ... From their fellow towers in the UK and Europe. John.
  14. That is a Stunning looking truck .... I am sure it served you well... Thanks for posting, John.
  15. Plenty of Holmes trees to help the job along ......nice rigging. John.
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