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  1. six minutes later, still don't know what he was trying to achieve
  2. 2000intow

    Show Off Pictures of your Command Center

    "post's picture of iPhone" Looks very efficient!
  3. 2000intow

    R Model Curb weight?

    thanks all for the replies. I passed this job down to the next guy, no point in ruining equipment for a couple bucks and being unsafe
  4. This is kind of an off the wall question but, an elderly customer of ours came into the shop today wondering if my f650 rollback would haul his naked tandem R model Mack (bare frame, no plate or box on it). Initially I thought "heck no" but he insisted it only weights 11,000-11,600 lbs. Does this sound right to any of you heavier operators?
  5. 2000intow

    Water Been There Done That...

    probably didn't want to get out of the truck
  6. 2000intow

    What type of business entity are you

    thanks for the input everyone...Going to start getting these wheels rolling, google and youtube have also helped with saving me trips and calls to the accountant.
  7. With synthetic winch rope to top it all! Way cool set up Ed
  8. 2000intow

    feedback on century 2465 vulcan v24 cheron 512t

    Very pretty looking...are the controls cable operated? Any issues with them ever? Any 'in action' pics? thanks!
  9. Looking for some input on either of these three units from anyone that's owned or operated one? Wouldnt mind picking up a 5500 chevy down the road with one of these units. Thanks
  10. Do you have any pictures of the hook up on the sling? I couldn't imagine being on one tow for that long...does that happen to you often Ed?
  11. 2000intow

    New carrier added to the fleet.

    very nice truck, that fluid film is good stuff isn't it ?
  12. That truck of yours is one heck of a work horse
  13. Currently I'm registered as a DBA and lately ive been contemplating more on forming a type of LLC (putting my properties in a holdings company) Just curious what others are doing?
  14. 2000intow

    What are you buying and why?

    I was in your same predicament myself last summer and opted for the extended cab f650 with fords own 6.7l engine primarily because of its warranty duration (and I would not buy another international on the count of my local IH dealer) Only downside ive seen so far is the obviously smaller cab (then IH and FL) Mine has the 270hp engine and it manages fine for my use, but where I'm located in NY I don't have a lot of hills do deal with so its not lacking in the HP department...hopefully this is helpful