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  1. thanks for the tip mitch, I ended up finding one and borrowing one and neither would work in my truck... Haven't pursued it anymore
  2. Id like to hear their defense on under insurance and fraudulent insurance certificates
  3. typical day at the scrap yard
  4. No point in taking the liability for someone elses mistake!
  5. Correct, there is no air ride seat. But the suspension does ride nice on rougher roads, naturally a longer wheel base helps, too. That's neat your international had an air ride cab, seat, and suspension, must have been like being on a cloud
  6. My truck has the steel cab, lighter duty trucks went to aluminum before the 650s did... to answer your question about buying it all over again if I had to it’s a catch 22. At the time I purchased this particular truck because I wanted an extended cab, 26k lbs truck with a cab and a half. I also had a falling out with my local international dealerships service department, after a half butted repair on a 4300, so I told them I swore off international, that left me with freightliner or ford, I opted for the ford because of the warranty primarily, and it was almost 10k dollars less then a comparably equipped FL... the only real drawback I found with my truck is the small cab, at 6’2” my legs get very restless driving after a couple hours, and it gets very cramped with a couple passengers. My bed angle with the air ride dumped is right close to 10 degrees, without the shark tail bed... hope this helps anyone looking!
  7. For what its worth, I have a 2017 f650 extended cab air ride air brake auto 6.7L with aluminum jerrdan and wheel lift, four aluminum wheels two steel and two half loaded 48" tool boxes, fueled up and DEFd up 16200 with me driving. Also, knock on wood, so far no issues with 17k miles. Averaging 9.8mpg on a fuel up.
  8. Must be on a f250 or 350? I ordered one for my 450 years ago and when I turn the switch to the high idle setting the truck nears redline. I called the manufacturer about it and they told me the TS chips are not compatible with the 450 and 550 for that reason. ill research the Hydra brand, thanks!
  9. Looking for a factory AIC for my 1999 f450 winch truck. If anyone has one they would part with please reach out to me! Thanks
  10. Neat. Never seen them before. Do they make fork holder attachments for the autoloaders? Or likely not
  11. What is the apparatus you have pined on the wheel grids?
  12. Ed do you guys remove driveshafts in these situations? how does the autoloader arms react when lifting a truck that heavy?
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