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  1. jeff myer

    New Kid on the block N. Texas

    welcome and good luck
  2. jeff myer

    Fifth of Twelve Drawings

    so sorry to here of your loss
  3. jeff myer

    New to Towing

  4. jeff myer

    I am back

    welcome back
  5. jeff myer

    Tower Struck on I-71 08-18-18 (KY) UPDATED

    so sad is there any update ? did they charge the driver ? why don't they enforce the move over law. we have a move over law here in Florida but it is very rare you see them enforce it a lot of close calls and drivers are still getting hit last week we had one police car hit waiting for a tow truck with a broken down car 15 min later after police showed up for accident two more police cars were hit in Clearwater Florida its been on local news but in Kentucky tow truck gets hit and does not even make it on the local news so sad