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  1. happy anniversary doesn't seem that long but time flys
  2. contact wes wilburn 910-486-8928 I think he has a installation Operation service manual
  3. when you have the drawing for the raffle will you post the winner ?
  4. are you looking for new ' used ' or re man ?
  5. don't trash them want do you want for them you can send me a private message
  6. I'm still here shirt size 2XL Ron I hope things are well looks like you have been busy
  7. vous voudrez peut-être essayer l'outil en acier bleu 2309 n 5th st. union Tennessee 38261. 731-885-2404. ils ont beaucoup de vieilles pièces Holmes ou peuvent vous en fabriquer une nouvelle
  8. you might want to try blue steel tool 2309 n 5th st. union Tennessee 38261. 731-885-2404. they have a lot of old Holmes parts or can make you a new one
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