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  1. Give them a call they might be able to walk you through it and fix it might be a simple fix if it worked before
  2. try blue steel tool 2309 n 5th st union tenn. 38261 731-885-2404. they have a lot of old Holmes parts and can probably tell you what is wrong hope this helps
  3. I’m here sent you pm message with my address and size
  4. glad the driver was not hurt at least the car on the deck was tied down correctly it stayed right on the deck. here in Florida there are a lot of drivers use only one strap of an 8 point tie down or one chain and the cable for tension and law enforcement does nothing and owners either don't know or don't care no straps or safety chains on wheel lift either
  5. Nine vehicles were destroyed after a fire at a Tampa tow lot overnight. Read the full story: http://bit.ly/2TZRJ3Z
  6. so sad is there any update ? did they charge the driver ? why don't they enforce the move over law. we have a move over law here in Florida but it is very rare you see them enforce it a lot of close calls and drivers are still getting hit last week we had one police car hit waiting for a tow truck with a broken down car 15 min later after police showed up for accident two more police cars were hit in Clearwater Florida its been on local news but in Kentucky tow truck gets hit and does not even make it on the local news so sad
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