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  1. as long as they were happy and no problems . just was letting you know some techs get super nasty with stuff touching there box . i had a guy YEARS ago in my early years almost hit me for putting a note with scotch tape on his snap-on HD edition box . after that i did not touch unless told i could and when i was towing i asked how they wanted it done and this was my plan and most didnt care but some were glad i asked first . keep them happy and they will keep us hookin !
  2. not to be rude but more straps and protection under the straps to box . some guys get SUPER ANAL about there boxes and stuff touching them like that . and they are way more top heavy so more than 1 strap is best . and ALWAYS check the drawers your self for locked . if they start to pop open around a turn you can kiss the box good bye as it will tip . otherwise good luck and slow and steady with them .
  3. thanks . i saw one in action and it was not built as beefy and had smaller axles and tires ( weight capacity ) and i figured whip up a BETTER one and see what happens maybe someone else will see just how versatile it will be in there fleet of tools and equipment . so if figured post mine up and see if anyone would like to own it . i spent a good week measuring a few trucks / trailers / conex box and listening to story's of the other guys unit in action before i decided to come up with the plan for this unit . i have a friend who went to collage for engineering and he seen it one day and asked what it was for and i told him and he just kind of gave me a funny look and said its so over built its not funny . 1 job the other guy did with his was a med duty 33k gvw truck that got side swiped and busted both axles loose and broke u-bolts and hangers . they were 45* off square under the truck and all he did was chain up the one semi square and set that end in the dolly he has . then secured the other loose axle up and hung that eend like normal from the big wrecker and off he went in around 25min total time . he had another worker grab the unit and bring it . he helped load/unload and took it back so they could be super fast in/out and he also ran traffic blocker behind the wrecked truck as it was trailing a bit off and he didn't want people trying to pass him . another time he moved 2 old full size early 70's motor homes from a back yard were they sat for prob 30+ years sunk in the ground and tires falling apart as you moved them with brakes frozen . had both out / towed / and back to the shop in less than 2.5 hr's time and it was a 15 min trip each way from pickup to drop point for each . if you can think it up this will prob haul it for you . . .
  4. sweetk30

  5. EDIT : i got one to load thank goodness . not use to this forum or system layout and upload options . took me a bit of playing to figure it out . today we have ........ SUPER DOLLY .................. this unit is much bigger than your standard tow truck wrecker dolly unit . this unit is made for BIG trucks / campers / stuff that's just to big or bulky to fit in a reg size tow dolly setup that is found on smaller wrecker trucks . this unit is made to help DRASTICALLY reduce your on site clean up time of a wreck or disabled BIG vehicle that for some reason you can't tow with the axles on the ground . this item can be loaded on a rollback flatbed to deliver to the work site . this gives you a extra worker at the site to help speed up the job . you can even hang this from your BIG wrecker tow truck and be taken to the call . you would then lift one end of the disabled vehicle and place the SUPER DOLLY under and set the load in and secure it down with up to 8 5/8" D-ring tie down points on the unit to pick from . then hook the other end and tow away and get the job done faster & with less work . if you want a faster way to move big objects / dead & damaged trucks / old dead campers / shipping containers / what ever you can think of to fit in or on this then this is the unit for you . the load capacity of the tires is 16,320 lbs on 16" trailer cargo tires with load range G and 14 ply . the unit is 10ft 8in wide outside tire to tire . the inside area is setup to to fit up to 104inch width . the tire pans low point is 12" off the ground . the SUPER DOLLY is just at about 1000 lbs weight by its self . the open section of the unit is set at a 53inch opening to give oil pan / brake chamber / drive shaft room for most items being hauled . the last 2 pics are of a trailer suspension unit fitting in the SUPER DOLLY . this item can pay for its self in just 2-3 jobs then after this its all profit . PLEASE ASK IN A PM FOR MORE INFO AND PRICE . this unit is made for for temporary use as to its overall width . this unit is for trained towing professionals . this unit is sold as is with no liability on sellers part as it is to be used by trained professionals .
  6. i called your shop line and left a message with the man who answered . make sure you give me a call back . i have a brand new unit all built and painted and ready to roll and make you money . i can send pics from a text message . i dont do much online .
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