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  1. sounds like the winch cable popped or the hook come flying off . re watching a 3rd time the rollback was flat towing it up and out . they were not even using the winch . me i would have had a extra chain to the pass side of the bed on the rollback for just this crazy thing knowing the HUGE drop off it would be going down . also if there was room i would have put my bed down / snatch block in end of bed pass side / side pull / 2 wheel straps or bridal to full driver side wheels or under vehicle points / set ebrake and then slowly pull and move the whole vehicle sideways back up on to the road . setting the ebrake would keep it from rolling anymore also to give you a direct path your pulling from . done this a few times over the years and works great . you can also do a 45* pull setup almost the same and winch on 1 end and chain in the other and winch / bed in / winch / bed in / winch / bed in and get the same results . oh ya dont let the customers or bystanders help EVER !
  2. but the few of us true towers in the industry can say we are TOW TRUCK / WRECKER OPERATORS .
  3. no way to keep it this low and under 10ft in width i can see . i took and machined out the lips of the 2 main i-beams on both sides to let the unit be sucked in so tight it gives just the room needed . i understand the permit problems . but this was not designed to be used on a everyday i know all the roads and vehicles and rules job . it was made for the oh crap the cops are screaming down my neck to get the highway open asap and just get it out of here and my road cleaned up . i do thank you for the feedback TTOUT and understand your comments . i do know its a hard deal to get sold on the idea and use . i know some areas it will not be used for legal or other reasons . but i am sure there is the 1 tow company that will see its usefulness and pick it up and add it to there fleet of recovery tools .
  4. maybe update the class rules to state NO certification will be given to any one who is not fully participating to the class such as use of texting or cell phone or tablet devices unless there required for medical reasons such as hearing impared type cases . i am sure people would think 2x on using them if they know they wont get the cert the paid to get for 100% participation in class . also a basket in the front of the class for all devices to be put in and turned off also might work . i have a stupid phone so i dont play with it and get in trouble . plus i know its rude !
  5. 2 strap required = fail safety chains required = fail after dragging a low curb like this always re-check load = fail backing up to far in to car after = fail fixing the car in the middle of a busy intersection = fail needs training or see ya later if he just dont care . i am not saying i was 100% perfect but watch / learn / ask questions / watch videos on youtube in the off / slow times ask for help to use the equipment correctly .
  6. i would have put my rollback / tow truck on the slower ramp and this was were the cop was also . stay away from the fast drivers . yes the white suv was at fault but a lot of the problems in this video with heavy traffic flow and everyone slowing down fast and panicking could have been avoided with the tow vehicle off the MAIN road on put on a less heavy traffic road such as the off ramp in my opinion . then the driver / operator had no major safety colors on ansi or not . i always hated this when i seen it . i even saw guys in shorts / flip flops and tee shirts at crash calls . at least toss on a vest or safety color shirt if your in that much of a hurry and some good boots or shoes . i admit i did not have ansi approved full uniforms but i ALWAYS had a HIGH VIS vest or hoodie to wear with 3M reflective stripes on it . and the last few i had also had the orange vis behind the 3m stripes .
  7. when i say road side help i mean services done on the side of a active road way such as : flat tire change out / bring gas / other small things ? when i was towing 98% of the time the spare was flat / or dead / or newer vehicles with no spare . also around 95%-98% of gas calls were not out of gas but dead fuel pump or other mechanical problems or you eat the gas and delivery service as the customer lied to the road side provider or dispatch and had no money . my old boss basically told customers we will tow you to a tire shop or gas station . then if its gas related before the vehicle is off loaded pull to the pump and have them pay for 5 gal of gas and then try and start . if it starts great charge for a tow and unload . if not find a shop to tow the vehicle to . then for tires just let the tire shops do this work as lots of spares are stuck up under the vehicle / have to take 1/3 the inside apart o get to the spare crank guts / flat spare / no spare . with all the major m.v.a hits and deaths of our fellow towing / service providers out there and people not doing there part to slow down and move over for the LAW why not just hook it and book it . ? this was the policy of my old boss when i was towing and man did it make a lot of people happy to not me on the side of the road with us trying to do the service work that most times was a waste of time to begin with at least in my area of the country . worst case we towed them to the nearest off ramp or parking lot even just to get out of the danger zone . please post up your felling on this and lets see if we can come up with some good new ways to keep ALL of our towing & service providers safe out there .
  8. yes but how high does the trailer put the load off the ground ? my unit is 1ft at the low point of the pans for tires . you cant tow a double bunk sleeper unit tractor on most all trailers and clear 13f 6" height . you will be a good 3-4 foot over and then what do you do ? lots of times working in a tight area try getting a trailer in and loaded up . the trailer takes up more storage lot space = less money per spot for impounds and wrecks to sit . my old boss has his dolly and a landoll trailer and a few other 2 car trailers . he has used the landoll 1 time in the almost 5 years i worked there and that was just to help a friend move a backhoe that ran and drove a long distance . he has used his dolly unit a lot more than he has ever used the landoll trailer . he also has a fleet of 15+ trucks from roll backs to heavy wreckers . and his shop is directly behind a interstate highway with many exits in the area and tons of traffic including big trucks . i understand your point above tho and respect it . but also look at this from my units point of view and think it over .
  9. anyone with feedback or idea's ? all of us pro's on here and tons of views and not 1 word . the guy who has the green wheel one loves his and would not trade it or sell it . he said the times he uses it its the best tool in his hand bag of good working no extra b.s. equipment he has . less storage space and no plates or insurance or extra driver needed for it . https://www.ebay.com/itm/303303343873
  10. and it has some RARE A$$ wheel adapters on it to go from the funky 6 lug to clamp style . this opens up your tire options a LOT . good clean old school project rig for sure .
  11. oh my gosh . . . . worst pics for selling a truck on a world wide site . . . but you can show us great pics of the almost bald and chopped tires .
  12. testing the market over on ebay . take a look and tell me what you think of the ad . also note my 100% feedback not 1 neg or nut ever in my history of 477 + deals https://www.ebay.com/itm/303278500724
  13. skip almost all of the stuff you said in the first post and try p.b. blaster in a spray can . the stuff dry's up in under 10 min driving down the road so no long term slick bed to slip on . but the tires hit the stuff and slide like a hot knife on butter . one day i was playing around and found the tires would almost 100% go the path of the sprayed p.b. blaster on the bed even . i used it for years after my old boss showed me the trick and boy does it work good . never used skates or gojacks . keep a eye open for the parts stores when its on sale and stock up . put 1 can in each door pocket so you don't need to run around the truck for it . and toss a extra can or 2 in the back of the cab for when you run out . i will admit wd-40 is even better but you must wash that stuff off the bed .
  14. here is a few extra pics . pic #1 is the front end of a tractor set in the unit ready to roll if it had chains and or straps on . pic #2 is of the rear end in the unit ready to roll also pic #3 is of the a van body trailer's old air ride suspension set in the unit no air in bags full drop and the lower links clean with room to spare . pic #4 is of the unit my old boss has that's smaller in weight capacity and wider than my unit . this was a recent job he did with a full burned out tractor off the highway . he was in/out in under 30 min time . pic #5 is of the same unit hauling away a old rv camper that was in a yard for close to if not over 30 years . it was sitting almost on the frame rails with all 6 tires dry rotted off and brakes frozen up . he hauled 2 of them out and to there new home in 2 hrs time and it was a trip threw town and up 15 miles in to the country side to a farm . pic #6 is of a bad mva with a med duty propane truck . a car struck the whole left side and took both axles and twisted them 30-40* in the frame to the back side and also broke some hangers and ubolts . he was in and out in under 30 min time with this one also .
  15. first off i asked TOW ZONE were to post this up and he said here and will approve this posting after its up . i had been in the towing business for around 10 years and seen a lot and done a lot of cool stuff . i also seen a lot of guys struggle with some jobs and i saw a need to make things better / faster / easier so i set out to try and fill this need . my old boss had one but it was not as beefy as mine is and over the years he found a few week points and had to have them fixed up and strengthened . my unit i set out to build took all these week points or design flaws and kicked them out the door and i went BEEFY with my build . i have had a few people look at this and say it looks over built and 1 guy who is a engineer said its very sturdy and could have been built a little less beefy and still be fine . here is my little ad i have made up for the unit . i have a lot more pics of the unit all you need to do is just ask me for them . the price point i am targeting is $6,000 dollars for the unit ready to go as you see it in the pic . this is within the price point for its size as the smaller dolly units for 1ton down for cars and such can be over 2k dollars for the top of the line set new . this unit is made to handle much bigger loads and haul almost anything you can think of on it . also do not forget this is special equipment and most billing limit rules do not apply so charge what you feel is needed for the speed of the unit & easy of use . this unit can pay for its self in 2-3 jobs then its all profit from then on . i welcome any feedback on this item and questions about it just ask and i will answer them . thanks for reading and looking my unit over and have a safe work day out there . --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- today we have ........ SUPER DOLLY .................. this unit is much bigger than your standard tow truck wrecker dolly unit . this unit is made for BIG trucks / campers / stuff that's just to big or bulky to fit in a reg size tow dolly setup that is found on smaller wrecker trucks . this unit is made to help DRASTICALLY reduce your on site clean up time of a wreck or disabled BIG vehicle that for some reason you can't tow with the axles on the ground . this item can be loaded on a rollback flatbed to deliver to the work site . this gives you a extra worker at the site to help speed up the job . you can even hang this from your BIG wrecker tow truck and be taken to the call . you would then lift one end of the disabled vehicle and place the SUPER DOLLY under and set the load in and secure it down with up to 8 5/8" D-ring tie down points on the unit to pick from . then hook the other end and tow away and get the job done faster & with less work . if you want a faster way to move big objects / dead & damaged trucks / old dead campers / shipping containers / what ever you can think of to fit in or on this then this is the unit for you . the load capacity of the tires is 16,320 lbs on 16" trailer cargo tires with load range G and 14 ply . the unit is 10ft 8in wide outside tire to tire . the inside area is setup to to fit up to 104inch width . the tire pans low point is 12" off the ground . the SUPER DOLLY is just at about 1000 lbs weight by its self . the open section of the unit is set at a 53inch opening to give oil pan / brake chamber / drive shaft room for most items being hauled . the last 2 pics are of a trailer suspension unit fitting in the SUPER DOLLY . this item can pay for its self in just 2-3 jobs then after this its all profit . this unit is made for for temporary use as to its overall width . this unit is for trained towing professionals only . the unit is sold as is with no liability or warranty on sellers part as it is to be used by trained professionals as each and every job is unique .
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