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  1. ah same ones and guy on ebay i see . i just called and left message as he is in the shop right now . thanks and will update as i go on this possible project .
  2. does anyone have any old pics / directions / or other stuff to help me speed along a install of a Holmes 480 split boom on a old 73-87 chevy/gmc 1ton ? i got the unit and it was all un-bolted already and i didn't get any pics or measurements . i know the back of the frame needs clipped off a little . and it was on a c40 to c-60 series truck last . thanks to anyone who has some stuff . . . . i did search youtube and internet a bit but all i got was videos or 440 or 480 units in action or for sale .
  3. not a problem . drop me a line and we can talk . good luck with your big heavy purchase and stay safe on the roads out there .
  4. so i have a vintage 1980 k30 4x4 gm truck . the box is showing bad age and the rest is real good yet . i then have a real nice vintage holmes 480 split boom unit with bed and sling . i was thinking make a vintage tow truck from it and swap the rear to a DRW axle i have and the front to some DRW hubs i have . my question is for new york state plates . if i am NOT towing to make money and its just a old tow truck do i need to tow truck specific insurance and plates ? i dont drive far and know lots of the cops from my years when i towed for a job . but i never looked in to
  5. seen those pics and setup but i didn't think it would hold up as long over time as the axle / spindle stubs hanging out in the air . mine i made the whole axle support the weight and design of the unit . but each to there own if it works run it . i also looked a lot for more info on this setup online but kept hitting dead ends and or others asking were to get a setup . the one i based mine off and improved on was from my old boss and he had his a lot longer than that magazine article from 2007 . there can only be so many ideas on how to do a simple job in the world . so
  6. he just received a TRUSTED TOWERS AWARD DAVE'S towing horseheads , ny he goes above and beyond in helping the fellow man and service providers who keep us all safe . anyone from the little guy to the top pile he helps them any way he can .
  7. O.M.G ......... I HAVE NO WORDS FOR THIS STUPID MOVE . . . .
  8. https://images.search.yahoo.com/search/images;_ylt=AwrE1.DL2eJd2wYATVFXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTE0bWZmNWI0BGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDQjY4MzNfMQRzZWMDcGl2cw--?p=ramsey+winch&fr2=piv-web&fr=yfp-t#id=3&iurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.northerntool.com%2Fimages%2Fproduct%2F2000x2000%2F144%2F14415_2000x2000.jpg&action=click click this link . look at the right side . next to the drum edge there is a round 25cent size plastic plug on the winch body , notice the silver sticker is cut to go around the plug area also . this needs to be popped out with a small pick or screw driver be easy its p
  9. my 480 unit is super low hr's so its CLEAN for its age . so if you need pics of what few things make them work just ask .
  10. just went out in the dark and checked my 480 setup and both my links on the winch look ALMOST like yours . . . but mine are both STRAIGHT not bent in a S-shape . got to love some peoples fixes or beat up works of art . hope this hepls you .
  11. a tire cage should be a given item of equipment in a tire shop for these tires . years ago i had a lawn mower tire pop open on me and blew the dust off the shop walls . also old tires always look for weather cracking and dry rot . do not put air in them unless your crazy or life insurance and medical is up to date . guy i use to work with aired up some tires on a old semi trailer that was used for storage use being moved to a new home up the road . good thing it was a inside tire when it blew apart . he did how ever get a messed up hand 25% loss of motion and use and a
  12. blue dawn dish soap and water + good set of bars and you will be faster and money ahead . i did tires for years and when it was med or heavy stuff i skipped the machine and was done in no time . now they have special bar heads that make it even faster . air out / pop bead / jamb unit in / flop 1 time / reset to next bead / flop 2nd time and tire is off . the place i worked did TONS of big truck tires out of many shops in the famialy of shops and even had rim refurb and full tire re-cap or ring tread service and they just used bar's . no machines i ever saw . even the 1 guy in his m
  13. its not that . i am not use to the hosing site stuff is all then dig threw and find them from there and then link them over . this forums layout and design is WAY different from the stuff i have been use to for years is all . no fellings hurt here . i can type some stories out like nothing but the more tech it gets the more i get lost . hell i am pi$$ed that windows 7 is going bye bye the end of the year . . . . i tried win 10 and hated it . i have a tablet for the efi system on my truck to tune it but i barley get good at it with that .
  14. i have some of both old and new . but i am not use to this forums ways of loading pics much so its hard for me . the few i have posted here for other stuff have taken me some time to figure it all out .
  15. upstate new york . she was a animal for sure . she had to be put to pasture cause the cab was paper thin . the 4x4 guts went under a 1982 with a twin line hydro holmes unit and wheel lift . she is a real animal now . 38" tires and 7.20 gears = real slow but when she gets there she wont stop working for ya .
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