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  1. Called to move a "Snap On" Box today...this is what it was. A Mr Big, 18 feet long, 10 sets of casters near 7 ft tall. Owner of box was impressed & tipped very well.
  2. I was hooking up a car in Maryland today & happened to glance under the guardrail & found a wheelgrid... I am sure that someone knows who lost it as I am sure it cost someone dearly... pm me with a description & we will see if we can re unite it with its owner...
  3. We will reward our operators who go *above & beyond* what is expected of them with a company paid for dinner for them, (Spouse or significant other included). We also look customer compliments & will give that operator preference in leaving early or days off if requested. We believe in order to keep the best operators that money alone won't do it. They need to see that they are appreciated!
  4. Chiggers can be treated with kerosene or nail polish remover on the blister. We use Fels naptha (aka brown soap) after exposure to poison ivy , oak, or sumac, wash with cold water ONLY! Its cheap & available at most WalMarts in the laundry section...knock on wood, always works so far.
  5. Our mostly Buick customer/collector had us take this to the paint shop for a new paint scheme..
  6. Loaded this tonight for a broken left rear spring. Left rear tire was almost bottomed out in the wheel well.
  7. I think Maryland Carrier sales in Baltimore sells them.
  8. Photo for representation only We have a new operator so we send him on an easy call. The 2500 Silverado is parked near a cattle barn with no brakes. I instructed him on the details & sent him on his way.. About 45 minutes later, I get the call that we all dread, " do you have a truck going to..." So my heart sinks, waiting to hear the bad report on our new operator. The gentleman on the phone says " the driver is driving very well, but I would like to let you know that a orange cat crawled out from under the truck on your flatbed, walked to the side o
  9. Usually its 2 landscape stones or 2 litre bottle crates. They center them under the car, which usually damages the rocker panels or the floor pan. We had stretch of 3 2020 Toyota Camrys in 1 day 2 weeks ago. All of them were within a 5 mile circle of each other.
  10. Good job Grumps! Those types of "community relations" jobs are imho more rewarding that dollars, & are great for our industry!
  11. Just wanted to cover this subject here. It will be the topic of our weekly safety meeting. Today we recieved a call to recover a pickup truck that was in the rear of a residence against an above ground pool. I decided to take our Jerr Dan Cougar as it was unclear from the customer how far off the driveway it was. So, once I arrived, the customer told me the details: the truck would not start, they called for a tow, a wheelift arrived, hooked up, ( obviously, NO SAFETY CHAINS) then proceeded out of the driveway. There is a continuous 10° grade uphill & when the wheelift crested
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