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  1. Our thoughts and prayers go to the drivers family and Sunstate!
  2. Wow. I assume the truck on the bed came forward and crushed the cab?! We all to often take the easy quick route. Unfortunately that is not the safe way to tow with a carrier. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the drivers family
  3. Sending our thought and prayers to his family in this time of loss.
  4. How was it being towed? On a trailer or behind a heavy? Did the forks break? I would like to know more about this accident!!
  5. Glad to hear the driver was charged for failure to yield for emergency vehicle. All to often, even though they should they do not get this kind of citation! Hope and pray the operator recovers quickly!
  6. Our thoughts and prayers go out to this drivers family and the company he worked for.
  7. Mobile Police execute search warrants on towing companies https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wkrg.com/news/mobile-police-executing-search-warrants-on-towing-companies/amp/
  8. Very thankful to have road rangers on most scenes with us on the interstates in NW Florida. I have personally towed 2 of their trucks that were hit by people not paying attention. Both truck drivers walked away with minor injuries..
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