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  1. Testing purposes only!
  2. The pattern is selectable from the controller. 2 options we use are Soundoff Signal & Feniex...Feniex was the controller used in the video above on ours. The trick is you have to run multiple power wires to each light. So we use 2 wire or 4 wire to feed them, thus creating more channels for the module to use. Big pain in the butt to wire but looks super cool for sure! We sell both modules and can help explain or get tech help if need when purchased through us. 313-835-8700 for more questions ask for Mike.
  3. In this particular case it is used for repo's. We often do see owners of towing companies use it a their personal truck. The advantage across the board is having your personal car/truck and a work truck combined into one. Saving a ton of time when you need to tow someone. Instead of having to go back to the yard and get the tow truck. Now, no matter where or when you are ready!
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