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  1. Detroit Wrecker

    Lil Herc w/ Winch 3D

  2. Detroit Wrecker

    Lil Herc w/ Winch

  3. Detroit Wrecker

    New Product Coming soon!

  4. The new conversion will have an optional feature of having our inner tube w/ steel wear pad strips. Upgrades the unit by reinforcing the tube and eliminates the need of plastic wear pads. Now you will have a tight fitting inner tube to the outer tube. Now you will have an adjustable pivot pin that can tighten over time. (Lifetime Warranty w/ proper maintenance)
  5. Detroit Wrecker

    Forklift Dilema..

  6. Detroit Wrecker

    ForkLift Add On for Bobcat

  7. Detroit Wrecker

    Rocco's Part 2

  8. Detroit Wrecker

    Low Loader headed to Mexico

  9. Detroit Wrecker

    Gladiator Video For JG Towing

  10. Here is an example to show how low the #DetroitWrecker #Devastator really is. On the right is our #DWLowLoader at #5degrees and our #7degree Devastator on the left. The Low Loader is still the lowest and is a completely custom build that requires 1400 pieces. It requires an an expert operator and is not for the beginner. Proper procedure is imperative for longevity. An expert operator with have much success. The Low Loader is capable of doing many different tasks that a standard carrier is capable of. The Devastator is our standard unit that consists of 400 pieces and is much more conventional. Pricing is more affordable at nearly 1/2 the cost of the Low Loader. We are still proudly offering the Low Loader and are equally excited to offer the new Devastator. The lifetime warranty on pins and bushings is standard on all of our units (w/ proper maintenance). Experience the Detroit Wrecker difference today. Call Mike at 313-835-8700 today!
  11. Our heart goes out to the driver's family. So sad to hear!