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  1. Detroit Wrecker

    Trap Doors 2.0

  2. Detroit Wrecker

    Holiday Gifts List and Request

    8 Point Tie Down Kit
  3. Detroit Wrecker

    Holiday Gifts List and Request

    Detroit Wrecker Gifts an 8 Point Tie Down Kit to this seasons drawing
  4. Detroit Wrecker

    Trap Doors on the rear of bed only at Detroit Wrecker!

    Thanks! We took notice to the statement of that very concern. Thank you! We made a 2.0 already. Changed the cam lock handle to a puck that slides back. Then we plan on welding a square stock key way that will run the length of the bed so you can in fact slide a container down the bed. Stay Tuned!!
  5. Detroit Wrecker

    Lil Herc w/ Winch

  6. Detroit Wrecker

    New Product Coming soon!

  7. The new conversion will have an optional feature of having our inner tube w/ steel wear pad strips. Upgrades the unit by reinforcing the tube and eliminates the need of plastic wear pads. Now you will have a tight fitting inner tube to the outer tube. Now you will have an adjustable pivot pin that can tighten over time. (Lifetime Warranty w/ proper maintenance)
  8. Detroit Wrecker

    Forklift Dilema..