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Aztec over the edge

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Come on George, You cant use a flatbed for a recovery.. Ask any big dollar company or a t.v. show.. Your supposed to use a rotator, another heavy as backup and have a whole crew of guys there as well.. Lol Im just being a smart a$$. Nice work Sir  

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Then wonder why the tow industry insurance premiums are what they are

Don't kid yourself..... Towing & Recovery invoices and fees don't even have their own Line Item on an insurance companies balance sheet. Premiums are driven by three major factors... Litigation costs, medical costs and their own internal operation costs. I hear guys in our industry blaming the tow bill when in reality it is the lowest financial factor in any incident or crash.

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According to the FMSCA.gov “the average cost of all large truck crashes is about $91,000 per crash” without any fatalities 

Average non consensual/accident truck tow + ‘add-ons’ on the low end is $15k to well over $150k.  When the majority of tow invoices are the highest percentage of the total accident cost, you actually believe they ‘don’t have their own line on a insurance companies balance sheet’ ?


Statistics in regards to lighr duty are to varied


 Obviously there are a number of factors that affect premiums, but, don't kid yourself if you believe all the way overinflated invoices from litagation, medical & yes towing, aren’t one of the contributing factors



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19 hours ago, Njsss said:

According to the FMSCA.gov “the average cost of all large truck crashes is about $91,000 per crash” without any fatalities

You left a couple of key factors out of your information there...1st off that's total cost which includes the vehicle casualty repair or total loss. But more importantly, how about the rest of the information that you left out:


  • The average cost of a large truck crash involving a fatality is $3.6 million per crash.
  • A crash with injuries costs almost $200,000 per crash 

Do you think that the tow bills are different between the $91k non injury job and the $200k injury or the $3.6 million dollar fatality tow? No...No I don't think so. That's not a determining factor in our industries billing procedures. The 4000% spread difference is in the litigation and medical costs. And then you have their operating costs which are driven by multi million dollar salaries & bonuses....while sitting in their Italian Marble $500,000,000 facilities but hey...they got to eat too, Right?


Anyway, I'm not saying that some tow bills aren't excessive or fraudulent... But some companies take it to the next level and do a more complete job. Don't be in a "race to the bottom" or minimize what you do to save them money...or increase your own liability & risk without increasing your reward.


Of course that's just my opinion...I could be wrong...

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