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  1. Builder 2

    Holmes 1801 facts needed

    Post some current pics! Any price in mind?
  2. Every time I leave the big city I hear the traffic/accident report during rush hour and always thought it was the perfect time to put in a word for slow down move over. I asked before but I still wait to hear it.
  3. Terrible, god bless him and his family!
  4. Builder 2

    Re: In Memory of Philip Julian

    Never met him but he had a great mind for business and towing. Any details on the business? Is it still going or is it shut down?
  5. Builder 2

    All done

    Congrats! Will miss your wisdom.
  6. Builder 2

    Gas Truck Sunk w/ A Twist...

    Admit it ed, he's on your payroll!
  7. Builder 2

    Pampering the old KW.

  8. Stay safe out there!
  9. Customer of the month!
  10. Builder 2

    Holmes 850 Parts

    Private message me, let me know if you have a price in mind on the winches. Thanks troy
  11. Builder 2

    A Mixture Of MD Work....

    Keeping busy in the white crap, ours is gone but now we have the mud season.
  12. Builder 2

    From TowTimes.com - Assets and Profits

    10 years ago my wife was one of 4 separate department supervisors. When one of the supervisors would leave, that meant the remaining three had to pick up 1/3 of that persons work. The company that owned it was never in a hurry to advertise or hire a replacement. Usually it would take around 6 months for there process to hire a replacement. In the mean time my wife had to pick up the extra work on her completely full schedule and was not allowed any overtime. i told her if this is how they value there employees it was time to move on. She was extremely happy to make that move!
  13. Builder 2

    Building Our New Emergency Response Truck

    Looks like it will work really good, nice and organized.
  14. Builder 2

    Anybody have a old brakebuddy 4 sale?

    Wisner, ne how much do you want for it?