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  1. Looks like that one hurt.
  2. Builder 2

    Snow day

    We missed the snow, but got plenty of ice. 3rd straight storm weatherman got wrong.
  3. Builder 2

    Subaru on the rocks.

    Nice job.
  4. Builder 2

    Must read Article

    Makes you wonder how much the not at fault defendants had to spend in lawyer fees just to get removed from the case?
  5. Builder 2

    Holmes 1801 facts needed

    Post some current pics! Any price in mind?
  6. Every time I leave the big city I hear the traffic/accident report during rush hour and always thought it was the perfect time to put in a word for slow down move over. I asked before but I still wait to hear it.
  7. Terrible, god bless him and his family!
  8. Builder 2

    Re: In Memory of Philip Julian

    Never met him but he had a great mind for business and towing. Any details on the business? Is it still going or is it shut down?
  9. Builder 2

    All done

    Congrats! Will miss your wisdom.
  10. Builder 2

    Gas Truck Sunk w/ A Twist...

    Admit it ed, he's on your payroll!
  11. Builder 2

    Pampering the old KW.