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4 Cars, 1 House... 1 Driver - Property Damage Clean Up

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Incident we had the other morning. Kid in the Honda Passport fell asleep while driving in a gated community @ 4:30 in the morning. I assume he was exceeding the 25 mph speed limit based on the carnage he left in his wake...






Ran off the road, struck a pole and busted it in 3 pieces, Through some trees and over the boulders, and crashed in to a Jeep Cherokee / BMW 550 / Nissan all sitting in a homeowners driveway. When the pole went down, it ripped the wiring & meter off the house so there were live wires all over as well.





We responded with 2 rollbacks, the mini excavator, a wrecker & the crash van...






Straitened out the property issues, removed all the cars & debris...






Then returned to the shop...fill up the fence & dispose of the debris...




That's the "boss" in the Back Hoe making sure everyone is doing their job...LoL

The fun part comes next...getting paid for everything. So far we have done pretty good considering that some vehicles had little or no coverage. Hopefully by Monday we will have settled the Jeep & we are done.

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1 hour ago, mooresbp said:

nice, love that mini hoe

Yea it came available right when this Covid stuff started and I really didn't want to spend any money but the deal was right so we bought it. My guys like it... I "fumble" around with it, not much of an equipment operator....I know how much they cost...LoL 


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Nice work. A lot of companies dont take the extra time to straighten up someones property. I have been mocked by other companies in town for raking up a yard or going back to reset someones mail box. I feel it is a great way to show the public that you actually care and are attentative. I dont have a sweet little excavator like that but I do have a rake, shovel and a strong-backed 17 year old son. Lol


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We do this on every job possible. It's a thorough job that people appreciate once you show them the value. And from a business standpoint, let me say there is a substantial amount of coin to be made. Do a complete job & get paid for everything that you do.


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