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"Towing fees and access notice" posted in office?

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Should I be worried about a customer who is complaining that I don't have a copy of "towing fees and access notice" posted in my office? I am happy to give anyone a copy if they request one. I want to know if not having the notice posted in my office could lead to any problems for me, and if so, what those problems might be. Thank You.

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I would just solve the problem and make it easy on yourself... print our your rate sheet on a sheet of paper and hang it in the office.  I know in PA we are legally required to.  I just have a simple computer print out on the wall.  Nothing fancy.


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It's California, OF COURSE there's a law for it!! lol


Seriously tho, more than likely there is indeed need for posted rates in your state. I can not find anything in print that says definitely, but I am running across many "proposed bills" in recent time stating such.


I know that here in in Arizona, we are required to post rates and hours due to our DPS rotation. The small town we are based in has no requirements.


And I agree with member ESC,  just post it and never worry of it again.



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If it is a legal requirement, than yes, because you are probably going to receive a fine or some other sanction. This is another reason to be an active member of your state association. They generally will provide all information required to keep you legal. You do not make any money in a courtroom.

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If you are going to be in the towing business period you should review all the laws and regulations your local

and state require you comply with. Am always running into towers that don't know squat about what they are 

required to be or do to be in business . The internet opens up a whole new world or you can pay your attorney

250.00 PH to educate you. 

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Yes this is a State Law that has been in affect since 2010:




"The bill would also provide that a person who violates these provisions is civilly liable to a registered or legal owner of the vehicle, or a registered owner’s insurer, for up to 2 times the amount charged, not to exceed $500 per vehicle."


I keep the brochure sold by the California Tow Truck Association in the trucks, and in the office in a card holder on the front desk.    

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