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  1. ".........The unit and the antenna are hidden under the dash and could be kept a secret, but I prefe r to let the drivers know it is there......." I understand (and am of) drivers that would not want a camera in their face, what I don't understand (and hear a lot of negative feedback of) is why a driver would NOT want truck tracker? For me, it would add a bit of safe feeling knowing someone knows where I am! If I were an owner that had truck trackers in use, and a driver has an issue with that fact, I would have an issue with that driver - what's to hide?
  2. A rechargable headlamp!! I use a 3 lamp headset, stays on its charger all the time, it'ss the best thing I ever bought for personal use. I run light duty tow & recovery, I have not had it lose brightness on me even during long recoveries. I also keep a 12v cooler in my cab, because sometimes I leave the house and don't come back!! Always nice to have a cold Gatorade and sammich with me. I also employ a dash cam, I HIGHLY ADVOCATE the use of these! Tumbleweed
  3. I'm going to start a grocery assistance club and tell Walmart how much they are going to charge for their products. Think it will work? No? Why not? - It's working just fine in the tow industry.! SAY NO TO MOTORCLUBS!
  4. I have a question for any drivers outside the state of Arizona ...... Do any of your states have every damn Joe Semi running multiple ambers on their rigs when loaded? Arizona has a serious problem with it, hell I see 18w flatbeds with a load MAYBE an inch over their outside rails, but by-gawd they have amber beacons and strobes all over that rig lighting up the entire interstate! I have indeed come over hills to see what looked everything bit of an emergency scene, only to come up on it and see yet another a**hole trucker. It's no wonder my strobes mean NOTHING!! /rant off Tumbleweed
  5. I only have vulgar language for that one, I must digress.
  6. Exclude amber? Those "discussing for it" are on serious drugs, I don't know how else to put it. Those for it need to go on ride-alongs for a full shift. Glad the operator is ok, damn sure glad his had just arrived instead of hooking! Tumbleweed
  7. It's California, OF COURSE there's a law for it!! lol Seriously tho, more than likely there is indeed need for posted rates in your state. I can not find anything in print that says definitely, but I am running across many "proposed bills" in recent time stating such. I know that here in in Arizona, we are required to post rates and hours due to our DPS rotation. The small town we are based in has no requirements. And I agree with member ESC, just post it and never worry of it again. Tumbleweed
  8. Tumbleweed

    Wheel lift

    I don't know if, nor have looked for a law because ...... why would you want to? The W/L pivot point is behind the axle, you are creating lift on your front end suspension, not what steer tires need.
  9. I remember this from a DECADE ago!! Hard to believe that city has allowed it to happen for this long. These people have NO business whatsoever running any kind of wreckers.
  10. You will want to look into the legalities of that, as in many states "kick-backs" are illegal, I think it stands in same realm as collision. From my standpoint of being the operator (light duty), I will not do business based on any kickbacks of any kind, you want my breakdown customers in your shop, ya need to have a reputable shop. Where I recommend to my customer for service is reflection of the company I run for, I'm not taking them to Joe's Barn Garage just so I can get a few bucks. Integrity is everything to me.
  11. Motor clubs are a thorn in my keester, not because I run them, but simply because they are a degradation of the tow industry, if you can't see that, maybe some company reflection is required. If tow companies would stop towing for motor clubs at THEIR rates, this would not be an issue. M.C.'s were fine decades ago, but not now, it's purely for-corporate-profit at the tow companies expense. I will never understand why any company would accept business from an entity that will not pay YOUR RATES! It's not their truck, it's not their driver, nor their safety risk, but it's them dictating to YOUR company what YOU will do for a few bucks. 5 miles free 10 miles free / less per loaded mile / pay for tow minus the winchout required ..... does your truck run on air for those miles? / did the vehicle magically recover itself to the road for you? Not to mention the VERY often endless calls to billing just to try and get what they told you they would pay to begin with but now will not. If all tow companies would stand by their set rates and nothing less, who does that put BACK in charge of our industry ..... the very companies doing the work. The cars will always wreck the cars will always break down - the motor club is simply not needed on OUR end of the scenario, let the insurers deal with the MC finances, not us. Be a tow company, not a tow patsy. I realize my thoughts may get under the skin of some, I tend to get mouthy towards obvious B.S., that being the M.C. Tumbleweed
  12. @Brian "....... The response to critical issues within this industry is pathetic, as evidenced by the 197 views vs . 11 replies to this thread ........... That may well just be the reader thought of "what more to say?", considering how well articulated the thread has been presented. Would seem unproductive if all posted an obligatory "me too". Is this site capable of an in-thread poll? That would at least give some reference to how many companies/operators would like to see the tow industry truely become "industry". I, as is the small company i work for, are all for SOMETHING being done to evolve the tow world to a more professional surrounding, instead of the proverbial "hangin' beer-gut cigar smoking butt-crack loudmouth tow truck driver". Tumbleweed
  13. Thank you for the replies. Mech has went thru the connections, all looks good. I took a couple days off, but I did see the truck still at the shop this eve, bummer, I'll find out if any luck tomorrow. Tumbleweed
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