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Baltimore Show Pics...


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I didn't take many pics at the Tow Show last weekend but I thought I would post some for the guys that didn't go...




The Jerr-Dan booth wasn't the same to me...with out corporate being behind it as typical. The dealers brought some nice trucks but nothing that really grabbed me...




Couldn't believe out of all of the Jerr-Dan rollbacks that were there, none had the self loading wheel lift?





Not sure how big of a deal this will become for a "revenue stream" but I can't help but think the motorclubs will try to keep it down....





Dallas's truck looked great, I think he got a 2nd place for it.





This was a pretty nice ride too.









Nice rollback for Ron's & Sons...







The new Century wrecker body. Something looked odd to me....not a fan of the design.




Bolt on legs that I had dealers tell me they were "very expensive"....






Nice F600 carrier. I wish mine was done, it would of been here.




We have been talking with Matjack for a couple years on a MD "Catch Bag" for cars & smaller trucks. They are sending us one to put through the wringer a few times & see how it works.





A new message board on the market that we are going to try out. 





I hope to have one of these on the new F600 when it gets built.




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Iirc the bed next to the cougar had the self loading wheel lift, but it wasn't really prominently displayed. I agree that the JD side of the house was quiet this year, even though they don't typically bring the "show" that Miller does it was still disappointing that there was no corporate showing. 


The two best trucks in the pagent we're Dallas's and Bill's, at least on the small side. I kept finding myself back at those 2 just admiring.


The new Century body is quite possibly the ugliest body I've seen since that 810 monstrosity they had years ago with the super deep top loading boxes. I'm not sure what you're going to need legs for because it doesn't look like the addressed the real draw back of that truck, it anemic boom. By comparison, a renegade has almost a foot more of boom and it's rated for twice the century boom at full extension. They need to bring the boom out more and give it some of Popeye's spinach if they want to sell stiff legs on it, which I hope they do because I like that design over the Chevron legs.




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Ed....thanks for the pictures.....

There were some really fabulous tow trucks  on display..

And an excellent show ....well worth the trip from the UK..

It was really good meeting up with old friends and acquaintances ...thank you Ron and Chris for your hospitality 

A bit disappointed B/A didn't hold their open house again... always very interesting 


Sorry we didn't catch up... I was looking out for you ...




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John, I missed Ed as well. Should have pulled that card and put together a Meet & Greet.


I will do my best to bring this favorite gathering back to Baltimore next year. "2023"


Is the interest level high enough to move mountains to return to Meet & Greets?

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