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Tow Sling Tow

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Looks like maybe it's heavy? It's hard to tell on a SWB wrecker. I would assume that was the reason for the sling tow?


On a side note, the steer axle weight will be better if you allow the sling arms to collapse all the way. It brings the load closer to the rear of the truck. At this distance, it's probably about the same offset as if it was on the wheel lift?

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Picked up in NJ, dropped off in Staten Island, NY.  This is our first sling tow with this truck,  truck handled tow better than could be expected.  Night and day difference when using wheel lift.    Normally keep extension arms short, but the JerrDan arms have limited length options(thinking about drilling couple extra holes)  the van was extremely low & arms needed length or a double pick.  

After short test ride & even with all the horrible roads etc-really didn’t even know it was there, absolutely no steering or brake issues.    Definitely will sling whenever possible 

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Very nice.

It is awesome to see someone using a sling set up and using it properly. I can attest to the fact that the new Jerr- Dan sling bars dont have enough adjustability to them. On the self loaders, all the way in is way too close to the fold-up. Theres no way he would have been able to turn with that van in all the way. You have to run them out a bit. 

The short wheel base Rams give it a weird look but it takes the weight real good. Ive been over scales with my partners swb truck and one on the sling. I was actually surprised at the amount I had on the nose. It really didnt look like I had that much on the nose but the scales dont lie.   


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Looks good!  Nice to see the sling used.


I have one on my MPL40 as well, but only used it a handful of times, but it sure comes in handy when i need it.  It is a bit hard to see, but Id be a little cautious about that "step" that you are against, but as long as its solid, you are good.  I too would pull the arms all the way in.  And in many cases, I leave the wheel lift folded down when possible, as it is a real pain to manhandle that sling around everything.   But there is plenty of room to suck those arms in and it would ride even better.    My truck has a longer wheel base with the tunnel box, and an added 4,000 lbs capacity springs in the rear, so it will handle the heavy loads well.


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10 hours ago, Njsss said:

 the van was extremely low & arms needed length or a double pick.

What you can do is open the cam locks to extend the sling down. Do your hook up but leave them in the unlocked position. As you start to lift, it will begin to collapse the arms, then turn them to the lock position. When it lines up with the hole, it pops in and you are closer. When unhooking, just let the weight off, spin the cam locks and the sling will drop down to unhook.


I'm not trying to tell you how to do your job, just the "Physics" of the sling will improve the closer the load is to the truck. It handled this load fine but if heavier, it could be an issue?

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Here is one I did a few years ago where I left the sling folded up.  Had to go about 150 miles with this one.  It was a recovered theft that was involved in a police chase.  We ended up delivering it to Chambersburg.  This was also before we upgraded rear springs so the rear end of my truck was sagging bad.




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