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  1. I’ll be attending this year for the 1st time. Hopefully will be picking up a new ride to bring home.
  2. Got it all loaded up and ready for Buddy Parks to head out to Houston in the morning. I’ll be headed down home to Saline, La for the Lawrence Family Reunion and then headed to Houston to make some laps around the Ole 3/8 mile track.
  3. Still a work in progress but my little Challenger is taking shape. When I got it ... like I posted above still got several things to do
  4. Couldn't get the right front of the unit to come out of the rut that is 12-16 inches deep... driver was turning left and I was winching off the trees to the left and drag link bent so now we’ve been using the outrigger jack to lift the front of the unit. But, it can’t do the job with the Derrick in the down position... boom has 26ft of overhang so I can’t get under it to assist... "Howard Eagan aka Scooby" you got any idea’s ? 😳 The Road I backed in was over a mile. Yeah, I still don’t have them stored on my rotator ... they are en route and should be down here 45-50 miles any minute... once it’s up and out I’ll finess the drag link closer to straight and we will get out of here... Topic Originally Appeared a FB 02.13.19
  5. Topic Originally Created in May of 2011: Just wanting to get input from others about my proof from my local Advertising Company that does my Uniform Shirts. I've had them working on this for a while and the one problem I see with it currently is he "mirror imaged" my H/D and then flipped the lettering. My battery box is on the drivers side etc.. I am gonna get him a pass. side picture and have him use it instead... Also we know the diamond plate on the comma ' is moved down...Any other ideas? I'm planning on having this printed front and back on black T's crazycruz257 said: I think it looks good. If it were mine, I would have the HD truck lowered a little so the wheels of the rollback was not on the light bar. And thicken the chain so it looks more like a tow chain and less like a dog chain. Later Cruz TowThis2002 said: I agree with moving the "Towing & Recovery" under the "Bell's" instead of in the middle of it. The letters(Bells) seem to be stretched to get it to fit anyways. You could remove the "www", most advertising is moving away from using them since it so common now. On a personal note, I am not a big fan of a lot of stuff on the front of a shirt, maybe just your logo and phone number on the upper left pocket area, this may save you some money on the screen printing if it was one color on the front or even just the diamond plate. The overall shirt is nicely designed, I will be expecting mine in the mail!
  6. The S-10 is mine just put it on the bed for Counterweight to move the trailer appx 50 miles. But I guess it could've been deceiving(sp). I've seen worse. slimsanta said: It's really neat when someone does some thing right and posts a picture. Al Dakota Service & Repair, Brookings, SD Orcas Tow said; Iv'e done the same thing with a 30 footer, no problem unless you have to park it in a narrow alley Hello from sunny (when its not raining) Orcas Island Wade200 said: Looks good! As far as trailer towing goes, you really don't need the counter weight do you? The tounge weight of a trailer is way less than that of a vehicle. I doubt a flatbed owners manual would specify whether a trailer tow would be okay considering they don't recommend a vehicle on a bed without something loaded. It's better to have a counter and be safe, nice job! P.S. - Do you have wireless tow lights, a convertor plug for travel trailers, or a tow light extension cord? Daniel Wade Jared Allpoints said looks good. good job, nice rollback Brian Bell said: That's what I thought about when I looked at the pic. I had to buy a 4 round male plug that I adapted to a 4 flat. Then I bought a 4 flat to a 7 rv and also bought a 7 rv to a 6 round so .. I think I should be able to run my lights on most everything. P.S. The tongue said it had a weight of 1500# Reliable Towing said: I bet you had alot of lookers when you were jammin down the road. I would have taken a double look and thought what was that guy w/ the s10 thinking Thanks for showing us the right way steven paulie417 said: Nice looking Rollback.The camper makes for a long unit!! Living Life in the Ditch!! C'ya Paul Morin Mooresbp said: HMMMMM yep you are right I went HMMMM! Nice tow. George - Moore's BP We'll see you on down the road twinbulls said: Thats just too funny with that s-10 I thought WTF was he thinking then I read a little...lol Nice job....
  7. 02 Feb 2007 Here is a couple of pictures of a little drilling rig I towed yesterday. This is the heaviest bobtail (50k) that I have hauled since I got my truck. Since I don't have a Brake Buddy yet I tried to run a air line to use his brakes but came up with no "easy" way to do it.. the lines at the firewall were small w/ the quick connect fittings and under the truck the air lines seemed to run left side and right side separately? ... I would usually tap into the supply valves on the front rearend but No Dice this time... So bbrrr...bbrr...br(jake brake).. Is this common on a Mack? hookin29 said: When all esle fails on a mack???? You can use the brake valve on the frame. If you tie into this, it does the same thing.. This is just another way of doing things!!! Brian Bell said: There was a brake valve on each frame rail??? I why but it looked like if I ran to one valve it would work the L/S or R/S only ... and I didn't want that... that would be a ride. Scott Burrows said: New ABS mandates brake valves on each side of the frame. We are currently working on a quick solution, as some of our drivers have encountered the same set-up. The ABS will 'modulate' the brakes on each side during a wheel-lockup brake application. It will also retain air and slow or stop a spinning wheel in poor traction conditions (traction control). N Mex Tow said: I did the same thing last week on a Paystar 500 . The Brake Buddy wouldnt clamp on right to the pedal.
  8. 06 Jan 2007 Got to haul a Sterling tank truck to the F/L dealer from a staging area for a pipeline const. company that is putting a pipeline through our area. Truck was a No Start and was Loaded w/diesel $$$$$...& #####pretty heavy#### The service writer liked my truck but, "It is an International" I told him he knew he loved my Eagle (he used to work at the International dealer) ASAPautomotive said: Brian, I don't care who it is... the way your truck always looks, if they said they didn't like it, their name would be Pinnochio. By the way, did you top off your tanks??? Nice job! Donny ASAPautomotive Brian Bell sadi: You know the thought flashed across my mind Bu,t I could have used the ol' safety concerns rationale " I needed more front axle weight" why I didn't think of that then... Bet I'll be thinking about it when I am at the Pump
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