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  1. Sad, we lost the old mascot (((DA Moose))). RIP Sir’ I learned a lot from all the guys and gals back in the Tow411 days and gained hundreds of good friends in the process.
  2. Getting the Steer Tires on the Rotator Rotated
  3. A local Farm Hand got the John Deere tractor stuck back in April 1st... later he stuck the Brand New (11hrs on it ) Kabota ... That same day he stuck a 4x4 Blazer. Seems like I was told something else was stuck that he got out but he is no longer a Farm hand and today we finally were able to get out there and pull it all out.
  4. Ironically they closed 6 years to the day that Steve Closed Up Lloyd’s Towing in 4-14-2014 after 54 years in Business of coure Steve can’t get away from wreckers totally with friends like me cause he was here helping me work on mine, lol
  5. This picture is from the 1960's in front of Lloyd's Towing Service on Hope St. in Shreveport La. These are some of only a few early era pictures of Lloyd's as Lloyd's Shop caught fire in 1976 and burned. Destroying most of the early years pictures. Lloyd's was est. April Fools Day 1960.
  6. Last I’ve read from the drivers boss is that the operator had no broken bones just serious bruising. Prayers to all
  7. I’d say it’s buried. Good thing the tornado left me a few trees to use. All put back up and ready leave... Funny how different people like different things... I hate the new flip lock deal for cable tie backs. These are original springs and glad hand covers from 2006 when I bought this truck
  8. Prayers to Everyone involved ( well except the Hit & Run Driver and the last vehicle operator if he was DUI ... they can both “RIH” ) 😡
  9. I’ll be attending this year for the 1st time. Hopefully will be picking up a new ride to bring home.
  10. Got it all loaded up and ready for Buddy Parks to head out to Houston in the morning. I’ll be headed down home to Saline, La for the Lawrence Family Reunion and then headed to Houston to make some laps around the Ole 3/8 mile track.
  11. Still a work in progress but my little Challenger is taking shape. When I got it ... like I posted above still got several things to do
  12. Couldn't get the right front of the unit to come out of the rut that is 12-16 inches deep... driver was turning left and I was winching off the trees to the left and drag link bent so now we’ve been using the outrigger jack to lift the front of the unit. But, it can’t do the job with the Derrick in the down position... boom has 26ft of overhang so I can’t get under it to assist... "Howard Eagan aka Scooby" you got any idea’s ? 😳 The Road I backed in was over a mile. Yeah, I still don’t have them stored on my rotator ... they are en route and should be down here 45-50 miles any minute... once it’s up and out I’ll finess the drag link closer to straight and we will get out of here... Topic Originally Appeared a FB 02.13.19
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