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  1. He was an awesome guy to buy a truck from. went over and above to look after the customer. Totally different from his replacement
  2. That's why my son is told and taught to do things from the ditch side. If we could only educate our customers to stay off the highway when we are loading their vehicle. They can't seem to wrap their head around the fact that other motorists don't care about their surroundings.
  3. I love the front wheels on the towed vehicle. When they hit the frost heave and those wheels hit the ground better hang on and pray
  4. Just get on this train and we will take you to a place where there is no virus we would be lining up and fighting for a spot
  5. The Banks and the Government are not your Friend or your Partner. The bank loves it when they can control your every move and the government loves it when they can take more control over your lives every day and we are freely giving up our rights and freedoms during this time. It bothers me how we are all swallowing the koolaid without questioning any numbers or facts.
  6. Why do people always figure that Government money is free. It all comes out of your wallet it is just a different hand removing it. When your taxes go through the roof just remember the "FREE" money that you received during these times.
  7. Sane people do the math , however the media does not want us to stop and do the math. I feel that there is a larger agenda to this that we will only find out at a later date. Have a great day
  8. I took Wreckmaster 2/3 with Mr. Cruse in 1997 or 1998 in Calgary AB. Can't find my number but the thing I remember was that cable was for your TV . Still use the training that I received daily in all my work applications. He had a tough exterior but he really cared about this industry and wanted you to succeed at your profession. Gone way too soon. See you in the Ditch. Jeff
  9. IF I ask myself if I should put them on they are going on. I see too many incidents where chains would have prevented the problem so accordingly I don't want to end up like the casualty. I have taught my drivers if they wonder about chains put them on . We charge by the hour but I can't charge if we are in the ditch with no chains. A new set of lightweight TRYGGS costs less than $450 and lasts for years and what type of repairs can you do for $450 these days?
  10. Just wondering what the pressure relief valve should be set at on my 2019 Jerrdan 22 ft bed. Brand new truck and deck but my 11year old Jerrdan 21 ft deck will outpull the new 1 with no problem at all . As it sits the new 1 will stall out winching a F350 diesel pickup onto the deck if the wheels are locked up as in a theft recovery. If I could find out what the relief valve should be set at I can talk to a local hydraulic shop as I am a long way from the dealer. Thanks Jeff
  11. Awesome work. I love reading about your jobs as they are a great teaching tool about using your head.
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